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23+ Master Bedrooms with Fireplaces

master bedroom with fireplace

One of the most appealing design elements of any room is a fireplace. A master bedroom fireplace is especially elegant. This is because it helps to give your master bedroom that extra touch of coziness. Today, we’re going to take a look at different bedroom fireplace ideas that will help create warmth, comfort, and charm in your bedroom. We’ll also take a look at different decor ideas and furniture pieces that can help make your fireplace stand out as a luxury design. Read on to see what fabulous ideas you might fall in love with!

1. Soothing and Trendy

Soothing and Trendy Fireplace in Master Bedroom
(Source: Rock My Style)

This design style is super modern and trendy. It’s a great look to put together for a modern master bedroom with fireplace styles that use marble. It’s also a great look for a minimalist space too.

For this style, you want to rely on lots of neutral tones like black, white, and gray. Keep decor to a minimum. Instead, hang up a modern mirror above your fireplace mantel that matches the sleek marble aesthetic of the fireplace. 

2. Restore the Late XIX Century Original Fireplace 

Restore the Late XIX Century Original Fireplace 
(Source: Quintana Partners)

One of the best ways to approach an older vintage fireplace in your bedroom is by restoring it. Restore the fireplace as best you can to its original style. This will allow you to create a really beautiful statement fireplace in your bedroom.

You can add to the design of the fireplace by incorporating a painting from the era that the fireplace was constructed. Hang your painting above the mantle to create a really charming look.

3. Concrete Double-Sided Fireplace

Concrete Double-Sided Fireplace
(Source: Decorpad)

Creating a fireplace room divider can be a great way to split up a large bedroom. This is also a fabulous way to create a master bedroom with a fireplace and sitting area.

One of the most popular peninsula fireplace design ideas is a style that transforms each part of the room. One side can be decorated to be as a hangout space where you can set up an entertainment center. The other part of the bedroom can be your sleeping space. 

4. Master Bedroom Fireplace in A Sleek Layered Design

Master Bedroom Fireplace in Sleek Layered Design
(Source: stylebyemilyhenderson)

If you have a rather small fireplace, consider using a sleek layered design. Using layers around the fireplace will make it appear much larger. This will also allow it to stand out in the room as a nice statement piece.

Layer fireplace face by using different textures like brick, concrete, or marble. Consider adding another frame around the fireplace to accentuate its size. Continued the layered look by layering mirrors, canvas prints, and other design elements on top of the fireplace too. 

5. DIY Fireplace Mantel

DIY Fireplace Mantel
(Source: Love & Renovations)

Give your fireplace a personal touch by creating a DIY mantel. One of the most popular types of styles is to use a rustic wood slab that acts as your mantle. If you have different textures and patterns already in place, they may help accentuate this look. If not, you can also add in a design style that frames the fireplace. 

6. Master Bedroom Electric Fireplace

Master Bedroom Electric Fireplace
(Source: Vogue Magazine)

Having a master bedroom with a fireplace and TV setup can be charming and relaxing. If you have a modern fireplace, then hang your TV right on top of the fireplace. This look works best if you have a type of fireplace that does not include a mantel. Typically, electric fireplaces work best with this look too.  

7. A Standard Fireplace Inside A Stone Fireplace

A Standard Fireplace Inside A Stone Fireplace
(Source: Houzz)

You can create an absolutely cozy bedroom with this fireplace design idea. Natural stone lends exceptionally well to a fireplace. One way to play with natural stone is by creating a stone layer over top of your fireplace.

Slide in a concrete or marble slab underneath the fireplace. This can serve as a sort of sitting area. This look works really well in all sorts of bedrooms. However, it’s one of the most popular styles for shabby chic, bohemian, and rustic-themed bedrooms. 

8. Set the Romantic Mood with This Non-Working Fireplace

Set the Romantic Mood with This Non-Working Fireplace
(Source: Luxe Interiors + Design) 

A fireplace can be such a great design element for creating a romantic atmosphere. If you don’t have a fireplace in your bedroom, then you can still create the illusion. Incorporate a faux fireplace instead. Play around with lots of warm and cozy hues like reclaimed wood, beige, and white. This will help you create a warm atmosphere. 

9. Master Bedroom Fireplace Hack

fill your fireplace cavity with wooden logs
(Source: Doris Leslie Blau Antique & Vintage Rugs)

If you have a nonworking fireplace, you can still use it for the benefit of your bedroom’s decor. One fun hack is to fill your fireplace cavity with wooden logs. The wooden logs can create a really nice and unique aesthetic throughout your bedroom.

What’s great about this look is that it can work in a variety of bedroom themes. Typically, you will want to use a theme that incorporates a lot of white. A whitewashed bedroom will help this unique fireplace stand out.

10. Antique Elegance

fireplace with metal candle sconces and picture frames atop the mantle
(Source: Architectural Digest)

Fireplaces will always have a really unique elegance. This is why they can be great decor elements to use in a luxurious themed bedroom. Dress up your fireplace by using lots of gold and brass metals. Frame the fireplace in white marble.

Then, place metal candle sconces and picture frames atop the mantle. Extend this metal theme throughout the rest of the room to create a really Victorian-Esque ambiance. 

11. Master Bedroom Fireplace with A Marble Frame

Master Bedroom Fireplace with A Marble Frame
(Source: Squarespace)

A marble framing around your fireplace can be such an elegant appeal. This type of design works really well in helping you capture a modern yet upscale look.

If you have a fireplace on the side of a room, this style can help draw attention to it. You don’t need to go overboard with decorating or dressing up the mantle either. The elegance of the marble will speak for itself.

