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18+ Trendy Hallway Wall Decor Ideas to Make It Inviting

Hallway Wall Decor Ideas

Your interior decor plays an important role in the general ambiance of the house, including the kind of energy it exudes. When people think of interior decoration, they end up focusing on the living room, dining room, or bedrooms.

While all of those are important, hallways can also make a huge difference to the overall look of your space. The key to choosing the right hallway wall decor ideas for your home lies in knowing the aesthetic you want the entire house to have. 

If you’re redecorating and looking for ideas for hallway wall decor, here are a few recommendations to check out.

1. Narrow Hallway Wall Decor Ideas

All-White Narrow Hallway Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have long and narrow hallways in the house, opting for the traditional white, wainscoting look might be a perfect choice.

It has a relatively neutral color scheme, is minimal, and can easily be decorated with a simple set of paintings and portraits that match the style. It will make the hallway look slightly bigger and give it a clean look.

2. Farmhouse Hallway Wall Decor Ideas

Farmhouse Hallway Wall Decor
(Source: The Design Twins)

Farmhouse hallway wall decor has that natural and rustic look that gives off a country feel. It is warm and inviting and can be decorated with wood wall art, arrows, and baskets.

You will only need to ensure that all the decor is arranged neatly and matches the farmhouse look.

Hallway Gallery Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

The best part about hallways is that you get a long stretch of wall to play with, especially if there is a staircase running along with it. One of the most popular wall decor ideas for the hallway is making it into a family photo wall.

If you have several family photos or canvases, you can line them up in several rows on the wall to give the space a nostalgic appeal.

4. This Is Not For People With Trypophobia

Hallway Wall With Circles and Holes
(Source: sebringdesignbuild)

Although not the ideal decor for someone with trypophobia, this is nevertheless a fun and unique way to decorate your hallway or staircase. The little circles or holes in the wooden wall will be interesting and attractive automatically attractive.

5. Dramatic-Styled Hallway Wall Decor Ideas

Dramatic-Styled Hallway Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

If you want a design that makes your home stand out, opt for this dark and dramatic theme for your hallway. It gives a mysterious vibe to the place, especially with the right color choice, and will draw people in out of sheer curiosity.

Add a hint of perfection by making sure your bedroom decor perfectly matches this aesthetic.

6. Focus Point of Your Hallway Wall

Focus Point of Your Corridor Wall
(Source: piatraonline)

Adding alternate textures like stone or natural materials to one part of the wall successfully draws attention and makes the space look interesting. You can also make this accent wall cozy by hanging paintings and adjusting the lighting.

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7. Guitar Display Along the Corridor Wall

Guitar Display Along the Corridor Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

If you are a musician (especially a guitarist) or a music enthusiast in general, you likely have an entire collection of guitars or records that you have collected over the years.

Instead of keeping them locked up, you can make a display wall out of your favorite ones in the hallway. Simply hang them up carefully and aesthetically and enjoy the funky and vibrant look they give to your home.

You can even add a little seat there so you can simply take a guitar off the wall and enjoy playing a few tunes.

8. Black and White Smooth Floral Planted on Your Hallway Wall

Black and White Smooth Floral on Your Hallway Wall
(Source: apartmenttherapy)

Getting watercolor-inspired wallpaper is one of the best ways to decorate a small corridor. The painting style typically has a very dream-like appearance and can give a soft, warm ambiance to your little hallway.

To make it resonate with the rest of the interior design, choose colors that fully or loosely match the color schemes of the rooms. 

9. Hang Some Functional Hooks

Hang Some Functional Hooks Along Hallway Wall
(Source: shanty-2-chic)

Did ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ awaken the fashionista in you? If so, hanging up a few simple hooks along the hallway will be a fabulous decision!

It is the best example of function meeting fashion because you can use the hooks to hang up some of your most commonly used totes and hats.

So, you can be stylish and stay on top of your schedule, just like Miranda Priestly.

