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20+ Living Room Wall Decor Ideas to Enhance the Interior Design 2021

Your living room is the heart of your house and deserves to be treated with extra care to keep it looking modern, chic, and appealing. Working with the right living room wall decor ideas is one of the best ways to enhance its look. Whether you want more rustic wall decor for your living room or contemporary, is up to you entirely.

The secret to having the perfect modern wall decor is to know what changes to make. Following are some of the best ways in which you can make your family room look as good as the ones in interior decoration magazines!

1.Copper Accents Your Living Room Wall

Copper Accents Your Living Room Wall decor ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Copper wall decor is a must-have if you want to give your living room rustic glam interiors. They have an earthiness to them with a subtle shine making the perfect mix of warmth and elegance.

You will also find a range of designs and sizes, so you can choose the luxury wall decoration that best suits your aesthetic.  

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2.Living Room Wall Mural Ideas 

Living Room Wall Mural Ideas
(Source: Pinterest) 

Adding wall murals is a great way to add some subtle colorful brightness to your home. There are usually a variety of diverse prints you can choose from with varying color depth that can also inspire creative ideas for the remaining decoration.

The best part is that they are removable and can be customized, so you can always change things up when you get bored.

3.Attach Your Favorite Poster To Define Your Style

Attach Your Favorite Poster To Define Your Style
(Source: AliExpress) 

Personalizing the living room with your interests also enhances the aesthetic appeal. You can choose posters with pop culture references or get ones from your favorite movies, games, and concerts to add a contemporary touch.

You can even dedicate a complete wall to just posters to make it stand out. Just get a mix of posters of various categories and arrange them tidily on the wall to make your living room pop. 

4.Custom Picture Frame to Express Your Personality

Custom Picture Frame to Express Your Personality
(Source: 365canvas.com) 

Picture frame wall is the perfect living room wall decoration because they add character and personality to your living space. You can opt for canvas prints, portraits, or even scenery shots, depending on your preference. 

Ideally, choose something that goes with the kind of look you are trying to create. Family pictures will add homeliness while scenery shots can add a modern touch.

5. Create A Timeline On Your Living Room Wall

Create A Timeline On Your Living Room Wall
(Source: Pinterest) 

Just any wall clock won’t do and there are plenty of simple and minimalist clocks available for you to not have to choose a random one.

Mounted wall clocks are a great functional product that can help you enhance wall décor and connect with the theme to reinforce it. 

Minimalist designs are the most versatile, but you can also choose more artistic versions if they match your theme better.   

6. A Fresh Atmosphere For Your Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

A Fresh Atmosphere For Your Living Room Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: HGTV Canada) 

The pandemic got us to rethink self-care through interior decoration and adding plants has been a major trend for 2021.

Plants have traditionally been associated with calmness, wellness, and positivity, and they also help refresh the air in the house.

And when you are adding plants, whether tropical or not, you can get some cute wall planters to decorate them in. There are some beautiful wall-mounted planters you can find on the link that can be perfect for the purpose.

7.Install a Dramatic Wall Light

Install a Dramatic Wall Light
( Source: Brabbu) 

Modern wall decor for living rooms has some of the chicest and elegant designs.

You can check out a range of options and choose wall lights that not only illuminate your room but also add a cozy and relaxing atmosphere with their warm light.

This functional wall art is extremely diverse in its range so you will also be able to easily find something in your price range.

8.Brighten Up Your Living Room Wall By Hanging Unique Mirrors

Brighten Up Your Living Room Wall By Hanging Unique Mirrors
( Source: AliExpress) 

Aside from adding a contemporary aesthetic to your house, mirrors also make the space brighter because they reflect backlight. It is a beautiful large wall decor for the living room that makes it look more spacious, bright, and energetic. 

Just make sure you look up designs that best fit with your other furniture and décor choices, and you will achieve a bright and delightful look.

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9.An Artwork Can Adorn Your Living Room Wall 

An Artwork Can Adorn Your Living Room Wall
(Source: 365canvas.com) 

If you aren’t a fan of posters, you can always opt for some abstract and modern art to add to your living room wall. They create a pleasant contrast without making the space look cluttered.

If you don’t want one big piece covering the entire wall, you can always opt for smaller art pieces to arrange and switch up when you feel like changing the theme.

