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20+ Creative Ideas for Master Bedroom Wall Decor to Style Up Your Room in 2021

Master Bedroom Wall Decor

Master bedrooms are a focal point of the house, and yours probably occupies a unique place in your heart. They are supposed to be the roomiest, the most elegant, and the best decorated of all the bedrooms. This status adds extra pressure when selecting master bedroom wall decor but that’s what makes it exciting! 

We love exploring cool decorations and this article will help you get distinctive ideas for artwork and designs for decorating the large wall of the master bedroom. Without further ado, let’s start looking at the amazing ways you can express your personal style in this couple’s hub. 

1. Farmhouse Master Bedroom Wall Decor Style

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Wall Decor Style
(Source: DivesAndDollar)

Master bedrooms are supposed to have the most homely vibe to them and wood-inspired DIY projects are the best way to attain that aesthetic. It is simple, warm, and comforting, and yet, it will never fail to catch your eye with its aged elegance.

The best part is that you can choose how to add it to your space. You can opt for large DIY frames or wall hangings, depending on your preference.

2. A Large Canvas Is A Good Item For The Master Bedroom Wall Decor

A Large Canvas Is A Good Item For The Master Bedroom Wall Decor
(Source: 365canvas.com)

Canvas prints are great decorative items for the entire house, but they are also an awesome choice for unique wall decor. The best part about them is that they offer an extensive opportunity for personalization.

You can choose between canvas prints personalized with photos or framed designs that appeal to your taste. The perfect place for them is just over the headboard because the position enhances their overall effect. 

3. A Modern Wall Decoration Style

A Modern Wall Decoration Style - A Luxurious Primary Bedroom
(Source: davincilifestyle)

Modern ways of decorating walls are incredibly innovative, diverse, and personal. You can choose to make the large wall in your master bedroom textured or add your preferred posters or photos to it to give it a personal touch.

The idea is to go with an interior design choice that appeals to you. The room is private and should have the deepest emotional connection to you. Therefore, feel free to indulge in modern textures and art styles to fill the room.

4. Designing Your Master Bedroom Wall in Rustic Vibe

Designing Your Master Bedroom Wall in Rustic Vibe
(Source: Houzz)

Rustic interior designs are making a comeback for master bedroom wall decor and for the best reasons. Rustic colors carry natural shades of blue and brown and have an incredibly soothing effect on the mind. 

They also give off a warm and cozy aesthetic, which will give your master bedroom a snug and intimate vibe overall.

5. Put An Oversized Mirror Behind Bed

Put An Oversized Mirror Behind Bed
(Source: Gambrick)

Vintage designs never really went out of fashion because their elegance is transcendent. If you want chic and sophisticated wall decorations for your bedroom, get an oversized mirror to hang right across the bed or above the bed’s headboard.

It looks beautiful, and you can always choose from a range of available designs depending on the size and specifics you prefer.

6. King & Queen Bedroom Signs

 King & Queen Signs
(Source: Inktuitive)

There are always couples who like to keep things light and fun. For them, the best wall decorating ideas for the master bedroom also mimic their personalities to some extent.

Choose from the plethora of popular King and Queen stickers available in the market to include in your master bedroom design.

They are the stuff of cheekiness and absolute hilarity that you would enjoy looking at every day.

An Antique Gallery Wall Bring Retro Vibe To Your Master Bedroom
(Source: rilane)

The best wall decorating ideas for your master bedroom doesn’t always have to be modern. You can take some inspiration from wall decor from a century or half a century ago as well. 

If you like collecting unique paintings, you can set them up on the largest wall in your master bedroom. It will give the room a classy retro look and have maximum artistic appeal. 

8. Decor Your Headboard With A World Map

Decorating Headboard With A World Map
(Source: Pinterest)

Of all the modern master bedroom wall decor ideas, maps are our absolute favorite. The artwork is always interesting, educational, and cleanly fills up the empty space on a large wall.

We also like how much it helps us keep our geographical knowledge in check and you would probably enjoy that part of this wall decoration just as much as we do.

9. Deer Head Wall Art Make Some Chic

Deer Head Wall Art Make Some Chic Above Bed
(Source: Farm Food Family)

Going for the chic cabin-in-the-woods look is also an interesting way to decorate your room, especially since it doesn’t require you to hunt.

You can find these funky metal pieces to buy and decorate inside the master bedroom for special effects. Props to you if you can manage to find one that is actually made out of paper.

