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23+ Cute Bedroom Ideas for Little Girls

little girl bedroom ideas

We have got some amazing little girl bedroom ideas that will transform your daughter’s space. Our extensive list will look at some of the most trending styles, decor themes, and must-have bedroom accessories that help to create an inviting, relaxing, girly space for any young girl. Once you transform the room of your little girl, kids, even older ones in the home, are sure to flock to this renovated space. 

1. Shabby Chic Little Girl Bedroom Ideas

Shabby Chic Little Girl Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Don Pedro)

A shabby chic bedroom theme is an elegant style that has been so trendy it’s likely not going anywhere anytime soon.

This unique style allows you to play with different flower option designs, different pastel colors, and different delicate materials like lace. Pair a floral quilt with some floral pillows for a beautiful start on this design.

2. Modern Little Girl Bedroom Ideas

Modern Little Girl Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Circu Magical Furniture)

Using plain colors is one of the ways to bring a modern feeling to your little girl’s bedroom. There are many different color and furniture combinations to create a modern look for the bedroom of a little girl.

For a contemporary 10-year-old girl, a modern sofa bed can be a great idea. Use artwork as another way to personalize your daughter’s room. 

3. Rainbow Themed Little Girl Bedroom Ideas

Rainbow Themed Little Girl Bedroom Ideas
(Source: The DIY Mommy)

A rainbow theme design is a fun way to create a dreamy space fit for a toddler and her imagination.

If you are on a budget then there are plenty of DIY options to use, especially when it comes to the different accessories you will decorate with. Use bold colored paper to create rainbow crafts that can serve as designs around the room. 

4. Unicorn Little Girl Bedroom Ideas

Unicorn Little Girl Bedroom Ideas
(Source: hgtv)

Bold rainbows, cute pastels, and endless glitter, and fairy lights are the perfect accessories for this next little girl’s room theme.

The unicorn bedroom trend is unapologetically girly and it’s one of the few bedroom trends that appeal to girl children of all ages.

Create some novelty features with a unicorn, pink fluffy bench, unicorn bedding, unicorn table lamp, unicorn prints, and unicorn teddies!

These will really add a whole other dimension to your little girl’s bedroom design.

5. Cloud-Like Comfort Bed Blanket for Little Girl Bedroom Ideas

Cloud-Like Comfort Bed Blanket for Little Girl Bedroom Ideas
(Source: clemaroundthecorner)

If you’re searching for an eye-catching texture for your little daughter’s bed decoration that’s not boringly synchronous with the bedding drape, go for a chunky-knit blanket.

Chunky knit blankets are highly rated, extremely comfortable, and add a functional accent piece to your little girl’s bed. This blanket gives a plush and cloud-like feel on the bed that your daughter is sure to enjoy

6. Purple Little Girl Bedroom Ideas

Purple Little Girl Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A purple-themed bedroom can help create the warm feeling of a lavender garden right in your home. You can use this color to design the floor area rug and match it to the color scheme of the bedroom furniture.

This bedroom design works great for little girls from 6 years old to 12 years old and hints of it could even work great in a child’s nursery. Because purple can be an overbearing color, be sure to use light shades of it if you plan on decorating a lot with it. 

7. Beautify Little Girl Bedroom Walls

Beautify Little Girl Bedroom Walls
(Source: My Sleepy Monkey)

Walls are where you can decorate with many creative and unique ideas. For example, you can cover your little girl’s bedroom with floral wallpapers or paint them with your girl’s favorite colors.

You can even hang some lovely art such as photo canvas prints and install small shelves as a way to get your daughter to have a personalized room that matches her style. 

8. Nursery Little Girl Bedroom Ideas

Nursery Little Girl Bedroom Ideas
(Source: The DOM Family)

This sweet decorating idea for a baby girl nursery uses a lot of pink and beige. You don’t have to limit the decor to just the paint colors either.

Add cute little touches like bows on the crib for a nice, girly effect. You can even throw in a crib canopy for a cute princess look as well!

9. Princess Belongs To Her Prince

Princess Bedroom for Little Girl
(Source: Pinterest)

This princess room is one oozing of luxury. This beautiful dream castle is the perfect centerpiece for a fairytale-themed bedroom. Lighting fixtures on the top of the castle can make the room seem larger than it actually is.

Turning the themed castle into a loft bed will also give your little one the sense of a towering taller.

10. Grey and Pink Little Girl Bedroom Ideas

Grey and Pink Little Girl Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A pink and gray color scheme is the perfect idea for parents who want a design idea that is easy and simple. The base colors are so easy to paint on that your kid can help you do it too.

Tie the room together using soft pink colors on bedding and artwork and you’ve got a space that exudes calm and relaxation. Plus, with this cute color scheme, the bedroom will grow with your child over the years.

11. Animal Pillows On Little Girl’s Bed

Animal Pillows On Little Girl’s Bed
(Source: pretty print art)

Most little girls love something soft or fluffy on their bed and there’s no better way to incorporate soft and fluffy objects than with animal-shaped stuffed pillows.

In addition to teddy bears, animal square pillows are a functional yet very cute and easy way to mix up the look of different little girl bedroom styles.

12. Little Girls Shared Bedroom Ideas

Little Girls Shared Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Apppie)

You can have so much fun in a shared bedroom. For aesthetic purposes, double up on the furniture by using the same shelves, the same twin beds, and other crucial pieces of furniture.

