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28+ Beautiful Modern Bedroom Designs Ideas In 2022

(Source: Pinterest)

To create a calm, inviting, and useful sleeping area, a unique modern bedroom uses a variety of neutral colors and tones. This is one of the most popular bedroom styles because it has a fresh and sleek appearance, so it’s no surprise that so many people want to use it to decorate their bedrooms. 

Today, we will take a look at different ways to take natural architectural style and unique bedroom pieces to pull together a fabulous modern-inspired bedroom design theme. 

Our extensive list will cover everything from classic modern decor to modern decor that has twists of other themes in it like rustic and farmhouse. 

We’re sure you will find some decor ideas to get you inspired for your next decor mission. Let’s get started! 

Modern Master Bedroom Design Ideas

1.Modern Bedroom with Mirrored Bed Frame

Modern Bedroom with Mirrored Bed Frame
(Source: All Home Living)

Mirrors are such a great way to add glamour to your bedroom. A beautiful way to do this is by using a stunning mirrored four-poster bed. 

A statement bed like this can create such commanding attention in the room because the silver frame and the mirror will reflect the light throughout the bedroom. 

To really make this look sparkle, be sure to use plenty of white bedding, white throw blankets and pillows, and white furniture pieces. Add in a chandelier that drapes over the bed for an added touch of sparkle.

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2.Glass Pendant Light

Glass Pendant Light for modern look
(Source: Pinterest)

Glass pendant lights on either side of your bed, right above your bed stand, can be a really beautiful way to turn your master bedroom into a luxurious space. 

To pull together this simple look you want to rely heavily on darker tone colors and lots of wooden fixtures. You can do this by incorporating a dark wall that also serves as the accent wall. 

If you have a large window, then frame the window with light grey curtains and sheer white curtains. This will allow you to control how much light enters the room to balance out of the dark accent wall. Use other elements like an upholstered tufted headboard, white metal nightstands, and neutral earthy colors to help pull together this contemporary-style bedroom.

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3.Bright Colour Accent

Bright Colour Accent
(Source: Stocksy)

You can add a pop of color to create a really glamorous bedroom as well. A bedroom that uses a blue pop of color like this is a really modern design that is fun and playful yet contemporary and glamorous. 

Mix together light blue and pops of orange by completely painting your closet door with this light blue hue. In other parts of the room including the nightstand, the light fixtures, and even the linens, sneak in pops of bright orange that help contrast the light blue. 

You’ll have a really retro-inspired bedroom that has all the elements needed for a glamorous contemporary room two.

Designed by Stocksy

4.Primary Modern Bedroom with Wood Ceiling Beams

Primary Modern Bedroom with Wood Ceiling Beams
(Source: Home Stratosphere)

Create a striking contemporary bedroom that utilizes wooden accents. This bedroom theme will work really well in a bedroom that already has wood ceiling beams in it. 

Paint over the beams in a rich dark brown to create striking detail in the room. For the rest of the room, decorate using plenty of cream tones, beige, and off-white. 

When it comes to the core pieces, incorporate bits of antique pieces here and there to really give the bedroom a shabby chic vibe. The end result is a glamorous bedroom that is luxurious yet comfortable.

5.Colorful Accessories

Colorful contemporary Accessories
(Source: Houzz)

Some of the most trending modern looks are the ones that play around with gorgeous and rich colors. A look like this utilizes all the beautiful colors of the rainbow to put together a really vibrant bedroom. 

Start by using a colorful rug that incorporates a pattern of vibrant colors. Then, accentuate the color in the room by using colorful artwork throughout the space. Keep the bed as simple solid white, but feel free to add in colorful accent pillows to help tie the room together too.

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6.The shade of Gray Modern Bedroom

The shade of Gray Modern Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the most glamorous colors to decorate with is a charcoal shade of grey. Grey is such a contemporary yet modern color to use if you want to create a mature atmosphere. You can use different shades of grey to draw the bedroom together. 

Use a gray marbled accent wall, a grey tufted headboard, and even a grey carpet for your master bedroom to sit on. When you match this chic pattern with metal fixtures that use gold and silver, you can create a really glamorous bedroom too. 

