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21+ Beautiful Mid-century Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas In 2022

21+ Beautiful Mid-century Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas In 2022

Many designers will tell you that if you want something old, dated, or even rustic, the mid-century modern bedroom is one of the most popular types of bedroom styles to play with.

Interior designers will define this era anywhere from the 1930s to the 1960s. However, more intentional architects and interior designers like to limit this time period to 1974 and 1957. Whatever stipulation you give it for the mid-century modern era,  opinions remain the same; this is a fabulous era to design around if you want to create a really traditional interior design that is exciting, inviting, warm, and of course contemporary. 

Today we are going to take a look at some beautiful mid-century modern bedroom design styles that you can play around with within your own bedroom. We’ll look at different lighting fixtures, furniture pieces to include, and color schemes that you should explore as you decorate. Whatever style you’re looking for, we’re sure you will find it on our list.

1.Mid Century Modern Dresser 

Mid Century Modern Dresser 
(Source: Pinterest)

You can take a dresser and give it a mid-century appeal by revamping it with earthy tones like light beige, light brown, or even dark wood. 

An inconspicuous mid-century dresser like this is not only great-looking. But it can be the anchor point for pulling together a really nice mid-century themed bedroom. Accentuate the look by using a nice big rug that complements the neutral tones of the room. 

Incorporate neutral-toned linens as well. If you have a storage area nearby, you can even put away clean linens on nearby shelving so that they can act as decor pieces too. A room like this is very warm, welcoming, and offers a great sense of calm.

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A Gallery Wall Make A Bold Accent Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

To create a truly dramatic and bold accent wall that is evocative of the mid-century. Consider utilizing abstract artwork or even personalized pictures. 

You don’t have to use several pictures to create this gallery wall. In fact, a couple of large-size custom photos should do the job just fine. 

Pair your gallery wall with wooden furniture that helps compliment the accent wall to create a really charming atmosphere reminiscent of the mid-century. 

3.Chaise Longue Chairs Bring Both Modern and Contemporary Style

Chaise Longue Chairs Bring Both Modern and Contemporary Style
(Source: Lushome)

One of the most trendy mid-century modern bedroom design themes was sleeping spaces that included beautiful lounge chairs. In today’s day and age, you can still pull this look from decades ago into your room by using a trendy, leather lounge chair.  

You’ll want to have the space to include a chair like this. So if you have a large bedroom or a room with an open seating area, then this look can work just fine. 

To keep the mid-century concept constant, use a black leather lounge chair with a highly contemporary design. Have an office in your room? This chair can lend itself well to an office corner too.

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4.Vintage Modern Mid Century Bedroom

Vintage Modern Mid Century Bedroom
(Source: Goedeker’s)

 A quintessential bedroom like this one was one of the hallmarks of the popular mid-century bedroom design layout. 

Between 1945 and 1975,  the perfect color scheme for a bedroom consisted of lots of wooden accents, and wooden furniture including a sturdy wooden dresser, and nightstand. 

Dressers that have a large surface top are great for displaying your most favorite photos, the way those in the mid-century used to do. 

A theme like this best relies heavily on natural colors, so try to work within that color palette to pull together this beautiful look. 

5.Wooden Panel  Ideas

Wooden Panel  Ideas
(Source: Curated Interior)

An iconic design component of a mid-century bedroom is a master bedroom with a wood-paneled accent wall. Accent walls like this one were common during the middle of the 1940s and 50s. Because they offered such a cozy atmosphere to the bedroom

If you want to emulate this time period, then creating this all in your master bedroom can be a great way to go. It works really well with a rustic bedroom design theme, one of this time period’s most common decor themes. 

Pull this look off by using natural materials such as thin slabs of reclaimed wood, cedar, or oak. Design the rest of the room using other rustic style elements including neutral-colored linens and furniture as well.

6.Eames Chair Lounge 

(Source: Rustic Decor)

The mid-century was certainly a time for unique design themes. Perhaps one of the most iconic pieces in mid-century modern design styles was an Eames chair. 

These chairs were incredibly popular because they were comfortable, a mark of luxury, and certainly an eye-catching piece. 

If your bedroom has a seating area, then consider dressing it up using an Eames chair lounge set. Stick to classic colors including tan, brown, and black to really pull off that vintage-inspired feel in your bedroom. 

A great aspect of this look is that it works great in a variety of bedroom themes including rustic style, and minimalistic.

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7.Mid Century Modern Walnut Platform Bed

Mid Century Modern Walnut Platform Bed
(Source: Etsy)

If you want to keep the design in your bed simple and minimalistic, then consider a classic mid-century style walnut platform bed. 

A platform bed made out of this beautiful wood lends itself really well to a contemporary-style bedroom.

If you want to keep clutter out of the way, then you can also turn your platform bed into a functional storage space by equipping it with drawers underneath the bed. 

