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35+ Headboard Ideas To Style Your Bedroom

master bedroom with large gray headboard

Your bedroom’s headboard can make or break the design of your bed. Even more so, the style of the headboard can completely destroy or pull together the overall theme of your bedroom. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the most trending headboard ideas that you can incorporate in your bedroom.

Well, take a look at different colors, styles, and designs that you may want to consider. Our extensive list will look at the latest trending headboard types. From vintage designs to modern styles, we’ve got it all for you. Read on to totally transform your bed frame. We’re certain you’ll find the inspiration you’ve been looking for. 

1. Fluted Headboard with Niche

Fluted Headboard with Niche
(Source: Casa Vogue)

A built-in headboard with a fluted design can be such a classy and elegant look. This style works especially well in a contemporary or luxurious themed bedroom. If you want to create more storage space, you can build the headboard so that it extends out a bit.

This will give you a shelving space on the top. Here, you can display your favorite personalized canvas artwork, pictures, and other decorative elements.

2. Sophisticated Shade

curved headboard
(Source: McMullin & Co)

Consider using a curved headboard to create a really elegant style for your bed. An upholstered headboard lends really well to that elegant vibe too. If you want to have a little fun with this look, incorporate a bold frame that pops out.

Black velvet piping around the edges can look especially good. The contrasting colors will allow the design to pop out. 

3. The Optical Illusion 

floating headboard with the optical illusion
(Source: ELLE Decoration Russia)

Have fun with perception by creating the look of a floating headboard. You can do this in several ways. Start by finding a headboard that you really like. Then, display it on your wall so that it appears to be floating.

It will also look detached from the bed frame itself. Because this look is so unique, you can play around with different types of materials, metals, and color schemes.

4. Oversized Headboard

oversized headboard
(Source: Green Wedding Shoes)

Having an oversized statement headboard can be a really fun way to set the tone in your bedroom. Because this headboard is so big, it’s best suited for a master bedroom. Have fun with the type of textures and materials you use with the style.

Overall, you want it to be consistent with the overall theme of your bedroom. The main point with this look is to make a bold, loud statement.

5. Headboard Ideas with Non-Reflective Tinted Mirrors

headboard ideas with nonreflective tinted mirrors
(Source: Architectural Digest)

Nonreflective tinted mirrors can be a great way to create a statement in your room. There are a variety of patterns and textures that you can play around with. Typically, you will want to use darker hues and contrasting tones. This look lends really well to a large space. It especially lends well to a contemporary rustic design theme. 

6. Magdalene Floral Headboard

Magdalene Floral Headboard
(Source: ShopStyle)

A really feminine headboard is perfect for creating an elegant femme bedroom. It can also be a fun look for putting together a teenage girl’s bedroom too.

The key point with this look is to play around with lots of curves, designs, and even floral headboard elements. You’ll have a really charming look that lends well to shabby chic, bohemian, and floral decor.

7. Eye-Catching Woven Headboard

Eye-Catching Woven Headboard
(Source: Leibal)

Some of the most stunning headboards are the ones that are simplistic in design and style. This type of headboard creates the illusion of a woven look. This look is very simple yet offers a loud statement throughout the room.

Incorporate this style in a minimalist bedroom or contemporary bedroom. It’s best to stick with neutral tones like beige, grey, black, and even navy tones with a look like this. 

8. Headboard Ideas with Geometric Patterns

geometric floor-to-ceiling headboard
(Source: pranayshahdesigns)

A geometric floor-to-ceiling headboard can be a really fun way to pull together a teenage bedroom. This look offers an air of mature elegance while playing around with funky shapes. Incorporating colors like gray and yellow can be a really neat way to create a trending statement. Keep other decor elements at a minimum in a room like this. 

9. Different Materials and Textures

headboard with different textures and materials
(Source: archiproducts)

Mix and match different textures and materials that complement each other for a unique headboard. Stick with using textures and materials that have the same color scheme. For example, copper lends really well with a cane and beige wood. Compliment these neutral tones by using them in the bedding as well. 

