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32+ Easy Halloween Decoration Ideas for A More Impressive Space (2021)

Easy Halloween Decoration Ideas for A More Impressive Space

When many people think about Halloween parties, it often involves costumes and things like the best candy. Like you could dress up in your favorite Halloween costume, you can also get creative Halloween decoration ideas for your home, ensuring every inch of your home gets a fabulous festive feel and unique and scary in the Halloween season. 

Many of these DIY ideas are simple and easy to make and are ideal if you want to achieve a spooktastic feel on the inside and outside of your home. 

1.Halloween Decoration Ideas with a Color Palette

Halloween Decoration Ideas with a Color Palette
(Source: DigsDigs)

One of the best ideas to create a perfect look is to limit your décor’s color palette. For your Halloween mantel, you can use black and white shades of orange

You can also get a black bed frame and candles, which help you create a haunted atmosphere, perfect for the Halloween season. 

Metallics also complement a well-style vignette, so you can mix gold, copper, or silver to achieve an added touch of glam. 

2.DIY Halloween Spooky Spiders

DIY Halloween Spooky Spiders
(Source: Incountryvalueoman.net)

You can easily craft a Halloween spooky spider web. This is a fun Halloween craft you can use to spook up your home, indoors and outdoors. 

All you need to get started with the idea is inexpensive materials you can find in the craft store, and of course, your imagination to build a creepy Halloween prop. Spooky spider webs work perfectly with other Halloween props. 

3.Halloween Decoration Ideas with Bats Wall

Halloween Decoration Ideas with Bats Wall
(Source: Ella Claire)

There are many free bat templates you can use for Halloween decorations. This is great if you want to create a focal point in the living room. You can use both black and white tones depending on the dominant color profile in the room. 

To get started with this simple decoration idea, you need black card stock and scissors. You can keep the style simple and add some flapping paper bats. 

4.A Classic Fall Instead of Spooky Atmosphere

A Classic Fall Instead of Spooky Atmosphere
(Source: Pinterest)

Sometimes your celebration will include people who are not fans of Halloween or are sensitive to scares. In this case, you can combine fall and Halloween décor to cater to both sides. 

A classic fall front porch is a good idea as you can use orange tones and autumn maple leaves to achieve a spooky effect without being obviously Halloween-themed. 

5.Halloween Mummy Door Decoration Ideas

Halloween Mummy Door Decoration Ideas
(Source: Stocksy)

You can also display a freaky design on your door. There are many DIY ideas on how to mummify your front door that you can implement using strips of crepe paper

This is among the most effective ways to give your front door a frightful facelift that’s easy to craft and also easy to remove when the celebrations are over. 

6.Make Black Cat Pumpkins

Make Black Cat Pumpkins
(Source: Sunset Magazine)

Among DIY outdoor Halloween decorations, you can find fun projects involving pumpkins. This is a perfect way to explore trick-or-treaters, as you can use a litter of black cat pumpkins to achieve the perfect spooky effect. 

The kitties are carve-free and easy to craft, making them an ideal project for small kids or older children, of course, with some help from an adult. It’s a great way to celebrate Halloween as a family. 

7.Make DIY Witch Brooms As Halloween Decoration Ideas

Make DIY Witch Brooms As Halloween Decoration Ideas
(Source: Better Homes and Gardens)

A traditional twig broom is also a creative way to decorate your home for Halloween. You can make the decoration using a twig, a scrap of paper, and raffia. 

These diminutive brooms create an enchanting touch to your Halloween get-together and can offer a perfect midnight ride. A witch broomstick is a fun favor your guests can take home with them.  

8.Custom Your Halloween Window with Ghost Stickers

Custom Your Halloween Window with Ghost Stickers
(Source: Good Housekeeping)

Give your windows a haunting makeover for an amazing look that will set the theme during Halloween. Ghost silhouette stickers can transform your clear doors and windows into a spooktacular scene. 

These DIY ideas don’t require a lot of skill to install as the kit comes complete with everything you need to create a statement on your windows. 

9.Create A Halloween Shadowy Bedroom 

Create A Halloween Shadowy Bedroom 
(Source: Pinterest)

Add a shadowy Halloween scene in the master bedroom with an all-black theme. For this project, you need adhesive black vinyl sheets, which can add some creativity into an ordinary space for the perfect Halloween scene. 

Besides, this is a removable makeover, so you don’t need to worry about damaging your luxury bedroom, so you can restore the room’s décor when the Halloween season is over. 

10.Mummify Your Garden as a Halloween Decoration Ideas

Mummify Your Garden as a Halloween Decoration Ideas
(Source: HGTV)

Plants offer easy Halloween decorations if you want to also display the Halloween them throughout your garden. 

