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24+ Gothic Bedroom Ideas To Try For The Next Halloween

gothic-style bedroom

A gothic bedroom design theme it’s such a classic design theme to go with because of all the unique and distinct elements that go into a design like this. A gothic bedroom is a bedroom that uses lots of dark tones that are rich in color and vibrancy.

Along with these unique colors, a gothic-inspired theme uses lots of intricate details that pay homage to a Victorian design style. Because of this, you’ll often find gothic and Victorian design themes working together to create a really beautiful and unique space.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most common design ideas that go into creating a dramatic gothic bedroom. We will look at some specific decor ideas including a Vampire theme bedroom, Goth bedroom, and even a dramatic emo space.

Whichever specific style you’re into, you are sure to fall in love with our Gothic design ideas that will inspire you to transform your bedroom.

1.Luxurious Gothic Bedroom

Luxurious Gothic Bedroom
(Source: Wattpad)

Create a luxurious gothic-themed bedroom by mixing together traditional dark gothic hues with silver and other metallic accessories.

A great way to put this look together is by incorporating a silver metallic bed dressed with dark brown bedding. Having a headboard that has intricate metallic designs on top can be a great focal point for your gothic-inspired bedroom.

Incorporate other elements of metallic through light sconces that are set up throughout the room too. Besides, accent the room by dangling a crystal chandelier above.

To tie the room together, use gray throughout the fabrics to pair with the silver in the room. For example, gray pillows, gray curtains, and a gray end of the bed bench will complement the silver as well.

2.Bloody Gothic Bedroom Ideas

Bloody Gothic Bedroom Ideas
(Source: interiorsbycolor)

Take a bold step in your gothic-inspired sleeping space by creating this aesthetic bedroom that exudes a bloody gothic vibe.

There are all different types of paint ideas you can use in a room like this but you want to focus on a deep and rich blood-red paint color. Complement this paint by using interior design elements that have the same hue.

This includes using decorative books with blood-red spines, blood red bedding, and even furniture with rich color like this.

In parts where you want to brighten up the space, consider using the color white. This will work well throughout the molding of the room and through canvas artwork and even throw blankets. 

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3.Green Gothic Bedroom 

Green Bedroom Ideas
(Source: modsy)

A green gothic-inspired bedroom can be a beautiful way to put together a calming and natural bedroom that still has heavy overtones consistent with a gothic design style.

There are a variety of ways to incorporate this beautiful shade in your gothic sleeping space. A great way is by using green printed wallpaper with intricate patterns throughout your master bedroom.

Incorporate patterns through the walls, the flooring, and even the bedding, but be sure to use solid green as well. You can use solid shades of green in the draperies, and in any upholstered furniture as well.

4.Touches of Glossy Gothic Style

Touches of Glossy Gothic Style
(Source: peytondawn)

A red and black color scheme can be such a gorgeous decor style to use in a vampire bedroom theme.

This quintessential look is so elegant and luxurious in its own right especially considering it has a vibe consistent with some of the most popular vampire characters in today’s culture.

Start by creating a beautiful vampire bed by using a red upholstered black bed frame. Dress the bed up in patterned black bedding with black and red accent pillows.

Follow this theme with any other furniture in the bedroom as well. You’ll also want to incorporate a little bit of white to help brighten up the black and white throughout the room.

5.Modern Romantic Gothic Bedroom

Modern Romantic Gothic Bedroom
(Source: phyrra)

If you love a beautiful gothic design, but still want to incorporate hints of modern design too, then this purple modern inspired gothic bedroom can be a great place to start. A look like this is adorable and works really well for a teenage or child’s bedroom.

Start with an all-purple poster bed frame that is lined with black trim. You can use purple bedding to help complement the purple in the bed frame, or you can stick with black.

Incorporate purple in other elements of the room including a leather storage bench at the end of the bed or purple curtains on any windows in the room. Add a touch of girliness by including a pink and purple canvas as wall decor too.  

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6.Victorian Gothic Bedroom

Victorian-Inspired Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest) 

You can create a beautiful Victorian-themed gothic-inspired bedroom by using just a couple of colors and lots of beautiful patterns.

To create this interior design theme, you’ll want to play around with plenty of dark and light hues including black, dark brown, white, and gray.

Use patterns that have a very royal theme to them and don’t be afraid to utilize them throughout the walls, the bedding, and even on the fabric of old distressed furniture throughout your room.

You can add an element of royal elegance by setting up a canopy that hangs over the top of your headboard. Use light sconces with warm tones to help illuminate the room as well. 

