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31+ Aesthetic Moroccan Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas

Moroccan bedroom

The Moroccan bedroom decor theme is a quintessential decor style of the Middle East. This Arabic decor is incredibly popular because of the vibrant colors, exotic designs, and eccentric mosaic tile patterns that are used throughout this design scheme.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most vibrant Moroccan-style decorations that you can incorporate into your bedroom.

We will play around with different Moroccan themes including the most popular type of Moroccan colors to decorate with. Not only that but will look at different pieces you can incorporate into your bedroom in order to create that quintessential Moroccan vibe.

We’re sure you’ll find inspiration to create a Moroccan bedroom of your own that will allow you to harness the magical and mysterious world of Arabian decor.

1.Dark Moroccan Bedroom

Dark Moroccan Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a really beautiful Arabian Nights-themed bedroom through this beautiful bedroom decor idea.

Pull this look together by using a dark wood-engraved mandala headboard that is accented with dark-stained furniture.

The ceiling of the bedroom is where you will really pull this theme together. Use a light-colored ceiling drape to create a look that is so iconic of Moroccan decor.

To add a little bit of magic, you can twinkle in some copper fairy lights to help illuminate the bedroom as well. 

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2.Gold Accent

Gold Mirror Above the Bed
(Source: layjao)

Gold accent is such a key feature in putting together an Arabian Nights-themed bedroom that is all about glamour, elegance, and vibrancy.

Gold accents can look fantastic in a master bedroom and there are different ways you can incorporate them. One of the easiest ways is by incorporating gold throughout the molding and trim of your bedroom.

You can also incorporate this fabulous color using unique furniture pieces including an ornate gold mirror, a gold-tinted headboard, and even gold-colored silk bed linens. A bedroom like this will look fabulous and simply stunning.

3.Vibrant Moroccan Artwork

Vibrant Moroccan Artwork
(Source: Interior Idea)

Moroccan artwork is unique because it has pops of bold color and elements of tribal patterns. Because of this, it can be such an eye-catching type of artwork to use in your bedroom.

A red abstract Moroccan print like this creation can look so lovely if you have a bedroom that has a brick wall. Moroccan-inspired artwork will also look fabulous in an industrial-themed bedroom or a rustic bedroom too.

The deep red lends itself really well to these design themes and is certainly one to consider if you want to create a nice Arabian-inspired bedroom.

4.Colorful Moroccan Bedroom for Small Space

Colorful Moroccan Bedroom for Small Space
(Source: rugs-direct)

Have a small space? No problem, you can still breathe into it a beautiful look full of vibrancy and beauty by using this colorful Moroccan color scheme. To pull this look off you’ll want to use lots of all-white tones.

You can incorporate a Bohemian blanket that works as the main piece of your bedding. Then, pair your bed with a colorful Moroccan-inspired tapestry that is hung behind your headboard.

Pair your nightstand with an authentic Moroccan-inspired lantern as a finishing touch. The end result is a really colorful and vibrant bedroom that has glorious overtones of Moroccan decor.

5.Modern Moroccan Bedroom 

Modern Moroccan Bedroom 
(Source: comelite-arch)

Create a cozy yet contemporary Moroccan-inspired bedroom with this beautiful design.

A bedroom like this has slight undertones of Moroccan decor because of the accent wall that has a carved Moroccan arch. This arch is a quintessential Moroccan shape and using it throughout your room will allow you to pay homage to this culture.

In all other aspects of the room, stick with modern decor elements including a beige upholstered bed and linens, and neutral tones throughout the room.

6.French-Inspired Moroccan Bedroom 

French-Inspired Moroccan Bedroom
(Source: lonny)

Moroccan culture is so heavily infused with French culture, it’s no surprise that pulling into core elements from both can work really well in interior design.

Start mixing these two themes by bringing in an antique iron bed that has bedding that plays around with lots of Moroccan colors and patterns.

Pull in elements of French style by using deep and rich colors in the bedding, the carpet, and even in the curtains. You can create a really cozy, warm, and inviting atmosphere by mixing together dark and rich shades like this.

7.Unique Canopy Bed

Unique Canopy Bed
(Source: Pinterest)

This unique bedroom design is such a cute twist on a canopy bed. This peach bedroom uses a lot of pastel and warm tones to create a lovely area to fall asleep in.

You can see the Moroccan theme at play here with fabrics that use the detailed Moroccan patterns that are so popular in the culture.

You can incorporate these patterns in all sorts of ways, however, the most popular ways include through the bedding, through any accent pillows, and of course through the curtains on your canopy bed. 

8.Layered Floor in Moroccan Bedroom

Layered Floor in Moroccan Bedroom
(Source: flickr)

If your bedroom has stairs within it, then you can create a really neat layered floor look by dressing up the bedroom in this specific design.

