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20+ Green Nursery Ideas to Brighten Up Your Child’s Space

20+ Green Nursery Ideas to Brighten Up Your Child’s Space

Color will be an important thing to consider when setting up a baby room. A green nursery is one of the most popular alternatives for your baby’s room. There are so many tones you can use to create a bright and cheerful ambiance, but a green nursery is one of the most popular options for your baby’s room.

Exploring green nursery ideas will allow you to decorate your little ones’ space in a manner that promotes creativity and life. The color green represents growth, brightness, and happiness, all concepts you want to surround youtube baby inn. 

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the best green nursery room designs to try out. These color options will open your eyes to a variety of decor styles, many of which solely focus on the green as the main color. 

Let’s take a look at these different design styles, where you will find a look that you will love. 

Gorgeous Green Nursery Design and Decorating Ideas

1. Sage green baby room

Sage green baby room
(Source: Pinterest)

Sage green is a really nice calming and warm color for a gender-neutral nursery. This calming stone is very versatile and can work well in a variety of design styles. 

One of the best ways to incorporate this calm hue is by using gold accents alongside other earthy tones. This will really help to focus the attention on the green without causing it to be overwhelming.  

You can brighten up the space by using lots of white and incorporating it through linens in the bedroom. Adding in a potted plant is another great way to help liven up the space as well. 

2. Textured wall ideas

Textured wall ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A textured wall with an evergreen accent tone can be a great way to design a gender-neutral bedroom. This green baby’s room is very calming, sophisticated, yet warm and welcoming. This look will stand out if you limit the green texture to a single accent wall. 

For the rest of the walls, use lots of white and wooden overtones. This will help you play up that earthy atmosphere. 

3. Forest green nursery ideas

Forest green nursery ideas
(Source: Bless’er House)

Forest green is a lovely tone to use for creating a charming nursery. This look is especially great for putting together a woodland baby boy nursery. The easiest way to pull off this look is by painting the bottom half of the wall a forest green. 

Then, add in some greenery forest wallpaper to accentuate the wall paint. Use lots of wooden accents and white to help open up the space and brighten the room. 

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4. Best blue and green baby’s room

Best blue and green baby’s room
(Source: Pinterest)

A green and navy nursery is a great style to go with for a modern baby room. This look is gender neutral and perfect for creating an open and airy space. Use the light green on the walls to help brighten up the room. 

When it comes to linens, curtains, and even the bedding, accent it with a navy blue. This nice mix of colors will give you a really warm and welcoming environment. 

5. Olive green furniture 

Olive green furniture 
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the most upscale trends this season uses this dark olive shade of green. Olive is a very mature yet warm color tone for children of all ages. It’s slowly becoming one of the most popular nursery colors this season. 

Because this tone can be very dark and overwhelming, limit its use to the crib and the bedroom furniture. Throughout the rest of the room, use lots of white to help brighten up the space. 

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6. Mint baby room

Mint baby room
(Source: chips.org)

Pastel shades of mint are a really calming way to decorate a baby‘s room. These soft green walls give an atmosphere that is inviting, relaxing, and utterly beautiful. 

One of the best ways to decorate a room like this is by using wicker, bamboo, and other natural elements. These light brown tones will help accent the soft mint green. You’ll have an atmosphere that is absolutely dazzling with a look like this. 

7. A shade of dark green

A shade of dark green
(Source: Lauren McCormick Photography)

A hunter green bedroom is a really marvelous look for a little boy or a little girl’s bedroom. This gender-neutral theme is very easy to relax in as well. If you’re putting together a little girl’s room, one of the best ways to dress it up is by using a large pink rug. 

This will give you a cute little peach paradise that you and your little one will love. You can also keep it very boyish by using tones of white and yellow instead. 

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8. Jungle green nursery ideas

Jungle green nursery ideas
(Source: HGTV)

You can create a really calming bohemian nursery by giving it a jungle theme. Display a large jungle wallpaper that serves as the accent wall. 

Decorate the rest of the room in tones like light green and yellow to help accentuate the jungle wall. A bedroom like this is not only very fun and inviting, but it’s a perfect way to create creative space. 

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9. Dark hues

Dark hues
(Source: The Bump)

Create a dark and moody green accent hue by displaying an accent wall in your child’s nursery. This accent wall will help set the tone for the rest of the room. Accentuate the nursery by using green accent hues on the crib and other furniture. 

Because these dark hues can be a little gloomy, use lots of white spruce and brighten the bedroom up. 

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10. Fresh green baby’s room with nature

Fresh green baby’s room with nature
(Source: Project Nursery)

This DIY nursery room idea is perfect if you’re looking to create a tropical paradise. A bedroom like this is very welcoming, warm, and inviting. Pull this look together by incorporating some natural greenery into the bedroom. 