With strips of crepe paper, you can transition the front porch planter to spooktacular with a removable mummy makeover. These handmade decorations are easy to work on and you can invite your kids to the project. 

11.Create A Fun Ghostly Shapes

Create A Fun Ghostly Shapes
(Source: Woman’s Day)

Engage your creativity to make hilarious and cute Halloween decorations. For these, you need glue dots to stick construction paper mouths and eyes onto a white tissue paper bell. 

Then, drape them with cheesecloth to create ghostly shapes that you can place in different areas of your home. You can play around with colors, especially white and black, to achieve different effects, depending on the overall color theme in your home. 

12.Custom Oversized Creepy Mirror

Custom Oversized Creepy Mirror
(Source: Pinterest)

If you want ideas to transform your living room or bedroom, a custom oversized creepy mirror is among the DIY scary Halloween decorations you can explore. 

For the project, you don’t need anything fancy, as you can also use a mirror and transform it into a centuries-old look. Find a mirror in an ornate frame as this boosts the haunted house vibes. 

13.Halloween Door Candy Hanger Ideas

Halloween Door Candy Hanger Ideas
(Source: Hersheyland)

Doors are some of the areas of your home where you can display your creations to achieve the best effect. There are many trick-or-treaters candy hanger ideas you can make with creative pumpkin styles. 

You can use an old frame to emphasize the theme. This is an idea you can involve your children as it does not require complex materials or tools to work on. 

14.Man-Eating Monster Plants as a Halloween Decoration Ideas

Man-Eating Monster Plants as a Halloween Decoration Ideas
(Source: Craft Ideas- Ideas2Live4)

Man-eating monster houseplants are also effective if you want to implement unique Halloween decorations. These DIY essentials allow you to add spooky touches to different spaces, including the living room. 

Candy hanger ideas are simple as you can work on them quickly, making them perfect for a family with kids as you can involve them in the creative process of decorating your home for Halloween. 

15.Make An Accent Halloween Wall with Paper Pennants

Make An Accent Halloween Wall with Paper Pennants
(Source: Craft Box Girls)

What about transforming your wall with inexpensive Halloween decorating ideas. You don’t need anything strange to get started, as you can find a fabric Halloween banner that can help you create a colorful decoration, which can serve as a focal point in the room. 

These ideas are perfect for spaces like the living room or your bedroom because it’s easier to remove the decorations when the celebrations are over. 

16.Creepy Hands with Lantern Scene

(Source: Grandin Road)

Besides creating a vintage wall, you can light up your room with Halloween-inspired silhouette lanterns, achieving an amazing design. This is one of the best Halloween decor ideas, as you can print the silhouettes and trace them onto an adhesive shelf liner. 

Cut out the different shapes, then adhere them to the lanterns. You can fill your lanterns with candles, moss, and miniature gourds for the perfect finish. 

17.Halloween Decoration Ideas with Pumpkin Wreaths

Halloween Decoration Ideas with Pumpkin Wreaths
(Source AliExpress)

Pumpkins offer some of the best DIY outdoor Halloween decorations you can do for your home. It’s a great way to add orange lighting for the outdoors to go along with the Halloween theme you adopt for your indoors. 

The project is also easy to work on as you don’t require many items to implement. This is one of those Halloween ideas your kids can love to be a part of. 

18.Halloween Candy Wreath Ideas

Halloween Candy Wreath Ideas
(Source: Fun Learning Life)

Wreaths give you fun, easy ideas you can complete with your kids. Some of the candy cane ideas you can try out include creating a haunted house with bales of hay at the front entry and skeletons in the hay. 

Cobwebs and pumpkins layered in along with candelabras and LED black branches are some of the creative ways you can transform your home for Halloween. 

19.Recycle Old Pallet Wood Into Mummies

Recycle Old Pallet Wood Into Mummies
(Source: Woohome)

If you have wood pallets, you can recycle them for creative Halloween mummies. You can use reclaimed wood and strips of crepe paper to work on a DIY Halloween decoration for your home. 

Stack the palettes and on top, add friendly floating ghosts made of three pumpkins on top of each other. Even a simple DIY mummy sign will sure give your trick-or-treaters a reason to smile. 

20.Reuse Beach Ball as an Eye’s Door

Reuse Beach Ball as an Eye’s Door
(Source: Good Housekeeping)

Another way you can create a focal point for your home using easy DIY Halloween decorations is to reuse your beach balls to create an eye’s door. 

Big eye decorations don’t require getting new items from the store as you can work with things you already have around. As an alternative, you can also give guests creeps with all-seeing pumpkins on the front steps. 

21.Giant Ceiling Spider Decoration

(Source: incountryvalueoman.net)

If you’re not doing DIY Halloween party decorations, you’re missing the fun part of it all. You can create an oversized spider using a milk jug body, glue, and pipe insulation. 

