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21+ Kid’s Room Paint Color Ideas To Inspire Your Child In 2022

21+ Kid’s Room Paint Color Ideas To Inspire Your Child In 2022

Decorating your home extends beyond just the main rooms. Your children’s room needs special attention and love too. At some point, you’ll need to consider what is the best color to paint a child’s room

Well today, we’ve got some great kid’s room color ideas that both you and your little one will absolutely love. From dressing up the nursery to putting up wallpaper, to choosing calming colors. 

Our list will cover all these fabulous ideas you can play around with. Read on to see which of these kid’s bedroom paint ideas will be your child’s favorite. We’re sure you’ll find plenty of opportunities for creativity and inspiration below. 

Kid’s Room Paint Color Ideas

1.Kid’s room paint coral ideas

Kid’s room paint coral ideas
(Source: Katie Consider)

A coral palette that consists of trendy colors like coral, orange, and white can create a stunning look. These warm colors help to create a room that exudes comfort, warmth, and relaxation. 

These are all features that belong in a child’s room. Some additional tones to incorporate with coral or darker hues like burnt orange. The burnt orange can help compliment the coral tones throughout the space. Plus it gives a bit of contrast to the room. 

2.Best purple color for kid’s bedroom 

Best purple color for kid’s bedroom
(Source: vrmaritime)

A gentle purple like a pastel lavender is a great tone for a child’s room. This light hue is calming, relaxing, and is very elegant. Because of this, it’s a great tone to incorporate in a teenage girl’s room

You can use the tones on an accent wall or incorporate them throughout the bedroom furniture and bedding. Either way, you will create a really warm and gentle environment that your child will love.

3.Kid’s room paint ideas with aqua color

Kid's room paint ideas with aqua color
(Source: Decorpad)

An aqua blue bedroom can be such a relaxing space for your child to fall asleep in. This bright color will make the room pop. It’s also a fun color that will engage your child’s creativity. 

If you’re going for nautical themes, you can add strips of white too. A fun accent to add in is a yellow and white striped decor element as well. Use this accent tone on bedding and accent furniture. 

4.Navy blue 

Navy blue 
(Source: Pinterest)

Navy blue remains to be one of the best interior paint colors of 2022. This dark blue tone can create a really rich and inspired bedroom. If you have a space lover for a child, this is the perfect color to use. 

The tone will serve as a space theme hue as the blue will be used as the night sky. Decorate the rest of the room with a solar system lighting fixture. Lots of white, light blue, and yellow can help brighten up the rest of the room too.

5.Neutral gray for any age or gender

Neutral gray for any age or gender
(Source: Pinterest)

Neutral gray goes beyond just being a mature color for a master bedroom. This calming gray can be perfect for a children’s room too. The relaxing tone is very calming and not overbearing. 

Plus, it blends well with a variety of different tones too. You can use this shade of light gray for both a boy’s and girl’s bedroom. Accent the walls with some different creative and personalized wall art. This will give the room a touch of your child’s personality. 

6.Kid’s room paint ideas with pink hues

Kid’s room paint ideas with pink hues
(Source: 365canvas)

If you’re looking for some girl’s bedroom painting ideas, then this one is for you. Pink used alongside lighter shades is perfect for a darling little girl. One of the best ways to decorate the room is by using personalized wall art. 

Decorative portraits and personalized artwork can help bring out your child’s personality. Plus, the artwork in pieces will be really unique decor elements to make your child feel like they are in their own space.

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7.Add Green to the kid’s bedroom

Add Green to the kid’s bedroom
(Source: Decoist)

Breathe new life into your child’s room by adding the color green. This gentle neutral room color is a great way to invigorate your child’s sleeping space. Forest green is a really loud and bold color, yet it’s not overbearing. 

If you feel like the green is too dark, then you can incorporate white throughout the room as well. The white will help brighten up the space. Plus, it will allow the shades of green to pop out even more.

8.All white color

All white color
(Source: HGTV)

Don’t be afraid to go with an all-white bedroom for your little one. An all-white bedroom is a perfect canvas to breed creativity and inspiration. Start by using white hues on all the walls and even bedroom furniture. 

Then, incorporate splashes of color throughout the room. With a room like this, feel free to use all the colors of the rainbow. Your end result is a really modern bedroom for kids that they will absolutely love.

9.Dusty rose hue for kid’s room

Dusty rose hue for kid’s room
(Source: We Heart It)

Another one of the best paint colors for a girl’s bedroom is a rosy hue. This classic pink tone is so charming and elegant. Plus, you can use it for girls of all ages without fail. A rosy tone like this lends really well to other light colors. 

You can use splashes of light gray to help accentuate this dusty color. If you want to brighten up the space, then white is the way to go. Incorporate white on your wall, furniture pieces, and even on bedding.

10.Cartoon landscape wall ideas

Cartoon landscape wall ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

If you’re feeling like you’re in a DIY mood,  then this next look is one of the best paint ideas for a small kid’s bedroom. Take your favorite cartoon image, and turn it into a mural that you paint directly onto the wall. 

This is especially a great design idea to use if your little one enjoys art. You can have them paint the mural right on with you. A cartoon wall that has some sort of imagery on it will breathe inspiration in your child. It will give them the feeling that they are in a wonderland that is all their own.

