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39+ Stunning Ideas to Transform Your Master Bedroom Into an Ideal Retreat

39+ Stunning Ideas to Transform Your Master Bedroom Into an Ideal Retreat

Our collection of Gorgeous Master Bedroom Ideas will help you in remodeling and transforming your sleeping area into the ideal retreat. 

A primary bedroom, especially one that is massive, is difficult to furnish and design. So you’ve arrived at the right place; our gorgeous design and brilliant decorating will help you transform your boring bedroom into a vibrant atmosphere.

Read on to find out which bedroom design idea you will fall in love with. 

Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

1.Modern primary bedroom ideas for couples

Modern primary bedroom ideas for couples
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation to sleep in with this wonderful master bedroom design for any couple. For a large bedroom, set up a beautiful sparkling chandelier mounted under the molding.

Decorate your bed and walls using different tones of gray and you’ll have a romantic atmosphere that you will simply fall in love with. 

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2.Farmhouse master bedroom ideas

Farmhouse master bedroom ideas
(Source: lowes)

The farmhouse look is all about rustic design elements and neutral colors. Start by using a large metal bed frame and setting up a bed dressed in white or cream linens.

Complement the bedspread with a chic design scheme. This means plenty of other white elements such as a foot bench or furniture.

Also incorporate wood through exposed wood already in the room, such as hardwood flooring. You can also set up some personalized wall decor displayed on wood frames. 

3. Makeover ideas on a budget

Makeover ideas on a budget
(Source: boutiquerugs)

Even if you are on a budget, you can put together a beautiful primary bedroom using plenty of accessories you already have on hand. Many of these items can also be fun DIY projects that you can put together for very cheap.

One of the best ways to dress up your walls is by redesigning signs or hanging wall art that you already have. Paint over it or Mod Podge personal images for a distinct decor piece.

When it comes to your bed frame, you can dress up the headboard by using reclaimed wood, or you can repaint a new bed with a lively, fresh coat. Play around with plenty of neutral-colored linens and other decor items for a very personalized look.

4.Small nursery in your main room

Small nursery in your main room
(Source: amzn)

If you have a little one who is sleeping in your room, you can still put together a beautiful primary bedroom design. Start by installing a baby crib by your bed. Aim for a crib that is smaller in size so that it can fit into a nice nook of your room.

Whether you paint the crib or buy it new, you want to try and match it to the paint color of your bed. This will help tie the room together any additional design elements should also be thought through with the crib color in mind.

Limit incorporating other pieces of furniture because of space. Doing so will help you have a room that looks bigger as well.

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5.Set up in neat layout

Set up in neat layout
(Source: covethouse)

This next minimalist design idea is perfect for keeping things nice and simple and clutter-free.

Many of the objects you will have in this room will serve as decorative items as the other items like extra linens, pillows, and books will be put away in storage hidden throughout the room. For the most part, keep things light and airy by using plenty of bright colors.

If you have a part in your room that has recessed storage like a built-in shelf, this will be the place where you can display and store away commonly used personal items like perfumes and jewelry.

6.Unisex master bedroom ideas

Unisex master bedroom ideas
(Source: behance)

A great bedroom design thing that works for any gender is this trendy neutral color decor theme. Pull this look together by incorporating lots of neutral tones.

The darker tones help balance out so that the room does not look too plain. You can play with the colors any way you would like, but try to incorporate darker colors in the pillows and lighter colors in the bed linens.

Darker colors in the walls wood paneling, and carpets are also great ways to help balance out the colors in the room.

7. Zodiac signs

Zodiac signs
(Source: orientaltrading)

If zodiac signs, horoscopes, constellations, and all things astrology are a passion for you, then consider this unique bedroom theme. Start by having a blue accent wall that displays the zodiac signs in a unique circular formation.

Other than the zodiac signs, keep the wall blank so that it serves as the focal point. Use astronomy-themed images and even custom pillows and blankets to help accentuate the look.

