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27+ Best Green Bedroom Design Ideas for 2022 That Will Make Your Space Feel Fresher

Green Bedroom Ideas To Help You Transform Your Sleeping Space in 2021
(Source: Interior Design Ideas)

With a little bit of inspiration and a lot of fun, you can create a stunning green bedroom that highlights your personality. 

In the aesthetic bedroom colors, green is such a commanding color. It can be used in a variety of ways to create the bedroom of your dreams.

In our extensive list of ways to recreate a fresh, natural, and relaxing bedroom, we will put a spotlight on some of our most favorite decorating themes, styles, and patterns. 

Stick around to see which one will work best in your sleeping space!

Best Green Bedroom Design ideas

1.Build A Classic Vibe with Dark Green Bedroom 

Build A Classic Vibe with Dark Green Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Update your sleeping space with this contemporary bedroom design. Start by creating a dark color wall that will serve as the accent part of the room. This will be the part of the room in which your headboard will be against as well. 

Next, center a beautiful piece of contemporary or personalized artwork above your bed’s headboard. Because dark hues can be an overpowering color, accessorize the room using lighter-colored furniture pieces and accessories.

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2.A Hunter Green Bedroom with Board and Batten

A Hunter Green Bedroom with Board and Batten
(Source: DigsDigs)

Modernize your sleeping space with a simple yet attention-grabbing accent piece. Use wall moldings to create a 3-D geometrical effect. And then paint over them using a deep forest tone to create an alluring yet refreshing atmosphere in your room. 

Accent the deep wall moldings with a wooden nightstand and other wooden accent pieces and you have got a very natural-looking bedroom to call yours. 

3.A Green and Brown Bedroom Ideas

A Green and Brown Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Decoist)

You can also create a rustic look using the color green. Because this is such a natural color, it pairs well with wooden accents, so start by painting on a light brown wall as the focal point of your room (you can also paint all the walls brown too). 

Next, add in a chair, and match it to a nightstand or frame.  

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4.Open Sleeping Space

Open Sleeping Space
(Source: Hommes Studio)

If you have lots of windows or even a glass door in your bedroom, then this next look is a great one to go with.

The visibility of the outdoors makes a room full of earthy tones like different shades of green and lightly brown a spectacular and calming environment. 

There are different brown and bed sets that use mahogany wood or oak that will pair nicely to this outdoor-inspired bedroom. And because you will have a lot of natural light coming in, you do not have to rely on linens or furniture to brighten the space up. 

5.Brighten Up Your Bedroom with Green and White Color

Brighten Up Your Bedroom with Green and White Color
(Source: Spacejoy)

Sage green is such a calming color and it can work beautifully in any sleeping space, especially one that has a large window. Create a new vibe in your bedroom by using sage green and white color paint on the wall. 

You can also hang up different floral pictures or personal photos that incorporate this lovely color too. Help brighten up the room by using lots of white elements including a bed, furniture, and even a carpet.

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6.A Lime Green Bedroom To Wake You Up

A Lime Green Bedroom To Wake You Up
(Source: Appie.org)

A bright hue like lime green can be a great color to use in a little kid’s room or a teenage bedroom. What makes this color so fantastic is that it will automatically brighten up a bedroom, even a small one. 

One of the best ways to use this color is by incorporating it in different storage options like drawers under the bed, and shelves in the corners of the room. Complement this lime with bedding and furniture and you have a beautiful aesthetic that is fun and lively.

7.Green Exposed Brickwork

Green Exposed Brickwork
(Source: Adobe Stock)

Exposed brick is such a unique design element that can create a sophisticated and simple look without much effort. You can use several shades of green or just one to vamp up your exposed brickwork. 

Because brick has a rough look, playing around with a darker hue is typically best. You can pull this look off smoothly by incorporating other natural elements like potted plants and wooden furniture.

8.Create A Forest Inside Your Sleeping Space

Create A Forest Inside Your Sleeping Space
(Source: Pinterest)

Whisk yourself away in a charming environment by creating a tropical setting in your own bedroom. 

Start by hanging houseplants above your bed that provide not only a natural look, but fresh air too. Don’t be shy about using an abundance of tropical plants and house plans, just remember to incorporate plenty of simple elements throughout the furniture and bedding as well.