10. Use Large Cushions 

headboard ideas: using large cushions
(Source: Home Designing)

Large cushions can help you create a really cozy atmosphere in your bedroom. Better yet, they work as great substitutes for a short headboard too. You will want this headboard style to blend into the current frame of your bed.

Use a color that matches or complements the bedding or bed frame you are already using. Also, consider your decor style and how it will blend with the cushion style. For example, girly rooms use tassels of frills on the cushions. 

11. Woven Fan Headboard

Woven Fan Headboard
(Source: Urban Outfitters)

Get rid of your headboard entirely and use a decorative headboard instead. A decorative headboard can incorporate anything that you can hang over the top of your bed where the headboard would normally be. Use arch decorative items like a woven fan or semi-circle canvas. This will help create the illusion that you have a nice frame over your bed.

12. Doors As A Headboard

Doors As A Headboard
(Source: linternaute)

A really fun decorative idea is using vintage, distressed and reclaimed doors as your headboard. One of the most classic styles is using old barn doors that serve as the frame for your bed. You can use other styles of vintage doors as well.

One of the most classic things to do is to use a distressed wooden barn door. This can help give you a really vintage and rustic vibe. It especially blends well to bedrooms with rustic, farmhouse, and shabby chic decor. 

13. Custom Headboard Ideas

custom upholstered long headboard
(Source: Etsy)

Sometimes, the best type of headboard style is custom-made ones. A great custom-designed headboard is a long headboard. This style works especially well for helping create a mature and luxurious bedroom.

You can use different types of material including wood or an upholstered frame. Either way, this look is about having fun. So be sure to play around with different textures and colors.

14. Sheer Curtain Headboard Ideas with Lights

Sheer Curtain Headboard Ideas with Lights
(Source: Well+Good)

You can create a really bright and airy bedroom atmosphere with fabric headboard ideas. One of the most popular fabric types is sheer curtains. Hanging sheer curtains over the frame of the headboard can help give your bedroom a nice airy vibe.

Set up the bed near the window where natural sunshine can filter. This will help brighten up the room and give the curtains a bright glow. 

15. Use A Rest Cushion

Use A Rest Cushion As A Headboard
(Source: Etsy)

An oversize rest cushion or pillow can serve as a very comfy headboard. A rest cushion headboard is one of those bedroom decor accessories that is decorated yet necessarily functional.

This design element should make a loud and bold statement about your bedroom. At the same time, you do want the cushion to blend in with your bedroom decor style as well.

16. Mandala Headboard

Laser-cut Mandala headboard
(Source: pbteen)

Mandala designs are really pretty and intricate. Their iconic style also lends well to bedroom decor too. Having a white-washed mandala-style headboard can give your room a nice feminine touch.

Because there is so much detail already in the Mandala, stick with neutral colors like white or gray. This will allow the laser-cut headboard details to stand out on their own.

17. Log Headboard

log heaboard
(Source: Cotemaison)

A log headboard can create a really neat look in your bedroom. This classic and natural style is effortless and rather fun to put together.

Once it’s all set up, you’ll find that it usually blends into a variety of bedroom themes. While it works for Bohemian chic and modern decor, it also works really well for simplistic style too.

18. Rattan Headboard

Rattan Heart Headboard
(Source: Gypsyville)

Rattan is such a fun material to consider because of the tunic texture and style. One of the best ways to use rattan in your home is through the bed frame.

A rattan headboard made out of rattan can create such a calm atmosphere throughout your sleeping space. Pair this look with bright linens, potted green plants, and sheer curtains to help accentuate a relaxing atmosphere.

19. Velvet-Clad Headboard with Sleek Metal Framing

Velvet-Clad Headboard with Sleek Metal Framing
(Source: Urban Outfitters)

A mark of luxury is a tufted headboard with velvet-clad furnishing and sleek metal framing. This type of headboard does a fantastic job of giving the room a distinct personality.