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8.Anti minimalism for your master room

Anti minimalism for your master room
(Source: stylecaster)

This boho-style, eclectic design theme is great for anyone who loves colors, patterns, and all things artsy. A room like this is full of inspiration and can be incredibly appealing to those who love color and pattern.

Incorporate lovely patterns through the area rug, the bedding, and especially throw pillows and throw blankets.

Help balance out all this color by installing a barn door, painting a bold but monochromatic accent wall, and using bright-painted furniture. 

9.Royal gold primary bedroom ideas

Royal gold primary bedroom ideas
(Source: m.imgur)

A royal gold bedroom is an especially perfect design idea for a huge bedroom in a mansion. This room will look gorgeous because of all the space, wall art, and furniture you can play with.

Put together this beautiful look by incorporating gold throughout wall moldings, ceiling art, and even hardware like curtain rods and knobs.

Match the touches of gold with other neutral colors such as tan curtains and a dark brown or beige end of the bed bench.

With lots of thought into personalized elements, you can create a really sophisticated space that is simply dazzling.

10.Open space and bathroom ideas

Open space and bathroom ideas
(Source: behance)

One of the best interior design styles is a primary bedroom that also incorporates the bathroom in the design concept. Create this look by setting up a smoke glass divider that separates these two rooms but also keeps them together.

As you move towards the part of the room that has the bathroom, implement darker tones in the furniture and wall art.

If you prefer, you can decorate your whole bedroom with this color scheme in order to really pull in the bathroom.

11.Coastal master bedroom ideas

Coastal master bedroom ideas
(Source: jossandmain)

A coastal-inspired bedroom will rely on a lot of beachy tones like aqua, turquoise, and tan. Incorporate these colors and coastal-themed decorative items like pillows, blankets, and even carpets for a beachy master bedroom.

You can keep the decor relatively simple but don’t be afraid to use unique pieces like bedroom cane furniture to decorate with either. Natural elements like seashells can also be great decor accessories to pull together this beautiful retreat-style bedroom.

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12.Country styles

Country styles
(Source: edithandevelynvintage)

Create an elegant French country-inspired design by mixing together boho-chic design elements, lots of ruffles, and plenty of vintage-style furniture pieces.

A unique element of this country’s primary bedroom is the sitting space where you can serve tea and biscuits. If you have space, you can incorporate two chairs and a tea table.

It can be up to you whether this part of the room is functional or purely decorative. Stick with cream, tan, and light blue color scheme to really give off the French country design theme.

13.Setup a storage nook

Setup a storage nook
(Source: decoideas)

A storage nook can be a fantastic addition to any master bedroom, especially if you use your small primary bedroom for relaxation, work, and yes, naps.

Create a nice reading nook by setting up a bench by the window that will also house all your storage needs. The nook should have cushioned seating so that it can serve as a comfortable daybed if you need to take a quick nap.

Have a desk nearby where you can get some work done and if your space is big enough, you might even want to set up a small coffee corner so that you can have quick access to your liquid gold every morning.

14.When art meets design

When art meets design
(Source: bocadolobo)

This striking design style combines contemporary artwork with a modern design. The result is a really pretty large bedroom that looks and feels sophisticated yet relaxing.

Focus on using artistic features that are 3D and pop out of the wall. These 3D pieces can serve as great feature pieces that draw attention.

Play around with unique lighting fixtures to help brighten up the room and utilize plenty of different design materials like wood paneling, accent walls, and hidden storage to tie this room together too. 

15.Small office nook in your primary bedroom

Small office nook in your primary bedroom
(Source:  tollbrothers)

If you have an open space to play around with, then you can easily create a home office. Set up a small work area next to a large window in your master bedroom.

Mark the area as a home office by setting up a smaller size rug that helps separate the room. Depending on the color scheme you already have, you can use a light or dark-colored desk.