Consider using a golden lamp as a statement piece or a beautiful silver overhead light fixture to help accentuate the charcoal shades throughout your bedroom.

7.Modern Minimalistic Bedroom Designs

Modern Minimalistic Bedroom Designs
(Source: Design Cafe)

Minimalistic bedroom designs are one of the most popular design themes to use because they are contemporary, simple to put together, and overly beautiful. 

Pull together this contemporary minimalistic bedroom by using stark white walls that are decorated with potted plants here and there. With the bed, find a beautiful white wooden bed frame that blends well with your light wood floor treatment. 

Use plenty of white bedding and beige throw pillows and blankets to help tie this look together. The end result is a really relaxing and refreshing space that is simple and totally inviting.

8.Make A Cozy and Warm Modern Bedroom

Make A Cozy and Warm Modern Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Some of the best modern design ideas to play with around use warm colors like beige, light brown, and tan. 

Pull this look off in your cozy master bedroom by using all of these warm colors with an infusion of light blue to cool things down a bit. If you have a large master bedroom, then consider an accent wood-paneled wall as the backdrop for your room. 

Then, add in a pair of amazing pendant lighting fixtures on either side of the bed. Use brown-colored linen on the bed but also incorporate plenty of white too. Lastly, top off the room by using a beautiful feather rug for your bed to rest upon.

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9.Modern Storage Bed Ideas

(Source: Nationwide Furniture Outlet)

This modern design element is a great decor idea to consider if you are looking for a functional way to dress up your bedroom. A look like this is great for women who struggle to have enough storage space to store away all their belongings. 

Start by using the functional bed that opens up to reveal additional storage underneath. If you can, select a loud bright color like this burgundy red for your bed frame. 

You can always use burgundy linens to create this loud effect too. This style is not only functional, but it’s unique and beautiful as well.

10.Bedroom in Gray and Red Designs

Bedroom in Gray and Red Designs
(Source: Awesome Decors)

Two colors that pair really well together when putting together a modern bedroom are gray and red. This dramatic color palette can create a really unique environment that is glamorous yet sophisticated. 

Incorporate large abstract pictures in the bedroom that play around with a gray and red color scheme. If you have natural light that flows into your bedroom, these large prints really help to brighten up your space. 

When it comes to the bed, use a nice mixture of red and gray in order to help add to that dramatic effect. 

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11.Vintage Sconces for Modern Bedroom Style

Vintage Sconces for Modern Bedroom Style
(Source: Caitlin Marie Design)

Sometimes the beauty of the bedroom is in the details, and with this bedroom, the details of vintage sconces on either side of the bed are definitely something worth considering. 

These vintage sconces tie themselves really well to a modern bedroom that has a sleek white backdrop. They give the room a bit of personality and style which is always an added plus. By playing around with all-white decor items, you can create a really contemporary decor theme. 

If you want to add a hint of color or change the personality of the bedroom, you can do this by using a beautiful canvas over the top of the bed as well.

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12.Bedroom with a View of the Beach 

Bedroom with a View of the Beach 
(Source: Erocksny)

If you’re lucky enough to have a bedroom with a view of the beach, then it is a must that you pull in elements from the ocean and incorporate them into your bedroom. A great way to do this is by swapping out any wooden entryways for glass walls. 

If possible, this will allow you to see the outdoors visibly and allow the ocean to play part in your bedroom’s decor. Incorporate a beautiful blue bed frame that is dressed up in all-white bedding and decorative green and blue throw pillows. 

You can even add a blue throw blanket to the end of the bed to play up the ocean theme. Tie this modern interior design theme with a beautiful ocean-inspired big rug and lovely canvas with an image of the ocean floor. 

13.Modern Bedroom with Couches

Modern Bedroom with Couches
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have a large space in your bedroom, it’s worth considering incorporating a modern couch into it to create a nice and relaxing space for you to lounge in. 

Because a couch can cramp up a space, it’s best to use all white in a bedroom like this in order to help the bedroom feel like it is open and airy. Throughout the room, use plenty of neutral colors and patterns so that you can keep consistent with that bedroom feel. 

There are a variety of couch styles you can choose from, but one of the best is a tufted upholstered couch that has clean rivets on the edges.