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9.A Tropical Green Bedroom Ideas

A Tropical Green Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

If you love a tropical-themed bedroom, but do not want the hassle of taking care of live tropical plants or house plants, then use botanical prints or artwork wall murals to create a tropical atmosphere in your bedroom. 

Pair your wall mural with a gold-framed bed and other gold accents for a touch of elegance too. A ceiling, carpet, and other accents in the furniture and hanging artwork will also complement a botanical theme.

10.Modern Look with Neon Lights

Modern Look with Neon Lights
(Source: atomi)

Sometimes, the smallest bedroom elements can make the biggest statements. Use a green palm tree neon light to serve as the focal point in your bedroom. This eclectic piece can tie together a room fit for a college student or a young adult. 

Incorporate other elements of dark hues in storage bins and in bedroom accessories to continue the theme of a palm tree.

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11.Combine Green and Beige Color 

Combine Green and Beige Color
(Source: Poster Store)

Create a stunning summer design in your bedroom by playing around with muted hues of dark green. You can easily put together this charming bedroom design by using green bedding paired with linens and pillows. 

You can also hang up framed artwork that has images of tropical plants and flowers too. If you have other interests or hobbies, you can incorporate those into the artwork instead if you prefer.

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12.A Cool Light Green Bedroom Design

A Cool Light Green Bedroom Design
(Source: Pinterest)

Calm light green is a wonderful and relaxing color to go with if you want a neutral color to paint your walls with. A muted green hue can be brightened up with furniture, bedding, and framed artwork. 

This muted minty color is perfect if you want a pop of color but would like to maintain a pale color scheme in your sleeping space. In contrast, structure your bedroom design with wooden furniture if you want a more earthy tone. 

13.Emerald Tones Can Make Your Bedroom Mysterious

Emerald Tones Can Make Your Bedroom Mysterious
(Source: Pinterest)

Emerald green is such a stunning color and can be wonderful for designing a bedroom. This color pairs well with a vintage design theme. You can use this color as the base color and then pair it with a golden or beautiful bed. 

You can also incorporate elements of gold in a vintage mirror, light fixture, or sitting chair. This hue is a little bit on the darker side meaning it will pair well with other darker hues like purple and dark wood. 

14.A Look of High-end Luxe with Gold

A Look of High-end Luxe with Gold and Green Bedroom
(Source: Novocom. top)

Green can be such a fantastic color for exuding luxury. After all, green is the color of money. Put together this really unique design by using a dark mossy accent wall underneath a golden ceiling. 

For an absolutely gorgeous touch, create a mural along one wall where the gold paint appears to be dripping. When it comes to accessorizing the room, help balance it out by adding bedding framed with artwork and other accessories. 

15.A Luxe Bedroom with A Wall of Unique Quartzite 

A Luxe Bedroom with A Wall of Unique Quartzite
(Source: Awesome Decors)

An emerald quartzite backdrop can be a beautiful backdrop that exudes luxury. This can be a fantastic look to go with if you have a particularly large master bedroom, especially since this look can be dark and overbearing. 

Elements to consider incorporating in this room are golden light fixtures with bulbs, a contemporary bed frame, and other unique elements too.  

16.Green and Black Bedroom

Green and Black Bedroom
(Source: ITW Performance Polymers)

A green and black bedroom is a unique color combination that is slowly growing in popularity, especially when it comes to designing a men’s bedroom. 

Incorporate a dark hue on the walls and add in a black headboard to support a bed that will be dressed in dark linens. You can add wall art if you like, but golden or dark meta light fixtures and simple sconces can be ways to decorate instead. 

17.Purple Accent in A Green Bedroom

Purple Accent in A Green Bedroom
(Source: areamobili)

A light hue along with a nice lavender can go surprisingly well together, especially if you want to put together a modern girl’s bedroom. 

Contrast the purple and the green by using purple on furniture and green on beddings and linen. If you want to incorporate floral elements, then bedding with wisteria prints can be a great pattern to go with. 

18.Your Green Backdrop As A Garden 

Your Green Backdrop As A Garden
(Source: Twitter)

If you want to have some fun with lively green bedroom ideas, then this look is certainly one to play around with. 

Start by cultivating a plant backdrop with perfectly large tropical leaves and a great background. If you have windows in the room, you can even incorporate decals for the glasses of your window too.