Accent the desk with a nice matching chair, just be sure that your desk is large enough that you can actually use it for work but small enough that it does not crowd the room. 

16.Shabby chic styles

Shabby chic styles
(Source: don pedro)

A shabby chic master bedroom is an especially elegant design theme because it is so quaint and pretty. Put this look together by installing an aged headboard using reclaimed wood or distressed painted panels.

Shabby chic relies on lots of frills and the color white, so don’t be shy to use plenty of it. Incorporate this color in the furniture, the linens, and even in the wall art. If you want to add some color, you can use dark hues and other natural earthy tones.

17.Master bedroom ideas with dark furniture

Master bedroom ideas with dark furniture
(Source: Pinterest)

Dark furniture like an oak sleigh bed can work really nicely in a primary bedroom that has lots of windows to let in the natural light.

A bedroom that plays with dark furniture can also pair really well with a room that already has a dark hardwood floor in it. Create a casual and relaxed look by using light-colored curtains, linens, and a similar-colored carpet.

18.You are the accent

You are the accent
(Source: bocadolobo)

You can create a really personalized master bedroom by setting up a large picture or self-portrait that captures you in an artistic setting. This unique image will serve as a personal accent wall that helps draw attention in.

Do not take away from this accent wall by cluttering up the room with other images. Instead, let your self-portrait be the attention grabber.

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19.Turn to mirrors

Turn to mirrors
(Source: behance)

Mirrors can be a really fun way to help brighten up your primary bedroom. Plus, it’s a great way to open up the area if you are limited on space.

Incorporate decorative mirrors in unique places including at the end of your bed, over your dresser, and even over your armoire. You can use a faux mirror if you want it to serve as a design tool and not an actual functional piece.

This will make the setup and installation a lot easier. Set up these faux mirrors in places where you can’t really use them such as on a dresser at the foot of your bed. 

20.Master bedroom must-haves

Master bedroom must-haves
(Source: behance)

In an all-white large bedroom, incorporating a plum or blush velvet bench at the end of a king-sized bed can be a really unique way to put together a comfortable and relaxing space that is also bold and vibrant.

Velvet is such a commanding design material so it’s important to keep the attention on that material. Do this by limiting the other colors in the rest of the room.

Use a lighter-colored bed frame and don’t be afraid to play with unique design elements like similar colored wall panels and lighting fixtures.

21.Colorful rainbow paradise

Colorful rainbow paradise
(Source: stylecurator)

This cute master bedroom design idea is perfect for any female who absolutely loves colors and the rainbow. Start by putting up a beautiful rainbow doodle on a large canvas that goes over your bed.

The base color of the room can be a bold, earthy tone like beige or even tan. But in other elements of the room like throw blankets, pillows, and even a seating area, this is the perfect place to incorporate pops of color.

22.Keep it in bright colors

Keep it in bright colors
(Source:  Pinterest)

Creating an all-white primary bedroom, especially if your bedroom is a unique part of the home like the attic, can be a great way to create a really calming retreat.

Putting this look together does not take much effort because you will be using bedding, interiors, decorating accessories, and other elements in the same color.

If you want to deviate a little bit from the white, you can sneak in hints of the color black through wall fixtures, lighting fixtures, and even the bed frame. If you have windows in the room, be sure to accentuate the brightness by setting up light color curtains as well.

23.Built-in wardrobe

Built-in wardrobe
(Source: stellarstudio)

Built-in wardrobes are great for master bedrooms in condos or apartments because they help you maximize the limited space that you have. You can set up a small size wardrobe that helps you save space by installing them around the bed.

Other ideas for installation can be putting up the wardrobe in a part of your room that has an awkward, open space. Not only will your wardrobe allow you to put away your clothes, but it’s great for getting rid of unsightly clutter too.

24.Petite furniture

Petite furniture
(Source: bocadolobo)

Petite furniture is great for individuals who want a minimalist and simple master bedroom design. You can create a really neat bed by using a low platform bed that gets rid of an overbearing headboard.

