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24+ Versatile Gray Bedroom Ideas To Help You Style Your Room In 2022

Versatile Gray Bedroom Ideas To Help You Style Your Room In 2021
(Source: Home Office Bits)

A gray bedroom can be such a transformative design theme because gray is an when it comes to Bedroom Color Ideas, Gray Bedroom is one of the most versatile color options you can choose to transform your space into a calming retreat.

You can create a luxurious and elegant sleeping space for older couples or you can create a modern and contemporary bedroom for younger children.

In our list of amazing bedroom design ideas that incorporate this color, we have got an extensive list that will help drum up some inspiration. Read on to see how you can create your perfect bedroom. 

1.Soft Gray with Cozy Beige Bedroom

Soft Grays with Cozy Beige Bedroom
(Source: Architectural Digest)

Gray is such a fantastic color because it pairs really well with a beige bedroom. Incorporate this color into a cozy beige bedroom by using plenty of warm beige fabrics on headboards, accent furniture, and even cushions and seating areas. 

This simple aesthetic can offer a really nice contemporary look when you include a body pillow. Interior designers love incorporating this color in this manner because it creates such an elegant look without a lot of effort. 

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2.Charcoal Color

charcoal gray bedroom
(Source: Elle Decor)

Charcoal gray is such a fantastic color because it creates such a striking and bold look when used appropriately. 

One of the best ways to use this color is by painting all the walls in your bedroom with it. When you hang up a favorite custom picture that is framed in white, your image will really stand out against this dark backdrop. 

Allow this color to pop out a bit more by using bedding and light-colored pillows and blankets.

3.An Eclectic Vibe

An Eclectic Vibe with Sleek Gray 
(Source: Interior Design Ideas)

If you have an eclectic style, you can still incorporate light gray to help balance out the vibrant design ideas in your bedroom. One of the best ways to do this is by painting a light color wall that will serve as the accent wall of your room. 

If you prefer, you can paint the whole room as well. Next, incorporate a large image or something else that shows your interest. 

The artwork should be interesting and help draw visitors in. Incorporate some of your favorite colors like maroon red or blue into blankets and throw pillows and you’ve got a fabulous sleeping space that incorporates this stunning space. 

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4.Industrial Style

Industrial Style
(Source: Design Father)

The color gray lends itself really well to an industrial-style bedroom, especially a master bedroom that has a really large window. 

Start by controlling the natural flow of light by using a curtain. You can use blackout curtains, sheer curtains, or both. Next, add in a large bookshelf to display your favorite books and your favorite design accessories. 

You can even put up small potted plants and personalized photos on the bookshelf in order to display them. If you have a naturally dark room, be sure to brighten it up by incorporating white and beige as well. 

5.Whisper Gray Bedroom Ideas

Whisper Gray Bedroom Ideas
(Source: home dit )

A neutral soft gray color that almost passes for light color can be a striking contrast to a traditional bedroom. 

You can incorporate this color through the wall paint, or you can incorporate it through other design elements like a nightstand. 

Help balance out this whisper bedroom design by incorporating another light color like pastel yellow or pastel green. This will create a really nice contrast and vibrant infusion of color. 

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6.Light and Bright with White Color

Light and Bright with White Color
(Source: Decorated Life)

If you have a light color bedroom already, you can help brighten it up even more by using a nice mixture of white and light gray to create a calm bedroom. 

Do this by using these color bedding sets that are accented with throw blankets and pillows. Use curtains to help control how much natural light flows into the room. 

This bed set will help reflect any natural light making the room appear that much clearer and brighter. 

7.A Small Cozy Bedroom

a dark gray color scheme
(Source: Pinterest)

If you are a minimalist, you might love this next design idea that relies heavily on a dark color scheme. If you have a small space but can incorporate the natural light through a big window, then you will be able to pull off this space gray design idea. 

The natural light will help reflect off of white elements like pillows and throw blankets to help brighten up your space. On any open wall space, you can hang up a personalized canvas that gives a little insight into who you are. 

This can even be a canvas with photos of people that are special to you. An abstract canvas can also work great here. Tie the room together with fresh flowers and you will have a beautiful sleeping space to doze off in.

