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26+ Gorgeous Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas for 2021

Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned chef, just like every kitchen is unique to its owner, so should be the style and decor of your kitchen. But with hundreds of trendy decor ideas to choose from, it can be hard to decide what to do with a blank wall.

The good news is, from how to fill up blank wall space to selecting the right wall art, we’ve got 26 kitchen wall decor ideas that you will simply fall in love with. 

While we guarantee there’s a style we know you’ll love, we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to settle on just one. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite and inexpensive decorating ideas to fill up your kitchen wall space. 

1. Rustic Wall Decoration for Your Kitchen

Rustic Wall Decoration in the kitchen
(Source: Design Ideas Guide)

Rustic wall decorations are a beautiful way to bring a touch of natural, neutral tones into your kitchen. Simple wooden accents, indoor plants, and an earthy color palette make for an amazing compliment to even the most modern kitchens.

You can tie together a rustic kitchen with wooden utensils and cutting boards that can easily double up as kitchen decor. 

2. Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Ideas

Farmhouse Kitchen Wall decor ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Live in the city but want a touch of the country? A farmhouse kitchen wall decor can give you all the feels of a peaceful, cozy kitchen. Use signage with neutral tones like wood, black, white, and gray and don’t shy away from fun phrases like “Yum” and “This kitchen is for dancing.”

Big fork and spoon wall decor will draw your guests’ attention to the decor but make sure to space them out so they’re not clustered together.

Finally, be sure to throw in some greenery with small potted indoor plants. Using hanging mason jars and small steel baskets is a great way to display your plants. 

3. Large Kitchen Wall Art

large kitchen wall art

Oversized kitchen wall art is a great way to personalize your kitchen with interesting wall art. You can choose oversized kitchen wall art that gives guests a deeper insight into who you are as a home chef.

If you have awkward or big spaces in your kitchen, oversize paintings and signage can offer a simple way to fill those empty spaces on your walls. You can stick with classic oversized kitchen art, or you can shop for more specific kitchen art themes that add a pop of color to your kitchen.

4. Giant “EAT” Kitchen Sign

Giant EAT kitchen sign for the kitchen
(Source:Pottery Barn)

A giant “EAT” sign can set the mood in any type of kitchen. These large letters can rest along with the backsplash or be used to accentuate a kitchen wall.

You can have fun with it by using an “EAT” sign that offers a pop of color, or you can play it cool with neutral, even tones. Whatever you do, incorporating an “EAT” sign is a classic way to give your kitchen a little more personality. 

5. Red Theme Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Red Theme Kitchen Wall Decor

If you have a passion for kitchen decor, then going with a red-themed kitchen wall design is a bold way to have your kitchen stand out.

The key to pulling off this unique wall decor is by balancing your reds with light hues like whites. Red accent cutlery and decor accessories can boost the energy in your kitchen in this adorable, yet attention-grabbing kitchen wall decor idea. 

Besides accent theme, you can get more ideas for Other Accent Walls in your house.

6. Shabby Chic Wall Decor Ideas

Shabby Chic Wall Decor Ideas
(Source:Rina Watt Blogger)

Who says shabby chic wall art has no place in the kitchen? With soft pastels and creme colors, you can create a unique kitchen style that is so attractive, you might never want to cook in the kitchen for fear of ruining this delicate decor theme!

Don’t forget to sneak in hints of florals, or better yet, vases of seasonal blooms. Use wall shelving to display your shabby chic accents and create pretty wall decor.

Gallery Wall in the kitchen

A kitchen gallery wall is a great way to decorate kitchen walls that blend into common spaces like your living room. Pick a color palette and have fun playing within the themes of that palate. Mix and match large frames in the same color wheel and focus on spacing.

You can personalize your wall with images of family, or you can incorporate your favorite pieces of interesting wall art instead.

