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22+ Perfect Masculine Men’s Bedroom Design Ideas To Completely Reimagine Your Space in 2022

22+ Impressive Men’s Bedroom Ideas

Finding masculine men’s bedroom design ideas that will reflect your personal style in a trendy way is not an easy task. It’s hard to figure out how to make your room cozy and relaxing, yet modern and cool at the same time.

We’ve put together a list of over 22 masculine bedroom ideas that are sure to give you the inspiration you need to create your ideal sleeping space. With a wide range of looks from sexy and trendy to simple with funky colors, there are suggestions for every style and budget. 

Masculine Men’s Bedroom Design Ideas on a Budget

1.Black and White Creates a Timeless Theme for Men’s Bedroom Ideas

Black and White Creates a Timeless Theme for Men's Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

You really can’t go wrong with the black and white theme. This simple yet modern look is perfect for a bedroom and really easy to put together.

It’s easy to find black, white, and grey-colored decor items in home stores and online. Another great idea is to print out your favorite family photos in black and white on a canvas for a customized look.

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2.Adorn Your Room with Rustic Decor

Adorn Your Room with Rustic Decor men's bedroom ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A rustic theme is perfect for a masculine bedroom. This look is easily created by starting with wooden furniture and adding touches like nature photos and hunting trophies.

Distressed wood adds a more rugged feel. The colors involved with a rustic style are mainly earthy tones like shades of brown and darker greens. 

3.Lots of White Ideas Gives Men’s Bedroom a Clean Look

Lots of White Ideas Gives Men's Bedroom a Clean Look
(Source: Appie.org)

This beautiful master bedroom has a white interior and furniture with a really simple design. All you need is a white bedspread, nightstand, and lamps for this minimalistic look.

If you have a small bedroom, lots of white will open up the area and make it seem like you have more space. 

Add a Gallery Wall For a Stunning Effect
(Source: Pinterest)

Gallery walls in living rooms have been rising in popularity lately. But what about adding an awesome collection of photos in your bedroom?

This can be the focal point in your bedroom and gives you the opportunity to show off your personality. You could add custom prints and frames that are all one size, or arrange all different sized photos and frames for a posh look. 

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5.Create a Combination Bedroom/Office for Men’s Bedroom Ideas

Create a Combination Bedroom/Office for Men's Bedroom Ideas
(Source: InteriorZine)

Here’s a great example of a clever way to make your bedroom into a multi-purpose area. This is especially helpful when you have a smaller space to work with.

This bedroom uses a narrow desk against the wall next to a built-in bookshelf that can organize all of your work materials. The shelf extends over the bed, creating a headboard-like space and offering storage for your personal items. 

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 6.Blue Gives Off a Relaxing Vibe in a Guys Bedroom Ideas

Blue Gives Off a Relaxing Vibe in a Guys Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Chairish)

Are you wondering, “what’s a good color for a man’s bedroom?” It all depends on the kind of vibes you want to create in your room.

Blue is a great color that can work with many different themes. This shade of blue in the example is a relaxing shade, while a more royal blue may evoke a feeling of luxury with the right decor. 

7.Shades of Black and Gray for a Modern Men’s Bedroom Ideas

Shades of Black and Gray for a Modern Men’s Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Artstation)

If you’re a fan of the dark design, decorate your room with shades of black and grey for a masculine theme. The grey tones balance out and soften the black accents in this beautiful room example.

You could make the room mostly grey and add black touches like a table, nightstand, or even a black closet door. For a darker look, reverse the theme and make black the dominant shade.

8.Classy Vibes with Wooden Designs Ideas

Classy Vibes with Wooden Designs Ideas
(Source: InteriorZine)

This badass wood paneling makes it the ideal example of a man’s room. The addition of the furniture like the wooden 4-poster bed, chair, and bench ties the whole theme together and makes it even better. 

If you’re going with a wooden look, you have many options for adding decor. You could add a colorful rug and keep the decor to a minimum, a neutral rug with colorful photos, etc. 

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9.Add an Inviting Sitting Room for a Bachelor Bedroom

Add an Inviting Sitting Room for a Bachelor  men's Bedroom ideas
(Source: Melissa Gulley Interior Design)

Adding a sitting area is a wonderful idea for a larger bedroom. In this stunning example, the sitting area is the perfect way to complement the fireplace.

Even if you don’t have a fireplace in your room, adding some comfortable chairs and a coffee table makes the room feel cozy. A subtler color for the walls is a good way to balance the colors of the sitting room and bed. 

10.Vintage Style Meets Modern Men’s Bedroom Ideas

Vintage Style Meets Modern Men’s Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Ideal Home)

If you love antiques and old-fashioned motifs, why not incorporate some vintage elements into your bedroom decor?

Do some weekend antique hunting to find the perfect items for your room, like a nightstand or old lamp. In this example, classic paintings have been added to go along with the vintage vibes. 

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11.Get a Unique Bed Frame for a Funky Look

Get a Unique Bed Frame for a Funky Look men's bedroom ideas
(Source: Veranda)

If you’re having trouble finding a style for your room, try finding one unique piece to base the rest of the design on. This unique bed frame acts as the centerpiece of a trendy bedroom.

