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Navy Blue Bedroom Ideas To Transform Your Space

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Using navy blue design elements in your sleeping space is one of the best ways to create a really cozy and comfortable environment. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the best navy blue bedroom ideas you can incorporate into your home. Our list of expansive bedroom wall decor and aesthetic designs are sure to inspire you. Read on to see how this modern hue has become one of the most popular shades in home decor.

What Colors Go With Navy Blue

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Navy blue is such a bold color and goes along well with a range of other hues. Homes today incorporate this commanding tone even beyond the bedroom. A navy blue living room is a great way to create a welcoming and calming space. It’s a wonderful tone that has worked its way into sleeping spaces as well.

Navy blue also does a fantastic job being paired with select bright colors. Tones like lime green, yellow, and teal really help to create a lively bedroom. These tones do a great job working with one another and complementing the navy blue. 

Let’s take a look at some other great colors that look splendid when putting together a navy blue bedroom. We’re certain you’ll find a design style that you absolutely love.

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1. Gray-y Navy Blue Bedroom

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Keep it classy with a gray accent in your bedroom. Gray linens, throw pillows, and even accent wall paint works great alongside this dark tone. These two colors complement each other very well. They’re the perfect way to create a sophisticated and classy bedroom design. It’s also great for putting together a minimalist-style room too. 

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2. Gold-y Navy Blue Bedroom

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This rich color is perfect for creating a royal and classy look. When pairing navy blue with golden tones, you can create an elegant space. These two colors work together to create a trendy, yet spectacular style. Fun ways to incorporate gold are through pillows, linens, and even accent wall art 

3. Pink-y Navy Blue Bedroom

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Another fun yet girly look to try out is a pink and navy bedroom. Bright pops of pink do a great job contrasting the dark tones of a navy blue accent wall, or bedroom decor. Together, these tones create a very Inviting, cherry, and vibrant atmosphere. It’s also a really fun style to use if you’re putting together a teenage girl’s bedroom or even a nursery. 

4. Black-y Navy Blue Bedroom

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At first glance, a black and navy bedroom might not sound so appealing. But when you pair these two tones together, you can create a really chic and sophisticated space. These tones are both dark and do a great job complementing each other. Use black accents just right and you’ll fall in love with the elegant appeal.  just keep in mind that more is less with this design theme. Use black accents carefully and don’t go overboard. An easy way to incorporate this tone is through wall frames, personalized wall art, and even while molding. 

5. White-y Navy Blue Bedroom

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Using an elegant blue and white bedroom decor theme is the perfect way to make your bedroom stand out. These tones complement each other really well and create a very calm atmosphere. It helps that the style is trending right now so you can find lots of ideas to spruce up your space. Play it calm and muted or go for a glam and luxe look. The choice is yours with these two versatile tones. 

6. Red-y Navy Blue Bedroom

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An England Inspired bedroom is easy to put together when you combine navy blue and red. These bold interior decor colors work really nicely for a well-put-together men’s bedroom. These shades are also great for creating a commanding atmosphere. Imagine waking up in a gorgeous room that uses these two tones. 

7. Brown-y Navy Blue Bedroom

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Don’t underestimate the power of a navy blue and brown bedroom. Using different shades of brown can help you create a warm space. A nice contrast from the cooling effect navy blue has. In a master bedroom with lots of space, these two tones offer you plenty of options. Have fun with this look and create a space that’s true all your own. 

8. Green-y Navy Blue Bedroom

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If you’ve got a large bedroom space, create an oasis of your own using green and navy blue. Look out in nature and you’ll see beautiful compliments of green and blue. Incorporating these colors in your own bedroom is a way to bring in the natural calm from the outdoors. To put this look together, paint the walls a bold green and create a commanding and unique look. Then, add a navy blue and green living room to the sitting area in your room. Using potted plants, and indoor flowers is another way to bring the space to life. 

9. Light Blue-y Navy Blue Bedroom

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Light baby blue tones allow you to mix up your bedroom design so easily. These tones are very light in color and do a great job complementing navy blue accents. If you are putting together a nursery, these tones work really well together. They’ll create a calming and inviting space. 