10. Library Inspiration

Library Inspiration on upstairs hallway
(Source: slim69)

The book reader in you is going to cartwheel at this idea. Whether your house has an upstairs hallway or downstairs, you can install some recessed bookshelves as hallway wall decor.

Depending on your preferences, you can decorate the storage space with books, decoration pieces, travel memorabilia, etc.

It is both useful and gives the house a scholarly appeal.

11. Reflecting Hallway Wall

Reflecting Hallway Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

If you want to make your hallway look more spacious, decorate it with glass walls and mirrors. They will give you a nice and bright reflection of the area on the other side and the mirror will make the hallway look more open.

If you want to add some more design points, accentuate the mirrors with frames as well. The final look will be modern, elegant, and incredible.

12. Add Some Natural Vibe 

Add Some Natural Vibe to the hallway
(Source: gardenista)

Indoor plants are all the rage so why not use fresh greenery to style your stairways? Houseplants give the space a bright and positive ambiance and are perfect decorations for stairs that get a lot of sunlight.

13. Traditional Light Effect for Hallway Wall Decor Ideas

Traditional Light Effect for Hallway Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: Houzz)

The living room is traditionally the place with the most lighting but that’s no reason to leave your hallway without the extra lighting. It is currently trendy for a sconce to be a part of long hallways to brighten them and give them warm energy.

14. Paint The Corridor Wall With An Eye-Catching Color

Paint The Corridor Wall With An Eye-Catching Color
(Source: Interiors By Color)

The best way to add vibrancy to your entrance hallway is to paint it in bright hues that give off a welcoming vibe. It is easy and can give your home a strong sense of personality, especially if you add personalized decorations to it.

15. Christmas Coming to Every Corner of Your Home, Including Hallway Wall

Christmas Coming to Every Corner of Your Home, Including Hallway Wall
(Source: Wreath Girl)

Christmas always has a brightness and warmth to it so maybe all you need to do to keep the positivity is to add Christmas-inspired decorations to your house. The most common way to do it is to hang up a wreath or decorate some tree branches.

The best part? You can DIY all the decorations! You will only need raw materials like pine tree fruit, fiber rope, dry flowers, and an adhesive. With them, you can make charmingly natural-looking decor easily.

Click HERE to browse more easy DIY projects for your house’s walls.

16. Hang A Sunburst Mirror

Hang A Sunburst Mirror At The End of The Hallway
(Source: Pinterest)

Sometimes, simple is key. Instead of taking a plethora of measures to make your hallway look amazing, simply decorate it with a combination of a sunburst mirror and light furniture at the end of the hallway.

Any guest who enters the hallway will automatically be captivated by the aura they create.

17. Hallway Wall Decor Ideas Using Peel-and-Stick Decals

Hallway Wall Decor Ideas Using Peel-and-Stick Decals
(Source: 954bartend)

We have been covering hallway wall decor ideas for homes but this one is great for creative office spaces as well as your condo.

Just buy several colorful decals and stick them to your hallway wall to brighten up the place. They are easy to install and you can remove them when you want to change them.  

18. Hang Your Pet’s Portraits along the Hallway Wall

Hang Your Pet’s Portraits along the Hallway Wall
(Source: Room For Tuesday)

Your desire to make your pets the central part of the house will come true through this sophisticated wall decor idea for modern hallways.

It is similar to the family portrait idea but features a lot more portraits of cats and dogs in classic or abstract settings. 

Whether you opt for traditional or modern frames is up to you but make sure you keep your choice consistent. The pet lover in you will probably thank you endlessly for doing this.

19. Wood Hallway Wall Paneling

Wood Hallway Wall Paneling
(Source: Pinterest)

Last but not least, we have wood panels. Wood paneling is a modern-style decoration for walls and is a popular choice for condo hallways.

If you want to add some novelty, you can also get some LED lights installed in between several panels to keep the hallway bright.

This idea is simple, minimal, and modern, and will enhance your home’s ambiance.

We hope you enjoyed reading through our recommendations for hallway wall decor ideas. We have kept the list fairly diverse to make sure you find some nice options that suit the overall look you have opted for.

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