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21+ Space-Saving Loft Bed Ideas that Help Remodel Your Small Bedroom (2022)

loft bed ideas
(Source: SeSe Furniture)

Loft bed ideas in your sleeping space can be one of the fantastic ways to transform your bedroom. One of the best reasons to consider setting up a loft bed is the reality that this kind of bedroom furniture automatically maximizes the space in your room. 

This kind of bed is perfect for teens and young adults who have small bedrooms and need to have additional space for storage or a home office. Also, this type of bed can work especially well for individuals who live in tiny houses as well. 

Today, we are going to take a look at some stylish bedroom ideas that will magically transform your sleeping space. Stick around to find out this season’s most trending loft bedroom ideas.

Stylish Loft Bed Ideas For Both Kids and Adults

1. Loft Bed Ideas for Studio Apartment

Loft Bed Ideas for Studio Apartment
(Source: StreetEasy)

Even if you have a small space, you can still create a spacious sleeping area using this unique loft bed design idea. 

Instead of your average loft bed, use a hanging bed that is set up on the top portion where the top of the loft bed would go. On the bottom of your bed, instead of having another bed, you can fix the space so that it is a seating area.

2. Save Your Small Space

Save Your Small Space with A Loft Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

If you are in college, or simply need a small home office in your bedroom, this idea could work wonders for you. 

Start by incorporating a wooden loft bed frame that is framed with a matching wooden ladder. This setup along the wall should create a nice study nook below the bed. 

The study nook will be underneath your bed, making it the perfect place for needed privacy. Dress up your study nook with framed photos and other personalized items to make your space feel like your own.

3. A Loft Bed As A Storage

A Loft Bed As A Storage
(Source: Pottery Barn Teen)

If you have an unconventional small space like a micro-apartment, then you must have a space maximizing bunk. One of the best ways to do this is by using your loft bed as storage space as well.

An aloft bed like this one has plenty of storage compartments underneath it that can help you store away any personal collections or items that need a home. To make space feel like your own, decorate it with some personalized canvas prints as well. 

Shop this low loft bed on Pottery Barn Teen

4. Plywood Loft Bed for Kid’s Bedroom

Plywood Loft Bed for Kid’s Bedroom
(Source: Design Milk)

Plywood can be such a great material to use for a child’s bedroom, especially if you’re creating a custom and DIY bunk. Pull this look together by using wooden plywood planks that create a nice rustic wooden look. 

You can finish up this look by using some pretty stringing lights, customized pillows, and other accessories to help make the space the perfect atmosphere for your child.

5. A Closet Loft Bed

A Closet Loft Bed
(Source: Bigger Than Three of Us)

You can maximize storage with this closet loft bedroom idea. To put this look together, you simply need to convert your walk-in closet into a sleeping nook. 

While this bedroom theme may be perfect for children, it can also work for single adults and college kids as well. 

If space allows, use the bottom of the closet sleeping space as a storage space for you to put away any belongings. Swap out a ladder for a rope ladder for a fun way to swing into bed every night. 

Remove the doors to the walk-in closet if you want the space to be open or keep the doors intact as a way to close off the bed when you want it out of sight.

6. Loft Bed Steps with Storage Stair

Loft bed with storage stairs
(Source: Foter)

Another great way to maximize your space, especially if you live in a small apartment, is by using a loft bed that has a storage staircase. 

The staircase can help you maximize your bedroom space because the bottom part of the stairs can serve as shelves and drawers for you to put away small belongings like books and potted plants. 

This functional staircase removes the waste of space that is brought on by a ladder and it brings forward a unique look great for a lovely bedroom.

7. Low Loft Bed Ideas

Low Loft Bed Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

This unique design incorporates a traditional loft bed design theme, however, the bed is situated much lower than you would find with a regular setup. 

What makes this unique design a great one to consider is the fact that underneath your loft you’ll have spacious storage to put away bigger items. 

If space allows, you can set up shelves, or drawers underneath the loft bed for added support as well. 

8. Loft Bed with Led Lights

Loft Bed with Led Lights
(Source: Jeriel Nobleza)

Recess lighting using LED lighting can help brighten up a small space and make it appear larger than it is. 

When using LED lighting, It’s always best to go with warm tone lighting because this tone can pair well with any bedroom design theme. Plus, the lighting helps make the room appear larger too. 

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9. Glass Railings

Loft Bed with Glass Railings
(Source: Pinterest)

Step up your loft bed’s design theme by incorporating glass railings. This modern look will make common components of a loft bed invisible, which will in turn make your bed that much more unique. 

If your loft bed can go rather high, then you can use the bottom of the bed as a dining area or seating area for you and your friends to hang out in. 

If you set up a little tea table and some chairs, this would be the perfect place for an evening snack whenever guests arrive.

10. Cozy Loft Bed Ideas

(Source: The Nordroom)

If your home has high ceilings, then this loft bed design theme idea can be a great one to play around with. 

This loft bed can work great in a studio apartment because it blends well in a small living room. The top of the bed can be completely concealed using curtains. This can help create some privacy for whenever you have company over. 

Around the loft bed, incorporate plenty of framed pictures and any other personal effects that you might use in a living room. This will help transform the space into a uniquely styled bedroom.

