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24+ Kid’s Room Storage and Organization Ideas Will Blow Your Mind

24+ Kid's Room Storage and Organization Ideas Will Blow Your Mind

Our clever kid’s room storage ideas are ideal for organizing a small space for your children.

“How do I keep my kid’s room clutter-free?”  You can be sure that this is an issue that every parent on the globe is debating. Children are cute, but storing all of their small clothes, books, and toys in the kid’s bedroom without causing clutter can be tough. Luckily, there are many kid’s bedroom storage ideas to help you design the perfect space for your child.

 It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a professional organizer; these strategic storage solutions will give your organization skills a shot in the arm. Read on to learn creative children’s bedroom storage and nursery ideas while expressing personal style.

Clever Kid’s Bedroom Storage Ideas

1.Rebuild some old crack

Rebuild some old crack
(Source: thebooandtheboy)

Remodel your kid’s room into a space they’ll enjoy spending time in as they grow. You can create a well-organized and eclectic kid’s room that your kids will love as they grow. 

DIY toy storage ideas for small spaces will come to your rescue when keeping the room neat and orderly.

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2.Kid’s room corner storage ideas

Kid’s room corner storage ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

The right storage is essential for creating more room in a kid’s small bedroom. A kid’s corner storage is ideal for storing your child’s favorite items like books and toys. 

Not only is it aesthetically appealing, but the corner storage also has plenty of room for keeping items, saving space in the bedroom.

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3.Creative wall hooks

Creative wall hooks
(Source: Bailey Raabe & Associates)

Nothing helps you store items in your children’s bedroom more creatively than beautiful wall hooks. You can use the hooks to hang their clothes and act as part of the room’s décor. 

Cute animal hooks are part of storage and organization ideas to keep your child’s room in order.

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4.Make storage toys from toys

Make storage toys from toys
(Source: MiniOwls)

Creativity matters a lot when exploring kid’s room organization ideas. Don’t rack up your brain trying to imagine how to organize a child’s bedroom. 

You can try a creative option to make hanging storage, for instance, a hammock, which you will use to store all the child’s toys.

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5.DIY storage benches for kid’s room

DIY storage benches for kid’s room
(Source: Good Housekeeping)

Who doesn’t love DIY ideas to help them create an orderly and functional kid’s room while on a budget? 

Built-in storage benches with drawers can be your saving grace when organizing the bedroom, as they help create extra storage space for items like shoes, toys, clothes, and bags.

6.Kid’s organization systems

Kid’s organization systems
(Source: Closet Factory)

If you intend to keep your kid’s room organized, take advantage of small closet ideas to help keep items orderly. 

Improve the visual appeal of the closet by lining the closet with beautiful wallpaper to create a brilliant design. Also, neatly arrange the clothing to find them later easily.

7.Under-bed toy storage ideas for kid’s bedroom

Under-bed toy storage ideas for kid’s bedroom
(Source: MorningChores)

Many people haven’t discovered the efficiency of storing extra items under the bed. An under-the-bed play table with a trundle drawer is a clever way of storing toys away from plain sight. 

The drawers are part of smart furniture that enables children to easily access their toys and keep them away without much effort.

8.Floating Shelves Ideas

Floating Shelves Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Struggling with an awkward wall space that you just don’t know how to deal with it? How about a functional kid’s room wall storage? 

Floating kid’s toy shelves add character to a plain wall and also help you orderly store items like books, pictures, and toys within reach.

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9.DIY honeycomb floating shelves 

DIY honeycomb floating shelves 
(Source: Pinterest)

Try creating unique DIY toy storage for small spaces to avoid the conventional shelves most people go for. Honeycomb floating shelves are ideal for boosting a kid’s bedroom aesthetics. 

Not only that, they help improve kids’ organization skills because they will be eager to arrange items on the unique shelves neatly.

How to make Honeycomb floating wall shelves 

10.Kid’s room storage ideas with hidden bins

Kid’s room storage ideas with hidden bins
(Source: omglifestyle)

Room storage ideas with hidden bins may just be your kid’s room storage solution. The bins are creatively tucked into the wall instead of occupying more space in a room. 

The hidden bins are one of the most practical saving space solutions, helping you keep away unnecessary items from plain sight.

11.Modular shelving ideas for children’s bedroom

Modular shelving ideas for children’s bedroom
(Source: Handmade Chalotte)

A modern modular shelving system is a storage idea that will help you organize your kid’s items. You can use the shelves to keep the children’s toys and books when they are younger. 

As they continue to grow, you can easily switch the items on the shelf for others while keeping the room’s décor intact.