10. Decorating A Tapestry For A Stunning Master Bedroom Wall

Decorating A Tapestry Behind Bed
(Source: Pinterest)

Tapestries are pretty, graceful, and long pieces of fabric that add a beautiful sense of comfort and cheerfulness to any place they become a part of.

Their elegance will enhance your room’s aesthetic and you can choose between more traditional and modern designs, depending on how you want to decorate.

11. An Ideal Master Bedroom Wall With Guitars Display

Guitars Display On Bedroom Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

If you or your partner are a guitarist, your passion for musical instruments can also act as unique wall decor.

You can take inspiration from the classical decor with records and twist it around by setting up a display for your guitars instead.

Your room will have that cool musician vibe that looks attractive enough in the magazines and will add a sweet personal touch to your space.

12. Board and Batten Style for Master Bedroom Wall Decor

Board and Batten Wall Decoration
(Source: Studiodiydesign)

The past couple of decades have been witness to the emergence of some of the best contemporary wall decor ideas to hit the industry.

The board and batten style is one of our favorites because of the diversity it adds to wood and pattern decoration.

Due to the strips dividing the panels, you get to treat the pattern as wallpaper or install a few paintings to mix and match the room’s appearance. 

13. A Master Bedroom Wall Decor Arouses Masculine Vibe

A Masculine Large Bedroom
(Source: davincilifestyle)

No one said we can only design master bedrooms for couples. 

You can transform your master bedroom completely by adding a deep color to the wall at the back of your bed. If you want to enhance the masculine vibe, black is the perfect color of choice.

You can feel like a King simply upon entering the majestic room and walking around in it.

14. Large Wall Clock for Master Bedroom Decoration

A Large Wall Clock On A White Bedroom Wall
(Source: Home Stratosphere)

If you are tired of the cluttered look your room has, give it a complete room makeover so you can live in the aesthetic that currently appeals to you.

Go simple but add a luxurious accessory or two, like the large wall clock. It will not only fill up space optimally but will also be a great display of excellent taste.

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15. Industrial Style

Industrial Style For Master Bedroom Wall Decor
(Source: homestratosphere)

Sometimes, the only way to use the wall decor ideas for the master bedroom involves approaching the strategy…with a twist. 

The plain concrete brick wall can be organized behind your bed for proper utilization of space. Its plainness also makes it compatible with most artwork you may want to add later.

16. Classic Style Wall Decor Idea for Master Bedroom 

Classic Style Wall Decor Idea for Master Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

There’s an odd charm in exploring the dynamics of traditional design ideas that continue to affect decisions for wall decor. 

The classy concept is one such and will help you achieve a simplistic, elegant, and clean overall look that induces calmness for the master bedroom.

17. Put Wall Shelves on Master Bedroom Wall

Put Wall Shelves on Master Bedroom Wall
(Source: homestratosphere)

Wall shelves are one of the most practical and unique ways to cover up empty wall space without making it look too cluttered and busy. 

The sleek design will enhance the look and help you arrange several decorations in the room comfortably.

18. Large – Scale Art Attached On Master Bedroom Wall Decor

Large – Scale Art Attached On Master Bedroom Wall Decor
(Source: Pinterest)

Minimalism has taken the world by storm and if you want a minimal aesthetic for your master bedroom wall decor, we have just the idea for you. 

Instead of using several objects, you can also use a big art piece as the only addition to the largest wall in the room. 

Such art is beautiful and its sheer size keeps a viewer’s eyes glued to it, removing the need to add more pieces of decorations.

19. Curtains for Master Bedroom Wall Decor 

Curtains for Master Bedroom Wall Decor
(Source: Nimvo)

Curtains have always given off a luxurious appeal with their intricate designs and how they allow natural light to filter through to make the room bright. 

Their window treatment has always been used to hint towards a simple and expensive delicacy and will give off the same energy when you add them to your room.

20. Lighting Your Master Bedroom Wall With Pairs of Lights

Lighting Your Master Bedroom Wall With Pairs of Lights
(Source: masterbedroomideas)

Hanging lights are the perfect wall decorations for your bedroom! Their soft glow has a generally calming effect and will ease away the pressure of the busy day from your mind. 

They also come in matching pairs, which is incredibly romantic, especially given the atmosphere they create with their glow. They are a must recommendation! 

Overall, the best master bedroom wall decor ideas are appealing because they are unique, neat and because they give us the opportunity to add our personal expression to the decorations.

We hope you like the ideas we highlighted in this article and will try out a couple of them to see which works for you. If you are looking for more interior design ideas, do check out our other blogs as well.

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