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21+ Gray Nursery Ideas To Transform Your Baby’s Nursery 

Gray Nursery Ideas To Transform Your Baby’s Nursery

Gray nursery ideas have conveniently been exploding in popularity because of this trending design style. One of the best modern decor ideas for your child’s nursery is monochromatic space.

But how exactly do you pull together a bedroom that is as fabulous as the little one who will be sleeping in it? Today, we’ll be taking a look at some of this season’s most trending decor styles. From wallpaper to monochromatic colors to bedroom furniture and other elements that will help you create a really welcoming space, we’ll explore them all. Read on to see which of these design styles you will fall in love with. 

Gorgeous Gray Nursery Design and Decorating Ideas

1. Minimalist gray nursery ideas

Minimalist gray nursery ideas
(Source: Ideal Home)

A minimally decorated nursery is a timeless color scheme for a small baby’s room. This look is very classic, welcoming, and not overly stimulating. For little babies, this is the perfect way to relax and unwind. 

It’s also an overall peaceful decor style for parents who are looking to incorporate a more simplistic design theme throughout their home.

2. A beautiful coastal gray baby’s room

A beautiful coastal gray baby’s room
(Source: Pinterest)

A look like this is a really nice way to put together a coastal-themed room. The light and airy colors that come with this type of theme are very inviting, and soothing. This makes them perfect decor elements to incorporate into a child’s bedroom. 

Using wrought iron furniture like a metal crib and wooden pieces with iron accents are great accents to use as well. This will offer a nice mixture of white, beige, and dark gray that will also lend well to this look.

3. Gray striped nursery walls

Gray striped walls
(Source: WallpaperSafari)

Selecting wallpaper for a nursery room can be difficult because of all the patterns and prints available. However, sometimes the best design to go with is a simplistic look like a gray striped wallpaper. 

This look is very elegant, inviting, and soothing for little kids. It will give the room a really nice appeal that lends itself well to the rest of the home’s decor. For pops of color, you can use yellow, blue, or even pink on bedding, curtains, or other linens in the room. 

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4. Gray pictures 

Gray pictures 
(Source: Lotus Nursery Prints)

Hanging up cute pictures like framed images of the moon and stars can be a great way to dress up your baby’s room. Incorporating an art workroom into your child’s sleeping space is a nice way to tug at their creative side. 

These gentle images are very relaxing and soothing. Plus, they offer a really nice vibe to the overall atmosphere in the room. 

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5. Dark gray nursery crib ideas

Dark gray nursery crib ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A dark-gray can be another great tone to incorporate into a child’s bedroom. Dark toned furniture with a matching crib and dresser set can really help set the tone in a bedroom. 

Because this color can be a little overwhelming, incorporate lots of white and beige tones throughout. This will help to give you a really nice rustic vibe throughout the rest of the room.

6. Agreeable gray tones

Agreeable gray tones
(Source: Project Nursery)

Use a touch of beige to complement the gray tones in your child’s bedroom. You don’t want to go overboard because this will create a little bit of an eclectic look in the space. 

However, light beige will help brighten up the space making it look and feel more airy and welcoming. You can incorporate these calming tones in wall paintings, bedroom decor, and even linens. 

7. Pink and gray nursery ideas

Pink and gray nursery ideas
(Source: Decoist)

Put together a charming bedroom for your baby girl by incorporating these lovely tones together. You can set an accent wall made out of these dark shades and then compliment them using pink hues. 

Hanging up a pink curtain or putting down a pink area rug is a way you can play up this lovely theme. 

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8. Perfect gray and white hue

gray and white hue
(Source: Pinterest)

Light grey and white is a really popular color combination when blending two different tones together for interior design. These beautiful shades complement one another very well because they work in tandem to create a brighter space. 

This brightness and that airy, open feeling lend themselves really well when putting together small nurseries. The brightness in the room will make the space feel a lot bigger than it actually is. 

9. Gray baby’s room textured walls

Gray baby’s room textured walls
(Source: Pinterest)

Create textured walls in your little one’s bedroom in order to pull off a really sophisticated and clean look. 

You can use large square molding to help put together this accent wall. Paint the moldings a dark shade so that it will stand out. Throughout the rest of the room, use different tones of beige, white, gray, and even rose to help dress up the space.  

10. Ivy Jungle Safari Theme

Ivy jungle safari theme
(Source: Pinterest)

A gray elephant bedding set is a perfect way to incorporate a jungle theme all while staying with a neutral color palette. This lovely nursery theme can really help brighten up any space, especially if it’s a small sleeping space. 