Start by using light tones including beige and tan in order to help brighten up the room. Then, use a low-lying platform bed or even a bed that rests on pallets in order to create the feeling that your bed is really low to the ground.

Pair a nice beige area rug underneath the bed and use linens and throw blankets on top of the bed to create nice even layer looks. A look like this is simple yet has a nice sense of symmetry that creates such calm and relaxation.

9.Romantic Moroccan Bedroom

Romantic Moroccan Bedroom
(Source: moroccanzest)

This Moroccan-styled bedroom uses lots of beautiful hues like light pink and beige in order to create a really romantic atmosphere. One of the main pieces of this room is the mosaic tiles that are quintessentially Moroccan.

When using Mosaic tiles, you can play around with using multiple patterns on different parts of the room. Because this is a distinguishing feature of Moroccan culture, these multiple patterns will not clash with each other.

When it comes to bedroom decoration, use lots of light and airy colors including light pink and rose. This will allow any natural light that filters in to help brighten up the space that much more.

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10.Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan Rugs
(Source: uniqueshomedesign)

Moroccan rugs are going to be a really great way to create a really nice feel to your bedroom. A Moroccan carpet can come in all sorts of colors and styles so you can find one that fits your bedroom’s design.

If your bedroom has a very simple feel with hints of luxury such as a metal canopy bed, then consider using a Moroccan rug that plays around with the neutral tones as well.

When it comes to adding that additional element of sparkle in your bedroom, focus on intricate patterns and designs rather than colors, though metals like silver and gold accents can certainly help. 

11.Carved Room Divider 

Carved Room Divider
(Source: Pinterest)

Carved room dividers are one of the most popular types of interior art pieces to use in your bedroom. There are plenty of room dividers that emphasize and play up Moroccan-style decoration.

When it comes to the specific culture of Morocco, it’s best to stick with wooden carved dividers that have pops of color here and there.

This will allow the divider to play an aesthetic role that allows it to fit in with the room’s theme rather than just a functional one. 

12.Elegant Fabric Ceiling 

Elegant Fabric Ceiling 
(Source: Opnodes)

You can create a really elegant fabric and fringe appeal to your bedroom by using this classic Arabian decor idea. A stark and bold yellow fabric like this one that is hung from the edges of your ceiling to the center of it can create a really dreamy atmosphere.

You can use a bold orange or even red when hanging it. In the center of the ceiling, hang up a lovely Moroccan chandelier to accent the draping fabric.

For the rest of the room play up the bold fabric by using tones of yellow in the pillows and throw blankets. A unique look like this can help you create such a relaxing and calming look that is so on par with  Arabian decor. 

13.Pillows and Throw Blankets Contribute to the Overall Atmosphere

Pillows and Throw Blankets Contribute to the Overall Atmosphere
(Source: Saffron Marigold)

Don’t underestimate the power of accessories in your bedroom, especially comfortable ones.

Having pillows, throw blankets, and other comfortable items can help you create a bedroom that is unique to your own personal sense of style.

And when you personalize those pillows and blankets, you can really create an atmosphere that is all about you.

In addition to personalized accessories, using vibrant patterns like this one can be a really great way to put together a look consistent with your design preferences.

14.DIY Moroccan-Style Bed Frame on a Budget

DIY Bed Frame on a Budget
(Source: Safari Fusion)

If you want an inexpensive Moroccan-inspired bedroom, then you can create your own poster bed.

Using reclaimed natural wood on a poster bed can be such a neat way to vamp up the look of your bedroom. Plus using natural accessories in this manner can be a great way to put together a bedroom with boho elements in it.

When it comes to the Moroccan decor, consider using tassels as hanging decorations on your poster bed and plenty of beige and dark elements working together. 

15.Moroccan-Style Decorative Elements

Moroccan-Style Wall Behind Bed
(Source: pinwin)

There are plenty of Moroccan-style decor elements that you can use in your bedroom in order to really make them stand out in the decor theme.

A great way to pull together a look like this is by using a mixture of furniture pieces that have cultural Moroccan engravings on them. These types of engravings use lots of mosaic patterns, arches, and curves to pull together hints of Moroccan style.

A great backdrop to these wooden furniture pieces is vibrant teal. This is a very popular color used throughout Moroccan culture and you can incorporate it by creating an accent wall.

Tie the room together by using gold medal light fixtures to help give your bedroom an Arabian charm that Moroccan decor is so well known for. 

16.White Moroccan Bedroom 

White Moroccan Bedroom
(Source: milkdecoration)

White is another great color to use if you want to put together a Moroccan-inspired bedroom. It’s not so much the color that makes the bedroom a Moroccan theme, but the way that you use the color white.