14.Don’t Be Afraid of Bold Color

Don’t Be Afraid of Bold Color
(Source: Good Housekeeping)

A bold color in an all-white bedroom can create such a powerful look to your sleeping space. A look like this that uses a bold orange over top of an all-white bedroom is such a simple look yet it creates a really loud statement. 

You don’t have to use orange, as this color is certainly out there. You can use your favorite color to design a bedroom like this instead. 

Keep in mind that it’s important that you stick with one color and allow plenty of white decor elements to have a place in the room as well. The bright white will help balance out whichever bold color you choose to go with.

15.Stone Walls in a Modern Bedroom

Stone Walls in a Modern Bedroom
(Source: Amazing Architecture)

A really unique design to incorporate in the master bedroom is one that uses lots of natural elements including stone walls. 

This monochromatic look plays around with a lot of dark hues that complement the stone walls. This means using tones like brown, beige, and even grey throughout the bedroom. 

Because this look is so elegant and luxurious, it’s best used in a master bedroom. Incorporate a TV in one corner, potted house plants in another, and you’ll have a really relaxing space to call your own.

16.Industrial Modern Bedroom Decor

Industrial Modern Bedroom Decor
(Source: Curated interior)

Even with industrial-themed bedrooms, you can still add a modern atmosphere to your sleeping space. To do this, start by decorating your brick wall with factory hues and decor elements like metal fixtures, and even factory gears. 

Add in different pieces that work together to create a wheel accent wall. By using decor pieces like this that have plenty of dark factory elements, you can create a really great sleeping space for a masculine bedroom or even a bachelor pad. Lots of dark metals, dark colors, and rugged decor pieces will help make this room look amazing.

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17.Make A Contemporary Porch Bedroom

Make A Contemporary Porch Bedroom
(Source: Creative Juices Decor)

If you have a bedroom with glass walls or even a sunroom that you’ve transformed into a bedroom, then you can create a really beautiful contemporary forest bedroom that feels like it has farmhouse appeal but really has plenty of modern design elements in it. 

A look like this will rely heavily on using natural colors like green, brown, and navy blue. This is because you want the fantastic views outside to play into the core element of the bedroom inside. Use natural patterns, solid colors, and outdoorsy decor items to pull this look together.

18.Renovate Antique Furniture

Renovate Antique Furniture
(Source: Houzz)

Modernize vintage pieces by giving them new life and incorporating them into your bedroom. A great way to do this is by using a vintage collection of bedroom accessories and repurposing them to fit the modern elegance of your bedroom. 

You can do this by repurposing an old cabinet and modernizing it through a fresh coat of paint. If this sounds overwhelming, know that you don’t have to do this to every furniture piece. 

Instead, pick a couple of pieces to revamp, and then decorate the rest of the room using more unique pieces. The color palette to work within this room is certainly dark brown, and plenty of white.

19.Modernize Your Bedroom with Vertical Wood

Modernize Your Bedroom with Vertical Wood
(Source: DigsDigs)

Vertical wood can be a really neat way to create a contemporary bedroom that has overtones of rustic decor elements. A great way to do this is by creating a patterned accent wall with different vertical wall paneling. 

Center a large king-size bed in the middle of the bedroom and dress it up using neutral tones like gray and beige. Then, on either side of the bed, use a draping pendant lighting fixture to help illuminate your space. 

Playing around with different patterns, and different neutral tones will help you pull together a really beautiful modernized rustic bedroom.

20.Luxury Contemporary Bedroom 

Luxury Contemporary Bedroom 
(Source: Decorpad)

This next bedroom idea uses lots of warm tones including stunning brown wall paneling, deep orange curtains, and even a brown fabric-wrapped wall. 

These elements working together lend themselves very well to designers who want to create a modern bedroom for couples. 

The warm tones create a really comforting and inviting atmosphere that is simply gorgeous. When it comes to light fixtures, you can use unique fixtures in the ceiling and on bedside tables to help illuminate the space.

21.Modern Floating Bed

Modern Floating Bed
(Source: Pinterest)

This next decor idea is modern design at its best. Use a floating bed to create a really unique yet functional design element in your bedroom. 