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8.Hanging Baskets

hanging the baskets for the kitchen

Hanging baskets not only look great, but they can be incredibly practical. Use hanging baskets for easy storage of fruits and veggies (after all, if you can see it, you’ll likely eat it).

If you’re short on the counter or cabinet space, hanging baskets can be a great way to store dishes and cutlery too. Talk about giving your kitchen walls a practical function!

9.Vintage Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Vintage Kitchen Wall Decor

Vintage wall decor gives you the chance to have fun with different colors and wall accessories. Plus, it’s a great decor style for displaying items like antique plates or cookware.

The beauty of vintage kitchen wall decor is that you don’t have to stick to just one single theme. Rather, focus on a bold color or style and pull your kitchen together that way. 

10. Canvas Print To Accent Your Kitchen Wall

Kitchen Canvas Print
(Source: 365canvas.com)

Personalize your kitchen with a kitchen canvas print. This signage can include personalized phrases like “Mae’s Kitchen”. If you prefer, you can stick with inspirational or joyful phrases instead.

Whatever the phrase, personalized signage and suitable pictures can be a great way to give your kitchen a distinct personality. 

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11.Green Wall Ideas

Kitchen Green Wall
(Source: Superior Cabinet Components)

Nature lovers, organic chefs, and lovers of all things green, you can’t go wrong with a green wall kitchen decor. If your kitchen has a sunlight source from open windows, this is a great way to incorporate a living garden into your kitchen.

Herbs like mint, rosemary, and cilantro can all offer a natural pop of green. Have no time to keep up with the garden? No worries, you can pull off this look just as well if not better with a faux green wall too. 

12. Fruit Art Wall Decor

Fruit Art Wall Decor

Give your kitchen a pop of color with fruit art wall decor. Oversized fruit art can create a fresh and energy-filled atmosphere that creates an almost zen-like kitchen space that you’ll enjoy cooking in.

Go big with your fruit art decor, or keep it simple with several small yet colorful fruit portraits that you can hang in a row. 

13.Hanging Cutting Board

Hanging Cutting Board
(Source: Architectural Digest)

Hanging cutting boards can be a pretty way to personalize the overall look of your kitchen. Play with different shapes, sizes, and phrases to create a calming atmosphere.

Whether it’s a shabby chic design, a farmhouse style, or a modern kitchen, playing with hanging cutting boards can be the perfect addition to top off your kitchen decor. 

14.Hanging Chalkboard Paint

Hanging Chalkboard Paint
(Source: eBay)

Chalkboards are a popular addition in any kitchen and for good reason. Use personalized chalkboards to add personality to your kitchen decor, or use them for practical purposes and display the day’s menu or schedule on them.

Want a pop of color too? Use colored chalkboard markers and have fun with all the design possibilities. 

15.Metal Letter Sign

Metal Letter Sign
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have a modern kitchen then stainless steel or metal letter signs can bring a beautiful sparkle and shine to your kitchen decor. Metal letter signs can breathe inspiration and energy into your cooking space and you can play with both inspirational and personalize messages.

Big metal letter signs work great on open wall spaces, while smaller metal letters can accentuate parts of your kitchen like the “coffee corner”.

16.Wood Pallet Wine Rack:

Wood Pallet Wine Rack
(Source: eBay)

Repurpose an old pallet to make a wood pallet wine rack or purchase one premade to create a functional, yet decorative addition to your kitchen.

This functional wall decor idea is great for corners of your kitchen that serve as the bar or you can keep it for purely decorative reasons. If you have neutral, earthy tones in your kitchen style, a wood pallet wine rack can be a great addition. 

17.Display Plates:

display plates for the kitchen wall
(Source: Pinterest)

Display plates, especially fine china display plates, can offer a beautiful, vintage look to your kitchen. Think about the location and spacing when you hang your display plates.

Plates displayed higher can give your kitchen a bigger look and displaying them against a contrasting background will allow them to “pop” out. 


sticking wallpaper for the kitchen wall
(Source: House Beautiful)

Add texture, color, or detail to any blank kitchen space by using wallpaper. There is a wallpaper design to complement any kitchen type, whether modern or vintage.