The walls and ceiling are attractive, yet simple so that it doesn’t distract from the main focus of the bedroom. You can also use anything else as the center of attraction, like a funny poster. 

12.Skylights Make Great Use of Natural Light

Skylights Make Great Use of Natural Light men's bedroom ideas
(Source: Reddit)

This triangular ceiling makes the whole room come to life when the sunlight shines through the skylight.

This perfect design is a great way to take advantage of nature and create a beautiful view. Imagine how amazing it would be to lay on your bed at night and gaze at the stars from the comfort of your room.

13.Create a Separate Area in a Men’s Bedroom with a Divider

Create a Separate Area in a Men’s Bedroom ideas with a Divider
(Source: Apartment Therapy)

Adding a bookcase in the center of the room up against the bed is one of the best ways to break up a bedroom.

The bookcase makes the whole room look like a bigger space by dividing the bed into its own separate area. This creates a great spot to hang out, whether you’re working or sleeping. 

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14.Spice Up the Room with a Unique Lighting Fixture

Spice Up the Room with a Unique Lighting Fixture
(Source: InteriorZine)

A simple room design with a cool lighting fixture is a popular, simple way to style a men’s bedroom. This stunning bedroom features an interesting recessed lighting fixture that highlights the decorative wall sconces underneath.

With the lighting and sconces, there is no need for a lot of extra decors, but a large painting on an accent wall is a nice touch.  

15.Include a Cool Nightstand for Bedside Storage

Include a Cool Nightstand for Bedside Storage
(Source: Manored)

When you have a smaller bedroom, good storage is a necessity. This bedroom example takes advantage of the small space by adding a simple, yet interesting nightstand with storage drawers.

This is a perfect spot to put a small reading lamp and a nice desktop plaque for decoration. The rest of the room’s decor is minimal to avoid looking cluttered. 

16.A Canopy Bed Adds Luxury

A Canopy Bed Adds Luxury to a Men’s Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Since a bed is already the most important part of a bedroom, why not turn it into the centerpiece? This extravagant canopy bed with a beautiful wooden frame makes a big statement.

The way the bed is situated in the recessed part of the wall makes the room seem spacious. The colors on the wall, curtains, and bedspread make the room look warm and inviting. 

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17.Masculine Bedroom Ideas with a Tall Headboard

Masculine Bedroom Ideas with a Tall Headboard
(Source: Pinterest)

If you like to hang out in bed and relax, watch movies, or read, you’ll love this cushioned headboard.

In this example, the trendy headboard goes up to the ceiling which puts it in the spotlight. This is a great way to feature a cool design while creating a comfortable space to kickback. 

18.Turn Your Bed Into a Functional Platform

Turn Your Bed Into a Functional Platform
(Source: InteriorZine)

If you don’t have a lot of storage space in your bedroom, a platform underneath your bed is a perfect way to take advantage of rarely-used space.

This attractive platform with drawers adds a ton of space to organize lots of items. You could use them to store seasonal clothing, books, and much more.                                                 

19.Create the Ultimate Relaxing Bedroom with a Glass-Surrounded Tub

Create the Ultimate Relaxing Bedroom with a Glass-Surrounded Tub
(Source: The Glam Pad)

If you have a master suite with a bathroom attached, you may be able to create a ton of space by removing the wall that separates the bathroom.

Even if you don’t have the ability to add a tub to your room, this example is full of inspiring modern gems. The neutral colors and sleek furniture design create a beautiful aesthetic that’s sure to impress.

20.Add a Large Window for a Great View

Add a Large Window for a Great View: men's bedroom ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

If you live in an area with a great view, don’t let it go to waste. This beautiful bedroom highlights an amazing view with a large window.

The other decor is minimal and makes you focus on the landscape. You can add curtains to block out early morning sunlight or for privacy if needed.     

21.Go with an Industrial Aesthetic for Men’s Bedroom Ideas

industrial men's bedroom design ideas
(Source: Home Design Lover)

The industrial style of decor is a popular male bedroom theme. This bedroom really goes all out with the look, using huge metal fixtures hanging from the ceiling and steps to lead to a cool loft.

It almost makes you think of factories but in a more stylish way. You may not be able to renovate your bedroom this dramatically but you can definitely draw inspiration from the key elements.          

22.Add a Clothing Rack for Extra Storage

Add a Clothing Rack for Extra Storage
(Source: Decoist)

If you live in an apartment with no closet in your bedroom or simply need more space, consider adding a shelving system like this stylish room. The way the clothing rack hangs over well-organized shelves creates a clean, minimalist look.

This storage system is the perfect way to organize bedroom essentials for guys. Add a large painting behind the bed that acts as a focal point.   



Planning a bedroom theme can be tricky to start, especially when you’re lacking inspiration for men’s bedroom ideas. These ideas should be enough to get you brainstorming and put together your own customized men’s room design.

You can take your favorite elements and adjust them to fit your budget, space, and personality. Remember to have fun with it – you can always change things around in the future.                                                          

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