12. Long Mantle as A TV Shelf

Long Mantle as A TV Shelf
(Source: StyleBlueprint)

One really neat way to have your fireplace mantel do double duty is by extending it. By having a long mantle, you can display some of your most favorite and personal items. This is a great place to display some decorative mugs or desktop plaques. It’s also a great way to arrange personalized photo frames as well.

13. A Hole in the Wall 

nice fireplace decor style is a hole-in-the-wall setup
(Source: Studio McGee)

A really nice fireplace decor style is a hole-in-the-wall setup. This type of fireplace completely eliminates the traditional look of a fireplace. Instead, it will appear that your fireplace is directly embedded into the wall.

This style is really great for minimalist-themed bedrooms. It’s also great for someone who doesn’t want to make their bedroom appear too cluttered either.

14. Faux Fireplace with Primitive Bricks

Faux Fireplace with Primitive Bricks
(Source: Addison’s Wonderland)

Create a stunning farmhouse master bedroom fireplace aesthetic by using primitive bricks. Even if you don’t have brick inlay in the room, you can still pull this look together.

By setting up bricks around your fireplace, you can create a really rustic and warm vibe. This look works especially great if you have a faux fireplace too. Dress up the space by installing a long mirror over the brick inlay for a nice reflective appeal. 

15. Master Bedroom Corner Fireplace

Master Bedroom Corner Fireplace
(Source: Bloomingdales Lighting)

A really unique look to consider is a corner fireplace. This type of style works really well if you have a master bedroom and want to dress it up with bookshelves. If you set up the fireplace just right, you can even create a reading nook around it.

16. The Beauty of Swedish

Scandinavian Fireplace in Master Bedroom
(Source: My Scandinavian Home)

Swedish decor is all about simplicity, minimalism, and elegance. This decor idea takes all those elements and creates something stunning. This fireplace works in a master bedroom corner that is open yet secluded.

Because you likely have little mantle room, this area can be a great place to perch candles, flower vases, and any other smaller decor items.

17. Beautiful Chimney

Master Bedroom with a Beautiful Chimney
(Source: Pinterest)

This next idea is perfect for creating a mark of luxury. If you have a bedroom with glass windows or glass walls, consider incorporating a beautiful chimney that is meant to stand out.

The chimney can be the statement piece of the room as this look is rather unique. Throughout the rest of the room, use a mixture of light and dark tones to help complement the chimney.

18. Master Bedroom Fireplace Ideas with Pattern Tiles Mixed with Metal

Master Bedroom Fireplace Ideas with Pattern Tiles Mixed with Metal
(Source: livingetc)

Give your fireplace a fantastic makeover by using black paint on the frame and the mantel. On the inner frame, mix and match your favorite patterned tiles. The black paint will allow the tile to stand out.

This will create a really elegant and sophisticated look in your bedroom. You can even install a shelf above the mantle if you want to continue the tile theme.

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19. Master Bedroom Fireplace with Tiles Surrounding

Master Bedroom Fireplace with Tiles Surrounding
(Source: RI Studio – Terra McNutt)

A recessed fireplace can be such a unique decor element to design with. If you have your bed in front of the fireplace, then it’s especially important to pay attention to design. This idea takes away all the traditional aspects of a fireplace.

Instead, it replaces it with tiles that surround the front of the fireplace. This will give you a really sleek and uniform look that is not an eyesore.

20. Master Bedroom Hanging Fireplace

Master Bedroom Hanging Fireplace
(Source: Pinterest)

If your bedroom has a unique fireplace that hangs in the middle of the room, this idea is for you. A structural fireplace like this does not give you much wiggle room to play around with. Because of this, you’ll need to make it the statement piece of the room.

Instead of going overboard with decor, allow the structure of the fireplace to speak for itself. Keeping the original structure of the fireplaces intact. Instead, decorate the rest of the room around the fireplace’s style.

21. Master Bedroom Mirrored Fireplace

Master Bedroom Mirrored Fireplace
(Source: Pinterest)

A mirrored fireplace is such a feminine touch for a master bedroom gas fireplace. Incorporate an element of glitz and glam by using a mirrored backsplash behind the fireplace.

Not only will the mirrors make your room look larger, but they will draw attention to the fireplace. This will give you a room with a really unique yet stunning ambiance.

22. Paint the Wall the Same Color As the Fireplace

Paint the Wall the Same Color As the Fireplace
(Source: House & Home)

If you have got a built-in fireplace, then consider painting the fireplace the same color as the wall. This idea will help you blend the fireplace into your bedroom. The fireplace won’t necessarily stand out, but it will be a nice accent piece for the room. Decorate the rest of the room around this fireplace accent wall.

23. Master Bedroom Fireplace with Roses Decor

Master Bedroom Fireplace with Roses Decor
(Source: Interiors By Color) 

A small and quaint fireplace can speak volumes if you decorate the mantle the right way. One of the best ways to approach mantel decor is by using pieces that highlight your personality.

For a girly room, consider incorporating cute touches of roses and floral accents. You can even compliment this look by painting the fireplace wall a cute floral color.

24. Color Combination of Master Bedroom Fireplace and Canopy

Color Combination of Master Bedroom Fireplace and Canopy
(Source: Casa)

Consider using color combinations that complement the look of your fireplace. For example, if your fireplace is beige, then incorporate beige within your bedroom. You can do so on window curtains, or even your bedding and linens. By complementing the tones of your fireplace, you’ll create a really cohesive, calm atmosphere. 

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Having a fireplace in your bedroom can absolutely transform your space. We hope our extensive list of master bedroom fireplace ideas has helped inspire you. Which of these decor ideas were your favorites and why?

Be sure to share with us in the comments section below! Know someone new has a fireplace in their master bedroom? Be sure to share with them this article as well in order to help spark their inspiration too! 

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