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27+ Luxury Bedroom Ideas To Make Your Oasis Look More Luxurious (2022)

luxury bedroom ideas

Perhaps there’s no better part in your home fit for the luxurious and elegant design than your bedroom. When you create a luxury bedroom, you are creating a sleeping space full of relaxation, elegant decor pieces, and harmony. 

Today we’re going to take a look at some of the best ways to pull together some of the most trending fancy design elements to help you transform your sleeping space into a luxurious environment that you will surely love. 

Our detailed review will take a look at different ways you can use existing furniture in your room as well as different colors, patterns, and materials that lend themselves well to an elegant style bedroom. 

Ready to dress up your sleeping space from drab to fab? Well then, let’s get started.

How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Luxury Hotel

1. Luxury Bedroom with Black Designs

Luxury Bedroom with Black Designs
(Source: Pinterest)

A black bedroom designed like this takes on a really seductive style which is perfect for putting together a masculine bedroom. To create a modern luxury bedroom like this, you’ll want to utilize plenty of dark hues and all-black interior designs. 

If you have large windows throughout the room or a large walkout balcony that can provide plenty of natural light, then dark walls like this will not be a huge issue. 

Compliment the dark walls by using a black bed frame with a luxurious tufted headboard. If desired, light gray satin linens might be used to liven up the space. It contributes to the brightness as well as the opulent impression of an elite bedroom. 

If you want to accentuate the room with personalized photographs, remember to use dark-rimmed picture frames. Little details like this will help accentuate the theme of the room.

2. Silver Hues provide Luxury to your Bedroom

Silver Hues provide Luxury to your Bedroom
(Source: 42 Lounge)

If you want a bright and airy luxurious bedroom, then focus your attention on some eye-catching silver bedroom design pieces. A silver-framed bed with matching silver dressers can really help set the tone for a luxurious bedroom. 

Complement the silver throughout the room by using an equally stunning chandelier that will help illuminate your bedroom. 

If you have a seating area at the front of the room, you can even incorporate a silver rug to help complement the natural hues within the room. The end result is a very vibrant and elegant upscale bedroom full of calm and elegance.

3. Luxury Oversized Headboard

Luxury Oversized Headboard
(Source: Home Cinema Center)

Set the tone in the room by incorporating an oversized luxury headboard in your master bedroom. A look like this works really well on a queen size bed but can also have the same effect on a king-sized bed as well. 

A great color scheme to go with is a pale yellow that compliments any other pale yellow furniture throughout the room. Because many luxurious bedrooms are large and can feel empty, this warm color can help you create a cozy feel throughout the bedroom. 

To assist create a sumptuous environment, don’t feel compelled to fill the area with additional furniture. Instead, concentrate on using parts that are uniquely yours. You can place it on a nightstand or end table to assist you to create a charming atmosphere in the space.

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4. Luxury Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

Luxury Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Pull together a marvelous and luxurious teenage bedroom by designating one part of the wall as the accent wall. Dress up this wall with some big artwork that helps capture the personality of your teen girl. A nice touch to incorporate too is a large crystal pendant that hangs above the bed. 

Warm lighting will help to illuminate the space. You may further highlight the crystal pendant by putting silver string lights in other areas of the room, such as the closet for the window. Because this is a teenage room, be sure to have fun with it and incorporate other design elements throughout the room that your child will love. 

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5. Luxury Bedroom with Unique Chandelier

Luxury Bedroom with Unique Chandelier
(Source: Pinterest)

Having a unique chandelier can be a really great way to create a luxury bedroom. A unique luxury chandelier can be a perfect design element to incorporate in a child’s room or young adult’s room. 

If you have a small bedroom, then a lighting fixture like this can help you draw attention to the ceiling and not to the rest of the room. A huge window can also serve to emphasize the overall size of the bedroom by making it appear larger than it is.

Pick out a chandelier that complements the current design aesthetic of your bedroom in order to highlight that luxurious and elegant vibe.

6. Luxury Hidden Closet

Modern Luxury Hidden Closet
(Source: Freedom Wardrobes)

A really functional yet elegant way to design your sleeping space is by incorporating a luxurious hidden closet. This interesting design is really neat because it can do more than just serve as a way to conceal closet space in your bedroom. 

Aim to keep the decor of the room rather minimalistic in design, so go easy on hanging artwork throughout the room. The goal behind a hidden closet is to conceal any clutter, so try your best to keep clutter on the low end throughout the room as well. 

7. Unique Stone Headboard for Luxury Bedroom

Unique Stone Headboard for Luxury Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a really unique and exciting bedroom design by incorporating 3D wall art to pull together a really stand-out accent wall in your sleeping space. 

