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23+ Japanese Bedroom Ideas to Help You Create a Zen Atmosphere

modern platform bed in a neutral bedroom

One of the most calming and relaxing types of bedroom decor themes is a Japanese-inspired bedroom. Japanese bedroom ideas include everything that a minimalist would love thanks to the simplicity and calm it offers. Individuals who are looking to create a zen and relaxing atmosphere will also love this decor theme.

Today, we are going to look at how this Asian-inspired interior design style has inspired millions of decor enthusiasts. We’ll take a look at some of the most trending ways to create a really Zen style in your sleeping space. We’ll talk about different types of furniture, different types of colors you should use, and how to mix and match Asian and modern artwork. Ready to dive into our eclectic list of Japanese-inspired decor? Let’s get started!

1. Typical Japanese Bedroom

2 grey floor beds with plants at the corners of the room, and a circle pendant light
(Source: RETalk Asia)

A Shoji window is a typical design element of Japanese bedroom decor. You can incorporate these types of windows in a variety of ways throughout your bedroom.

Also, a window treatment like this matches really well with simple elements like a paper lamp light fixture. Compliment the look by setting up a floor mattress typical of Japanese style as well. 

2. Japanese Bedroom Ideas with Cherry Blossom Theme

Pink Cherry Blossom mural and pillow with a Buddha pendant light beside bed
(Source: Livspace)

Create a really beautiful backdrop using cherry blossom wallpaper. Cherry blossoms are an iconic statement of Japanese culture. Because of that, they’ll lend especially well to Japanese bedroom decor.

Don’t go overboard with cherry blossom decor though. Instead, use this decor through simple methods throughout the room. Along with the wallpaper, you can incorporate it into a throw pillow as well. Pair this decor with lots of dark wood for a calming balance.

3. Modern Hidden Japanese-Style Bedroom 

Modern Hidden Japanese-Style Bedroom 
(Source: gestalten)

Create a contemporary teenage bedroom by using traditional Japanese interior design for small spaces. A design theme like this utilizes every inch of living space.

Incorporate furniture that can also double up as a storage unit. A neat idea is to tuck your bed away behind sliding wooden doors. This allows your bedroom to transform into an office space if you need it to.

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4. Kanji Vertical Calligraphy and Living Bamboo 

Bedroom decor: Kanji Vertical Calligraphy and Living Bamboo
(Source: Rethinking The Future)

A quintessential decor element of Japanese culture is a Kanji vertical calligraphy display. This type of display uses different Japanese symbols that usually spell out a phrase or word.

Not only is it a beautiful representation of Japanese culture, but it serves as a really stunning Japanese wall decor too. Use warm tones like dark brown and beige for a bedroom theme like this.

5. Embrace Japanese Minimalism

A floor bed and Shoji sliding door
(Source: saruya-air)

Embrace Japanese minimalism by creating a simple design in your bedroom. Swap out any swing doors for Shoji sliding doors. Remove any unnecessary furniture and incorporate only a bed and a simple nightstand as well.

Besides, this look of minimalism will help to create a serenity throughout your room. This is a design that is sleek, modern, and unique to Japanese bedroom interior design.

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6. Japanese Bedroom Ideas with Lotus Theme

Bedroom furnishing: a round lotus artwork and a lotus room divider
(Source: Pinterest)

Another serene decor element of Japanese interior design is a lotus flower. Lotus artwork and lotus printed furniture are great ways to capture Japanese culture.

Pair your beautiful lotus artwork with a Japanese bed style that sits on a low platform bed close to the ground. This overall style will help you create a beautiful, serene atmosphere. 

7. Featuring Industrial Contemporary Decor

concrete bedroom with wood interior
(Source: Home Designing)

Design a stunning master bedroom that utilizes industrial contemporary Japanese bedroom ideas. Japanese culture is ingrained in natural elements, which naturally lends well to the industrial style.