7.Statement Gold 

Gold Accent in Bedroom
(Source: petalvulgar)

Have a statement of gold in your gothic-inspired bedroom by incorporating this lovely color in one decor piece of your bedroom. If you have a fireplace in your bedroom, you can give it a really elegant Victorian touch by covering it in all gold paint.

Another great way to incorporate gold is by using a gold-framed mirror above your fireplace. Throughout the room, stay consistent with the gothic theme by using a variety of dark and eclectic patterns and colors.

You can use hints of gold throughout the rest of the room such as on light fixtures, and even through throw blankets or throw pillows as well. The end result is a very elegant gothic-themed room with touches of Victorian feels and ambiance.

8.Medieval-Inspired Gothic Bedroom

Medieval-Inspired Gothic Bedroom
(Source: hometalk)

A medieval-inspired gothic sleeping space plays around with a lot of the traditional elements you would find in a gothic bedroom.

This means lots of dark colors and furniture pieces including the bed frame, a lounge chair you may have in the room, and even on the nightstand.

In the medieval room, however, there are plenty of light hues that are used as well, especially wooden light colors.

You can incorporate elements of light wood on the walls, through a beige rug, and even through wood ceiling fixtures. Complement the wood by using light brown bedding as well.

9.Super Dark Gothic Bedroom

Super Dark Gothic Bedroom
(Source: weheartit)

You can create a really luxurious and dramatic sleeping space by using an all-black design theme for your gothic sleeping space. A look like this works really well as a luxury design theme used in a large master bedroom in a mansion or even a castle.

To create this look, pair it together with a black bed frame with black upholstery and matching dressers to set the look. Any bedding, pillows, throw blankets, or curtains throughout the room should also be black.

The only element of brightness should come from a light gray wall paint or marble wallpaper and a matching light gray rug. A look like this is incredibly mysterious yet intriguing as far as design goes.  

10.Bohemian Decor Style Meets Gothic Style

Bohemian Decor Style Meets Gothic Style
(Source: Tumblr)

Even in a gothic-themed bedroom, you can still incorporate elements of Bohemian style. A great way to do this is by using a dark patterned boho blanket that is draped over a metal bed frame.

For the rest of the room, you can incorporate elements of boho design through hanging a boho tapestry and even boho-chic beaded wall art.

Continue using gothic elements including a dark leather chair, dark canvas paintings, and dark fabric throughout.

When you pair Bohemian style with gothic-styled core elements, you can create a really unique sleeping space that has a lot of personality to it.

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11.Gothic Bedroom Theme Combined with Rustic Elements 

Gothic Bedroom Theme Combined with Rustic Elements 
(Source: casavogue)

Combine rustic elements with a gothic design theme to create this beautiful and girly bedroom decor. A look like this will still maintain dark elements, but instead of using all black for the dark elements, consider using dark wooden pieces instead.

A dark wooden log bed frame can be a great way to set up this room. Dress the bed in dark pink linen that matches the rustic-themed pink stained walls.

If you feel the bedroom needs a little bit more vibrancy, then you can do this by incorporating a gothic-themed chair alongside the refined shelf.

Use traditional pieces with core pieces like metal light fixtures with curlicues and canvas art that displays gothic decor.

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12.Decorate Your Bedroom Fireplace in Gothic Style

Decorate Your Bedroom Fireplace in Gothic Style
(Source: The Plumed Nest)

If you have a fireplace in your bedroom, then this can be a great element to design with gothic decor. Start by creating a beautiful gothic-themed fireplace by using paint color consistent with this theme.

On top of the fireplace mantel, install gothic decor items like ceramic discs with gothic designs. Don’t forget some gothic-inspired artwork. For the rest of the room, use plenty of dark elements to help accent the gothic-inspired fireplace.

13.Floral Inspiration in Gothic Bedroom 

Floral Inspiration in Gothic Bedroom
(Source: weheartit)

Flowers can be a quintessential design piece for a gothic-inspired design style. Because of this, they can be a great element to use in your bedroom’s decor.

If you want to add a pop of color, you can easily do this by setting up a flower arrangement with vibrant pink and coral flowers. This will help bring out the rest of the flower decor patterns throughout the room.

14.Create Vintage Gothic Corner in Your Bedroom

Create Vintage Gothic Corner in Your Bedroom
(Source: gothichomemaking)

You do not have to commit to the gothic design theme 100% to pull it off in your bedroom.

A great way to approach this theme is by dedicating a corner of your bedroom to a gothic style. You can do this by using a very rustic and dark dresser that hangs in the corner of your room.

Pair the dresser with a gothic-inspired mirror and a variety of catchy artwork to display on the walls. You can set up personal photos in metal frames along with a small collection of books to display as well.