10. Beige-y Navy Blue Bedroom

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Beige is anything but boring when you pair it with deep navy blue walls. Beige has a really calming effect and can contrast the darkness that navy blue might bring on. Add in a beautiful work of art over the headboard to help direct some of the attention as well. Overall, these two tones will give you a really romantic and elegant atmosphere.

11. Stunning Navy Blue Bedroom

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Want to spruce up your bedroom and create the ultimate definition of luxury? A splendid navy blue bedroom is the easiest way to do that. Use different shades of blue that compliment this luxury dark blue bedroom. Just be wary not to go overboard with all the dark tones. It’s easy to go from luxury to overbearing when you use too much. Easy ways to create a stunning look are by using simple blue rimmed wall frames and accent decor. 

12. Chillin’ Navy Blue Bedroom

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You can create the coziest most relaxing room ever by transforming it into a nighttime-inspired bedroom. Using blue accents that mimic the night sky or the deepest part of the ocean. Using this inspiration, you can create a calming effect in your bedroom. This is also a really versatile tone that allows you to play with other similar hues as well. When you incorporate aquatic design elements, you create a calming space for a young child or teen. You can of course create an elegant young adult’s bedroom that radiates chill vibes as well.

13. Minimalist Navy Blue Bedroom

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Use a simple pattern, to create a very inviting yet minimalist theme bedroom design. This luck is incredibly soothing oh, and a great way to create an inviting atmosphere. Because this is a minimalist theme, using dark tone furniture and dark Linens can be a great style to go with. 

14. Masculine Navy Blue Bedroom

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Not every bedroom has to have that feminine presence to it. You can create a really masculine-themed bedroom that still radiates a beautiful space that beckons you in. A look like this is simple, extraordinarily elegant, yet has all the tones of the masculine-inspired bedroom. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a look that is undeniably trendy.

15. Rustic Navy Blue Bedroom

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While it might not be the first idea that comes to mind, a navy blue color palette can work really well for any aesthetic. This is especially the case when you’re trying to put together a rustic-themed bedroom. Navy can be such a brilliant color that helps accentuate the rustic elements in the room. Because you want the rustic design team to stand out, don’t go overboard with the navy. Instead, add touches through throw blankets, pillows, and wall art. You can even incorporate a rug that has elements of navy blue in it to help tie the room together.

16. Kid’s Navy Blue Bedroom

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Get nautical with a navy bedroom. You can pull off this look by using a bright yellow in the bedding, throw pillows, and blankets. Using nautical elements like sailor knots and anchor wall art is another great way to play that theme. Plus, it’s a perfect look for putting together a kid’s bedroom. Yellow does a fantastic job brightening up dark navy tones. It also complements the darker hue so well. With older kids, this look is a great way to have a bedroom grow along with your child. 

17. Navy Blue Bedroom Wall

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One of the best dark blue bedroom ideas is creating an accent wall using blue paint colors. This accent wall can serve as the focal point of the bedroom. Using dark blue paint for a bedroom accent wall is perfect for commanding attention to a specific part of the room. You can also use it as the focal point for where your headboard will go. Everything else in the room can tie around this accent wall design. The best part about this bedroom design idea is that it’s really simple but can make a really bold statement. It’s also a really fun way to create a mysterious and sophisticated vibe in your room as well

18. Artwork Navy Blue Bedroom

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Don’t forget about incorporating wall decor when you’re putting together a navy blue bedroom. Use wall decor that accentuates your personal sense of style. You can even give your bedroom a nice ambiance by using personalized wall decor. Personalizing the type of wall art you use will give your bedroom a vibe that is totally you. Plus it’s another way to feel right at home when you incorporate elements that reflect exactly who you are.

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We hope this list of navy blue bedroom ideas helped inspire you. Chances are, this list of navy bedroom ideas Is so appealing that you might find it hard to settle on just one. With all the neat Styles out there, we absolutely can’t blame you if that’s the case. 

What are some of your favorite ways to use this charming hue in your home? Be sure to share with us in the comments section below.

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