One of the best parts of the room to create a unique wall fixture is on the wall right behind the headboard. Pulling together a look like this with a rocky textured wall works really well if you would like to create an Asian-inspired bedroom. 

You can also pull this look together by using lots of dark hues that complement the stone headboard. Consider incorporating a wooden floor that pairs nicely with wooden furniture throughout the room. 

Transform this modest look into one of luxury and elegance using the lighting in the space. Ceiling-mounted light fixtures can be used to highlight the stunning 3D wall art.

8. A Novel Approach to Molding Walls

A Novel Approach to Molding Walls
(Source: Behance)

You can create a really luxurious sleeping space by decorating an all-white bedroom with a blue accent throughout. To create a bedroom full of elegance and appeal, decorating with a light blue is one of the best ways to get that elegant look. This hue can help to make one part of your bedroom stand out. 

A great way to incorporate it is through a tufted headboard with matching bedding. It’s okay to accessorize with the color in the room here and there, but you really want to keep the color limited to the bed. Using too much of it can create an overpowering feeling that takes away from the luxurious decorating you are aiming for.

9. 3D Metal Wall Art

3D Metal Wall Art
(Source: Pinterest)

3D wall art or a wall sculpture made out of metal can be a really unique dimension to add to your bedroom’s decor. When you add in a neat fixture like this, you can create a really unique textured accent wall that helps to set the tone of the room. 

You can create a more luxurious space by allowing this unique wall sculpture to dominate the room. Let this design element be the center of attention in your sleeping space. And you’ll be able to create a really elegant atmosphere that exudes high quality and class.

10. Luxury Bedroom Wardrobe 

Luxury Bedroom Wardrobe 
(Source: Guangzhou Holike Creative Home)

One of the most telling parts of any bedroom is the closet area. Having an elegant closet in your master bedroom can speak to the tone of the overall vibe in your sleeping space. If you want to have a glamorous bedroom, then you’ll want to dedicate your time dressing up in what will ultimately be a separate space in your room. 

You’ll first want to design your bedroom wardrobe space by determining whether or not you want it to serve as a functional piece in your bedroom decor. If you want the closet to be visible, then consider installing a glass door. This allows you to see right through into the wardrobe.

11. Modern Ceiling Lighting

Modern Ceiling Lighting
(Source: Pinterest)

Transform a traditional bedroom with a glam factor that allows it to have a luxurious feel. One of the best ways to do this is by swapping out your existing light fixture for a stylish abstract light fixture. 

More modern light fixtures like this can give your bedroom that much-needed edge to help push it into the realm of elegance and luxury. 

Choose a light fixture that complements the existing decor in your bedroom. Consider a gold or silver light fixture if your room has a lot of dark tones and elegant decor components. It contributes to the room’s sleekness.

12. Minimalist Luxury Bedroom with Floor Bed

Minimalist Luxury Bedroom with Floor Bed
(Source: Rowhome)

A minimalist-style bedroom can be such a stylish way to put together a comfortable sleeping space that exudes calm, relaxation, and harmony. 

This appearance can be achieved by adopting a color scheme that includes white on the walls and furniture. Even the various decor pieces, such as the canvas print artwork you utilize throughout the bedroom, are important.

Bring in some natural elements by incorporating a wooden floor and greenhouse plants as well. Together, these natural light colors will work together to create a really elegant and luxurious feeling sleeping space around your floor bed. 

13. Stylish Plush Velvet Bed

Stylish Plush Velvet Bed
(Source: Pinterest)

Anything plush and velvet can lend itself really well to a luxurious and elegant sleeping space. You can pull together a really nice luxury master bedroom by incorporating this unique fabric through a velvet bed frame. 

Having a gorgeous velvet headboard in a tufted royal blue can really set the tone for an elegant sleeping space. Decorate the rest of the room in a way that compliments this rich velvet fabric.

Use hints of gold and wood throughout the room alongside warm light fixtures that help turn up the coziness throughout your sleeping space. You’ll certainly have an elegant atmosphere fit for royalty in a bedroom like this.

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14. Luxurious Four Poster Bed

Luxurious Four Poster Bed
(Source: Pinterest)

A modern upscale bedroom can be put together easily by pairing a black and white canopy bed with some contemporary seating arrangements like a swing chair or a pouf seat. A bedroom that plays with monochromatic hues can be a great option to go with if you want to create a fancy bedroom. 

If your bedroom has windows or glass doors that look upon a fabulous view below, you can help incorporate the outdoors as part of your bedroom decor as well. Play with a mixture of monochromatic design elements and natural elements to help pull together this very calming and relaxing atmosphere.

