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Maximalist Bedroom (2022): 21 Must-See Ideas to Decorate a Bedroom That Inspired by Maximalism

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A maximalist bedroom is exactly what you need if you love cluttered space that is bold, fun, and experimental. This type of design transforms your room’s aesthetic into a vibrant space you’ll love spending time at.

“What is a maximalist decor?” You ask. Well, maximalism is the art of including a bit of everything in your room’s design. This means you experiment with various colors, patterns, fabrics, accessories, and art. This design perfectly conforms to the famous ideology, “more is more,” unleashing your playful side. Sounds interesting? Perfect! Read more to find out how to decorate your maximalist room.

21 Ideas to Help You Decorate a Maximalist Room

The following are impactful ideas that will inspire you to transform your space by effectively utilizing maximalism:

1. Iconic Glam

Maximalist Bedroom Decor Ideas: Iconic Glam
(Source: YOU Magazine)

There’s no better way to start off this maximalist bedroom ideas list than including iconic glam in the design. Iconic glam features outstanding furniture that you can also use for additional display space.

Your emphasis should be on having a statement bed that speaks about your glamorous style, immediately catching the eye when walking into the room.

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2. Play with Patterns 

Maximalist Bedroom Decor: Play with Patterns 
(Source: Donna Griffith)

Next on this list is the stylish inclusion of patterns in your maximalist bedroom. Don’t be shy to include patterns, as they add character into your space. A good way to do this is to experiment with a patterned ceiling, getting rid of the plain and boring ones. Also, you can try having a patterned curtain for a classy yet playful appeal in your room.

Designed by Cynthia Ferguson

3. Cultural Influence 

eclectic maximalist bedroom ideas: Cultural Influence 
(Source: Casa Vogue)

If you are a lover of all things culture, what will stop you from achieving a maximalist house? Cultural influences can inspire you to design your rooms with a meaningful story behind them.

Not only that, they fulfill the aesthetic reasons for including them as part of your maximalist bedroom decor. Include culture in your house with a display of various art pieces from different cultural backgrounds.

4. Back in The ’50s

Maximalist Bedroom Decor: Back in The '50s
(Source: Pinterest)

Old souls will appreciate the classic and timeless appeal of the 50’s era. This was when fashion and interior design featured bold prints and flower patterns.

Now, you can travel back in time with a bright and cozy maximalist wall decor. This kind of decor pays homage to the popular Scandinavian interior design. Wall decor is important to add coziness to your room.

5. Bring In Stuff

Bring In Stuff
(Source: The Design Files)

Kids are pretty difficult to impress, especially regarding their room design. They will likely want a bright room with plenty of toys to play with. Capture your child’s imagination by including functional accessories that remind them of, say, their favorite cartoon characters.

That way, you will transform your kid’s bedroom into a fantasy world, and they are less likely to be picky about it.

Designed by The Design Files

6. Bold Color, Weird Shapes

Bold Color, Weird Shapes
(Source: Kelly Wearstler)

You cannot have maximalist wall decor without including the bold colors and weird shapes it is commonly associated with. These types of patterns and colors are what help you achieve an eclectic maximalist interior design. Experiment with whatever prints and shapes you like and tactically coordinate them for a fun, bold, and stylish look.

Designed by Kelly Wearstler

7. Display Art

Display Art
(Source: My Scandinavian Home)

Art can transform a minimalist space into a bold and maximalist interior design. To incorporate art into your space, you can incorporate a beautiful painting on the walls. Ensure that the paintings have frames that complement the wall decor in your home for a coordinated look. That way, your maximalist bedroom decor will be bold and cheerful.

8. Add Floral Prints

Add Floral Prints
(Source: IG – sallydoessassy)

You can never go wrong with colorful floral prints to achieve a maximalist look in your home. Feature a statement wallpaper with floral prints for a beautiful and fresh look.

The prints can liven up any dark maximalist decor and make it more inviting. You can also play around with prints on the bed cover, curtains, and pillows for added floral beauty.

9. Add Sculptures

eclectic maximalist bedroom interior design: Add Sculptures
(Source: Peter Rymwid)

Sculptures are one of the bold statement pieces you can add to your room to achieve a maximalist room. You can create a messy room aesthetic by experimenting with different prints and textures.

Try combining traditional and modern aspects for an eclectic maximalist interior design. You can start by adding lots of patterns and see how they play out in your room.

Designed by Harry Heissmann Inc.

10. Combine Textiles

Combine Textiles
(Source: Shelterness)

One of the stylish ways to personalize and add a touch of class to your room is to combine various textiles. Experiment with different creative combinations for a bohemian maximalist decor.

You can also create a cluttered interior design by mixing different fabrics and accessories in your room. Don’t forget to include maximalist bedding on your bed to complete the look. 