19.A Vertical Garden Bedroom

A Vertical Garden Bedroom
(Source: Flickr)

Create a fantastic 3-D wall mural and by putting together a fresh grass backdrop made out of lush green plastic plants. If you want a little bit more floral in the wall mural, you can certainly add pieces of your favorite flower too. 

Accentuate the fresh grass mural by hanging spotlights along the sides or the top of the wall. Set up your perfect bed frame along this wall and you’ll have a fantastic sleeping space to call yours. 

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20.Half and Half Color Theme

Half and Half Color Theme
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a really unique bedroom design by playing around with two tones and creating a half-and-half theme using green and another color. To create this neat effect, paint half of the room and the other half white. 

Keep the room light and airy by using a bed frame and bed sheet set. Accentuate the room with a large picture of the foot or the head of your bed and decorate it with items according to the different parts of your room.

21.A Pink and Green Bedroom Scheme

A Pink and Green Bedroom Scheme
(Source: Pinterest)

For a very mature bedroom design using the color green, incorporate elements of pink as well. This theme is popular with many women because of its sheer beauty. 

Use a very soft pink that almost looks like a pale white to put this look together. Paint the bottom portion of your walls with a darker green and the upper portion with soft pink. 

Accentuate the room with a soft pink vanity table and a light-colored sitting chair. You can even tie in metal fixtures that use gold to add to femininity. 

22.Green Lacquered Build A Modern Bedroom

Green Lacquered Build A Modern Bedroom
(Source: Katie considers)

A glossy bedroom can be a really neat design for a child’s room or a playroom. What makes this aesthetic neat is that the glossy paint can reflect light and can make the room seem “shiny”. 

Not only that but because children’s rooms tend to get really messy, wiping away the stains off of the wall can be really easy. For bigger girls, pair this color with dark pink paint and floral prints and you’ll have a beautiful aesthetic. 

23.Simple Looks with A Green Headboard

Simple Looks
(Source: Pinterest)

You can go simple with this next design by sticking with neutral paint colors like gray. And You Can create a focal point through a large upholstered headboard. 

This mature look can be a great bedroom aesthetic for couples. And It is one of the best designs to go with if you are putting together a larger-sized bedroom. 

If you need a little bit more green in the room, You can sneak it in through a large area rug or a framed photograph. 

24.Go Bright with An Orange and Soft Shade of Green Bedroom

Go Bright with An Orange and Soft Shade of Green
(Source: Decorpad)

Create a beautiful and cozy atmosphere by mixing a soft green with a pop of orange. Use a base paint of light green and then incorporate elements of this tone through a table and throw pillows. 

Give the room a burst of energy by using orange blankets and even an orange sofa. Wake up in the morning in this bright room and you are sure to have a great start to your day!

25.Olive Bedroom Ideas

Olive Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Olive is such a stunning and elegant color so it only makes sense that the olive color is a great one to design with. 

Put together this beautiful room by using olive in the bedding, throw blankets, and area rugs. Accentuate the olive color with darker views like gray in a foot bench or nightstand. 

26.A Subtle Marble Backdrop for Bedroom

A Subtle Marble Backdrop for Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

A mint hue of turquoise green can be a unique color scheme to play with if you want to create colorful energy in your room. 

Use this color to create marbled wall paint. You can do this by mixing mint turquoise and taking large sweeps with a large hand brush to pull the look together. 

Because this color can be overbearing, you want to really use the lightest shade of it. This will help brighten up your space and breathe relaxing air into it. 

27.Best Jade Green Paint Color for Bedroom

Best Jade Green Paint Color for Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Jade green can be a stunning color to design with because it is so powerful. Start by creating a jade wall that you can decorate around. 

Get creative and hang up inspired image quotes and artwork around your nightstand or above your headboard. 

Use white in the bedding, pillows, and in other decor accessories to help balance out the brightness in the room. 

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Creating a green bedroom can be such a fun way to breathe new life in your sleeping space. We hope that our extensive list of green design themes for your sleeping space has inspired you to play around with this vibrant, natural hue.

Be sure to share this article with someone who’s thinking about incorporating a little more greenery into their bedroom. And don’t forget to share with us your favorite design theme in the comment section below!

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