Dress up the room using very minimal design elements including a decent-sized house plant and a couple of abstract custom photos that hang above your headboard.

8.Retro Circles and Geometrics 

Retro Circles and Geometrics
(Source: DigsDigs)

A mid-century bedroom was not all wood and simple colors. In fact, some of the most trendy mid-century modern bedroom ideas played around with all sorts of patterns and geometric shapes. 

You can pull together a really stunning bedroom that has infusions of all types of global style by using a really vibrant pattern rug. Accent elements of geometry throughout the room in canvas paintings and decorative throw pillows too. 

For the rest of the room including the bed, the linens, and even furniture, stick with more traditional mid-century design elements like dark hardwood and neutral colors. When you mix in some indoor plants, you can create a really relaxing and calm atmosphere.

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9.Hairpin Legs Ideas

Hairpin Legs Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Another one of the most trending mid-century modern styles that were used in bedrooms throughout many homes were beds that were resting on hairpin leg bed frames. 

Wooden furniture that uses hairpin legs really reflects the essence that was the mid-century design style. Hairpin legs can be used on the bed, the nightstand, and any other wooden furniture in the room. 

Because hairpin legs are really a symbol of elegance and class, you want the rest of the room to play around with light and airy colors that reflect this. If you display artwork on the walls, stick with thin golden accent frames to help pull the room together.

10.Mid Century Modern Blue Color Palette 

Mid Century Modern Blue Color Palette 
(Source: Veguci)

One of the most common colors to play around with when it comes to mid-century style is a beautiful light blue. This relaxing color is the quintessential color scheme of this iconic era. 

You can play around with blue by creating a nice light blue accent wall that offers a really saseline simple look. Play up the blue in the room by pairing it with a dark blue bed frame. 

Allow the bed frame to stand out amongst the wooden furniture by dressing it up in lots of white bedding. This means white linens, white throw blankets, and white pillows. 

If you want to add hints of color to the bed, you can do this using decorative pillows that incorporate light blue and even goldenrod. If there is any metal in the room, stick with golden painted metal accents instead of black.

11.Wood House Bedroom in the 1940s

Wood House Bedroom in the 1940s
(Source: Architecture Art Design)

Wood was the quintessential material used in decorating during the middle of the century, this was especially true when it came to the master bedroom. Because of this, wood is the go-to material for putting together a classic mid-century bedroom. 

You can incorporate wood in all sorts of ways. Some of the best ways are by laying it out on the floor and matching it with a wooden ceiling. The color you would want to stick with should be a really light and warm brown tone. 

A tone like this would contrast well with the natural light that comes in via a wide window. If you have a large window, you can even frame it in wood as well. This will help accentuate any amazing views you might have from your bedroom too.

12.Mid Century Modern Bedroom with Plants

Mid Century Modern Bedroom with Plants
(Source: Don Pedro)

House plants can do such a fantastic job of helping brighten up your bedroom and giving it a really nice breath of fresh air. It’s also helpful that house plans were an iconic staple of a mid-century-inspired bedroom. 

You can pull this aesthetic in your own bedroom by using lots of house plants throughout your sleeping space. Incorporate a large house plant in the corner of your bedroom, and smaller size plants on your nightstand, your dresser, and any other places in the room you can set it upon. 

If you have a small bedroom, you can utilize the ceiling and have hanging greenery as a way to compliment the rustic vibe. Pair all the green in your bedroom with a nice goldenrod accent wall for a really beautiful and inviting sleeping space.

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13.Mid Century Bookshelf

Mid Century Bookshelf
(Source: Pinterest)

If you don’t want to commit to a full renovation of your bedroom that plays with a classic mid-century design scheme, then consider dedicating one corner of your bedroom to the beautiful bookcase design. 

You can do this by creating faux built-in bookcases that are made out of wood and help play up this rustic design theme in your bedroom. Bookcases like this are gorgeous design elements to incorporate for all types of individuals. But especially readers who have some favorite book collections that they want to put on display.

When picking out the type of wood or the type of bookcase you want to use, stick with nice light and airy color that will stand out in the bedroom but is not overly dominating. You’ll want the bookcase to stand out, but you don’t want to overpower the entire design scheme of the bedroom.

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14.Colorful Mid Century Modern Bedroom

Colorful Mid Century Modern Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Want to put together a fun 70s retro bedroom? Then this bedroom idea might be the best one for you. A bedroom like this plays with all the personality, funk, and fun that this era is so well known for. 

A look like this can work really well for a teenage girl’s bedroom. You can pull this look together by using plenty of pink hues in the bedding, on the wall, and even on the furniture. Incorporate lots of abstract photos throughout the bedroom that play with all sorts of colors too. 

Speaking of colors, be sure to incorporate a colorful rug in the center of your bedroom too. A look like this is incredibly adorable, it’s no wonder girls of all ages fall in love with a design style like this so easily.