10.Glow in Neon

Glow in Neon Living Room Wall Decor
(Source: Pinterest) 

Neon signs are currently a popular decor for the living room wall due to their futuristic, youthful, and edgy appeal.

The best part is that you opt for either icons or custom texts to create the vibe you want for your home.

11.Monochromatic Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Monochromatic Living Room Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: Pinterest) 

Monochromatic living rooms are some of the most elegant and graceful in terms of their looks and can easily add a chic touch to your interior design.

The varying shades, hues, and tints of the same color create a deep contrast without taking away its cool and smart aura.

12.Install Bold Shelving For Your Book Collection 

(Source: Decorpad)

Organizing your books or collections is important to create a neat and refined look for your living room but there is no reason for you to opt for boring options. Having bold shelving attached to the wall is one of the most attractive ways to modernize the space while also displaying a collection of items on it.

Arrange A Gallery Wall To Express Your Theme
(Source: Pinterest)

Another great wall design idea for the living room involves making a gallery wall of canvas print, art print, and similar decor. This thematic decor works best when you have other walls with relatively minimal decorations to bring focus to the full wall, making it visually interesting.

14.Unique Pieces To Enhance The Overall Appeal For Living Room Wall 

Unique Pieces To Enhance The Overall Appeal For Living Room Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

If you prefer keeping things contemporary, you should check out these unique wall decor pieces for the living room. They have out-of-the-box designs and bring in a modish complexity that enhances the overall appeal.

Because these pieces inherently stand out, make sure you keep the space around them uncluttered. Crowding around another wall decor will reduce their impact so always decorate them separately.

15.Decorate The Living Room Wall With Tiles

Decorate The Living Room Wall With Tiles
(Source: AliExpress) 

The latest interior design trends are inclining more and more towards adding tiles as wall decor. They are popular for several reasons but the most popular one is the variety and the way it can help add both style and personality to your living room.

Our favorite is adding a couple of rows of colorful tiles on a plain wall to make it pop, but you can also choose to have a bigger portion completely covered if it fits your design theme. 

16.Make It Colorful

Make It Colorful
(Source: HouseandHome) 

Color pop adds fun and freshness to any space and will make your living room look lively. It makes things more vibrant, adds positivity, and naturally uplifts the aura in the living room.

You can also use it to give your home a personal touch by picking your favorite color to add this modification with.

17.Artwork Tapestry

Artwork Tapestry
(Source: Pinterest) 

Tapestries have always been popular for adding a decorative touch to the space they are placed and even now they continue to accomplish the same. The best part about this living room wall décor idea is that it can be used as a cultural expression, or to highlight an important part of history.

This feature not only enhances the place artistically but also adds a rick context.

Create A Shape Gallery By Your Photography For Living Room Wall
(Source: HomeDesignBoard)

If you are looking for a simple and affordable way to enhance your living room, you probably already have all the necessary materials. Take your entire collection of photographs and make a picture wall out of one of the sections of the living room. 

This makes the space homely and bright and adds the warmth of memories to the heart and home.

19.A Simple Ideas To Remodel Your Living Room Wall By Leaning Artwork

A Simple Ideas To Remodel Your Living Room Wall By Leaning Artwork
(Source: The Spruce) 

Leaning artwork is a popular living room wall decor for people living on their own in a studio apartment. This type of decoration is usually large and goes best with minimal themes because it needs a lot of empty space to properly express itself.

The best part about such decor is that your walls will remain undamaged and you will be able to conveniently move them around when you want to change things up.

20.Harmonious Color Combination Ideas 

Harmonious Color Combination Ideas
(Source: Ideal Home) 

Use complementary colors when setting up your living room to add some brightness and vibrancy to the space. Test out some fun combinations like blue and yellow, black and red, lilac and white, but make sure the color combinations match up.

It adds beautiful color pop and makes the space light and refreshing. 

To sum up, the living room wall decor plays an important role in enhancing the appeal of the room and adding character and personality to it. Depending on your preference, you can opt for either cooler monochromatic themes or warmer and vibrant choices.

We hope you can pick out some great choices from our suggestions to add to your home. You can also check our other blogs for more style recommendations.

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