Cut the spout off the milk jug and coat it with black glitter and decoupage glue. Attach the legs, then finish off with two red lids as the spider’s eyes. This is an awesome creation you will love on your ceiling. 

22.Halloween Tree DIY Decorations Ideas

Halloween Tree DIY Decorations Ideas
(Source: Country Living Magazine)

There are many ideas if you want to decorate your living space for Halloween, including adding handmade ornaments and transforming your Christmas tree to match the Halloween theme.

 For the Halloween tree, you can use twigs and leaves for the right ambiance or sculpt creepy faces. Also, pumpkins in the centerpiece and bat silhouettes can work perfectly to complete your setup. 

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23.Halloween Dining Room Decoration Ideas

Halloween Dining Room Decoration Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

For the perfect Halloween table ideas, you can embrace orange and black for a spooky Halloween gallery wall. Use natural materials to set the scene for the party. 

You can be creative with pumpkins, which can look stunning next to anything you decide to place on the table. If you prefer being simple, you can display them with a few berries and faux leaf accents. 

24.DIY Halloween Bug Wall Art 

DIY Halloween Bug Wall Art 
(Source: Good Housekeeping )

Create an accent wall with collections of shadowbox frames. There’s a wide variety of things you can work with, including playful wall hangers and art prints. You can find stickers for your decoration or embrace DIY ideas to improve the look on your accent wall. 

Play around with the colors and texture to make the effect more powerful. Even some framed Halloween photos can transform your wall greatly. 

25.Halloween Decoration Ideas with Candle Holder

Halloween Decoration Ideas with Candle Holder
(Source: Decoist)

When it comes to creepy DIY Halloween candle ideas, skulls are a preferred option for a scary setting. Skull candle holders that eulogize a human skull are among masterpieces that get people talking during Halloween. 

You can set the candle holder on your dinner table. Some ideas you can play with include a multiple skull candle holder, one stacked on another neatly to give a prominent design that includes a skull. 

26.Halloween Decorating Ideas Staircase

Halloween Decorating Ideas Staircase
(Source: Pinterest)

The staircase is a perfect section of your home that gives you an opportunity to display your creativity during Halloween. 

There are different ways to customize the staircase while doing Halloween house décor. You can add a creepy skeleton or a spider web spanning the entire rail, achieving a frightening scene, especially if the place is dimly lit. 

27.Recycle Tattered Draperies for Halloween Decoration Ideas

Recycle Tattered Draperies for Halloween Decoration Ideas
(Source: HGTV)

If you fancy adding a spooky touch to your front porch, you can use cheesecloth to create a haunted house Halloween atmosphere. All you need is poplar strips and cheesecloths. 

Boil water, then adds black tea, then soak the cheesecloth overnight to give the white toe an aged effect. Once dry, you can staple the cheesecloth to poplar strips then cut random holes with scissors or a knife to create runs on the fabric. 

28.Paper Mice Halloween Decoration Ideas

Paper Mice Halloween Decoration Ideas
(Source: Martha Stewart)

Crawley paper mice are a perfect DIY idea that you can have fun making with your kids. These are easy to make and offer an addition to your home that will enhance the Halloween theme. 

With a little supervision, your kids can do the cutting craft and stick the spooky critters on baseboards, stair risers, or on any spot where they can give unsuspecting passersby a jump. 

29.Make Spider’s Nest Ideas

Make Spider’s Nest Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

You can spook your visitors with a nest of creepy crawlers made of cotton and a little bug. This gives the perfect Halloween theme if you love the eight-legged crawly spiders. 

For this project, you don’t need glue as you can make the nest with cotton, which can hold the spiders in place, making this a kid-friendly project that will get everyone having fun. 

30.Halloween Bedding Sets Ideas

Halloween Bedding Sets Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Decorating your kid’s bedroom for Halloween is easy as you only need to find the right duvet cover. For Halloween decor, you can play around with the colors, add accessories, and decorations that can convey the desired theme. 

Black and white seem to be good choices, especially with scary busts, a watercolor rug, striped pumpkins, and a Beetlejuice gallery wall. A ghost dog, dolls, a bunting can also add to the theme. 

31.Unique Halloween Pumpkin Lights

Unique Halloween Pumpkin Lights
(Source: Pinterest)

Carving pumpkins is among the most fun Halloween activities as it allows you to show off your pumpkin-carving technique and also gives you an excuse to make delicious pepita recipes. 

This is a popular Halloween design that is handmade, so you don’t need fancy equipment to work with it. 

32.Wine Bottle Candlesticks Ideas

(Source: Primont Homes)

If you have wine bottles lying in your pantry, you can recycle them to make DIY classy Halloween decorations. 

You need an eerie flicker to complete your Halloween setup, so you can paint wine bottles with black paint, and once dry, insert a taper candle in the opening. 

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