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11+ Best Halloween Bedroom Ideas To Spook Up Your Nerves (2022)

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Looking for a Halloween bedroom ideas in Roommagic?

Will this amazing list of bedroom decor ideas just for you. See how to transform your sleeping space into an amazing oasis with these Halloween treats.

Whether you’re looking for a full-on spooky, cozy, or quaint room we’ve got an idea for you. Our extensive list will take a look at creepy, moody, and lively decor tips, just to name a few. Surely you’ll be amazed at how many different ways you can transform your space with the right amount of inspiration. Read on to see which look will be your favorite Halloween bedroom ideas!

How To Decorate Your Bedroom For Halloween

1. Halloween Bedroom in DIY-yyy

halloween bedroom ideas diy
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Why spend an arm and a leg in order to decorate your room for Halloween? Take some of your favorite fall decorations to create DIY Halloween decorations. Since Halloween bedroom ideas double up nicely as spooky-inspired room because of how deeply embedded this holiday is with the season. 

2. Halloween Bedroom in Spooky-yy

halloween bedroom ideas spooky
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You’ll find plenty of options available if you want to create a spooky Halloween bedroom ideas. Thus, start by using Halloween decorations and accents throughout your bedroom. A classic “boo” throw pillow is a great decor element to use. Also consider decorating with bats, neon lighting, and other Halloween decor. 

3. Goth-ic

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The gothic style is very popular, especially during the month of October. This decor style is perfect for putting together elegant Halloween decorations that are chic yet spooky. Also get in the spirit by using spooky and mysterious Halloween decor like this ghoulish statue. Play around with dark tones, but don’t be afraid to use Golden accents. This is a great way to play classic gothic style. 

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4. Halloween Bedroom in Scary-yy

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Scary Halloween decorations are one of the best ways to pull off a very bold Halloween themed bedroom ideas. This spooky style goes really well with Fall bedroom decor because spooky and October go hand-in-hand. Still, just because you go spooky doesn’t mean you have to go out of style. Incorporate spooky design alongside your fall decor and you’ll have a really beautiful space. Try out spooky but eye-catching bedroom decor like this kind.

5. Cute-yyy

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Halloween decor does not have to be all spook and gloom. Surely, you can create a really cute style using Kawaii, pink, and patterned accents. This Halloween bedroom ideas here looks charming because it incorporates elements of Halloween, but doesn’t use overbearing tones. Keep it nice and airy by using light earthy colors. Especially add in cute Halloween decor like a smiley pumpkin throw pillow.  Over your headboard, incorporate a vibrant handmade garland that exudes the Halloween spirit. 

6. Modern o’ Lantern

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Keep the Halloween decorations indoors classy and modern by trying out this calming look. Although, a stylish jack-o’-lantern on your nightstand, subtle Halloween throw pillows, and orange accents are ways to do this. A look like this keeps your home styled to your liking, but adds in subtle elements of the Halloween spirit. It’s the perfect way to dress up your bedroom if you’re looking for minimal effort and maximum style.

7. Girls like Spooky

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Girls love spooky Halloween bedroom ideas, and this look is one of the best room decors for an easy style to pull off. Therefore you don’t need to put in a lot of effort to create this festive appeal. Small touches that make a big difference include a pumpkin garland hung over the bed frame. Additionally, swapping out your bedding for cute Halloween bedding will help with the appeal too. A calming boo sign and black cat pillow are great accessories as well.

8. Boys like Scary

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Certainly, this next look is a really cool way to put together a boy’s bedroom. It’s easy to pull off this look, including black, gray, and orange to create a festive vibe. Using a large orange cat wall decal that serves as a headboard can be a great starting point. Therefore, add in a matching comforter and pumpkin craft lighting for a nice touch. This is a very fun look to pull off. Plus, it’s a nice way to put together a boy’s bedroom. 

9. Classic Halo-ween

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This look is definitely all about enjoying the holiday spirit. Go classic by using traditional Halloween bedsheets, wall art, and decor accessories. Emphasize tones including black and orange so that your bedroom exudes the holiday spirit. Besides hanging up wall art of some of your favorite holiday movies and characters is a nice finishing touch as well. With a look like this, feel the freedom of going all out. There is no wrong way to decorate, so long as you have fun and put the Halloween spirit on full display.

10. Halloween Wall Style

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This next look is one of the best Halloween bedroom ideas decoration tips, however if you are looking for a simple yet elegant bedroom decor style. Use a monochromatic wall art style that highlights spooky and scary artwork. Of course, swap out photos for some spooky graphics. Incorporate holiday decor elements, and other decals that exude the holiday spirit. Although you can create a really mature yet fun look using this design idea. 

11. Cozy in the Scariest Place

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Create this cozy sleeping space in a matter of minutes using some orange Halloween twinkle lights. This look is very calming, inviting, and appealing. You can use different types of lights to pull this link together. Twinkle lighting with skull or pumpkin gems is ideal. But warm, yellow lights work just as well. The best part is that you really have to put in minimal effort to pull this off. So add in touches of the holiday spirit using graphics and Halloween bedding. The end result is a lovely warm cozy bedroom.

halloween bedroom ideas Color Trending
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Although Halloween is known for its dark and overwhelming tones. Who says this is the color pallet you have to go with? With this look, use burnt orange, red, and an autumn theme to create a vibrant space. Throughout the room, use bright pops of color to help make the room look even more open and airy. When you play with these types of tones, and this design style, you can create a really cozy and inviting bedroom. It’ll quickly transform into a space that you’ll love spending all your time in. The beauty about this look is that you can keep it up beyond Halloween. It lends really well to an overall Halloween bedroom ideas as well.

Halloween Bedroom Decor And Accessories 

Halloween is such a joyful holiday. It’s also one filled with lots of opportunities to decorate and dress up your home. When you’re thinking about different Halloween bedroom ideas, consider how you’ll use elements like rugs, pillows, and wall art. 

These are all great ways to incorporate some of the fun activities you enjoyed during this spooky holiday. Going to the pumpkin patch, visiting a haunted house, and exploring corn mazes are some things that should come to mind. When you decorate your home, think about all the different ways you can pull these activities into your decor. Using photos that appeal to these activities is one way to find inspiration. 

Once it’s time to start decorating, the go-to items you should tackle are the linens in your room. These are the easiest to swap out for Halloween-themed decor. For example, incorporate Halloween-themed bed sheets with matching curtains. This is an easy way to splash the festive holiday all throughout your room. Accentuate with Halloween stuffed animals, festive candles, spooky lighting, and other decor accessories.


Halloween bedroom ideas is one of the most festive types of themes. The key to pulling off a beautiful room is having fun with it. When you have fun, you can incorporate different accessories, patterns, and styles that complement one another. 

Then, you’ll be amazed at all the different styles you can incorporate with the spooky theme. Be sure to let us know in the comments section below which of these ideas were your favorite!

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