11. Vintage Loft Bed with Railing

Vintage Loft Bed with Railing
(Source: Architecture Art Designs)

Just because you have a loft bed does not mean you have to lose all elements of what it means to be elegant or glamorous. 

By using vintage pattern railings you can create a space that’s perfect for adults. This vintage pattern railing can help you create an open feeling in the bedroom which removes the childish element that is often associated with loft beds. 

Using an open pattern railing will also allow you to use decorative bedding that can be put on display as part of your bedroom decor theme. 

12. Bookshelf Wall

Loft Bed with Bookshelf Wall
(Source: Deavita)

If you have high ceilings you can create this elevated bedroom style that draws the attention away from the loft bed and instead put it on your vast book collection. 

An aloft bed with a bookshelf wall filled to the brim with books can be a great way to decorate a space. 

Having your little library in your bedroom will certainly create an inspiring and relaxing environment. Book lovers and adults of all ages are sure to love this bedroom design idea.

13. Bohemian Bedroom 

Bohemian Bedroom
(Source: Terry Cralle)

Whether you’re a little girl or a college student, putting together a bohemian theme in the bedroom can be one of the best ways to create an invigorating and relaxing sleeping space. 

Pull this look together by using bohemian-themed bedding and lots of custom pillows and blankets that play up this beautiful theme. 

Next, add splashes of color into your room using other decorative elements including framed photographs and canvas art. Encourage fresh oxygen by using plenty of indoor potted plants and setting them by the window as well. 

14. Floating Loft Bed for a Home Office 

Floating Loft Bed for a Home Office
(Source: Pinterest)

You can transform your sleeping space into a home office with this inconspicuous loft bed design theme. This look works great for a studio apartment and is perfect for setting up a dual-function space.

Because you want your bed to be out of sight and out of mind, keep bedroom decorations at a minimum and use simple white bedding to help keep the focus on the office. 

You can put together your office by using a cheap but great-looking office desk that is paired with filing cabinets that double up like a staircase.

15. Mobile Bed Help Save Your Space

Mobile Bed Help Save Your Space
(Source: Homecrux)

One of the best ways to help save on your office space is by using a mobile loft bed. A mobile bed is unique because you can pull it down when you need to and then lift it back up so that it disappears when you don’t. 

16. Industrial Design Ideas

Industrial Design
(Source: planete-decor)

This next design theme works fantastic for creating an industrial vibe bedroom. You don’t need to have a large complex, garage, or building, a loft bed made out of metal can help well with creating this bedroom. Also, this design works well for spaces that have lots of exposed wood and structural pipe.

17. A Clever Loft Bed

A Clever Loft Bed
(Source: Apartment Therapy)

A clever loft bed like this can easily become a DIY project that will allow you to create a comfortable sleeping space that is overall hidden and out of sight. This bedroom loft design idea works well in smaller spaces. 

This loft can be paired with plenty of shabby chic style design elements to help tie together the overall look. If your bedroom uses lots of wood or has wooden components to it, this can be a great design idea to go with. 

18. Loft Bed Ideas for Low Ceiling

Roof Loft Bed
(Source: The Design Files)

A roof loft bed design theme is a unique design because it utilizes the top portion of a bedroom and transforms it into a comfortable sleeping space. This simple look is rather cheap and easy to put together.

All you need is plenty of white painted wood to create the loft and plenty of white bedding to help with brightening up space. If the ceiling of your room has windows, this can be another way to help draw in the natural light, thus creating a beautiful sleeping space.

19. Hanging Loft Bed

Hanging Loft Bed
(Source: glaminati)

For some small spaces, using a hanging loft bed can be a cool bedroom design idea. A bed like this is put together by several pieces of wiring, rope, and floating shelving that will help stabilize and secure the bed. 

Alongside the floating loft bed, you can also use floating shelves to help you display personalized elements like images and other personal effects. 

20. DIY Loft Bed for Kids

DIY Loft Bed for Kids
(Source: Jen Wood House)

A DIY loft bed that also doubles up as a mini playhouse can be a great addition to a child’s bedroom or playroom. 

This loft bed does not sit too high, making it the perfect place to store away belongings, toys, and other elements underneath the bed. 

This cozy area is fun for young children and even older children. Allow your kiddos to customize the bed by having them paint it the color of their choosing. The result is a charming space for your little one. 

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21. Modernize A Double Loft Bed

Modernize A Double Loft Bed
(Source: Grace In My Space)

If you have a large sleeping space, then you can give it a total makeover to create this double loft bed sleeping space. 

This minimalistic look is perfect for kiddos who share a bedroom. Using a shelf in the middle of the two loft beds will help you create the perfect place for your kids to store away their belongings. 

A bedroom layout like this can work for any bedroom design theme but if the room naturally has a lot of wood, then a theme like this works especially well for a rustic or farmhouse bedroom. 


Putting together a room that uses a loft bed typically means that you are dealing with a smaller-sized bedroom, to begin with. It is because of this reason that many people struggle to put together a loft bedroom. 

We hope that our loft bed ideas have helped you find some inspiration when putting together your room. 

Let us know in the comments section below which of these design ideas are your favorite and why. If you know someone who has a loft bed, be sure to share this article with them as well! 


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