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8.A Coastal Gray Color Scheme

A Coastal Gray Color Scheme
(Source: Pinterest)

Coastal gray is a beautiful color to design with because it can be so calming and relaxing especially when you pair it with a turquoise or teal color. 

To put together this beach color palette, you want to rely on bedding that plays around with different shades of blue. 

You can use the outdoors for inspiration as well if you have windows that overlook blue waters. Tie the room together by using coastal artwork that incorporates images of the ocean. Reclaimed Wood in the headboard can also be a great addition too.

9.A Sparkling Gray Bedroom Design

a touch of sparkle
(Source: Cifi.it)

Use a stunning blanket to put together a fabulous girl’s room. A rug can really complement an upholstered bed as well. 

If you have custom pictures that you want to hang up, putting them in mirror frames will help reflect the light and create an absolutely marvelous atmosphere. 

Help brighten up space by using plenty of white as well and don’t forget to swap out your lighting fixture for a nice crystal chandelier that adds a touch of sparkle.

10.A Romantic Scenic Wallpaper

A gray Romantic Scenic Wallpaper
(Source: Feathr.com)

Create a dreamy and scenic atmosphere by using a gray accent background. Whether it’s paint or a mural, this unique background can serve as a beautiful design theme for a couple’s bedroom. 

Use neutral bedding like an upholstered set to help center the room’s eclectic background. 

You can also incorporate a unique mirror either above the bed or on another part of the room to help increase the light reflecting throughout the room.

11.Retro Design Ideas

Retro Design Ideas
(Source: Alibaba.com)

Gray can work really well with wooden tones if you use these two color schemes appropriately with one another. If you have a brick wall, it can serve as an attractive backdrop for a wooden bed and wooden furniture. 

Reclaimed wood can also really work well with this design scheme because it can create a really charming retro atmosphere. Tie this beautiful room together by using a really bright color in your bed set.

12.Scandinavian Touches 

A gray Scandinavian-themed bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

A Scandinavian-themed bedroom can be really great for individuals who love a minimalistic bedroom design. To create this beautiful bedroom, start with light gray paint that takes over the whole bedroom. 

If you have a large window, you can adorn it with light curtains to help draw in the light. If curtains are too much, then swap them out for blinds instead. Create a functional bedroom by getting rid of any unnecessary accessories. 

To create a warm feel, however, a large pattern rug can really make you feel at home without feeling cluttered.

13.Open Space with Airy Gray Bedroom 

Open Space with Airy Gray Bedroom 
(Source: Elle Decor)

The color gray can really help you put together an open-air bedroom. Start by using an upholstered bed that is dressed in an all-white tone comforter set. 

If you have throw blankets and throw pillows you want to use, you can also incorporate them. If you have a window that offers oversized views below that allow you to get natural light, then use an airy curtain to help that light brighten up your space. 

14.Traditional Country Feel

Traditional Country Feel
(Source: Price Point Furniture)

A dark gray especially on a bed set or a dark wooden cabinet works really well in any farmhouse bedroom theme. 

Because a farmhouse theme is supposed to be rustic and natural-looking, you can get away with using plenty of these tones alongside different brown tones. 

For example, you can incorporate brown curtains to help control how much light comes into the room and the brown curtains won’t clash with your dark furniture. 

If you have wooden floors, these brown curtains can complement the floors really nicely too.

15.Gray Bohemian Decor Ideas 

Gray Bohemian Decor Ideas 
(Source: Pinterest)

If you love a beautiful boho-chic design, then gray can be a great color to work with. Start by using a boho headboard that matches with a nightstand. 

Decorate your bed using plenty of white elements and beige throw blankets. Any interior designer will tell you that natural design elements like wicker baskets, woven beige boho rugs, and even nature-inspired artwork always lend themselves well to a boho-chic aesthetic.

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16.Classic Look with Luxe Gray Hue

Classic Look with Luxe Gray Hue
(Source: Architectural Digest)

A luxe gray can create a really charming and elegant bedroom design theme. To put this look together start with a really dark pewter wall paint. 

Then, incorporate a simple bed set that uses a color scheme. A feather rug is a perfect touch for creating a really nice luxurious appeal too. 

Heighten the room’s appeal by setting up a gold mirror. Both a full-length one or a hanging one will work. 

