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20+ Beautiful Modern Mediterranean Bedroom Ideas In 2022

20+ Beautiful Modern Mediterranean Bedroom Ideas In 2022

The bedroom is an important portion of your home, so it deserves some kindness and care. One of the ways to create a cozy space is by embracing Mediterranean bedroom ideas

A Mediterranean-style bedroom is one of the most popular bedroom styles if you want to create a sumptuous space. Beach themes, European luxury, and earthy color palettes are all present.

It also incorporates ancient, modern, and contemporary features to provide the ideal environment for relaxation. For this idea, you can use colors like aqua blue and soft hues for different decorative pieces in the bedroom. 

The aesthetically pleasing concept behind the Mediterranean bedroom comes from different regions, including Greece, Spain, and Italy. These regions offer unique use of color, furniture, patterns, and décor. Here are tips you should consider to make your bedroom the most pleasant, cheerful, and relaxed space in your home. 

Best Mediterranean Style Bedroom Design Ideas

1.Neutral Mediterranean Bedroom Ideas 

Neutral Mediterranean Bedroom Ideas 
(Source: Design Trends)

One of the ideas when creating the luxurious Mediterranean bedroom is ensuring a neutral color scheme dominates the bedroom. 

This is recommended for the base, especially on the bedroom’s walls. However, this does not mean you must keep everything muted, as you can try pops of color to make the view more interesting. 

You can keep the walls and furniture white and accent them with pops of dark blue and other nature-inspired hues. In addition, this is a simple yet effective solution if you want to highlight this style in your bedroom. 

2.Bright White Mediterranean Bedroom Style

Bright White Mediterranean Bedroom Style
(Source: Pinterest)

An all-white style also brings out the beach view you want in the Mediterranean bedroom. This concept borrows from Greek bedroom designs, and you can use it to create a mostly white bedroom. 

You can do this in various ways, including adding throw pillows and décor items. Painting your ceiling a pastel teal also brings out the idea of looking towards the sky, and a striped linen rug can highlight your color choice perfectly. 

3.Coastal Tuscan Bedroom Ideas

Coastal Tuscan Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Houzz)

While working with a darker blue color, you can pair it with dark wood for the best results. A floating bed and other wood furniture can give your room a natural feel, while darker wood tones are often used in Mediterranean spaces. 

These options, when paired with blue and white accessories, can give birth to an inviting coastal vibe. It’s the ideal option if you want to create an interior space that invites you to the outdoors for relaxation.

4.Natural Mediterranean Bedroom Designs

Natural Mediterranean Bedroom Designs
Mediterranean Bedroom
(Source: Apppie.org)

Natural materials are a critical part of if you want to create this style. The modern bedroom showcases a bare floor with no furnishings, which is perfect if you want to create beautiful views using minimally decorated white walls. 

The idea utilizes natural lights as you can have glass walls all around, creating an open layout that makes your bedroom feel like an extension of different spaces in your home. You can add dramatic touches with sunny color to complement the natural space. 

5.Vintage Wooden Mediterranean Bedroom Furniture

Vintage Wooden Mediterranean Bedroom Furniture
(Source: Houzz)

A four-posted dark bed is one of the furniture pieces you can use to create a vintage feel in your bedroom. For a natural feel, you can experiment with dark wood and rustic ceiling fans, which gives the space a cohesive look. 

If you don’t already have such furniture pieces, you can still achieve the look with faux versions. Of course, you can add a few art pieces to complete the setup, and the lighting can also play a part to maintain the theme at night. 

6.Wooden Beam Ceiling

Wooden Beam Ceiling
(Source: Lonny)

An easy renovation project you can pursue to create the Mediterranean theme is using a wooden beam ceiling. With exposed wooden beams, you can add that rustic and charming feel you want in your room. 

This can work perfectly if you also have additional wooden furniture in your room, as the different pieces tie the space together to create a cohesive look. This is a way you can decorate your room to draw eyes upwards. 

7.Combine Boho and Mediterranean Style

Combine Boho and Mediterranean Style
(Source: Pinterest)

If you love the Mediterranean style, you can also explore mixing styles. Small touches can transform the setup as it easily works with other concepts, like a Balinese wooden panel for the rustic look. 

With the many directions you can take, the process is as simple as finding your favorite characteristics that can fit in different ideas. The Boho style brings decorative woven baskets and dark wooden accents on your kingsize headboard. 

8.Earthy bedroom style

Earthy bedroom style
(Source: Decoist)

Embrace warm earthen tones to bring the Mediterranean vibe into your bedroom. Focus on earthy, nature-inspired options, like a wooden headboard paired with the plastered wall, which offers light accents that create stunning statements. 

You can combine the earthy color schemes with other natural options like green and blue. Some greenery in the room can help communicate this idea better. 

9.Ceramic Tiles Floors

Ceramic Tiles Floors
(Source: Pinterest)

In the process of creating the perfect bedroom, flooring is an important part to consider as it completes the setup. 