Skip out on using large shelves in your bedroom and swap them out instead for cool-looking floating shelves and a narrow nightstand.

This can be a really nice way to minimize large pieces all while allowing you to have parts in your room where you can set important items and decorative items down. 

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25.Green theme for your master bedroom

Green theme for your master bedroom
(Source: modsy)

Green is a really festive and lively color because it helps brighten up space all while giving it a reinvigorating breath of fresh air.

Play around with the different hues of green including forest, teal, pale, and even bright green. Incorporate this hue in the bedding, an area rug, a cane chair, or even a woven bench that sits at the foot of your bed.

Pair your green color scheme with a darker color or neutral color tones like brown and tan. Also, help balance out the room by using plenty of bright colors as well. 

26.End of bed ideas 

End of bed ideas 
(Source: allmodern)

Create a functional space at the end of your bed by setting up a beautiful storage area. You can do this by using either a storage bench, woven baskets for storage, comfortable poufs for sitting, or other multi-functional pieces.

You can use any color scheme you want but because woven blankets tend to have a really earthy, natural look, natural colors would be a great way to go in this large bedroom.

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27.Playing with circles 

Playing with circles 
(Source: villa kula)

Get creative by putting together a circle-shaped headboard that helps make the bed the focal point of the room. Add a little bit more pizzazz by using a floral backdrop that complements the color of the bed.

If you want to get a little creative and tap into your artistic side, other interesting tones like salmon, green, and even tan can be incorporated into curtains, throw blankets, throw pillows, and other decorative items.

Because the floral backdrop is already very eclectic, swap out hanging photographs for ones that you display on your nightstand instead.

28.Additional large sitting area in a huge primary bedroom

Additional large sitting area in a huge primary bedroom
(Source: luxxu)

A large bedroom with a beautiful high ceiling can be a dream for interior designers. Start by setting up a master bedroom set that complements the already existing style of the room.

A more elegant, traditional design room will call for a more traditional design theme. A large room like this is also perfect for creating a large sitting area complete with a table and chair furniture set.

This furniture set can be functional or purely decorative, but for a large room, it does not hurt to entertain close friends in your sitting area.

29.Window treatment ideas

Window treatment ideas
(Source: zimbio)

A really neat aesthetic is an A-frame drape curtain that also serves as a pretty backdrop and almost headboard to your bed. Install this really unique curtain in front of your window so that your window becomes part of the design element.

Because your window will naturally bring in plenty of light, use light colors to dress up this window treatment. Pair your master bedroom with other light hue design elements like bedding, and a rug for a really beautiful relaxing space.

30.Bring a little bit of nature into your master bedroom

Bring a little bit of nature into your master bedroom
(Source: liketoknowit)

A beautiful primary bedroom with lots of greenery can be incredibly relaxing and comfortable to sleep in. Use lots of indoor potted plants throughout the room.

Set them on your nightstand, on the window perch, and even incorporate them as hanging decor elements. Complement the greenery by using other bright tones for your bedding.

If you have a smaller-sized room, you can also set up mirrors that hang over the bed. The mirrors will reflect the light, making the room appear bigger than it actually is. 

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31.Install a TV

Install a TV
(Source: Pinterest)

Setting up a TV screen in the primary bedroom can be an amazing way to get even more comfort and entertainment out of your sleeping space.

You can also go a step further in this decor idea by using textured design elements like a unique textured ceiling or installing your television screen on a brick accent wall.

Using different natural textures is a great and amazing way to incorporate the outdoors into your bedroom. 

32.Master bedroom ideas with wood and stone materials 

Master bedroom ideas with wood and stone materials 
(Source: hgtv)

A rustic design theme that uses lots of grey hues works very well with wood and stone too. That’s why this rustic-looking bedroom design theme is especially perfect for a sleeping space that has a fireplace or a vaulted ceiling.