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11. Maximalist Nursery

Maximalist Nursery
(Source: Stacy Zarin Goldberg)

It’s never too early to introduce your baby to elegance and style that will stick with them as they grow. Your baby’s nursery is their first home, and it needs to be functional and comfortable.

Therefore, a maximalist nursery featuring modern interpretations of interior design is what you need for your baby. You can also incorporate their favorite items like toys on the room’s wallpaper for a playful appeal.

Designed by Zoe Feldman Design

12. Maximalist Attic Bedroom

turn the attic into a Maximalist Bedroom
(Source: Fabien Charuau)

Attics often tend to be forgotten parts of your home, and you can challenge that. You can turn the attic into a small bedroom for use when extra guests come over. The room should feature various prints and canvas paintings to liven it up. Coupled with a small window to let in natural light, this will be a cozy room you will enjoy spending time in.

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13. Add Neon Lights

Add Neon Lights
(Source: digsdigs)

Whether maximalist or not, any room needs good lighting to make it appear brighter and more welcoming. Lighting is an important aspect of interior decor you can’t afford to miss.

Aside from the main light fixtures on the ceiling or wall, you can also incorporate dreamy neon lights in your room. Place them on a nightstand to complete the maximalist look.

14. Antique Look

Maximalist Bedroom Interior Design: Antique Look
(Source: Roger Daviers)

Many people are warming up to old fashion for inspiration on interior design ideas. Now that antique looks are gaining traction worldwide, you can jump on the bandwagon too.

Go the old-fashioned way with antique furniture for a fascinating appeal. Fish off the look with vintage fabrics on the bedding and curtains. Also include many picture frames in the room, just like the old folks used to. 

15. Distressed Beauty

charming maximalist bedroom design: Distressed Look
(Source: Vogue)

A maximalist bedroom design is about experimenting with different accessories for a subtly messy vibe. You can try incorporating this kind of vibe into the room by creating a distressed beauty- inspired room. Play around with exotic art pieces, furniture, and fabrics to successfully achieve the design.

16. Colorful Maximalist

Colorful Maximalist Bedroom Decorations
(Source: Hommes Studio)

Few designs compete with colorful maximalist decorating ideas in creating a fun and playful room. To incorporate such design ideas in your home, consider starting with bold colors. The colors could be anywhere-from the walls to the beddings or even a vibrant rug. All these combine beautifully to create a tasteful look you never knew was possible.

17. Gothic Maximalist

Dark Theme: Gothic Maximalist Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Gothic lovers are going to appreciate this maximalist decorating idea for their homes. If you are into gothic maximalism, why not create an ambiance suitable just for you? Design your room around a dark theme that mainly features gothic colors like black. Complete the look with furniture and fabrics mainly featuring dark palettes.

18. Chinoiserie Inspiration

Maximalist Bedroom with Chinoiserie Inspiration
(Source: Wendy Morrison Design)

Be inspired with Chinoiserie bedroom designs that promise to give your maximalist room an elegant and timeless appeal. One way to incorporate this kind of design is to feature oriental-inspired wallpaper in the room.

Also include patterns in the interiors, starting with Asian artifacts. Even the area rug and the furniture shouldn’t be left behind in this design.

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19. Funky Art

Hang Funky Art on Bedroom Walls
(Source: Luxe Interiors + Design)

You can never go wrong with funky art, especially when designing a teenage room. Art is a form of self-expression, and it also communicates about somebody’s tastes and preferences. Creatively incorporate art pieces like paintings and crafts on the tables as part of a maximalist bedroom design.

20. Add Plants

Add Plants
(Source: RenoGuide)

Don’t forget to add plants as part of your maximalist bedroom design. Plants add character to a room and also freshen up the space. You can stylishly incorporate a potted plant as part of your room’s decor.

Place the plants strategically on a shelf to add greenery and create a beautiful contrast in your room. You can also twist the vines around your headboard if you are comfortable with plants being that close to you.

21. Books Complete a Bedroom in Maximalist Style

Books Complete a Bedroom in Maximalist Style
(Source: Barri Thompson Interiors)

Book lovers- here is a maximalist bedroom design that features your favorite information source; books. You need a modern bookshelf to display your collection and use as part of your room’s design. You can go ahead and include a beautiful LED sign on the bookshelf to make it more dramatic if you want.

Another unique way to display your books is to have an inbuilt shelf as part of the headboard. Having the shelf on the headboard is classy and functional. You wouldn’t have to get out of bed to grab a book or return it to the shelf.


There you go: the above are 21 amazing ideas to help you decorate a maximalist bedroom. Have fun decorating the room while experimenting with different colors, fabrics, patterns, arts, and textures. If you play your cards well, the outcome is a classy and functional room that will inspire your mates to cross over to the maximalism side.

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