You want the frame of the bed to be a really dark shade so that it complements the wood floor that you have in place. Dress the bed in all-white linens, with a navy green throw blanket to help create a warm color scheme. 

Add some functional elements to the room by incorporating matching floating wall shelves as well. This contemporary scheme works as a great design to use for a variety of bedrooms.

22.Modern Bedroom Lighting with Round Geometrics

Modern Bedroom Lighting with Round Geometrics
(Source: lampswell)

Create a really eye-catching look in your bedroom by using a Nordic iron geometric lamp. This unique light fixture has a really neat look to it and lends itself really well to a master bedroom that wants a nice spin on modern decor. 

Hang up this light fixture on the top of your bed in order to give your bedroom a really unique fixture that draws attention right away. Depending on the color of the lamp, use colors throughout the room that help compliment this geometric lamp.

23.Make Your Own Statement Art for a Modern Look

artwork for a Modern Look
(Source: Nordic Wall Canvas)

One of the best ways to put together a personalized yet modern bedroom decor theme is by using a personalized canvas that sheds light on who your family is. 

A look like this can work well in any bedroom including a primary bedroom or even a kid’s bedroom. Some great custom photos to consider include images that show off all the members of your family in an activity that the family enjoys doing together. 

You can even use a simple look like this canvas that shows rain boots and the members of your family to help create a warm and loving atmosphere. 

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24.Modern Attic Bedroom

Modern Attic Bedroom
(Source: InteriorZine)

Transform your dingy attic into a modern attic bedroom by using a couple of different design techniques. You can create a really masculine look by playing around with different shades of black, gray, and wooden accents. 

Create a nice abstract black accent wall that matched a black bed frame with all-black bedding. If you have the space, you can even create a small office in the corner of your attic as well. With this office space, utilize lots of black and gray tones as well.

25.Downtown 80s Neon Pink Bedroom

Downtown 80s Neon Pink Bedroom
(Source: Peerspace)

One of the most trending beautiful design elements in this stunning mid-century modern bedroom that plays around with neon pink tones and a very retro 80s girly color palette. Start by incorporating a pink hue accent wall that has a matching pink and neon wall sculpture. 

Personalize the wall scripture so that it gives your room a little bit of personality. For the rest of the room, you can use different design pieces including floral bedding, and a white lounge chair to help give the room those needed touches of femininity.

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26.Indirect Lighting on a Layered Accent Wall

Indirect Lighting on a Layered Accent Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

Indirect lighting on an accent wall can create a really modern look to any bedroom space. This stunning decor element is not often used so it can be a really unique piece to incorporate if you want your bedroom to stand out. 

If you have a large window, then use the natural light that comes in as a way to play up the gray tones in the bedroom. 

The end result is a really stunning bedroom that plays around with light and airy colors to create a very modern sleeping space.

27.Your Bedroom will feel more Modern with a Mirror Closet Door

Your Bedroom will feel more Modern with a Mirror Closet Door
(Source: George Buildings)

Another great modern bedroom design is swapping out your traditional closet doors for sliding mirror glass doors. These glass doors can almost serve as a large window into your closet and can allow your closet to play a role in the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.   

If you have a large window that has an open view below, this window can also help illuminate your glass closet doors. Stick with a color scheme that includes lots of whites, grays, and browns to help keep up that light and airy look.

28.Glass Bathroom Walls in Modern Bedroom

Glass Bathroom Walls in Modern Bedroom
(Source: Architecture Beast)

One of the most trending modern bedroom design ideas is swapping out the walls of your bathroom so that they are made out of glass. A look like this is a mark of luxury because you can create a really stunning design that looks and feels cosmopolitan. 

If you don’t feel comfortable with having an all-glass wall bathroom, then you can also set up an all-black block curtain that allows you to close off the walls whenever you need to. 

Either way, the end result is a really stunning bedroom. With a room like this, play around with darker hues including black, dark brown, and gray. 


It’s easy to see why this sleek look is so popular with interior designers. Having a beautiful bedroom that helps to create a relaxing and inviting sleeping space is what having a modern bedroom is all about. 

Let us know in the comments section which of these modern bedroom design ideas were your favorite and why. Know someone who loves a clean-looking bedroom? Be sure to share this article with them as well! 

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