Position your bed so that it is across from your fireplace, and complement the gray stones by using a bed cover, a throw blanket, pillows, an area rug in the same hue to design your retreat.

33.Abstract backdrop

Abstract backdrop
(Source: Pinterest)

An abstract large bedroom backdrop like a pink, purple, and gold marbled background can be a beautiful design aesthetic for any girly sleeping space.

If you don’t want to try your hand at painting this look on, you can use a peel and stick marble mural for the same effect. Complement this color by using a navy blue bed set with plenty of light-colored bed linens.

34.Traditional primary bedroom ideas

Traditional primary bedroom ideas
(Source: luxesource)

If you prefer to air on the side of caution and tradition, then this traditional design uses everything you need to create a relaxing atmosphere. Start by using a nice poster bed frame and plenty of light colors to decorate with.

If you have a tray ceiling, you can even hang up a nice chandelier for a refined touch to the room. Decorate using personalized wall art framed in either black or silver, and you’ll have a really cozy atmosphere to relax in. 

35.Jewel-tone rug

Jewel-tone rug
(Source: mydesignagenda)

A big jade stone area rug that serves as the only element with color on it in your master bedroom can be a really nice way to direct your attention to the center of the room.

You can incorporate the color jade in a throw blanket or decorative pillows as well, but it’s best to use this color sparingly so that your focus is not lost on the rest of the room.

Pair your eye-catching area rug with a nice bit ivory bed frame. Using natural lighting, you can also create a really light and airy sleeping space.

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36.Master bedroom flooring ideas

Master bedroom flooring ideas
(Source: planete-deco)

If you have a distressed wood floor, then you can paint the floor using white paint to help brighten up the room and give it a fresh new look.

Complement the white wood floor by using a wooly rug, bedding, and other design and decor elements. Play around with the light fixtures by using string light around the bed or around the window sill.

You can even use contemporary items like a cylindrical light fixture too. Also, you can add a corner potted tree for a really nice touch to this lovely bedroom.

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37.Bold wooden ceiling fan ideas for your primary bedroom

Bold wooden ceiling fan ideas for your primary bedroom
(Source: musingsonmomentum)

Feature a funky fan in your primary bedroom to help direct the attention to the top of your bedroom.

Your funky fan can feature a unique design or pattern, but you want it to be unique enough that it catches the attention of your visitors. Help tie the room by decorating using elements that play up the design scheme or color of the fan.

For example, if you use a wooden fan, then you want to use gray bedding or a gray upholstered bed set, complete with a gray end of the front bench. Helping tie the room together will give you a really nice airy and open space to fall asleep in.

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38.Master bedroom ideas with a walk-in closet

Master bedroom ideas with a walk-in closet
(Source: delightfull)

Allow your closet to be a part of your bed by separating it using a really fun room divider. You can set up your closet behind the bed.

Use a dark-colored wood-paneled room divider in order to allow the closet to fall in the backdrop. For the rest of your primary bedroom where your bed is, highlight plenty of light grays to help open up the area.

You can even use lighting fixtures that spotlight certain parts of the room. This can also be a great way to divert attention from the walk-in closet. 

39.Some Interesting Accessories

Some Interesting Accessories
(Source: amyepeters)

Don’t be afraid of using interesting objects in your master bedroom.

You can set up a really comfortable swing chair in the corner of your room along with plenty of throw blankets, throw pillows, and any other personalized items that you want to put on display.

If you have a shelf, you can also incorporate unique and important elements on it. Decorating using these design elements can help create a really comfortable and personalized space.

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Master bedrooms can be really difficult to decorate because there can be so much space to consider. We hope our extensive list of stunning primary bedroom ideas has helped you settle on some great ideas for decorating your sleeping space.

Let us know in the comments section below which of these ideas were your favorite. Also, be sure to share this inspiration with someone you know as well!

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