A Mediterranean floor bedroom should feature neutral colors, and you can use ceramic tiles, wooden boards, natural stone, or laminate to achieve the effect you want. 

The ceramic floor should feature a color scheme that maintains harmony with the walls and your bedroom ceiling. If the floor will be cold, you can add a soft mat. 

10.Italian Mediterranean Bedroom Designs

Italian Mediterranean Bedroom Designs
(Source: Behance)

You can also embrace the Tuscan elegance of the Mediterranean style by opting for lines and features like decadent ornamentation. 

Most elegant designs featuring the Italian decadent style include ornate touches like a Venetian plaster wall and a glass chandelier. You can also add tall white cabinetry and other features like a decorative headboard. The result is a bedroom full of sophistication and luxury.  

11.Terracotta Mediterranean Bedroom Ideas

Terracotta Mediterranean Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Living4Media)

If you want to add some earthiness to the bedroom, you should consider terracotta furniture. The reddish clay in these elements does wonders and helps to bring out the Mediterranean feel to the space. 

Using this on the floor is a common option that you can explore to create a unique bedroom. If you want something more subtle, you can get terracotta pots and other small décor items that can blend well with other decorative elements in your room. 

12.Inspiring Mediterranean Bedroom with Large Balcony

Inspiring Mediterranean Bedroom with Large Balcony
(Source: Style Motivation)

A huge balcony with a lovely view will provide that motivating feeling to your bedroom. A gorgeous bench, which combines other contemporary characteristics to create a warm atmosphere, is an additional piece you can place in the bedroom to complete the setting.

Moreover, you may also add a large white sofa to give contrast and create the ambiance you need to complete your Mediterranean bedroom design.

13.A Touch of Moroccan Charm

A Touch of Moroccan Charm
(Source: Pinterest)

Transform your space into a charming Mediterranean Bedroom with elegant furnishing. One of the ideas that bring out the Moroccan charm is the use of a cushion-tufted headboard, which you can complete with the addition of two side lamps. 

Moroccan tapestry, which features elements woven by hand, can be a compliment if you want to create a space that calms and inspires. Your décor elements can create a backdrop for other art pieces you want to add to the bedroom. 

14.Rosy-Salmon Shade of Tuscan Bedroom

Rosy-Salmon Shade of Tuscan Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

The Tuscan and Mediterranean styles are comparatively similar. However, you can find a few differences in the Tuscan design as it’s all about achieving simplicity. 

You can decorate the bedroom with personalized canvas accent wall options, and it’s perfect for a girl’s bedroom. A small dressing table will also be a great addition to the bedroom as it gives the perfect combination between functionality and décor. 

15.Mediterranean Orange Bedroom Ideas

Mediterranean Orange room
(Source: Houzz)

To create warm tones for the orange bedroom theme, you need an elegant lamp and color options like orange. A king-size bed works well to create a royal feel, and you can make the ceiling from timber for that rustic look. 

An exquisite chandelier would also be a nice addition to the bedroom, as it will provide both illumination and flair. It’s all about finding the correct elements to contribute and getting your tones right.

16.Classic Tuscan Bedroom Ideas

Classic Tuscan Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Home Stratosphere)

The Tuscan design is all about keeping things simple, so it’s no wonder it makes it easy to achieve the classic feel. With a four-poster bed and a classic area rug, you can set the theme for the room. 

To continue the design language, you can add a beige wall or earthy tones as the main colors for the majority of the space. Neutral colors are recommended if you want this idea to work seamlessly.  

17.Luxurious Mediterranean Bedroom Ideas

Luxurious Mediterranean
(Source: Pinterest)

There are many ways to create a luxurious Mediterranean master bedroom, including creating a beautiful seating area and adding an elegant chandelier that hangs over the foot of your bed. 

A standout feature that can define the room is a wooden sleigh bed, which can complement a beige wall and ceiling. You can augment these with yellow lights coming from the chandelier. 

18.Cladding Stone Wall Ideas

Cladding Stone Wall Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Maybe you want to reconnect with nature or you want a timeless appeal that you can create with stone and the varied textural brilliance the material offers. 

A unique Mediterranean bedroom design like this is possible with stone wall accents, which you can include using natural stone veneer. 

19.Modern Mediterranean Style 

Modern Mediterranean Style 
(Source: Houzz)

There are many ways to add Mediterranean magic to the home to achieve a contemporary feel. 

If you want to create a modern-style bedroom, you can borrow some elements from popular Spanish bedroom ideas. Touches like a small swimming pool and a simple yet stylish design for the bedroom can help you bring out this effect quite accurately.

20.Floating Bed with PLants Ideas

Floating Bed with PLants Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A modern floating platform bed for your Mediterranean-style primary bedroom can work perfectly if you’re looking for DIY ideas. 

In addition, you can use a white cushion that will stand out against the dark grey headboard. To further brighten the room, you can use natural lights from a sliding door with plants and leaves outside. 


If you want to create the perfect Mediterranean bedroom, you should explore a blend of ideas.

Some people will prefer touches that bring a rustic feel while keeping it contemporary. 

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