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27+ Stunning Gray and White Bedroom Ideas (2021)

gray and white bedroom

Whether you want to decorate an adult sleeping room for yourself using neutral tones, or you want to spruce up a bedroom for your child so that it’s a calming environment, gray and white are a timeless color scheme that can be both sophisticated and mature, or fun and childish.

Whatever it is that you are looking for, we’ve got some amazing ideas for a gray and white sleeping space that you will absolutely love.

If you can’t commit to a gray and white color combination just yet, check out our inspirational ideas that also incorporate pops of color too. We’re certain you will find a design scheme that you will absolutely fall in love with.

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Sophisticated Gray and White Bedroom Ideas

1. White Painted Bedroom with Monochrome Frames

White Painted Bedroom with Monochrome Frames
(Source: Pinterest)

Monochromatic photos are a really great way to help pull together a gray and white sleeping space. Mix different-sized picture canvases to create a neat gallery effect. Then, use larger pictures in the center of the wall and surround them with smaller pieces.

If you have a lot of photos, you can add large pieces to the outside of your gallery as well to help balance the gallery out. 

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2. Modern Gray and White Bedroom

Modern Gray and White Bedroom
(Source: hellofashionblog)

A neat and tidy bedroom is the perfect start for a gray and white decor theme. For a room like this, use the color white as the base so use white bedding, pillows, and white accents.

At the same time, highlight the gray through subtle elements in the room like a gray throw pillow and smaller gray accessories. If you were going to use metal light fixtures like a floor lamp, silver is the color you want to stick with here. 

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3. Aesthetic Coastal Inspired Bedroom 

Aesthetic Coastal Inspired Bedroom
(Source: hello-hello)

If you love the gray and white design scheme but have a love for the ocean as well, you can create a coastal-inspired bedroom by incorporating hints of teal and turquoise throughout the room.

Included this beautiful and relaxing color in the throw blanket, picture frames, and even decorating accessories. Because teal and gray can both be overpowering colors, minimize your use of gray to create a serene beach theme environment. 

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4. Brighten Up with Natural Light

Brighten up Your Gray and White Bedroom with Natural Light
(Source: dillards)

Large beautiful windows with the city or skyline view are a perfect way to add copious amounts of light to your sleeping space.

Because, gray can be a dark overpowering color and if you have too much of it, large windows that let in the natural light can reflect off of your gray and white bed and help brighten up the room. This refreshing decor idea is simple, beautiful, and very relaxing.  

5. Add Some Decorative Items for Bed Decoration

purple grey and white bedroom: Add Some Decorative Items for Bed Decoration
(Source: dormify)

If you want a little pop of color in your gray and white sleeping space, then adding decorative items to your bed using the color purple is the perfect way to go.

This design idea is ideal for dorm rooms because you can be eclectic all while maintaining a sense of fun.

Incorporate a purple blanket and a customized pillow that highlights this calming color. You can even complement images around the room with little bits of purple too.

6. Gray and White Bedroom in Rustic Look

gray and white interior design in Rustic Look
(Source: Pinterest)

If you really like a rustic bedroom design team, then you can certainly incorporate it into a blue and white bedroom. Start by finding a gray sheer canopy fabric that is chic yet rustic in its design.

If you have wooden accents around the room, you can complement them with other natural elements like branch decor accessories on top of a desk or bench at the end of your bed.

7. Warm Industrial Style Bedroom in White and Gray

bedroom decorating ideas with gray walls
(Source: homedesigning)

An industrial design theme can work great for a blue and white bedroom design because the color scheme is elegant yet upscale.

To give a more creative element to this straightforward design theme, use contemporary art in the form of a large poster hung over your bed. You can even incorporate track lighting to frame this artwork or any other part of the room too.

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8. Farmhouse Gray and White Bedroom

Farmhouse Gray and White Bedroom
(Source: superiorcustomlinens)

A farmhouse design theme does not have to be all wood and warm colors. Incorporate elements of country into your home while maintaining a gray and white color scheme by styling the interior using monochromatic pieces.

As a rule with the farmhouse design, try to incorporate more white than gray in order to pull off light and inviting cottage look. Pull in simple elements of green using real wreaths and potted plants to help tie the room together.

