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25+ Industrial Bedroom Ideas to Transform Your Sleeping Space

industrial bedroom ideas

Putting together an industrial bedroom can be such a great design idea if you are someone who loves the big city, the urban look, and natural textures.

When you are decorating a bedroom with this design aesthetic, you want to use lots of metal, wood, and concrete accents.

For example, you can get creative and use metal furniture, existing pipes that are exposed, and other elements that you would find in a factory setting.

Today, we are going to take a look at some of the best ways to transform your sleeping space into a bedroom that looks like it is straight out of the city. Stick around to see which of these aesthetic bedroom ideas you will fall in love with. 

1.White Industrial Bedroom

White Industrial Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

The color white can be so great for an industrial-inspired bedroom. If you have a wall in your bedroom made out of brick, you can easily swap out the dark color by painting it all white.

The same goes for the flooring. If you have dark hardwood floors, then you can paint them white so that the floorboards reflect the white brick wall.

These two contrasting textures work really great to create an industrial vibe. At the same time, they can be great colors to use for a farmhouse-inspired bedroom as well.

2.Wood and Metal Furniture

Wood and Metal Furniture in Bedroom
(Source: haikudesigns)

Wood and metals are great materials to use for putting together an industrial theme bedroom as well.

There are several ways to use wood throughout the room. You can use the wood in a unique shaped shelf or find ways to incorporate it in a platform bed.

The key behind a room like this is by sneaking in a dark wood in different places all while allowing it to blend in with metal fixtures that are already in place. Concrete flooring or walls already in place can blend well with this great look as well. 

3.Bohemian Industrial Bedroom Ideas

Bohemian Industrial Bedroom Ideas
(Source: huizedop)

An unlikely hue that works really well in an industrial theme bedroom is orange. Use a dark orange like a crimson to add a hint of color to your bedroom.

You can use this hue through the bedding and other furniture pieces. You can even incorporate orange in a throw blanket or accent pillow too.

If you’re going to use a bold color like this, it helps to maintain the industrial theme by using an oversized piece of vintage art that can go up above your bed’s headboard.

The artwork will be the commanding piece that will emphasize this industrial design theme.

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4.Rustic-Themed Industrial Bedroom

Rustic-Themed Industrial Bedroom
(Source: maisonsdumonde)

Rustic interiors that have undertones of an interior style bedroom have been making the waves of interior design over the past couple of years.

This unlikely combination can be really stunning and when put together thoughtfully. Start by finding a bedroom set that has a lot of dark wooden tones throughout it.

If there are metal elements to your bedroom set, then even better. Brown dressers, a matching full-length mirror, and even nightstands are good pieces to look for in your bed set.

Next, set up an area of the bedroom where you can lounge around in. Put down a nice small brown animal skin area rug to designate this seating space. 

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5.Bed Frame From Pipes Makes An Industrial Look

Bed Frame From Pipes Makes An Industrial Look
(Source: archello)

You can get really creative in your industrial decor by creating a poster bed made out of pipes.

A pipe bed frame can really help drive the industrial look home without requiring much additional effort. The great thing about a look like this is that it lends itself really well in a shabby chic bedroom as well as an industrial room.

Pair your pipe bed frame with other furniture pieces and design pieces that help accentuate the overall look in the bedroom. Elements to consider include a frilly pillow and an array of beige and white colors. 

6.Modern Industrial Bedroom Ideas for Boys

Modern Industrial Bedroom Ideas for Boys
(Source: Etsy)

A really modern industrial bedroom design theme to consider is using a metal bed frame that sits squarely in the middle of your room. Couple your large bed frame with a large-scale canvas of an industrial backdrop to really tie the room together.

Because a look like this is really muted, focus heavily on using lots of whites and grays to tie the room together. If you are going to use black, use it sparingly.

Incorporating black in the bedframe and the picture frame can be really good ways to help with contrast in the bedroom. Overall, a look like this can be splendid for putting together a boy’s bedroom. 

7.Industrial Bedroom Accent Interior Ideas 

Industrial Bedroom Accent Interior Ideas 
(Source: archiproducts)

Blue on an accent wall can be a really stunning way to add a pop of vibrancy to your industrial theme bedroom. You can use a blue wallpaper with images from the industrial era to help pull this look together.

Because a look like this requires a lot of space, it’s best to use it in the master bedroom where you’ll have plenty of room for your accent wall to be put on display.

Because the wall will be on the darker side of the color palette, have fun using dark mahogany browns and spurts of grey through the room. 

8.Factory-Inspired Industrial Bedroom

Factory-Inspired Industrial Bedroom
(Source: Wattpad)

A factory-inspired bedroom can be a really unique design. If you want to put together an industrial-inspired bedroom that is fit for a young man or even a bachelor pad, this is the way to go.