Wall decals of jungle animals are another great way to incorporate color into the room as well. Pops of orange, yellow, and green are a really nice way to complement the monochromatic animal theme. 

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11. Modern gray changing table

Modern gray changing table
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a modernly designed changing table corner that both you and your little one will love. This functional changing table can also serve as an area for your little one to get dressed too. 

Hanging up a circular mirror above the changing table will really help exemplify the look of this piece of furniture. Use a monochromatic color with any decor pieces you use and you’ll have a really modern and vibrant look to your space. 

12. Animal nursery rug ideas

Animal rug ideas
(Source: Little Jax)

A  really popular trend to use in your child’s bedroom is an animal rug that serves as a decor piece and play area for your child. 

A monochromatic carpet with an elephant, tiger, or other animal on it can be a great source of inspiration. This look is very fun yet inviting and charmingly sophisticated all at the same time. 

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13. Light gray nursery decor ideas

Light gray nursery decor ideas
(Source: rchiips)

If you have large windows in your nursery, use the natural lighting outdoors to help create a really open space inside. Soft charcoal and white tones help brighten up the space alongside the large windows. 

By allowing lots of natural light to enter, you can create a really inviting and airy atmosphere that both you and your little one are sure to love. If you want to add in bursts of color, you can easily do so through the linens in the room. 

14. Lilac and gray tones

Lilac and gray tones
(Source: Homedit)

You can create a really magical lavender nursery by incorporating hints of light purple throughout the room. If you have enough wall space, using a large canvas that displays some purple wall art is a great way to set the tone. 

Incorporate other bits of lavender through the bedding, the carpet, and other decor pieces. The end result is a very relaxing and inviting space.

15. Combine gray and earthy tones

Combine gray and earthy tones
(Source: Houzz)

Wooden tones compliment a gray color palette really well. Using warm natural textures is also a great way to pull earthy vibes into your child’s bedroom as well. 

You can easily do this by using wooden furniture pieces including a wooden crib and dresser. To add more emphasis to the earthy decor, you can also use different textures of wood and natural elements. 

16. Dark gray for the baby’s room

Dark gray for baby’s room
(Source: homenish)

Dark gray in a baby’s room might seem like a dramatic look, but it’s a really modern color that doesn’t receive nearly as much recognition as it deserves. 

This is an especially great color to consider if you have a large bedroom with plenty of natural light. The natural light will complement the rest of the room really well. This will give the room a very vibrant and modern feel.

17. Gray-blue nursery ideas

Gray-blue nursery ideas
(Source: TLC Interiors)

You can create a really relaxing ocean vibe in your child’s nursery by using pops of gray and blue. A gray-blue nursery is very uplifting, calming, and overly relaxing. 

One of the best ways to pull this look together is by using tufted furniture like a calming tones accent chair and a matching crib. Incorporate the light blue through wall art, bedroom linens, and other decor elements. 

18. Gray flower wall ideas

Gray flower wall ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Using a monochrome flower print wallpaper can be such a charming way to dress up a nursery room. You can create this floral nursery by setting up an accent wall that uses these floral prints. 

For the rest of the room, use charming tones like rose, gold, and white to accentuate the wallpaper. The end result is a very charming bedroom fit for a little princess.

19. Add more plants 

Add more plants 
(Source: Pinterest)

Compliment the light gray in your bedroom by incorporating potted plants. Plants are a really natural and vibrant way to add green color to your room. You can do so by using wall art that displays plants. 

However one of the best ways is by incorporating live houseplants.  A small fern or potted tree in the corner of the bedroom can be a great way to start pulling this look together. 

20. Gray and orange nursery decor ideas

Gray and orange nursery decor ideas
(Source: Gredoson.org)

You can create a really vibrant nursery by putting together charcoal and orange bedroom decor. Incorporate a tree wall sticker that implements the color orange. 

This warm color will transform your bedroom space into an inviting and welcoming environment. Your little one is sure to enjoy the vibrancy that will be found in this space. 

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21. A cozy nursery with a gray canopy crib

A cozy nursery with a gray canopy
(Source: A matter of style)

You can pull off a fairy tale atmosphere by using a cute crib bed canopy over your child’s bed. The canopy can serve as a really nice way to block off all the light when it’s time to go to sleep. 

It’s of course also a fabulous way to give your child’s bedroom a really cool look. Compliment the canopy by using the wall decor that matches the theme in the rest of the room. 


It’s easy to see why gray nursery ideas have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years. These charming bedroom designs have a way of creating a really welcome and inviting atmosphere. 

Which of these upscale bedroom ideas do you love? Be sure to share with us in the comments section below. Know someone who would love a modern look in their child’s nursery? Be sure to share this article with them as well!

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