A headboard like this is fun and inviting yet mature and elegant. You can play with other colors that blend well with your bedroom decor too. However, try to stick with edgy textures like velvet. 

20. Turn The Bed Head Into A Planter

Turn The Bed Head Into A Planter
(Source: Architectural Digest)

You don’t have to have a green thumb to love this next idea. If your bed is perched up against the window, then a planted windowsill is a great headboard. This type of headboard allows you to play with all sorts of greenery.

And because the plants are right by the window, you won’t have to do much in terms of maintaining them. This look will give you a room with a nice and airy feel.

21. Folding Screen Headboard 

Folding Screen Headboard 
(Source: DecorPad)

A Chinoiserie screen or folding screen is a fantastic alternative headboard idea. What makes this one of the best alternative headboard ideas is the fact that it is fun, unique, and gorgeous. You can use a thin room divider to help frame the overall look of your bedroom. Use patterns and styles that reflect your sense of personality.

22. Headboard Ideas with Ironwork

Headboard Ideas with Ironwork
(Source: Perfeita Ordem)

If you’re looking for metal headboard ideas, then one of the most classic materials is iron. A wrought iron bed is the perfect way to display an intricately wrought iron headboard. Stick with a headboard that has fun designs yet airs on the side of simple and clean. This look lends really well to an industrial style or steampunk bedroom. 

23. Creative DIY Headboard Ideas with Floral Element

Floral Strings As A Headboard
(Source: Sweet Teal)

Create a gorgeous wall by incorporating floral vines as a headboard. Some of the best quick and easy headboard ideas are the ones that are homemade. A popular idea is to string along your favorite faux flowers on some fishing line. Then, hang the flowers on the top of your bed. This will give you the illusion of a nice airy or even tropical room. 

24. Headboard Ideas with A LED Frame

Headboard Ideas with A LED Frame
(Source: Pinterest)

Headboard lighting ideas are another great way to make a headboard stand out. Consider using LED lighting around your bed’s headboard. An LED frame looks especially cool on a tall headboard. 

Depending on how you use the LED lighting, it can help warm up the room or cool it down. This design idea lends well to a variety of bedroom styles. However, it especially looks great in contemporary or eclectic bedroom themes. 

25. Stripe Upholstery with A Sanctuary Sconce

Stripe Upholstery with A Sanctuary Sconce
(Source: HonestlyWTF)

This next idea is a must for creating a medieval or contemporary styled bedroom.  Use a striped upholstered bed frame that sits rather high. Then, incorporate a sanctuary sconce in the middle of the headboard.

This sconce can serve as a night light or reading lamp during the evening hours. This look works especially great for single headboards on twin beds.

26. Beauty of Nature

(Source: Kave Home Greece)

Incorporating the outdoors in your bedroom is one of the best ways to create a natural feel your bedroom. This idea incorporates natural elements like a headboard made from solid mango wood and coconut shells. The coconut shells provide a really unique texture as does any other type of natural element.

27. Wood-Carved Bend Motif

 wood-carved headboard panel
(Source: Etsy)

A wood-carved headboard panel can also serve as a really great headboard design. This idea allows you to play with different wooden patterns and styles. The beauty of this look lies within the detail of the carving. The more intricate the wood carving is, the more elegant the headboard will be. This style works great in a rustic or Bohemian bedroom.

28. Princess Headboard

mirrored seashell headboard
(Source: design-confidential)

The right headboard can go a long way in creating a princess-inspired bedroom. Use a mirrored seashell at the end of your bed to create a really gorgeous look. The bigger the shell the more the statement piece the headboard will be. What’s great about this style is that it can work for a little girl’s room or for a young adult’s room too.

29. Space-Saving Headboard

built-in shelf headboard
(Source: Astuces de filles)

If you’re looking to save space and want a functional headboard, this idea is for you. A shelf headboard that goes right above your head is a really great way to store away your belongings.