To create a look like this, you will need to use a lot of metal decor items. For example, if you are going to have a loft space, swap out any wooden stairs for a metal staircase.

Use common industrial items that can also double up as decor items too. For example, hang up a bicycle on the wall and allow metal objects that he would often put away to be on display.

When it comes to lighting, get rid of traditional lighting fixtures and swap them for fluorescent industrial light fixtures instead.

9.Metal Nightstands At Both Sides of Your Bed

Metal Nightstands At Both Sides of Your Bed
(Source: maisonsdumonde)

Use two metal nightstands on either side of your bed for a really nice industrial look to your bedroom. These bedside metal tables can be actual nightstand tables or repurposed metal cabinets.

For a burst of creativity, the nightstands can even be old safes that still open and close but don’t lock.

Whichever metal nightstand method you choose, it can be very practical because they can offer you much-needed storage to put items away like extra bedding and linens.

If you have a dark metal nightstand, pair it with plenty of white linens to help contrast all the dark coloring as well. 

10.Ceiling Light System

Ceiling Light System in Bedroom
(Source: pinwin)

A really neat design theme to incorporate in a modern industrial style bedroom revolves around the lighting.

Take out any traditional lighting fixtures and swap them out for a ceiling lighting system instead. A lighting fixture like this that is made completely out of pipes can create a real industrial vibe to your bedroom.

If you install dimmers in the lighting fixture, you can have greater control over your bedroom as you can control how much your bedroom gets illuminated too. 

11.Install Industrial Hanging Fixtures

Install Industrial Hanging Fixtures
(Source: behance)

One of the most trending industrial design themes is an industrial hanging light fixture.

These light fixtures with large clear glass bulbs at the end are really beautiful because you can use them in a variety of ways. If you want to illuminate your fireplace, you can hang these light fixtures directly over it.

If you have a bed frame with wheels, you can move your bed around so that the hanging light fixtures accentuate the aesthetic of the bed.

These light fixtures are also great for putting together a seating area as well. The possibilities are endless with this unique bedroom design idea.

12.Red Brick Arch

Red Brick Arch Bedroom Window
(Source: zenideen)

A really beautiful industrial style is a red brick arc that highlights a certain aspect of the room. This urban style design element looks beautiful on home interiors that have lots of brick in them.

A red brick arc works beautifully over a window or entryway. Not only does this look work really great for an urban style bedroom, but it gives your sleeping space and a nice touch of elegance too.

If you have a brick arc by your window, you can create a really nice seating area by using ottomans, lounge chairs, and even a table to relax in.

13.Smoke Glass Design for Men’s Industrial Bedroom 

Smoke Glass Design for Men’s Closet
(Source: elhombre)

Industrial bedroom themes have been made super popular as a go-to men’s bedroom design theme are ones that rely heavily on a smoke glass design.

What makes this look super masculine is the reality that nothing is hidden away in cute storage. Instead, everything is out in full display yet in a way that is tactful and beautiful.

A mark of an industrial bedroom is a wardrobe that is situated behind the bed and not tucked away in a closet. Another element is a lack of canvas artwork and instead, a reliance on natural textures like brick walls.

14.Glass Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom with Glass Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

Glassworks really well in an industrial apartment because it’s one of the most common materials used in the industrial setting.

To use glass walls in your bedroom, you can easily do so as a way to separate out different parts of your bedroom. A framed glass wall can be a good partition between your bedrooms, a sleeping space in the closet, or even the bathroom.

If you want a little bit more privacy, then smoke glass can be a great way to achieve this as well. Either way, glass can offer a really luxurious touch to your industrial bedroom.

15.Be Creative with Grilles To Design An Industrial Look

Be Creative with Grilles To Design A Stylish Home Office
(Source: behance)

This cool look works really well in a bedroom office, especially a men’s bedroom office. To pull together an amazing look like this, use an industrial styled desk and chairs as they will be the base point of your home office design theme.

Next, couple up your desk space with a mixture of metal and wooden framed pictures. Incorporate different decor items throughout the desk including personalized frames and plaques.

Designing with these elements in mind will allow the office space corner to stand out, especially if you are using a bed frame that has lots of black throughout it.

16.Revealed Water Pipes

Revealed Water Pipes in Bedroom
(Source: delikatissen)

A really unique bedroom design idea is one where there are exposed water pipes that blend into the design of the bedroom.

A look like this can be really great for putting together a beautiful industrial theme bedroom because there’s the visual evidence that you aren’t trying to turn the space into something it is not.

Along with the exposed pipes, use touches of a shabby chic design theme to put together a beautiful sleeping space fit for a young woman or teenage girl. 

17.Bed Bench with Wheels 

Bed Bench with Wheels 
(Source: homegirllondon)

If you have a leather upholstered bed, really unique addition to your bedroom can be a leather upholstered end of the bed bench.