15. Luxury Bedroom with a View of Nature

Luxury Bedroom with a View of Nature
(Source: Pinterest)

Incorporating the outdoors into your bedroom design can be a really great way to transform a small space into a relaxing oasis. If your bedroom has a glass ceiling then consider incorporating the outdoors in your design scheme. This means using natural elements within the room like potted plants in the corner of your bedroom. 

Contrast the greenery of the outdoors by using lots of dark, sleek hues on the inside. You can also balance everything out by using white linens on the bedding. These linens will also reflect the natural light that comes into your room giving your small space a brighter and bigger appeal. 

16. A Personal Art Gallery

A Personal Art Gallery
(Source: Evening Standard)

You can still create a luxurious bedroom that has plenty of fun elements in it by creating a personal art gallery inside your sleeping space. 

The key to pulling a look like this off is by using personalized wall art that is framed in high-quality picture frames that matched the existing decor of your bedroom. 

If you don’t like frames, you can swap them out and have your personalized photos printed directly on a canvas print to be hung up instead. By mixing trendy pictures with your own personal photos, you can create a really intimate yet luxurious feel throughout the bedroom. 

A look like this is meant to be fun and playful so enjoy the design process. Just be sure to keep a consistent theme in the way you frame your photos and the type of frames you use. 

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16. The Marble Bedroom Design adds to the Opulence

The Marble Bedroom Design adds to the Opulence
(Source: Domita.it)

Perhaps one of the most elegant design ideas to use in any luxurious bedroom is marble. One of the best luxurious bedroom ideas is to incorporate a marble wall or marble fixture.

Because this basic style may completely change any bedroom, regardless of the current decor or the size of the space. There are a variety of ways you can incorporate marble in your bedroom. Perhaps one of the best is by swapping out your flooring for all marble flooring. 

If you have a bathroom that is also part of your sleeping area, utilize the same marble that you used on your flooring in the bathroom. It can aid in the development of a unified theme.

18. Platform Bed With Lighting Underneath

Modern Platform Bed Highlighted
(Source: Pinterest)

A really unique design to use in your bedroom if you want to push for a really elegant, luxurious, and high-quality look is a wooden platform bed that is highlighted with recessed lighting underneath. 

You can pull this look together using lots of earthy tones that complement the soft warmth of the recessed lighting. If you have a wooden bed frame, this will help accentuate the warmth throughout the room. 

Because you want to aim for elegance, keep the decor style throughout the room really simple and sleek. This means using monochromatic linens, high-quality throw blankets and throw pillows, and nightstands, and other furniture pieces that complement this unique design.

19. Royal Luxury Bedroom Ideas

Royal Luxury Bedroom
(Source: gorod342.ru)

You have a big master bedroom and want to show off your fortune and cherished things. Then converting your master bedroom into a luxury royal sleeping area is the best way to go.

The best way to do this is by playing around with plenty of golden hue decor items throughout the room. This means using this luxurious color to transform the ceiling, the floor, the walls, and even the different design elements you use throughout the different parts of your sleeping space. 

There’s no such thing as humility in a room like this, so have fun with putting all your prized possessions out on display. If you already have a big bedroom to begin with, then why not go the extra step and transform it into the royal room that it is.

20. The Neon Light serves as a Focal Point

The Neon Light serves as a Focal Point
(Source: Next Luxury)

Combine a dark background with an interesting design. To create an attractive and contemporary men’s bedroom, use a simple neon light. A bright luxury neon light hung over a dark background can be the perfect focal point to creating a luxury bedroom.

You can mix together elements of fun and still pull off a stunning elegant master bedroom. All you have to do is make sure that the neon sign you use falls in line with the current theme of the bedroom. 

Don’t use playful neon signs, rather use a very simplistic monochromatic sign that strikes the right balance of fun and luxury. If you are a minimalist, this can be a great design aesthetic to go with in order to play up the appeal of the room.

21. Luxury Classic Bedroom Ideas

Luxury Classic Bedroom Ideas
(Source: ArtStation)

Keep the classic look of luxury intact with a bedroom design theme like this traditional yet upscale space. 

A bedroom like this will utilize common decore elements associated with luxury and elegance. The first step in pulling a room like this together is settling on a classic chandelier that can dangle from a mounted ceiling that has some sort of intricate design on it. 

If your bedroom has high ceilings, then consider displaying a ceiling mural that can complement the chandelier. A French-style decor theme can be a really good style to use as an undertone or base style for this look. 

