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11 Navy Blue Nursery Ideas – Best Palettes and Navy Nursery Decorations

navy blue nursery featured image
(Source: Chris Veith Photography)

Creating a navy blue nursery is a really great way to bring calm and peace into your baby’s room. But what happens when you want to jazz up a navy nursery? Well, it’s as easy as adding in some pops of color!

Today, we’ll take a look at some of the best ways to incorporate bright colors into your child’s room. We will look at how to use different hues, textures, and different decor elements to liven up the space. The end result is a nursery that exudes comfort and relaxation.

Read on to see how you can transform your child’s nursery with this dark shade of blue.

Best Palettes for Navy Blue Nurseries

1. Navy and Gray

navy blue nursery palette: navy and gray
(Source: Stephani Buchman Photography)

This navy and gray nursery is a really great way to create a celestial theme in your baby boy’s nursery. It’s easy to put this look together, you’ll want to play around with different toned furniture and linen pieces within this color palette. Consider using beige curtains that have a navy border to them.

Complement the curtain linens by using similarly styled bedding, pillows, and decor pieces. You’ll have a really charming nursery that is playful yet upscale.

2. Navy and Pink

navy blue nursery palette: pink and navy nursery decor
(Source: Jessica Delaney Photography)

Decorating a navy blue nursery with some items and accessories for your baby girl. You can put this look together with some good ol’ fashion DIY fun.

Use homemade heart canvas to create chic wall art. Add in a cute personalized baby blanket to reflect your child’s personality. You can make the room look richer with a touch of gold touch on the wall. This design idea is very charming, inviting, and fun. 

Shop baby blankets and get the tutorial below: 

3. Navy and Gold

navy blue nursery palette: navy blue and gold
(Source: projectnursery)

Designed by Courtney Warren

This next look is a really great way to create an upscale nursery that is as charming and unique as your little one. The main feature of this room is combining a gold crib with a navy rug.

You can decorate the wall behind the crib with some family pictures or custom family photo canvas prints. This will give the room personality and a very loving atmosphere. Have fun with this look and feel free to customize it to your liking.

4. Yellow and Navy

navy blue nursery palette: navy blue and yellow
(Source: Robson Homes)

Incorporating nautical stripes in a child’s nursery is a really great way to create a calming atmosphere. When you add in yellow to complement the navy stripes, you will have a really charming nursery on your hands.

These two tones can be a little overbearing so be sure to use plenty of white throughout the room. Accent walls, furniture, and linens will help brighten up the space for you. 

5. Navy and Orange

navy blue nursery palette: navy and orange
(Source: Renee Hollingshead of Renee Hollingshead Photography)

Incorporate a bright pattern into your baby’s nursery by using a burst of orange. Orange is a very calming, happy, and lively paint color. It can make any space feel warmer all while catching your attention.

Some great ways to incorporate this tone into your room are by using accent furniture, a pattern hue, and decor accents. 

6. Navy and Green

navy blue nursery palette: navy blue and green
(Source: projectnursery)

A bold green lime is a really fun way to bring some color to your space. You can easily put together this charming look by incorporating a throw pillow and matching decor pieces.

When you pair this color next to another bold hue like navy, you’ll get a really fresh look to the nursery. This will create an atmosphere that is charming, inviting, and welcoming.

7. Coral and Navy Blue

navy blue nursery palette: coral and navy blue
(Source: Jennifer Grant Photo)

Coral and navy blue help to create a really sophisticated and elegant look in any indoor space. Over the past year, this combination has become a really popular palette to incorporate in a child’s nursery.

The dark tones of the room help to play against the bright hues in the space. This creates a really nice decor theme that serves almost as a contrasting style.

Don’t forget to add personalized decor elements that help reflect your child’s personality in the room. 

8. Navy and White

navy blue nursery palette: navy and white
(Source: Karen Pisacane)

It doesn’t get any more classic than navy and white. This traditional color palette is perfect for putting together a simple and minimal-themed nursery. You can paint the wall or use wallpaper that offers a stark navy pattern on it.

To add a touch of rustic decor to the room, you can even incorporate a wooden accent crib or other wooden elements.

9. Navy, Yellow, and Teal

navy blue nursery palette: navy, yellow, and teal
(Source: Modsy)

These great tones help create a vibrant space that is bold, rich, and full of creativity. If you’re putting together a safari nursery, this is a great color combination to go with. These colors play off of one another nicely and offer an air of vibrancy to them.

Shop this statement wall art and Larkin Gold Metal Baby Crib below:

10. Wood Accent

navy blue nursery with wood accents
(Source: projectnursery)

Create a really rustic environment by using wood accents throughout the nursery. Wooden walls and furniture can be such a great way to cozy up the baby’s room.

Incorporate furniture pieces like a contemporary style dresser that is all white as a way to compliment the wood. This will help create a warm environment that your little one will love.

11. Navy Accent Wall

nursery with navy blue accent wall - navy baby boy nursery ideas
(Source: Chris Veith Photography)

Make a navy blue nursery look a little more powerful with this impressive navy wall or backdrop. A navy accent wall with undertones of white abstract art can transform a baby’s room. This is the simplest way to create a modern nursery that exudes calm.

To really help spruce up this look, use plenty of white throughout the room to help illuminate the space, making it appear larger. Did we mention that this color palette is the perfect way to bring calm into the room? Tones like navy blue will help you do just that. 

Navy Nursery Decor and Accessories 

Decor goes beyond just what paint colors you use and the design elements you incorporate. Being intentional about the pieces you incorporate into the room matter. Check out these additional decors and accessories that work in a navy blue nursery.

Wall Decor

Shopping decor elements will help brighten up the nursery. A personalized name sign, customizable canvas wall art, and pattern wallpaper are all ways you can show off nursery decor in the baby’s space. 


Using intentional bedding is another great way to personalize a nursery. Check out these beautiful bedding designs that will transform your child’s space. 

Other Soft Furnishings 

Soft furnishings like a textured rug, a canopy for the bed, and textured curtains are another way to add personality to a nursery. Shop some of these elements to help brighten up your baby’s space.

Other Furniture 

Don’t underestimate the power of furniture. These lovely furniture pieces will add a touch of elegance to a navy nursery. 

Shop more baby shower and decor items for navy nurseries, making your baby’s room more personalized and inspiring.

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Personalizing your baby’s room is the perfect way to capture their essence and the love you have for them. Incorporate any of these design elements, especially our navy blue nursery decor suggestions to create a lovely nursery. Which of these design elements do you love? Share with us in the comments section below! 


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