15.Bright Color Liven Up Your Space

Bright Color Liven Up Your Space
(Source: One Kindesign)

Looking for a more laid-back, simple, and neutral look to your bedroom? Well, you can still pull together a stunning mid-century-inspired bedroom design theme without having to incorporate some of the heavier design elements of this era. 

Start by using a very basic low bed frame that is dressed in a bed with all-white bedding. Incorporate white throughout the rest of your room including on the walls, on any ceiling furniture, and any lighting fixtures you might have. 

When you incorporate wood, stick to more darker-colored wood stains including mahogany or dark oak. A great way to accentuate the dark colors in the bedroom is by using black floating shelves in the corner for you to place all your personal belongings on.

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16.Ria Rattan Midcentury Modern Furniture Ideas

 Ria Rattan Midcentury Modern Furniture Ideas
(Source: Popsugar)

Even during the mid-century, rattan and boho styles were popular design schemes to go with. This bedroom relies heavily on this type of design scheme. 

A bedroom that uses a rattan bed frame and light-colored wooden furniture is the perfect way to go if you want to create a really nice natural vibe in your bedroom. You can draw inspiration from the outdoors to pull together a room like this. 

Err on the side of light colors and white to help pick out different pieces that you want to incorporate. As always, by including house plants throughout the bedroom you can help accentuate the brightness, freshness, and liveliness of the room.

17.Combine Industrial Style and Mid Century Modern Bedroom

Combine Industrial Style and Mid Century Modern Bedroom
(Source: Decorated Life)

Even with an industrial-style design theme, mid-century decor can still find a home. Pull together an industrial-inspired mid-century bedroom by dressing up your sleeping space with elements of industrial decor, and mid-century decor. 

If you live in the city or in an apartment where there are large factory windows and slabs of red brick walls, this will be really easy to do. Incorporate elements including a simple dark wood platform bed and Industrial light fixtures. 

Dress up your bedroom using a lot of white including white linens, white flooring, white accent rugs, and even a white dresser or nightstand. Playing around with the right balance will give you a nice equilibrium of light colors. And dark colors that work together to create a really relaxing space. 

18.Desert and Mid Century Modern Styles

Desert and Mid Century Modern Styles
(Source: HGTV)

A really unique twist to the mid-century look is a desert-inspired theme. You can pull together this beautiful and unique look by merging together elements of the desert environment with elements of a mid-century bedroom. 

Start by incorporating a nice dark-colored bed frame that it’s paired with beige upholstered seating. Then, incorporate elements of the desert including break green, purple, white, and tan. You can even include a cactus in order to pull in those natural textures into your bedroom. 

When it comes to the artwork, settle on canvases that have landscapes of the desert environment. All these different elements can work together harmoniously to create a really relaxed environment for you to enjoy. 

19.Stylish Mid-century Light Fixture Ideas

Stylish Mid-century Light Fixture Ideas
(Source: Don Pedro)

If you enjoy playing around with details, then one of the best ways to play up a mid-century-inspired design theme is by incorporating it through the details of your master bedroom. 

One of the best ways to do this is by focusing on lighting fixtures, bedside lamps, and lighting sconces that pay homage to this vintage time period. If you have a master bedroom with an amazing open view that leads out to a backyard or a patio, then you can use lighting fixtures that reflect this as well. 

Opt for light and airy light fixtures that play around with colors like white, blue, and even brown. For the rest of the room, pair it with plenty of light colors to help accentuate your carefully selected light fixtures.

20.Geo Eclectic Mid-Century Modern Style

Geo Eclectic Mid-Century Modern Style
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a really rich geometric experience in your bedroom by playing with all sorts of patterns and geometric shapes. Include a trippy patterned area rug throughout your bedroom to replace the wooden flooring. 

Then, consider incorporating patterns through your pillows and abstract art throughout any canvas artwork that you can hang above your bed. Stick with a really simple color pattern that consists of white, beige, tan, and dark brown. 

Stay away from pops of color because the eclectic geometry throughout the room will naturally allow the room to stand out. A look like this will help you pull together a really unique look.

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21.Mid Century Modern Bedroom with Nightstand

Mid Century Modern Bedroom with Nightstand
(Source: Taiwan)

You can create a really lovely bedroom by incorporating some mid-century contemporary furniture that offers a pop of color. 

A great way to do this is by using a lovely nightstand that has a really contemporary look to it but is accented with a classic mid-century color like light blue. This calming shade will allow your nightstand or other furniture pieces to really stand out in the room. 

A looks like this ‘s not only inexpensive, but it can be a great DIY project for someone who enjoys repurposing new pieces and giving them a fresh breath of air.

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It’s easy to see why this vintage time period remains to be such a popular design choice for so many homeowners. 

Which of these mid-century modern bedroom designs did you like the most? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below. 

If you know someone who loves playing around with different wood accents and really has an eye for the vintage decor theme, then be sure to share this article with them as well.

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