To pull together a look like this, incorporate natural elements including wooden beams. Potted plants are another way to bring the outdoors inside your sleeping space. Incorporate pieces of metal to help pull together that industrial interior style.

8. Floor Lanterns Serve As Bedside Tables

Floor Lanterns Serve As Bedside Tables
(Source: Haiku Designs)

You can create a really zen atmosphere by swapping out things like a table lamp for a floor lantern instead. Floor lanterns with a hard surface can also serve as your bedroom’s nightstand two.

This unique fixture helps you create the feeling of calm by using cultural elements like a buddha statue and other Japanese elements. You can also use a zen-style sculpture like a mini bamboo tree or temple too.

9. Enjoy The Landscape for Japanese Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom design: wooden window seat
(Source: Dwell)

If you have a large window that overlooks a beautiful view, then use it to your advantage. Create a Japanese-inspired window seat that also serves as a cute little nook.

In this nook, incorporate two cushions that will serve as your seats. This can be a great place to start your day as you sip on a cup of tea in the morning.

10. Bamboo Design 

Bamboo wall and a bamboo painting in bedroom
(Source: hackrea)

A really common texture found throughout Japanese culture is bamboo. You can play up a Japanese-inspired decor theme by utilizing bamboo throughout the room.

This unique texture can be incorporated into furniture, wall art, and even though potted plants like a bamboo tree. Using it in the right context will help you create a calm and peaceful environment.

11. Zen Style Wallpaper

Bedroom decor: Ginkgo Leaf Zen Style Wallpaper
(Source: Happy Walls)

You can achieve many different types of Japanese design by skipping on wall paint and using wallpaper instead. This can also be a great way to create a serene landscape in your bedroom.

Consider a wallpaper display of the traditional Japanese ginkgo leaf. This simple yet cultural statement piece will create a really beautiful feeling throughout the room.

12. Japanese-Inspired Large Scale Art

Bedroom decor: Japanese-Inspired Large Scale Art
(Source: La Dolce Vita)

If you don’t want to do too much in terms of decor around the room, but still want a Japanese-inspired theme, no worries. A great way to achieve this is by using a large canvas painting that shows off a key element of Japanese culture.

Hang this large-scale canvas over the top of your bed for a really harmonious look. If you have a seating area in your bedroom, this can be another place to hang it up.

13. Low Furniture

Bedroom Ideas: Low Furniture
(Source: Behance)

Low furniture is a quintessential design theme of Japanese culture. Keep this in mind when you are picking out furniture for your bedroom.

For starters, you might want to consider pieces like a Japanese bed frame. These types of bed frames will often mimic a low platform bed. Also, incorporate a low table to serve as your nightstand too.

14. Japanese Cherry Blossom Comforter

Bedroom Interior Ideas: Blue Japanese Cherry Blossom Comforter
(Source: PUFIK Interiors & Inspirations)

A Japanese-themed bed set can be a great way to make a bold statement in your room. One of the most common bed sets to use is a cherry blossom pattern.

This pattern is synonymous with Japanese culture and will easily stand out in your bedroom. If you pair the cherry blossom comforter with a low platform bed, you can easily pull off a traditional Japanese sleeping space.

15. Japanese Folding Fan

Japanese folding fan as a wall decor
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a nontraditional headboard by getting rid of your normal headboard. Instead, incorporate a Japanese-style headboard by using an oversized Japanese wall folding fan.

Japanese fans are well known for their stunning beauty when they are opened. Choose a fan that displays a color scheme and design that matches the current theme of your bedroom. This unique headboard will really make a statement in your bedroom.

16. Japanese Bedroom Ideas with Some Natural Creatures

bedroom natural creatures: potted plants at the corner of the room
(Source: Pinterest)

Indoor plants are one of the best ways to help bring the outdoors into any living space. In Japanese culture, infusing the outdoors with the indoors is commonplace.

Consider using bamboo potted plants in different corners of your bedroom to achieve this look. Pair the bamboo plants with Japanese window treatments to really pull together a cultured, zen vibe.