Other elements in a room like this included using a luxurious pattern rug, gold accent furniture, and high-quality linens on the bed. These will all drive home the theme of luxury

22. Glass Globe Pendant Lighting Ideas

Glass Globe Pendant Lighting Ideas
(Source: Bergen Bilutleie AS)

Swap out your standard nightstand light fixture with a more beautiful light arrangement. It assists brighten your room for a fairly simple appearance that may alter your sleeping environment.

A dangling glass globe pendant can complement elegant bedroom furniture really well because it offers a charming appeal only found in a luxurious bedroom. 

If your bedroom uses lots of warm tones, then you want a glass globe pendant that uses lots of gold and brass metals. For a sleeker, elegant bedroom, consider using stainless steel or metal light fixtures. 

You want to create a really modern yet edgy look that helps play up the elegance and appeal of your bedroom’s decor. Simple things like focusing on the light fixture can help you do just that.

23. Luxury Industrial Bedroom Ideas

Luxury Industrial Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Even with an industrial-themed bedroom, you can still pull together a look that exudes luxury and elegance. If you have a concrete wall, consider dressing up the wall with industrial pipe shelving. 

This rustic shelving can help contrast any high-quality decor pieces that you set on it. Using lots of steampunk-style light fixtures to illuminate the bedroom. 

If you have windows in your sleeping space then use the natural light that flows into the room to your advantage. Incorporate white bedding to enable the room’s natural light to shine through. It gives the impression of being larger and brighter than it actually is.

24. Minimalist Luxury Bedroom 

Minimalist Luxury Bedroom 
(Source: Next Luxury )

It’s really easy to create a luxurious bedroom if you already have a minimalist style decor theme in place. By playing around with monochromatic neutral colors, you can create a really relaxing environment. It is inviting, charming, and undeniably upscale. 

If you have a sitting area, consider using furniture pieces that highlight the sleek appeal of the room. Keep the sitting area clutter-free so that it appears clean, tidy, and well maintained. 

24. Luxurious Bedroom with a View

Luxurious Bedroom with a View
(Source: Decoration Goals)

A bedroom with a view is always a great reason to pull together a luxurious bedroom. If you have an amazing view like a beach view or a mountain view, then it can be really easy to pull together an elegant look. 

To create this outstanding bedroom, you want to incorporate elements of the outdoors into your room. For example, if your glass walls give you a view of the beach, then use lots of coastal tones inside of the room.

Keep the room clutter-free so avoid going overboard with decorative items that complement the beach. This will tip you over into a coastal-themed bedroom and steer you away from a more luxurious, upscale bedroom.

26. Incorporate Bedroom and Bathroom

Incorporate Bedroom and Bathroom
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have a luxury master bedroom, then chances are your bathroom can play a part in your master bedroom’s appeal. Allowing the bathroom to be part of your sleeping space in most rooms when the bathroom is a separate location. It may assist you in creating a very luxurious and beautiful atmosphere throughout the space.

With a practical layout like this, your bathroom will no longer just play a functional aspect in your room, instead, you can allow it to play a decorative role too. If your bedroom has marble or wooden fixtures throughout, then consider dressing up your bathroom in a similar material. 

You can also help add the edginess of that elegant look by swapping out your bathroom’s glass doors for smoky glass instead as well. Little material changes like this can really help you to create a nice elegance in your sleeping space.

27. Make A Garden Behind Your Bed

Make A Garden Behind Your Bed
(Source: Suite 101)

By replacing your bed’s headboard with a natural headboard, you may create a very luxurious atmosphere in your bedroom. Your favorite potted plants are used to make it. You can display a mural behind your bed that highlights your favorite type of greenery or physically incorporate that greenery instead.

Either way, you can create really calming vibes throughout the bedroom that really sets the tone of relaxation. To really allow this look to stand out, allow the greenery to be the only element of color in your sleeping space.

28. Moroccan Luxury Bedroom Ideas

Moroccan Luxury Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Moroccan design may be a fantastic approach to creating a sensual bedroom. It contains several aspects that emphasize what luxury is all about.

If you have a large bedroom, then you can easily pull off a Moroccan aesthetic by dressing up the walls. Use different textures and patterns to help the Moroccan accents on the wall. 

Finally, be sure to use lots of vibrant colors and high-quality fabrics to help decorate the space. This too will lend itself well to that upscale Moroccan design theme that so many interior designers love. 


It’s easy to see why a luxury bedroom can be such a great design idea to use in your bedroom. Luxury goes beyond just having high-quality items in your sleeping space. Luxury is all about mixing together different decor pieces that you already have in order to transform your room into an area that relaxes and calms your mind. 

Which of these design ideas for putting together an elegant bedroom has been your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below. Know someone who will surely fall in love with our upscale bedroom design ideas? Be sure to share this article with them as well. 


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