A bench like this can add such a nice touch of charm to your bedroom as well as offer an elevating touch to the end of your bed.

This can be especially helpful if you have a smaller sized bed. An end of the bed bench that has wheels on the bottom can be especially helpful if you need to move the bench out of the way.

Once you have your bench in place, style it up using decorative throw blankets and even coffee table books for an air of style and sophistication. 

18.Leather Chair

Leather Chair in Bedroom
(Source: chrislovesjulia)

A really great statement piece and any bedroom is a black leather chair that is tucked into a corner. If you have an office corner in your bedroom, a black leather chair with an ottoman can be a great way to dress up the space as well.

If you are putting together a men’s room, this chair can serve as a great area to set clothing down upon for the next day.

Of course, it can also offer the practical purpose of lounging around and relaxing in. Pair up the rest of the room using indoor plant decor and vintage canvas artwork to style up the room too. 

19.Straight Path To the Beauty

Bedroom Rug Runner
(Source: organizesemfrescuras)

Create a stunning straight path to beauty by putting together a makeup table at the end of your room that is placed on top of a rug runner. The rug runner will create a nice path in your bedroom that will lead you to your vanity.

When it comes to your makeup vanity, use an industrial stool to create a nice feminine touch to the space. When it comes to the rest of the room, use light touches of metal to pull the industrial look together as well. 

20.Design An Edgy Industrial Bedroom

Design An Edgy Industrial Bedroom
(Source: trendland)

If you are lucky enough to have a factory window in your bedroom, then you can create a really neat sleeping space around this cool fixture.

You can dress up the inside of your room so that your factory windows transform into fancy windows. For the rest of the walls on your window dress them up using trendy canvas artwork.

For large artwork that is too big to hang, you can easily display it by leaning it against the wall. When it comes to the bedding, use linens that complement the artwork you have in place. 

21.Add An Industrial Floor Lamp

Add An Zig-Zac Floor Lamp
(Source: elhombre)

An industrial floor lamp like this zig-zag floor lamp can be a really neat fixture to use if you want to put together a beautiful industrial bedroom that is light and vibrant.

If you have a room that is in the attic, you can complement this neat lighting fixture by using a platform DIY bed frame out of painted wooden pallets.

To add in additional elements of industrial vibes, add in a flying bicycle that goes over the top of your bed for a nice touch of industrial vibes.  

22.Mount Mechanical Clocks

Mount Mechanical Wall Clocks
(Source: pinwin)

Mount mechanical clocks around your walls for the ultimate industrial vibe bedroom. This look works really well if you want to create a steampunk bedroom design theme.

This design theme takes elements of the Victorian gothic area to create a beautiful sleeping space.

Play around with dark elements and dark wall decor but be sure to contrast it by using plenty of white throughout the bedding, flooring, and even furniture pieces. 

23.Oversized Pendants 

Oversized Pendants At Both Sides of Bed
(Source: behance)

When it comes to lighting fixtures, there are so many types of fixtures that lend themselves very well to industrial-style bedrooms.

One of this season’s most trending light fixtures is oversized pendants that are hanging above different parts of your bedroom.

You can have these pendants hanging above your bed if you need a little bit of light during the evening hours or you can set up the pendants in a corner of your bedroom that is dedicated to a reading nook or office space.

Either way, oversized pendants are an impressive type of lighting fixture that is too beautiful to pass upon. 

24.Metal Cage Accessories

Metal Cage Bedroom Accessories
(Source: followtheyellowbrickhome)

Anything inside of a metal cage can work really great in an industrial design bedroom. If you have twin ceiling fans, enclosing them in a cage can be a really great way to set the tone in the bedroom.

For a teenage bedroom, you can incorporate different elements that reflect their personality. If you are designing a bedroom for an older individual, then using vintage and antique items might be a better way to go.

Focus on using lots of dark hues like brown and black to put this beautiful room together. 

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25.Industrial Bedroom Ideas with Metal Floating Shelf

Industrial Bedroom Ideas with Metal Floating Shelf
(Source: Pinterest)

An industrial-style bedroom is best set up with storage and shelving units that are made out of metal. These units are great for storing all your belongings o as well as displaying important photos and other items.

Metal shelving works great in an industrial bedroom because the metal lends really well to the overall decor theme of the room.

You can use the metal shelving to store away personalized belongings as well as display your most favorite decorations.

If your walls have space, you can even incorporate floating shelves if you really want to have minimized the amount of that you use. Either way, the end look will be a really great way for you to store belongings away.

Decorating an industrial bedroom using these aesthetics can completely transform your sleeping space.

Let us know in the comments section below which of these industrial-inspired bedroom design ideas were your favorite.

If you know someone who loves the urban look, be sure to share this article with them as well!

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