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25 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas For A Cozy and Serene Space (2022)

minimalist bedroom
(Source: Gainsville)

A minimalist bedroom is such a beautiful style to create in your home. This clean bedroom decor style depends on using a few items to create a charming and uncluttered space with less stuff. More often than not, these types of bedroom styles still pull off a touch of personalization. 

Today, we are going to take a look at this gorgeous minimalism and how you can incorporate it. We’ll examine some simple yet functional elements that lend well to this aesthetic. Not only that, but we will play around with minimalistic decor alongside other decor themes. 

For example, see how you can incorporate this bedroom inspiration with themes like rustic, modern, and eclectic decor. If this is a theme you would like to incorporate in your bedroom then read on. We are sure you will find inspiration to help you pull together a beautiful minimalist sleeping space.

Soothing Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas and Photos

1. Minimalist Bedroom with A Big Canvas

Minimalist Bedroom with A Big Canvas
(Source: Pinterest)

Transform a boring bedroom with a subtle yet bold design. Create this serenity by incorporating a large house plant. Set the house plans in the corner of the bedroom to brighten up the space.

Next, incorporate a large personalized photo canvas. Frame this photo and hang it up over your bed. This large canvas can really help tie the room together.

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2. Mid Century Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Mid Century Minimalist Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

A mid-century minimalist space is a beautiful design for a master bedroom. This simple look uses lots of wood and white. If you have a large window with an amazing view, this will help to brighten up the room.

Incorporate wood through the bed frame and through furniture as well. Go easy on hanging up artwork. Instead, set a plaque or picture frame on your wooden nightstand.

3. Simple Floating Bed

Simple Floating Bed
(Source: Pinterest)

A wooden suspended bed looks great in a modern minimalist sleeping space. Another way you can create this Illusion is by setting up a floating bed.

A look like this pairs really well with pendant light fixtures as well. Allow these features of the room to speak to simplistic decor. Keep the rest of the room simple by steering clear of artwork or loud decor pieces.

4. Neutral Minimalist Bedroom

Neutral Minimalist Bedroom
(Source: furniture.technoluxpro.com)

You can create a sophisticated space by playing around with neutral tones. Incorporate neutral tones through the furniture, the bedding, and the wall paint. Complement the bedding by incorporating a dark gray big rug. Materials and textures to use include marble, faux fur, and cotton.

5. Minimalist Rustic Bedroom Ideas

(Source: Homedit)

A rustic bedroom is such a cozy design scheme to use. You can pair it well with a minimalistic design to create a really comfortable modern vibe.

If you have a fireplace, use this as the focal point of your room. Create a sitting area around the fireplace. On the mantel, incorporate lots of personalized pictures and other rustic decor elements.

6. Wooden Floor Brings A Minimalist Look

Wooden Floor Brings A Minimalist Look
(Source: Fresh Palace)

Highlight your minimalistic bedroom by swapping out the carpet with beautiful wood flooring. Wooden flooring works great in a bedroom that has a fantastic view of the outdoors.

If you have a modern hillside bedroom, wood floors can help create a tranquil or zen vibe. Complement your dark wood floors with darker hues like dark gray and black too.

7. Minimalist Bedroom with Canopy Bed

Minimalist Bedroom with Canopy Bed
(Source: Pinterest)

A black canopy bed is another way to pull together a sophisticated bedroom. This minimalistic-inspired bedroom plays around with lots of dark colors. Use dark gray on the flooring, walls, and furniture.

You can help brighten up the space by using white bedding and linens on the mattress. Mixing together these neutral colors will help you create a really mature yet minimalistic design scheme.

8. Cool Industrial Trend for A Minimalist Bedroom

Cool Industrial Trend for A Minimalist Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Get creative by transforming your industrial-themed bedroom into a minimalistic and serene space. This look uses traditional designs of industrial decor and simplifies them. For example, incorporate a brick wall that does not have any pictures or artwork displayed on it.

Instead, incorporate hanging house plants to tie into this theme. Also, use a platform bed, and get creative by using dark stained pallets. Lots of grays and whites will look really nice in this room.

9. Farmhouse Minimalist Attic Bedroom

Farmhouse Minimalist Attic Bedroom
(Source: Homedit )

Farmhouse decor also lends well with the minimalistic decor. If you have a wooden ceiling, this can be a great place to set up a statement chandelier.

Create a peaceful and tranquil environment by using lots of white to offset the wood in the room too. Your final look will be reminiscent of a country house that is charming yet modern. 

10. Functional Loft Bedroom 

Functional Loft Bedroom 
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have a small bedroom, then a loft can be a great element to incorporate. A look like this can create a really calming environment perfect for teenagers and young adults.

Start by using lots of warm romantic tones. They will help brighten up the room all while giving it a cozy and comfortable feel.

Use string lighting, custom pillow designs, and personalized artwork to help the space feel like your own.

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11. Swedish Bedroom 

Swedish Bedroom 
(Source: That Scandinavian bedrooms)

This twist on a Scandinavian minimalist space uses patterns and colors to create a charming and sleek space. Create this bright look by using a patterned rug underneath your bed.

For a small room, tuck your bed into a corner for more room. Displaying a sheer curtain on the top of your bed can help make the space feel open and airy too. Your final product will be a monochromatic Swedish home-inspired look that is really beautiful. 

12. Light Blue Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Light Blue Minimalist Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Touches of blue throughout a bedroom can create a really cool and calm environment. This blue room has a striking aesthetic style that is very relaxing and lends well to a minimalistic bedroom.