If you’re able to create a shelf that goes into the wall, you can create a really nice aesthetic. This is a great place to display books, collections, and your favorite photos or canvas artwork.

30. Painted Headboard Ideas

a painted headboard that has a sun-like mirror centered right in the middle
(Source: Habitat by Resene) 

Some of the best headboards are ones that are painted directly on the wall. This headboard style utilizes a painted headboard that has a sun-like mirror centered right in the middle. This love can be super eye-catching and fun. Depending on the colors you use, you can also allow it to blend seamlessly into your bedroom’s design. 

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31. Iridescent Headboard

Iridescent Headboard
(Source: Urban Outfitters)

This iridescent headboard plays around with holographic shades and all the colors of the rainbow. This colorful headboard can be used in a grown-ups room or in a little girl’s bedroom.

It especially lends well to a girly beach-themed bedroom too. Little girls love this whimsical headboard because there is lots of room for creativity. Plus it has an overall magical feel to it.

32. Tall Headboard

wraparound headboard
(Source: hive modern furniture)

A wraparound headboard can be a really neat addition to a modern space. These types of headboards are super unique because they’re not as common anymore.

It can get a little dark having such a bold headboard like this in your bedroom, so it’s important to lighten it up. Set up bedside lighting on either end of the headboard. Just make sure the lighting is incorporated inside of the headboard to help illuminate the space.

33. Oar Headboard

Oar Headboard
(Source: 1800lighting) 

A really classic yet fun headboard idea is using distressed and vintage oars. You can paint the oars before you put them together on the frame. This will give them a nice colorful appearance.

Arrange the oars next to each other so that you have a unique arrangement for your oar headboard. Don’t worry about them being all the same length, different lengths can help you create a nice look.

35. Repurpose the Old Fence

repurposing the old fence and using it as a headboard
(Source: Pinterest)

You can get really creative by repurposing an old fence and using it as your headboard. You’ll be surprised at how many different styles of fences you can come across. Generally, the more vintage the fence the more stylish of an effect it might have. You can even add a bold color to give the fence a really nice pop.

35. Storage Shared Headboard

Storage Shared Headboard
(Source: balancinghome)

Twin beds can easily take up room in a bedroom. That’s why it’s important to think about your storage capacity wisely. A great place to incorporate storage is in the headboards of the twin beds. Head-to-head storage cubbies can be a really great way to store away your child’s stuff. Plus it also serves as a great bookcase that is easy to access.

36. Vintage Leather Headboard

Vintage Leather Headboard
(Source: copycatchic)

A large vintage leather headboard can create a really loud statement in your bedroom. Depending on the style of your bedroom theme, you’ll want to consider whether you want vintage leather or something more contemporary. Typically, however, a vintage look can help you create a really warm vibe in your bedroom. 

37. Headboard Ideas with Live Edge Slab

Headboard Ideas with Live Edge Slab
(Source: Etsy)

A live edge slab of wood can be a really neat idea to consider in your bedroom. What makes this look so great is the natural component it can bring into your bedroom.

The best wooden headboard ideas are the ones that use wooden tones that compliment the style of your room. You can use an all-natural slab or have a handcrafted one designed for your room specifically. 

38. Headboard Ideas with A Gold Picture Frame

Headboard Ideas with A Gold Picture Frame
(Source: simplytaralynn)

Gold accents in a bedroom can really create a statement of luxury and elegance. One of the best ways to incorporate this is by using a bedframe headboard that uses gold in the frame.

You can create a really magnificent look by incorporating a tall headboard. If you have high ceilings, you may even want to consider adding in an elegant crystal chandelier as well. 

There are so many different themes and styles when it comes to headboard ideas. We hope our extensive list has helped you narrow down some options for you in your design hunt. Be sure to let us know in the comments section below which of these ideas have been your favorite. 

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