For example, start by creating an arch frame above your bed. This will give you a really nice alcove bedroom look which automatically creates a sense of uniqueness, calm, and peace.

For the lighting, pull in elements of Arabian decor by using a star-shaped light fixture. If that’s too bold for you, then you can use start shape lighting through string lighting that you use throughout the room.

17.Green Moroccan Bedroom

Green Moroccan Bedroom
(Source: BoHo Home)

Green is one of the most Middle Eastern-inspired paint colors to use in your bedroom. Incorporating green in your Moroccan-themed bedroom can be a great way to bring your bedroom to life.

You can play around with the color in all sorts of ways but one of the best ways is by incorporating different patterns you use on the walls and on the floor.

When it comes to the bed itself, pull other bright colors in order to help offset all the green throughout the bedroom.

18.Dreamy Moroccan Bedroom 

Pink Moroccan Bedroom 
(Source: Wattpad)

You can create a really dreamy Moroccan-inspired bedroom for the little girl in your life. What makes this one of the best girl’s bedroom ideas to use is that it plays around with all sorts of colors and girly Moroccan design elements.

If the bedroom has a vaulted ceiling or any other unique ceiling structure, then you can have a lot of fun playing around with this stunning design too. Use different shades and patterns of pink to pull together this look.  

19.Bring Natural Light Into Your Moroccan Bedroom with Texture Windows

Bring Natural Light Into Your Moroccan Bedroom with Texture Windows
(Source: nomadicdecorator)

Having natural light in a bedroom can be a great way to create an invigorating, bright, and inspiring work area for you to get all your work done.

If you have a master bedroom with lots of room to spare, this is certainly a  workspace setting that you might want to consider. Start by finding a nook or corner in your bedroom that’s also near the windows in order to build your office in.

This will be great for setting up a full-of-light workspace. Then pull in elements of Moroccan decor through a distinct Moroccan chair and Moroccan artwork.  

20.Yin-Yang Inspiration

Yin-Yang Table
(Source: Interior Idea)

Infuse elements of Yin Yang with your Moroccan-inspired bedroom to create a really nice vibe throughout your sleeping space. Because these two things are rather opposites, it can be a really neat decor idea to have opposite colors in your bedroom as well.

Incorporate purple in the table, the chairs, and even the rug that you use in your seating area. Doing this will allow the vibrancy of the purple seating space to stand out against the backdrop behind you.

21.Moroccan Bedroom Accent Wall

Moroccan Bedroom Accent Wall
(Source: pinwin)

Regardless of what type of style bedroom you have, you can always infuse Moroccan elements by having a beautiful Moroccan accent wall. An accent wall like this has the quintessential Moroccan arch in it.

While it’s simple in design, it creates a really loud and beautiful statement within the room. When it comes to the color scheme inside the arc, use a combination of hot and cold colors including turquoise, orange, and even gold and green.

This combination of colors will create a really nice colorful tone in your bedroom that is eye-catching and really lovely. For the rest of the room, you don’t have to commit to any other Moroccan-inspired design because the accent wall will do it all for you.

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22.Mediterranean Vibe

Bring Mediterranean Vibe Into Bedroom
(Source: behance)

Yellow is such a beautiful color to use if you want to create a Mediterranean vibe throughout your bedroom. To pull a look like this together using different shades of yellow including light yellow, bright yellow, and even mustard yellow.

You can incorporate this bold color in different areas of your bedroom but one of the best places to do so is on the bed. Use pillows that are matched alongside a throw blanket that stays to the side of the bed.

Because this can be such a loud color you don’t want it to be overpowering. Avoid this by using beige, white, and other light tones for the rest of your bedding. 

23.Bohemian Moroccan Bedroom 

Bohemian Moroccan Bedroom 
(Source: Tazi Designs)

A Bohemian bedroom lends itself really well to a Moroccan-inspired bedroom as well. Pull together this calming and relaxing look by using different elements of chic Bohemian decor.

Start by using different shades of white throughout your bedroom. Pair this hue with stark black metal through the light fixtures and even the bed frames.

When it comes to classic Bohemian elements, incorporate beautiful woolly rugs and lots of tassel bedding to help give your space a really nice natural look. 

24.Typical Moroccan-Style Headboard 

Typical Moroccan-Style Headboard 
(Source: nomadicdecorator)

Go classic with a typical Moroccan-style headboard like this one. A dark wood headboard that is carved with traditional Moroccan patterns can be a beautiful element of Arabian style to incorporate into your bedroom.

A look like this is lovely, cultural, and oh so relaxing. Because a dark wooden headboard like this can be really overpowering, limit this color to the headboard and the bed only.