Use a light blue bed that is complemented by light blue shelves. Keep the hues of blue light in the shade so that you can brighten up the room too. This look is great for a young boy’s room or a bachelor pad. 

13. Minimalist Vibe with Pendant Light

Minimalist Designs with Pendant Light
(Source: Dezeen)

This unique pendant light is the highlighting feature of this room. If you have a small bedroom, this is a simple way to make it appear larger. This minimalist design works really well in bedrooms that use white and black tones. Use black molding throughout the room as well to accentuate this pendant light. 

14. Minimalist Haven Bedroom with Beach View

Minimalist Haven Bedroom with Beach View
(Source: Architectural Digest)

If your master bedroom has a glass wall that overlooks an amazing view, then minimalist decor is a must. For a beach view, use lots of white and light blue to play up the beauty of the water outside. A glass bed or mirrored bed frame can help play up this theme as well.  

15. Moroccan Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Moroccan Minimalist Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Although Moroccan decor can be quite intricate, this theme can work from minimalist design too. The key for a Moroccan minimalist bedroom is modernity and monochromatic hues.

Use striped patterns on bedding to play up the theme. Also include lots of copper interior design pieces as this metal is quintessential to Moroccan decor. The mixture of dark metals and light colors will create a really unique space.

16. Basic Leather Bed Ideas

Basic Leather Bed
(Source: AliExpress)

Add an element of luxury to your master bedroom by incorporating a Nordic leather bed. Leather and light colors can be a great way to create a minimalistic bedroom.

Not only that, but the high-quality material creates a really beautiful elegance throughout the room. Pair the leather bed with darker hues throughout the room. You can incorporate black, gray, and wood components to complement the leather. 

17. Natural Sunny Bedroom Ideas

Natural Sunny Bedroom
(Source: Istock)

Natural light in a bedroom can complement a minimalistic room well. It’s also a great way to create an airy couple’s bedroom. Swap our traditional curtains for sun shades that you can pull down over your glass wall.

This will allow you to control just how much light enters your bedroom. Throughout the room, use natural hues including green, wood, and gray. You can also incorporate an accent color like goldenrod as well.

18. An Amazing Vibe with Glamping Bedroom

Minimalist Glamping Bedroom
(Source: Airbnb)

This beautiful decor theme is great for dressing up a mobile home bedroom. Create a nice little nook where your bed will rest and create a separated space that will serve as the sitting area.

Don’t go overboard with the decor items that you design. Instead use lots of natural tones like navy blue, navy green, and wood to dress up the room. This will give you a really sleek and cozy sleeping space that also is simple and minimalistic.

19. Mediterranean Minimalist Bedroom

Mediterranean Minimalist Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a Greek island feeling in your own home with this Mediterranean minimalist bedroom. This look works really great in a narrow space or a small bedroom. Incorporate a floor bed with white bed linens, and throw blankets. You can incorporate hints of sandy tones like beige to help balance out the white as well.

20. Natural Inspired Bedroom with Common Plants

Natural Inspired Bedroom with Common Plants
(Source: Decor Art)

Houseplants can be a beautiful way to create a greenery minimalist sleeping space. Create a natural headboard made out of reclaimed wood or even wooden mounted pallets.

Set up a variety of your favorite house plants on top of the DIY headboard. You can also incorporate plants at the foot of your bed too. The end result is a really warm sleeping space that is unique but not cluttered.

21. Eclectic Minimalist Sleeping Space Ideas

Eclectic Minimalist Sleeping Space
(Source: Kismet House)

Eclectic design can be hard to incorporate into a minimalistic bedroom. However, it is doable. You can create this neat bedroom design by using different theme pieces wisely. Incorporate only your favorite personalized decor pieces and set them on top of rustic furniture like a nightstand.

Dress up the walls by including an interesting picture as well. Try and use one element from different designs themes in order to keep the minimalistic design theme going.

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22. Make a Focal Point for Simple Bedroom

Make a Focal Point for Simple Bedroom
(Source: hanging- chairs.net)

A focal point in a minimalist space can be a great way to give your room some personality. For example, if you have a minimalist boho space, you can create a reading nook.

Install a hammock chair or floating chair in your reading nook and use a stack of books as decor elements. Maintain the minimalist theme by using one color that is played with through different hues. This will allow you to keep the room simple yet interesting. 

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23. Minimalist Wall Decor Ideas

Minimalist Wall Design Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a really rustic look in your sleeping space by utilizing a concrete wall as your accent wall. A concrete wall can create a really neat and clean bedroom because it’s unique but also beautiful. Concrete can make a room look really dark, but there is a way to offset this. Use lots of white hues to help brighten up the space.

24. Black and White Minimalist Design

Black and White Minimalist Design
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the most iconic minimalistic design themes to use in your bedroom is black and white. This bedroom can create a bold impression in your room because it’s elegant yet inviting. Incorporate with a black bed frame and hand up some amazing artwork over the bed.

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25. Japanese Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Japanese Minimalist Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Japanese bedroom designs are really unique looks because they are functional and beautiful. Plus Japanese decor lends really well to minimalist design. A look like this works really well if you are in need of saving space in your sleeping area.

Use a storage bed frame that has drawers on the bottom. This will allow you to hide away small items. Incorporate other furniture pieces that offer more than one use too. 


It’s easy to see why a minimalist bedroom can be such a beautiful look to pull together. The pieces that go into a minimalist space are simple, functional, and gorgeous. Which of these design ideas has been your favorite?

Let us know in the comments section below. If you know someone who loves this theme, be sure to share this article with them as well. 

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