An adorable color scheme is light pink paired with another light color like white or beige. Be careful not to add too much furniture into the room, though, or else you might end up cluttering the space. 

13. Place A Big Teddy Bear In Your Little Girl’s Bedroom

Place A Big Teddy Bear In Your Little Girl’s Bedroom
(Source: Houzz)

Teddy bears have been a favorite decoration in little girls’ bedrooms for decades. It’s no wonder why either, they are soft, adorable, and fun to design with. Just buy a teddy bear and place it anywhere in the bedroom.

Use light-colored teddies for light-colored bedrooms, and darker teddies for darker rooms. For a little girl under 12 years old, a teddy bear is both decorative stuff and a lovely friend to hug.

14. Set Up An Indoor Camping Area

Set Up An Indoor Camping Area
(Source: Bless This Nest)

All kids, including little girls, love playing, reading, or sleeping in a tent. They love the adventures of camping in their home.

A small teepee tent can be installed at a corner of the bedroom. Thus, help your little daughter who wants a magical place where they can get away and play in their own little world. 

15. Don’t Forget The Ceiling

Little Girl Bedroom Ceiling Art
(Source: ruemag)

Like the floor, the ceiling design should be carefully considered when decorating a room. Especially since it is the first thing your little girl sees after waking up.

You can add some personalized art paintings using bright colors, some ceiling wallpaper art, or install a chandelier or other light fixtures to create an impressive and attractive look, perfecting the whole concept for your little girl’s bedroom.         

16. An Attractive Study Space 

An Attractive Study Space
(Source: Pinterest)

School is a critical point to any child’s life, and where there’s school, there’s homework. Create a study area that will encourage your little girl to get her work done in an environment that is calming and relaxing.

A pretty study area can attract even the youngest learners, preschool-age children included. Some study areas may require lengthy installation, but using bookshelves, desks, and hanging bins can make the installation process a lot easier.

17. Beach Style Little Girl Bedroom Ideas

Beach Style Little Girl Bedroom Ideas
(Source: prettyinprintart)

Whether or not you live far away from the ocean, bringing that coastal vibe indoors using beach-inspired decor is a great choice for your little girl’s bedroom.

You can pull off this look seamlessly without the need for an obvious beach motif. What really counts is capturing the spirit of the ocean: a casual feel, breezy colors, sea creature models, and calming ocean imagery.

Get inspired by the things you love about the ocean and enjoy and create a space that is uniquely you.

18. Your Little Girl Is In Jungle Wonderland

Your Little Girl Is In Jungle Wonderland
(Source: realhomes)

Create a highlight sleeping area in the little girl’s bedroom with a jungle loft bed. By using a loft bed, you can make your little girl’s bedroom more cheerful and stylish with a small wooden cottage among tropical plants.

If you have a 5-year-old daughter or younger, it can be a sleeping space or playhouse that they will absolutely love. 

19. Indoor Safari Little Girl Bedroom Theme

Indoor Safari Little Girl Bedroom Theme
(Source: people)

Many little girls love zoos, and it’s no surprise why. With all the neat animals including pandas, elephants, zebras, giraffes, and other majestic creatures, it’s easy to fall in love.

To bring the allure of the zoo to your home, you can create an indoor decor theme that brings together different aspects of the zoo. To pull this decorating idea off, it does require a large bedroom to place, especially if you want to design using model animals.

Not only will this idea beautify the bedroom, but it can make your daughter happier on the weekends if you can’t take them out to play.

20. Hang Rattan Swing Chair

Hang Rattan Swing Chair
(Source: hunterandnomad)

A comfortable swing chair can encourage little girls at the age of 7, 8, 9, and 10 to practice good reading habits. This chair is ideal for so many things – whether it’s a hanging nest, reading a book, or listening to music.

However she chooses to use it, a swing chair is just the perfect cozy spot for your little daughter to relax, daydream, create, and play with her pets.

21. Partly Flooring Ideas for Little Girl Bedroom

Partly Flooring Ideas for Little Girl Bedroom
(Source: pauletpaula)

There are several options when it comes to the flooring of a little girl’s bedroom idea. Flooring can include using carpets, corks, or rubbers to cover the bedroom floor.

During the summer months, covering the entire floor of your daughter’s bedroom is unnecessary. Instead, try a boho-style rug placed under your little girl’s bed that creates a simple and cool look for their bedroom.

22. Bunk Bed for Little Girl Small Bedroom

Bunk Bed for Little Girl Small Bedroom
(Source: behance)

For a little girl’s small bedroom, you can install a bunk bed for space-saving. Although it is placed in a narrow space, it creates enough space for your little daughter to study and sleep.

In addition, this design can be mixed with track lighting on the ceiling for an added effect

23. Design A Closet Reading Nook 

Design A Closet Reading Nook
(Source: amazon)

Another great way to encourage your little girls to read daily is to create a cozy, quiet space they can use just for reading. Start by setting up a small, inviting reading nook in their bedroom and make time for your girls during the day so they can use it.

One of the wonderful spaces creating reading nooks for little girls is in converted closets. Use fairy lights for a magical appeal and plenty of storage options for them to keep comfy items like blankets and pillows

With our amazing little girl bedroom ideas, we are certain you will find the perfect theme to dress up your daughter’s space with.

Let us know in the comments section below what your favorite design ideas are and what works great in your home!

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