Whether it hangs from the wall or is perched on a windowsill, the greenery will help brighten up the space. Both colors like red and yellow are also great ways to give the room a happy and inviting atmosphere too. 

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11. Half and half color

Half and half color
(Source: Pinterest)

Using dark green alongside an all-white tone is a great way to create a distinct look in your child’s nursery. With a bedroom like this, the two tones can help you give the space some personality. 

Dress up the rest of the room by using a personalized canvas with custom at work. Don’t forget to use lots of earthy tones like brown, gray, and beige to help complement the dark green as well. 

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12. Emerald green nursery decorating ideas

Emerald green nursery decorating ideas
(Source: The House That Lars Built)

An emerald background is such a great way to create a bedroom full of inspiration. This dazzling color is very invigorating, bright, and welcoming. 

One way to really allow this color to pop is by incorporating a crocodile rug and some tropical plants. These elements will give the room the feeling of a tropical getaway. 

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13. Green cactus for baby room painting ideas

Green cactus for baby room painting ideas
(Source: Amanda May Photography)

One of the most popular trending ideas for a gender-neutral bedroom is a cactus plant theme. A really fun and aesthetic way to put this theme together is by incorporating catches wall prints and decals along with the room. 

You can do so via an accent wall, or you can incorporate them on all the walls. Either way, you will have a really lively, inspiring, yet calming bedroom atmosphere. 

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15. The light tone for the airy nursery

The light tone for the airy nursery
(Source: Caner Ofset)

Sometimes, a light and airy nursery is the best way to create a relaxing and invigorating space for your little one. 

Pale green is a really calming tone for nursery decor. If the nursery has lots of natural light, this is a tone that can reflect and make the room feel even brighter. It’s a perfect way to create a nice and airy bedroom that is both inviting and cozy. 

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15. Tropical green for baby room

Tropical green for baby room
(Source: Pinterest)

If you’re going for a more natural vibe, check out a tropical green theme. This dark bright hue will help you create such a stunning space for your baby. It’s also a really fun and simple look to put together as well. 

Start by incorporating a large tropical leaf as an accent wall. Then, match the flooring by using a similar-shaped large rug. The ambiance of tropical leaves creates such a fun and calming environment. You can even add hints of beige or dusty rose to help complement the green. Love this look? 

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16. Use a variety of bright colors

Use a variety of bright colors
(Source: Peakpx)

Use a variety of bright and pastel colors to help bring a fun atmosphere into the room. Incorporate hues like light blue, pastel, and even yellow to pull off this look. These charming tones will allow you to create a really bright and airy space. 

Plus, the bright colors are great for your baby to gaze upon when they play in their room. 

17. Green, black and white nursery 

Green, black and white nursery
(Source: Decor Pad)

Go modern with this next look that uses green, black, and white. Start by incorporating a green shiplap wall that also serves as an accent wall. Then, throughout the rest of the room use black and white items to decorate the space. 

Incorporate in black and white through the linens, accent pillows, and other decor items. You’ll have a really mature modern nursery once you’re all done designing. 

18. Make some adorable wall art for your baby’s room

Make some adorable wall art for your baby's room
(Source: HGTV)

This next look is the perfect inspiration for creating a DIY nursery for your little one to enjoy. This green accent wall incorporates some fun dinosaurs, but you can use any type of character or design that you would like. 

For a little more inspiration, you can even use artwork from your little ones’ favorite cartoon or nursery rhyme. Have fun with this look and personalize it to your child’s liking. 

19. A warm nursery with an all-green vibe

A warm nursery with an all-green vibe
(Source: Decorpad)

A large baby’s room can feel a bit overbearing. One way to make a large room feel much cozier is by giving it a warm and cozy atmosphere. You can do this by incorporating different shades of green throughout the space. 

One way is by incorporating a forest green ceiling. The ceiling will help to warm up the atmosphere in the room so that it feels cozier, calmer, and inviting.

20. A focal point with a green canopy bed

A focal point with a green canopy bed
(Source: Pinterest)

Give your baby’s room a green focal point by using a lovely green canopy over the bed. A dark shade of green can help you put together a sweet baby nursery. The canopy can be a fun element for your little one to enjoy. 

Plus, the darkness it will provide will allow your baby to feel cozy and calm as they drift off to sleep. 

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It’s easy to see why green nursery ideas have been growing in popularity over the past couple of years. Green is such a calming, welcoming, and invigorating color to use in your little one’s space. 

And as you can see, there are so many ways you can use these different shades when putting your child’s room together. We hope this extensive list of using green in your child’s room has helped inspire you. 

Be sure to share with us in the comments section below which of these looks you love!

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