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12.Transform Whitewash wooden crates into shelves

Transform Whitewash wooden crates into shelves
(Source: Shel)

Another unconventional toy storage idea involves wooden crates. They may appear unsightly when plain, but you can coat them with whitewash and use them to store books in a kid’s bedroom. 

The crates are part of unique wall storage ideas that come in handy when organizing the items in your kid’s room.

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13.Combine storage and a bunk bed 

Combine storage and a bunk bed 
(Source: Treehugger)

Let your creativity come into life when determining the appropriate storage for your kid’s bedroom that is functional and doesn’t consume much space. 

In this case, a clever triple bunk bed is your go-to storage solution in a small room. The bunk bed has built-in storage drawers to utilize creative kid’s room storage ideas.

14.Kid’s room storage ideas with cute wicker baskets

Kid’s room storage ideas with cute wicker baskets
(Source: Country Living Magazine)

Imagine your kid’s bedroom having cute animal-shaped wicker baskets as storage space? How adorable. 

Aside from being cute, the baskets will help you keep items away-items that lay around the room and make it look not-so-cute. Buy some beautiful wicker baskets and make your imagined children’s toy storage a reality.

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15.Kid’s book storage ideas

Kid’s book storage ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Cultivate your child’s interest in books by properly organizing them in their room rather than having them lay around in an ugly pile. 

A toy organizer with a bookcase is essential to neatly arrange the child’s favorite books and create order in the room. It also makes the books easier to find.

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16.Smart lego bed frame ideas

Smart lego bed frame ideas
(Source: GoodHomeDesign)

You don’t have to limit your child to a boring room to eliminate clutter. Neatly organize the items and explore creativity by utilizing clever kid’s room storage ideas. 

Built-in drawers on the bed designed with Lego handles are ideal because they create extra space for storage while maintaining a fun bedroom look.

17.Convert a play space into a holding area

Convert a play space into a holding area
(Source: Pinterest)

Living under the same roof with a child means you will deal with plenty of toys. If you don’t get creative with their storage, every inch of your home will be littered with toys. 

Girl’s bedroom ideas will get you inspired with tiered storage units to organize the room stylishly.

18.Label bins

Label bins
(Source: Pinterest)

Thanks to creative toy box ideas, achieving order when organizing a kid’s room has never been easier. You can put the kids’ items in beautiful boxes labeled with toy box tags. 

The tags indicate where you have kept each item, saving you the time of rummaging through the boxes to find them.

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19.Install Children clothing rack

Install Children clothing rack
(Source: Pinterest)

A clothing rack is one of the brilliant costume storage ideas to help you neatly arrange your child’s clothing. 

They also come in handy to store items that you can’t keep in the drawers because they will easily get ruined, for instance, coats.

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20.Kid’s bedroom storage ideas with pegboard

Kid’s bedroom storage ideas with pegboard
(Source: Apartment Therapy)

Pegboards are also one of the unique kid’s room organization ideas. 

Not only are they useful for tools or craft storage, but you can also use them to store various kid’s accessories like toys. Just hang one on the wall and use bags to tuck away items neatly.

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21.Wall basket storage for kid’s toy

Wall basket storage for kid’s toy
(Source: Pinterest)

Wall baskets are an easy way to create extra space for your tots if you are running low on kid’s room organization ideas. 

You can purchase beautifully crafted baskets from online or physical stores and hang them in your kid’s bedroom. Use them to store stationery and toys.

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22.Combine reading nook and storage bookcase

Combine reading nook and storage bookcase
(Source: Kidkraft)

Combining a reading nook and a storage bookcase is the perfect children’s room storage solution. 

Here, your child has the space to read and easily retrieve or return the books when they want to. Therefore, you can keep your child occupied with books while utilizing the small space available.

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23.Superhero toy chest

Superhero toy chest
(Source: Pinterest)

Observe your child’s interests and incorporate them into your modern kid’s bedroom storage organization ideas. 

For example, if your child likes a particular cartoon character, you can install cartoon-inspired bins for storage in their bedroom. Superhero toy chests help you organize toys while adding character to the room.

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24.Doll organizer ideas

Doll organizer ideas
(Source: Extra Space Storage)

Get inspired with the best toy storage ideas to help you arrange them neatly in your child’s room. 

A doll holder could be the solution to keep them all in one place in the bedroom, avoiding clutter. You can place the holder behind the door to keep the dolls away from plain sight.

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The above kid’s room storage ideas will help you organize your child’s bedroom while keeping it fun and stylish. 

Use them to your advantage and create a room that your child will live to remember for a long time.

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