For the rest of the room use a lot of light tones to help brighten up the space. Adding in a houseplant or two can be another great way to add pops of color as well if you like that.

25.Chinese-Inspired Moroccan Bedroom Ideas

Chinese-Inspired Moroccan Bedroom Ideas
(Source: pinwin)

A beautiful feng shui to create in your bedroom can come from a mixture of Arabian Styles and Asian fusion. Pull this look together by using bright red and yellow that Asian culture is so well known for.

Also, incorporate some beautiful lanterns on the wall to pay homage to the Chinese Decor as well. When it comes to the Moroccan decor, use classic Moroccan lanterns, and beautiful blue linens on the bed.

Use lots of wood and patterned pillows or any rugs as well. Together, the yellow and blue hues will work together to create a really nice atmosphere. 

26.Moroccan Bedding

Moroccan Bedding
(Source: behance)

Focus on the comfort of your bedroom by using beautiful Moroccan bedding.

Having a textured comforter that has hints of Moroccan style can be a really great way to create a cozy sleeping space. Some great colors to consider include lavender-toned bedding. This relaxing color can help you create an inviting atmosphere.

Deep blue and a rich red are other quintessential Moroccan colors to design with. Be sure to pair your bed with a vibrant Arabian-inspired end of the bench too. 

27.Minimalist Moroccan Bedroom Style

Minimalist Moroccan Bedroom Style
(Source: ryaddyor)

A minimalistic-inspired Moroccan bedroom has a little bit of a different look than a traditional minimalistic bedroom would.

Because Moroccan culture relies heavily on different patterns and textures, you’ll want to keep this in mind when you’re creating a more minimalistic styled sleeping space.

Start by using a really large canvas print above the bed that highlights either Moroccan patterns, images, or mosaics. This will help create the aesthetic of a Moroccan bedroom.

For the rest of the room, focus on using storage components like baskets and furniture pieces that are consistent with Moroccan decor. This means lots of Moroccan carving, dark wood, and mosaic patterns. 

28.Moroccan-Style Art Frames

Moroccan-Style Art Frames
(Source: Houzz)

If you have canvas art or personal photos that you want to display, then one of the best ways to do this is by using Moroccan-inspired frames.

Moroccan frames specifically use standard colors like black and gold. The best way to create a Moroccan-inspired gallery is by using traditional prints that have Moroccan patterns or landscapes on them.

A look like this can be vast and large so if you have a mansion or a large home, then this can be a great design element to consider. 

29.Moroccan Bedroom Arched Ceiling

Moroccan Bedroom Arched Ceiling
(Source: domino)

A tall ceiling with a serene arch design to it is a great room to incorporate a Moroccan decor theme. Arcs are a quintessential staple of Moroccan design and having a bedroom that already has one in it is begging to use Moroccan decor.

You don’t have to do much to pull out the Moroccan theme, but use textured wicker or mosaic tile sporadically throughout the room.

A great way they do this is by incorporating a white ceiling fan on the top of the arc. The end result will be a really nice calming atmosphere that has subtle undertones of Moroccan decor. 

30.Moroccan Bedroom Combine with Sitting Area

Moroccan Bedroom Combine with Sitting Area
(Source: stylebyemilyhenderson)

Create a beautiful Moroccan-inspired bedroom with a portion of the room being dedicated to a seating area. This seating area can be a unique fixture in your bedroom if you use a traditional Moroccan sofa to put together your lounge area.

You can use vibrant and loud colors for the seating area in your room or you can keep it muted with contemporary modern colors.

Either way, be sure to incorporate different types of patterns and mosaics in order to play at the Moroccan theme. Decorative pillows with tassels and even a throw blanket with tassels can be great accessories too.

31.Charming Moroccan Fuchsia Color

Charming Moroccan Ottoman and Bench in Fuchsia Color
(Source: Houzz)

Bring some Moroccan inspiration into your bedroom by using a charming red and fuchsia ottoman with a matching bench. An end of the bed bench that uses a vivid purple and dark pink is such a quintessential design in Moroccan culture.

A look like this can stand out beautifully in a modern bedroom because this unexpected pop of color can help draw attention to the Moroccan inspiration in the room.

You can use this ottoman and bench at the foot of your bed to create a seating area. To really create cohesion, you can even incorporate a Moroccan rug for all the furniture pieces to sit on. 

Moroccan design is all about using vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and Arabian decor ideas to create a magical, warm, and inviting space.

Plus it’s a great design to use with a boho-chic bedroom too! With so many different ways to use this type of decor in your bedroom, you’ll certainly find a way that lends itself well into your sleeping space.

Let us know in the comments section below which of these design ideas were your favorite and why. Know someone who has an eye for Arabian flavor? Be sure to share this article with them as well! 

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