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15+ Aesthetically Pleasing Ideas for a Large Wall Decor in the Living Room 2021

Having a large wall in the living room presents a huge opportunity for creating the aesthetic appeal you want your house to have. However, it can be difficult to know how best to decorate it to get the desired results, and this is understandable. 

Many times, people go wrong with a large wall by leaving too much of it empty or overcrowding it with decorations. So, what to do with the empty space in the living room? There are several options for you to get the room to look perfect. Here are 15 large wall decor ideas for the living room you can use to achieve the chic and trendy look you want. 

1.Wall Decals Large Wall Decor Ideas for Living Room

Wall Decals for the large wall in the living room
(Source: amazon)

Wall decal is one of our favorite ways of creatively filling up large, empty walls because they add personality and character to the living room.

You can choose to have black and white wallpaper against other colorful decorations or opt for more vibrant wall art to give a pop of color to an otherwise monochromatic theme. You can opt for quotes, abstract wall art, maps, etc. depending on your preference.

All in all, a wall decal is an excellent choice.

2. Large Art Painting

large art painting for decorating on the large wall
( Source: archute.com)

The cardinal rule for putting up a large painting as wall art is to add nothing else to the wall. Oversized paintings or pictures fill up empty walls effectively by drawing focus to themselves. They also cover a fair portion, so you don’t have to worry about finding ways to set them up. 

The one thing you need to be careful about is choosing art that goes along with the theme for your living room. Make sure the colors complement the living room theme and add depth to it instead of clashing with it.

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arrange a gallery for large wall in the living room
(Source: www.vastudecor.in)

If you are not a fan of having a single painting as wall decoration, a gallery wall is another popular solution to opt for. Gallery walls are made up of a collection of 4-5 paintings or photos arranged together to bring out their aesthetic appeal. 

Although people often follow the same color theme when creating a gallery wall, you can also mix contrasting colors to make them more noticeable. Just ensure that everything matches the theme.

4. Large Bookcase

Large Bookcase attach in the large wall for the living room
(Source: pinterest)

Setting up a large bookshelf is a great way to decorate your empty wall within budget. The wall shelves are perfect for setting up the decorations you have collected over the years and help you avoid damaging the wall.

The result is a trendy and minimal look with space optimization

5. A Large Canvas Print

a large canvas print in the empty living room wall
( Source: 365canvas.com)

Canvas prints are perfect for giving your living room a more personalized touch without disrupting your theme.

These wall arts are simple, beautiful and offer a range of options for decorating empty spaces with complementary colors and designs.

6. Wall Basket Large Wall Decor Ideas for Living Room

Wall Baskets hanging on the the huge living room wall
(Source: Pinterest)

Bohemian themes have resulted in some of the best neutral yet colorful interior designs for the living rooms. If you go with a similar theme for decoration, you can get a range of colorful wall baskets to make a wicker wall.

They are often budget-friendly, and it is easy to find a range of colors that work well with what you have in mind.

7. Hanging Plants

Hanging Plants for the fresh space in the living room
(Source: Pexels.com)

The pandemic has led many of us to realize the importance of having indoor plants around to stay in touch with nature. They are refreshing and help reduce anxiety as well. The best part? They make for amazing wall decorations, and you can easily use hanging plants to add a rustic theme to your living room decorations.

So you will have a beautiful living room and personal wellness covered in a single move.

8. Wall Tapestry Large Wall Decor Ideas for Living Room

Wall Tapestry ideas for decorating blank living room wall
(Source: architecturaldigest.com)

Wall tapestries are unique and have always been popular artworks to hang up on walls for decoration. In more modern times, you have the option of choosing between more budget-friendly and modernized tapestries or more expensive and elaborate ones. 

Both are pretty and look beautiful and appealing. As long as you pick out something that matches your decorative theme, you will have nothing to worry about.

9. TV Wall

TV display on the wall living room decoration
(Source: pexels.com)

Some of you prefer to keep things simple but when you have a large and empty wall, things can get tricky. What do you do with a blank wall?

If you are following a minimalist theme, make a TV wall out of the empty space. It will occupy a sizeable portion and still create an elegant and chic effect, characteristic of minimal designs.

10. Hanging Plates Large Wall Decor Ideas for Living Room

Hanging Plates
(Source: deavita.com)

Hanging plates are another cute wall décor that can help you add some color and vibrancy to your living room. The ceramic plates can have either busy prints or relatively simplistic but attractive designs for you to choose from. 

There are also a few premium options with traditional calligraphy or ethnic paintings that you can get to add a more luxurious aesthetic to your decoration.

Because they tend to be small or medium-sized, it is best to get a collection if you want to use them to decorate a large wall. 

It will require some extra spending, but the overall result is worth it.

11. A Neon Sign

A Neon Sign
(Source: Pinterest)

There’s no reason for you to not indulge in a little fun while decorating your empty walls. Installing neon signs is a great solution for modern wall décor with a funky side.

The neon signs available in the market have quotes, icons, and pop culture references, all of which give a unique allure to the entire space.

Since they come in various sizes, it is ideal to buy a medium or large-sized neon sign to decorate a large wall with.

12. 3D Wooden Map Large Wall Decor Ideas for Living Room

3D Wooden World Map
(Source: woodpecstudio.com

Whether or not you like to travel, the 3D wooden map is something that you need to consider adding to your living room if you need décor for a large wall.

The simplistic design and elaborate detailing make it an immediate attraction and draw the focus directly to it.

It can also help you keep your world geography knowledge fresh, which is a bonus with tremendous value. Hence, the perfect creative decoration for your home.

13. Hanging Woven Wall

Hanging Woven Wall
(Source: guestofaguest.com)

Colorful and creative, these woven wall hangings add much-needed brightness and vibrancy to the living room. They are also the perfect size for filling out the empty spaces on the large wall in the living room you are hoping to find a trendy decoration for. 

There are a variety of options available, so you can take your pick depending on how elaborate of a design you want to use.

14. Shiplap Wall Decor

Shiplap Wall Decor
(Source: novocom.top)

Rustic interior design has always remained a popular aesthetic and it has come back as a major interior design trend. Opting for Shiplap wall décor is a great way to add some rustic appeal to your living room.  

It has naturally woodsy textures and faded colors that give everything a warm aura, and there are several looks to choose from.

15. Install Peg Board Large Wall Decor Ideas for Living Room

Install Ped Board
( Source: Brandslaubaugh.com)

For a more personalized touch, install a Peg Board on your large wall instead of opting for generic options.

Pegboards have a provision for mini shelves where you can put up several mini decorations. This will help you add more personality to your living room and put your expression at the heart of your household.

They are also ideal because you can simply keep changing the decorations over time for a different look without having to make any major purchases. So, they are awesome, customizable, and feasible.

To sum up, our overview of large wall decor ideas for living rooms covers how you can utilize empty spaces to enhance the overall look of your home. Finding the right balance and matching things to your theme plays a crucial role in deciding which wall artworks are best for you.

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We hope you found some great ideas from your list and use them to decorate your living room. For more ideas, check out our other blogs for home décor recommendations.

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