17. Hang A Japanese Umbrella Shade Over The Bed 

Hang a umbrella shade over the bed
(Source: nytimes)

One really beautiful way to decorate your walls is by using traditional Japanese umbrellas. These iconic umbrellas make for cute Japanese bedroom decor because they are simple yet stunning.

You can use a singular large umbrella, or you can use several. Play around with the colors and patterns in order to create a style that matches your current bedroom’s theme. Pairing several umbrellas together can be a really unique way to make a creative headboard too.

18. Japanese Bedroom Ideas with A Byobu Screen

Japanese bedroom decor: Byobu screen
(Source: The Japan Times)

Create a stunning bedroom reminiscent of an ancient Japanese bedroom by using a traditional room divider. These beautiful Japanese Byobu screens are adorned with stunning colors and designs that will make your bedroom absolutely pop.

19. Combine with Floor Table and Chair

A Japanese bedroom with floor table and chair
(Source: Opnodes)

Create a traditional Japanese bedroom by incorporating a traditional Japanese seating area. Japanese seating areas are typically low to the ground.

Sometimes, all will be used as a cushion, and a low platform table where the food will be placed. Set them in the center when it’s time to eat, and move them to a corner when you need space for other purposes.

20. Japanese Bedroom with Tatami Mats

Tatami mats serves as a bed frame
(Source: Pinterest)

Japanese people prefer floor mattresses, futons, or low platform beds when it comes to rest. They will also often use tatami mats instead of bed frames.

Playing off of this tradition can be a really beautiful way to create a culturally appropriate Japanese bedroom.

You can do this by using varying colors to put this look together. However, sticking with hues like white, beige, black, and brown are consistent with tradition.

21. DIY Japanese Buckwheat Pillows

DIY Japanese Buckwheat Pillows
(Source: Sleepopolis) 

Incorporate some wonderful Japanese bedroom accessories like buckwheat pillows into your sleeping space. Buckwheat pillows, also known as sobakawa, are culturally specific to Japan because that is where they originated.

Inside the pillow, you will find buckwheat hulls that fill it. Removing or adding the buckwheat hulls will help you change how supportive the pillow is. Also, these buckwheat pillows can serve a decorative purpose that is unique to your bedroom.

22. Japanese Bedroom Ideas with A Geisha Artwork

A Geisha painting is mounted above the bed
(Source: Haiku Designs)

A cultural painting like a stunning geisha in a kimono can be a beautiful way to put together a Japanese room.

If you use a large canvas painting of a geisha, it can be a really great way to dominate the room. keep the rest of the room muted by using lots of neutral tones. Colors like white, being, and wood are great hues to work with. 

23. Circle Window and A Mini Bonsai

Circle Window and A Mini Bonsai
(Source: Freepik)

A round window is a really common aesthetic decor suggestion for Japanese bedroom ideas. You can use this element in a variety of ways in your room.

Incorporate this look over an existing window in your bedroom. You can also incorporate it through a blank wall and use it to create an accent wall. When putting this look together use lots of beige, white, and hints of dark wood or brown. 

24. Japanese Koi Fish Canvas Art

Japanese Koi Fish Canvas Art Above The Bed
(Source: ElephantStock)

A really modern element that is always associated with Japanese culture is a coy pond. You can pull this beautiful look into your bedroom using a coy pond canvas.

The most beautiful pieces are the ones that you can break up into several pieces, then hang up. Use this loud statement to add a pop of color to your modern Japanese bedroom. 

It’s easy to see why Japanese bedroom decor is one of the most popular design schemes to utilize. Japanese interior design pulls out the most beautiful elements of this phenomenal culture. These different elements help you create a really zen, calm, and relaxing atmosphere that is truly stunning.

We hope our list of different Japanese bedroom ideas helped inspire you. Are you someone who loves Japanese decor? Let us know in the comments section below which of these ideas were your favorite. Don’t forget to share this article with someone who loves Japanese culture as well!

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