17.Metallic Gray Bedroom

Metallic Gray Bedroom
(Source: Walker Furniture)

Metallic gray is such a fantastic color to design with because it gives a bedroom that sparkle factor that helps brighten up the sleeping space. 

To put this look together start by using a silver bed against a dark backdrop. When it comes to your furniture, use metallic furniture that has mirrored components in order to reflect the light. 

This metallic interior design theme will not only make your bedroom sparkle, but it will help brighten up your space which can be especially helpful for bedrooms that have smaller windows or rooms to move around in.

18.Gray Nursery Bedroom Ideas

Nursery Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

A nursery bedroom can be really calming and relaxing for your little one. To put together a baby bedroom, start by using a canopy that is draped over your little one’s crib.

Add lovely touches of animal artwork or baby design elements to create a really nice atmosphere. Allow this color to pop out in the room by complimenting it using plenty of whites as well.

Use a small area rug and any other furniture that you might want to add to the nursery.

19.Purple and Gray Build Up A Peaceful Bedroom

Purple and Gray Build Up A Peaceful Bedroom
(Source: Homedit)

Purple can be a really strong color that pairs very well with gray. One of the best ways to put together this beautiful bedroom idea is by using purple as the accent color. 

This means using purple bedding sets that allow the bed to be the focal point in your room. If you have space, you can also incorporate a rug to help tie the room together. 

A large canvas that has a beautiful image whether it be a landscape or an abstract object can be a great way to give a nice impression to the room as well. 

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20.Soft Gray and Dark Green Bedroom Ideas

Soft Gray and Dark Green Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Awesome Decors)

Soft gray pairs really well with dark green to create a really cozy look. To incorporate this bedroom design idea into your home, start by using deep green bedding over a very simple and minimalist bed frame. 

Use soft color wall paint to help brighten up space and paint any moldings a nice bright color to help enhance this color. Keep additional furniture at a minimum in order to maintain that cozy yet minimalistic bedroom design theme. This is especially important if you have a smaller size bedroom.

21. Amazing Blue Accent Wall

Amazing Blue Accent Wall
(Source: Home Decor Bliss)

Putting together a teen boys’ bedroom can be really fun if you use the color gray along with a navy blue and exposed wood color scheme. 

Start by creating a wood striped wall that incorporates a really nice navy blue. If you have a smaller size room, then use the small bed and make it appear larger by using bedding. 

This bedroom makeover does not have to take a lot of effort, but playing around with these three hues can be a really fun way to put together a very masculine sleeping space.

22.Add Plants to Create A Fresh Air Sleeping Space

Add Plants to Create A Fresh Air Sleeping Space
(Source: Home Decor Bliss)

A Gray brick wall gives a really nice natural look to any bedroom. To play up this natural look incorporate lots of potted plants and greenery to help freshen up your bedroom. 

In the morning, waking up to a sun-filled room with potted plants can be a really great way to start your day. 

Depending on how you want the room to be designed, you can layer in elements of light to add more brightness to the room or focus on darker hues of this color to help keep the room calm and relaxing.

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24.Lovely Pink Items

Lovely Pink Items
(Source: Pinterest)

Pink and gray will always be one of the best color schemes when putting together a girl’s bedroom. These two colors work really well together because the pretty appeal of pink contrasts with grey really nicely. 

To put together this room, start by incorporating a DIY headboard by painting on a pink cornered headboard over a base coat of light color. 

Then, incorporate pink on the bed set by using a pink throw blanket and grey as the base bedding. The end result will be a really lovely bedroom perfect for any girl, no matter her age. 

24.Combine Gray and Yellow Color

Combine Gray and Yellow Color
(Source: Pinterest)

Yellow and grey are fabulous colors to put together because yellow helps to brighten up the darkness brought on by the grey. You can incorporate yellow accents in a child’s room or a couples’ room.

Use yellow on a yellow bed bench, a yellow rug, on any other yellow elements that you want to add. Playing around with this bright color is sure to transform your sleeping space into a nice room seeping with relaxation and luxury. 

A gray bedroom can be such a calm and relaxing atmosphere. We hope our incredible list of color bedroom design ideas has inspired you to transform your sleeping space into something magical.

Let us know in the comments section below which of these design ideas using this marvelous color were your favorite. Be sure to share this article with someone who would love a gray-themed bedroom too. 

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