11.Half and half painting ideas for kid’s bedroom

Half and half painting ideas for kid’s bedroom
(Source: mybespokeroom)

A mountain range mural is another one of our favorite paint ideas for a child’s room. What makes this kid’s room painting idea ideal is how simple it is. All you need to do is use masking tape to create a zigzag line that will serve as the mountain range. 

Then, paint the mountain range in the sky a contrasting color. The end result will be a really relaxing and inspired space.

12.Accent wall for kid’s room paint ideas

Accent wall
(Source: Petit & Small)

You can always go with an accent wall when you’re putting together a child’s bedroom. An accent wall will incorporate a color that will effectively contrast the color of the other walls in the room. 

Some of the best accent wall designs are the ones that offer a pop of color. For a little boy’s bedroom, you can even create a dark wall or a chalkboard wall that they can scribble on as well. There are so many ways to create a unique accent wall for your child. Allow them to take part in the decoration process so that the space is personalized to them.

13.Chalk paint ideas for kid’s room

Chalk paint ideas for kid’s room
(Source: Petit & Small)

 A chalkboard wall is such a fun and creative idea for any child. This type of kid’s wall paint is a popular choice among children of all ages. Kids love it because it gives them the feeling that they are right back on the playground. 

The chalkboard walls are very interactive and when you provide them with different color chalk, they can create artwork that speaks to their personality. If you’re going to go with this look, however, make sure that the rest of the wool uses lots of white. Too much darkness in a room can make it feel closed in and small.

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14.Sky Blue

Sky Blue
(Source: Pinterest)

A sky blue tone is such a relaxing hue because of the comfort it provides. This is a great tone to use in a nursery or a little boy’s room. You can also use this shade of blue as an accent wall. If you do, try and incorporate it throughout the rest of the room as well. 

By incorporating it on your walls, your bedroom linens, and furniture pieces, you can create a really cohesive theme. No matter how you decorate, the end result will always be one that is calming and relaxing.

15.Colorful paint color for girl’s bedroom 

Colorful paint color for girl’s bedroom 
(Source: House Beautiful)

Use colorful paint colors to brighten up the vibe into your little girl’s room. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a room that has a rainbow design on it. Depending on the age of your child, you’ll want to consider how you want to incorporate this rainbow. 

You can use it in a traditional sense, or you can use it in a more abstract design. Either way, a color combination with colorful paint color and lots of white can be a great decorative place to start with.

16.Candy-striped wall 

Candy-striped wall 
(Source: Beautiful Homes)

This next idea is an easy paint idea for kids who have a shared room. You can use a candy-striped wall to designate the different parts of the room. For example,  if your children’s room has a bunk bed or a loft, then consider how you paint the walls. 

The top portions of the walls can serve as an accent with funky stripes on them. The bottom portion of the wall however can be a more muted tone. 

17.Kid’s room geometric paint color ideas

Kid’s room geometric paint color ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Colorful paint options are the way to go when you’re putting together a toddler’s room. Take it a step further by using geometric lines and shapes. This colorful look will inspire your child whenever they spend time in their bedroom. 

By seeing different shapes and playing with different colors, they will get a sense of excitement every time they’re in the room. If you are painting an accent mural wall with this style, have your little ones join in. This can be a fun DIY activity that they will certainly enjoy and remember.

18.Yellow attic bedroom paint ideas 

Yellow attic bedroom paint ideas 
(Source: House Beautiful)

If you have a teenage child who calls the attic their room, then dress it up so that it is their peaceful place. Start by using a sunny bright color on the ceiling. This tone will help open up the space and make it feel a lot larger than it actually is. 

Then, for the rest of the room, get creative with different colors. Use bold colors like green and pink to help give the room a really creative atmosphere.

19.Black Polka dot

Black Polka dot
(Source: Pinterest)

If you want a bedroom that is not overstimulating to your little one, then this look is the way to go. A black polka dot bedroom is charming and calming. In fact, this look is so simple that you can create it yourself. Simply paint on a brilliant base coat of white.

Then, add in small black polka dots. Don’t worry about the polka dots being perfect, just have fun with the creation. If you’d rather, you can also purchase a polka dot wallpaper instead. 

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20.3D hand-painted for children’s bedroom

3D hand-painted for children’s bedroom
(Source: HGgate)

You can create a real darling and creative bedroom by using 3D wall art. What’s great about this look is that it will give your little one such a creative space to play around it. This is a great style to use as well if you are looking to create a gender-neutral room. 

One of the best 3D wall art styles to opt for is one that incorporates Lego bricks. As your little one places these buildings breaks, the wall will give them a sense of inspiration. 

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21.Let the night sky into the kid’s room

Let the night sky into the kid’s room
(Source: Kids Interiors)

The late-night sky has always been a great source of inspiration for many. This is especially true when it comes to looking for the best kids’ bedroom paint color ideas. You can create this look by using dark blue as your base color. 

Then, add in twinkling stars and pictures of all the planets. To give this look a really stunning effect, opt for creating this nighttime sky on your bedroom ceiling. For the rest of the bedroom walls, opt for a brilliant white color instead.


It’s easy to see why it can be a difficult task to choose the right bedroom paint ideas for your child. There are so many different types of kid’s room paint ideas to choose from. The best one for your child however is the one that reflects their sense of personality and style. 

We hope our list helped inspire you as you begin to decorate your child’s room. Be sure to let us know in the comments section below which of these ideas are your favorite and why. 

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