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Secret 13 Mint Green Bedroom Ideas You Need To Know (2022)

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When it comes to the interior design of your precious bedroom, choose a mint green color. A mint green bedroom will not only leave you calm but will also give you a good night’s sleep, leading to good health. Since mint green is a bit neutral, think about the mood you want to create as you pair it with any color.

With the color’s brightening capacity and cheerful energy, you’ll enjoy more of the vintage theme. Add a touch of mint green bedroom accessories and fittings to give you a luxurious look. Why not create a calm and cool with home accents and mint-hue decor?

Let’s dive into the best mint green color combinations and styles.

Mint Green Bedroom Ideas – Make Your Home More Stylish

1. Mint Green and Artwork

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Mint green designs will remind you of your childhood favorite ice cream and transport you to a happy place. The photos are not overwhelming, but impactful. Use a more intense shade of mint green to give you a modern, dynamic, and vibrant decor. Consider adding pink accents to your accessories and walls.

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2. Mint Green and Masculine Style

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Give your bedroom a touch of a mint green masculine touch. For a sophisticated look, combine mint green with black and other colors that are deep, warm, or neutral without being too oppressive. Dark colors might bring a gloomy mood. Have a table lamp with soft lighting to make the space masculine.

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3. Mint Green Walls

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With a mint green accent wall, a contemporary look can be achieved without being overpowering. Apply a simple neutral color on your wall and a darker shade on your furniture or bed frame. Summarize the style with playful textures that complete the statement of being elegant. Could you keep it simple but stylish?

4. Mint Green and Decor

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If you imagine what a gorgeous bedroom means, it’s like curling yourself up with cozy mint green bedding on a cold night. The intense decor will work well for the walls as long as you keep the furniture and frames neutral. A pastel color for the ceiling won’t be a bad idea either. Ensure the colors complement one another to avoid confusing decorating ideas.

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5. Mint Green Accents

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Mint accents will make you feel right at home while bringing a modern twist to the color palette. Decorate your bedroom with varieties of mint green shades for the best outcome. Tone it up with pops of mint green accessories to give your bedroom character. Be minimalist with your colors to keep the theme.

6. Mint Green and Neutral Hue

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Let your gallery walls have a variety of mint colors. Enhance your master bedroom by introducing different shades of mint green. Please don’t ignore the traditional and modern styles like Bohemian to make them consistent and harmonize with other colors. In order to achieve this style, pair mint with either sage green, white, or brown. Neutralize the areas you feel are too bright, keeping in mind the walls above where you place things.

7. Mint Green and Pink

(Source: ReutovDesign)

If you have an all-pink room, break the monochromatic pastel pink room by adding mint green shades. Please take note of all the pink elements available to avoid overpowering them with mint. Pair mint green and blush pink bedrooms with deeper hues to give your space a sweet touch.

8. Mint Green and Gray

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Mixing gray with mint gives a mint green aesthetic bedroom combination that indicates a great way to soothe its energy. Use light gray rather than dark to soften the palette. Gray’s calm nature will add a soothing effect that will help transform the room’s overall look. The combination adds harmonious shades to your room.

9. Mint Green and Lilac

(Source: Emily Followill)

Try working with a combination of mint green and lilac to create two different color themes. Paint a shade of lilac purple color, ensuring that you don’t overdo any of them. You can use mild purple walls to further enhance the coaxial mint side walls and room elements like accessories, carpets, rugs, pillows, and curtains. Purple acts as a contrast to the mint for lilac and mint green bedroom.

10. Mint Green and White

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Recreate your space with a subtle yet intense mix of mint and white. The combination will give you optimal freshness in the room. Look for a simple white framed wall hanging or a painting that complements the dual perfectly. The place will look modern yet stylish even without adding any extra colors.

11. Mint Green and Rose gold

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Make your own version of these stylish and modern bedroom ideas at home. Rose gold is not only related to luxury but has a way of contrasting the mint’s warmth. Strategically place mint-themed decor throughout the room. The color is not only cute but will resist the house’s gray and white walls, known for a corporate theme.

12. Mint Green and Brown

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Brown is one of the best colors to use in a mint green-themed interior. You can always mix and match mint with brown when looking for the perfect ambiance and color scheme. Adding light brown rustic furniture will add a natural touch to an otherwise clean and bright space.

13. Mint Green and Blue

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Creating an oceanic view in your bedroom will be an awesome idea. Therefore, choose wall paint with blue, mint green, and white geometric patterns. It will give the illusion of an aqua theme. Seafoam green, with its pale shade, represents youth and innocence. Small vases and other objects, such as accent pillows, can add a nice burst of color to any room. 

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Final Thought

Even though mint is currently trendy, it’s safe to say that the color will be around for a long time. Because of the color’s energizing qualities, you won’t have to worry about mint green furniture going out of style. Having said that, if you’re hesitant about the decor, start small with your mint green bedroom. 

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