9. Scandinavian Look

Scandinavian Look in red grey and white bedroom

Red can be a really eclectic and fun color to incorporate into a gray and white sleeping space design. Thus, use red very subtly as it can be a strong color to work with.

Start by using a bold red rug or carpet and incorporating other elements of color through furniture pieces and sconces on lighting fixtures. This unique look will have a very Scandinavian, simple, and relaxed feel to it.

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10. Tumblr Style

Tumblr Style for Gray and White Bedroom
(Source: homedesigning.tumblr)

A gray and white Tumblr-inspired bedroom is incredibly stylish for any teenager because the decor process is personalized with all types of sentimental accessories and other items.

If you have a lot of stuff, consider using gray and white storage boxes to keep not only the clutter out of sight but to maintain the color scheme. Don’t be afraid of using too much gray as this Tumblr-inspired room is meant to have all shades incorporated in it. 

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11. Luxurious Shabby Chic Master Bedroom with Gray and White Combination

Luxurious grey and white master bedroom
(Source: wayfair)

Silver and gray can be a beautiful and luxurious design theme with a very shabby chic aesthetic fit for any gal. Tie together this great look by using a platform bed that accents the beautiful colors silver.

Indeed, find other ways to incorporate silver and gray through elements like wall molding, chandeliers, and other aspects of a shabby chic bedroom.

12. Gray and White Bedroom Ideas in Minimalist Decorating Style

dark grey and white bedroom in Minimalist Decorating Style
(Source: catesthill)

A gray and white room is the perfect design aesthetic for a minimalist. This whitewash bedroom design is clean, simplified, and incredibly relaxing. Use linen and bedding that is nearly all white and accent though using accents of gray.

You can incorporate the gray in a throw blanket, a pillow, or curtains. Either way, the white will help open up space which is likely already open because it’s a minimalist bedroom.

13. Modern Art Shown Via Concrete Flooring

grey and white interior design: Modern Art Shown Via Concrete Flooring
(Source: wallpaper)

Additionally, a modern design theme is perfect for a uniquely shaped master bedroom that has an angular structure and or is made from atypical material. Much like the image, gray and white are a consistent theme and can work to even out an oddly shaped room.

For example, use textured material like reclaimed wood to highlight certain parts of the room and fade away others by using solid white. 

14. Add Blush Pink Items

Gray and White Bedroom with Blush Pink Items
(Source: Pinterest)

Pink is such a lovely color and when you use it in a gray and white room design, you can really create a feminine atmosphere that is not only pretty but decorative, relaxing, and enjoyable.

Decorate this space using popular girly items like a pink personalized pillow, fur rug, or a pink woven throw blanket. Although hot pink can work with this color scheme, light pink is the way to go if you want to brighten up the room. 

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15. Gray and White Bedroom Ideas in Contemporary Style

black white grey and yellow bedroom
(Source: decoholic)

Create a really cool aesthetic using bold pops of the color yellow. You can incorporate yellow through a yellow framed poster bed or a yellow rug.

If you have a teenage boy, this unique aesthetic can be a really fun way to decorate the room. Besides, maintain the gray and white consistency through the bedding, the wall paint, and any other wall art that you use. 

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16. Watercolor Landscape Painting Behind the Headboard

Watercolor Landscape Painting Behind the Headboard
(Source: inmyroom)

A mountain landscape whether it be a painting, a wallpaper mural, or even a decal, can be a great way to create a relaxing environment for the men in your life as well.

This fantastic room design plays with the color white and gray but ultimately errs on the darker side of the color palette. Paired with darker bedroom accessories like a dark lamp and dark bed set, you can create a really mysterious yet relaxing sleeping space.

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17. Design an Interesting Chalkboard Screen 

Design a Interesting Chalkboard Screen
(Source: shakemyblog)

A chalkboard accent wall can be a really fun and creative way to help keep your life organized all while being decorative at the same time. The practicality of a chalkboard wall allows you to write important dates and reminders in a place where you can readily see them.

The beauty of it is that it also serves as a decorative design element that is really unique and eye-catching. This easy-to-put-together design can be done through chalk paint or bigger size chalkboard screens that you hang up.

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18. Add Some Gold Touches

Add a gold mirror in bedroom
(Source: entrancemakleri)

Gold touches around a room are a beautiful and attractive way to create an upscale, luxurious, and vintage-style room.