And if you don’t like wall art or don’t want to deal with hanging stuff, wallpaper makes for a great substitute. 

19.Kitchen Wall Decor With Shelves

Kitchen Wall Decor With Shelves
(Source: Ideal Home)

Decorate your kitchen walls with wall decor shelving. This practical decor idea is perfect for small kitchens because it will allow you to maximize your counter space while avoiding clutter.

For both metal and wood shelving, glass storage containers and mason jars are a great way to add functional color to your kitchen as well.

20.Clock Wall Decor

hanging Clock Wall Decor kitchen
(Source: Pinterest)

An oversized decorative clock can tie together a kitchen nicely. In addition to practicality, decorative clocks can fill up empty spaces in your kitchen walls.

This “timeless” look works great in rustic kitchens, farmhouse kitchens, and even modern kitchens. If you need to add a pop of color to your cooking space, this is a great way to do that as well! 

21.Coffee Station Wall

Coffee Station Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

If your kitchen has got a coffee bar, then it’s a must you have a coffee station wall. This decor style is an interesting way to get your guests to interact with your kitchen because it offers an almost “self serve” appeal.

If your kitchen has cool colors, aim for a metal-styled coffee station wall. For kitchens with warmer colors, dark wooden accents work best.

22.Framed Utensil Art

Framed Utensil Art

Framed utensil art is the perfect way to get the effect of utensils on your walls without actually putting oversized utensils on your walls. Give off a more intentional message by pairing your utensil artwork with inspirational messages.

Pair neutral-colored modern utensil art with kitchens that have a modern design, but don’t be afraid to play around with colors if you want more of a “pop”.

23.Butcher Paper Menu

Butcher Paper Menu
(Source: George and Willy)

Simplicity can sometimes be a great kitchen decor style and if this is the route you want to go, you must make it a point to include butcher paper on your walls.

You can use a roll of butcher paper with the menu as a way to share the week’s menu or you can use it as an interactive piece where you and your family share funny notes with each other. Whatever you choose, as the chef of the kitchen, you can’t go wrong with the simplicity of butcher paper. 

24.Pot Hanging Rack

Pot Hanging Rack ideas for the kitchen
(Source: Houzz)

Ideas for walls in your kitchen are always best when you can pair them with practicality. A pot hanging rack is one of those ideas.

If you have beautiful pots and pans like copper bottoms or stainless steel, hanging them on display is a great way to decorate your kitchen all while making more space in your cabinets and allowing for easier access when you’re cooking.

You can also incorporate wall art with similar color schemes as your cookware to really make your kitchen walls stand out. 

25.Black And White Kitchen Wall Decor

Black And White Kitchen Wall Decor
(Source: Nordic Wall Canvas)

Sometimes the simplest designs are those with two colors. A black and white kitchen wall decor can decrease the appearance of clutter in your kitchen and it will simplify the process when you are out shopping for your wall decor!

Accentuate your black and white cutlery with black and white wall art. If you like the look of a wall gallery, this can be a great way to use black, white, and hints of silver picture frames to display photos or artwork too. Don’t underestimate this simple wall decor idea. 

26.Industrial Kitchen Wall Decor

Industrial Kitchen Wall Decor
(Source: Pinterest)

If you live in the city and have a kitchen that reflects that, sometimes it’s best to just roll with it. Industrial kitchen wall decor can be a beautiful sight if you combine the right wall accessory.

Aim for stainless steel cookware (if you plan on hanging it), metal accents, and tie it all together with a backsplash made from chalk paint.

Kitchen wall decor does not have to overwhelm you. Start by understanding the basic style of your kitchen, then tie in kitchen wall decor ideas that will compliment your kitchen’s style.

Let us know your thoughts by sharing your favorite type of kitchen wall design is in the comments section below!

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