One of the best ways to pull off gold accents throughout your room is by incorporating them in a full-length mirror, for instance. If you hang up personal pictures, put them in gold frames as well to incorporate this beautiful color. 

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19. Place a Dark Gray Sofa

Place a Dark Gray Sofa in white bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

A sofa within a gray and white-inspired bedroom is a really nice way to create an anchor spot in your room when you want to sit around and lounge.

Decorate the couch using dark cushions and smaller white pillows. To keep in line with a more contemporary look, shop around for traditional couch cushions that are not too big or too small.

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20. Dreamy Cloud from the Ceiling

Dreamy Cloud Ceiling Light In Bedroom
(Source: amzn)

Hanging up a big and beautiful light pendant can be a really unique anchor point of any room. Because this light fixture can be so big and overwhelming, use a white pendant light as this will help to not only brighten up space, but it won’t draw attention directly to it.

Besides, incorporate elements around the room that complement this dreamy light fixture. Light-colored picture frames, a fluffy white throw blanket, and plenty of pillows can be a great place to start. 

21. Window Treatment with Layer Fabrics

Window Treatment with Layer Fabrics
(Source: imgur)

Layering different fabrics within the room can be a really great way to give a distinct look to any sleeping space.

For a touch of color, you can add sheer turquoise curtains onto the outside of your curtain fabric for a really light yet beautiful look. Luxurious elements like silk sheets and delicate wall decals can also be lovely elements to incorporate into this design theme. 

22. DIY Ideas with White Wood Pallets

DIY Ideas with White Wood Pallets in Gray Background
(Source: Pinterest)

If you are on a budget and looking for a cheap and easy way to remodel your bedroom, consider playing around with wooden pallets as a bed frame. Because this easy bedroom makeover just requires a couple of pallets and plenty of white paint.

Start by spray painting over the white pallets and set up a comfortable foam mattress on top to create a really industrialized, almost rugged-looking bed. Then, decorate using personalized items to help bring a homey feel into the atmosphere. 

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23. Botanical Garden in an Attic Bedroom

Botanical Garden in an Attic Bedroom
(Source: planete-decor)

If you have a small bedroom in a loft-style area of your home, then open up the space using lots of bright colors and undertones of gray.

Use beautiful green potted leafy plants and an abundance of cream-colored bedroom accessories to create a very relaxing, warm, and inviting space.

If you are limited on counter space, then hanging plants around the room, especially around leaning windows, can be a beautiful addition.

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24. Use Gray Upholstered Bed Frame 

Use Gray Upholstered Bed Frame
(Source: oliviarink)

The upholstery in your bedding is another great way to create a statement piece in your bedroom. Using upholstered furniture, whether it be a bed frame or a chair in your room, can create a really modern statement that is sophisticated and timeless. Play around with the darker tone grays for a more appealing look.

25. Install an Accent Rug

Install an Accent Rug
(Source: sheknows)

An accent rug can be a really beautiful and eye-catching part of the room. Similarly, a dark accent rug can really help you anchor down a gray and white-themed room.

As you progress from the floor to the ceiling, you will encounter worthless black. Also, additional white to give the room a lovely light balance.

26. Install Striking Blue Curtains

Install Striking Blue Curtains
(Source: Pinterest)

Striking blue or navy blue curtains can be a staple design theme for any teenage boy. This trendy and timeless look creates a very upscale and mature feel to the room all while maintaining a sense of masculinity.

Use navy blue black-out curtains on the outside of your curtain rod and fill in the middle using sheer white curtains. Complement the curtains by using navy blue throughout the room as well.

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27. Refresh Your Bedroom with Coral Touches

Refresh Your Gray and White Bedroom with Coral Touches
(Source: infarrantlycreative)

Coral is a beautiful and naturally bright color that will help breathe fun energy into your sleeping space. You can incorporate this stunning color through your bedding, a textured pillow or headrest, or even a side table lamp.

Like any accent color in a gray and white sleeping space, coral can be overwhelming. The best way to use it is in bold large bursts but do not go overboard in incorporating it into every aspect of your room.


While a gray and white bedroom might sound like a mundane way to decorate your sleeping space, we hope our list of beautiful bedroom ideas that incorporate this color have helped inspire you into giving this traditional color scheme a chance.

Don’t forget to share this article with someone who loves a wonderful monochromatic design theme as well!


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