The main point to pulling off this gothic design scheme is using lots of dark items consistent with the gothic theme.

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15.Skull Door Knobs

Skull Door Knobs
(Source: offbeathome)

You can create an amazing design theme in your bedroom by doing something as simple as swapping out your door handles for skeletons’ doorknobs. These skeleton knobs are a really creepy yet intriguing element to your bedroom.

If you have an all-black and white bedroom, then glass or see-through plastic doorknobs can be a great way to subtly incorporate this design theme. If you want them to stand out a little bit more, then use solid black skull doorknobs instead.

Either way, the details of this design element can really help you pull together a gothic bedroom design theme. 

16.Place A King-Size Bed 

Place A King-Size Bed in the Middle of A Large Bedroom
(Source: Hackrea)

A king-sized bed in the middle of a large bedroom can be a great starting point for creating a magnificent gothic bedroom layout. Start by using a platform bed that has a very thin or even nonexistent headboard.

You can use the molding on the wall to create a headboard that complements your bed frame. Also, use a nice long shelf above your headboard where you can place objects like decorative items, plaques, and your most favorite photographs.

Keep the rest of the bedroom rather empty, and instead install an oversize chandelier that hangs down from the center of the ceiling. This will create a really vibrant gothic bedroom that exudes luxury and charm. 

17.Simple Handmade Gothic Sets for Decorating Your Desk 

Simple Handmade Runes for Decorating Your Desk 
(Source: terraspirit)

You can create a really neat design element to incorporate in your bedroom through these handmade gothic runes.

Use cheap wooden blanks to engrave runes and other gothic symbols that are consistent with this theme. You can use these engraved runes as a way to decorate your dresser, your nightstand, or other parts of your room.

These unique symbols of the Germanic language can be a really great addition to a gothic bedroom because they really help set the tone when it comes to the details of your room.

If you know someone who enjoys gothic decor, this can also be a great gift to give them for their own bedroom.

18.Ouija Board Bedding

Ouija Board Bedding
(Source: niczka)

When it comes to gothic culture, nothing exudes more mystery and creepy feelings than an ouija board.

For this next look, we take the design of an ouija board and incorporate it in the bedding set in order to create a vibrant gothic blanket that is reminiscent of gothic culture.

Pair your ouija board bedding with matching ouija board pillows to help tie together the look.

Throughout the rest of the room, you can highlight this creepy decor piece with dark accents, gothic paintings, candles, and distressed furniture like a nightstand or dresser. 

19.Decorate Your Bedroom with Small Gothic-Style Accessories

Decorate Your Bedroom with Small Gothic-Style Candle
(Source: Pinterest)

An inexpensive way to decorate your room to match a gothic design theme is by using DIY gothic style accessories.

There are a variety of accessories you can create right in your own home. For example, you can create DIY candles by using witch candle molds, owl molds, and other molds consistent with the gothic design style.

Along with wooden runes, and handmade artwork of gothic culture, you can create a really personalized bedroom using accents you have made all on your own. 

20.Eternal Love 

Red and Black Vampire-Style Bedroom
(Source: pillboxdesigns)

A really great design theme for a primary bedroom in your home reserved for couples is matching couples coffin vinyl wall decals.

These unique vinyl wall decals can be customized so that they say the names or the monogram of each person. They can be a cute way to personalize a bedroom all while staying consistent with the gothic design theme.

Depending on the color scheme of your bedroom, you’ll want these vinyl decals to match. If you want to decorate a child’s bedroom, using these coffin wall decals can be another great way to personalize your child’s bedroom as well.  

21.Add A Floor Standing Candelabra

Add A Floor Standing Candelabra
(Source: weheartit)

Swap out your traditional nightstand for a more refined nightstand by using a standing candelabra fixture.

If you like using nightstand lighting, this design piece can serve as functional alternative lighting for your bedroom. It makes for a great bedside lamp and is practical for someone who enjoys some light reading before they go to bed.

A fixture like this can work in a variety of gothic-themed bedrooms including ones that utilize lighter colors of this theme. If you are decorating a child’s bedroom, then this lighting fixture can work really well beside a desk as well.

22.Accent Gothic-Style Bed Frame

Carved Accent Gothic-Style Bed Frame
(Source: Katuxa Shady)

You can create a really unique gothic design bedroom by using a carved accent gothic bed frame. A dark frame like this will have a unique fixture like a really high headboard that almost serves as a canopy above your bed.

Depending on the bed frame, some of these canopy headboards can also serve as storage units for you to put your belongings in.

With a loud headboard like this, you’ll want to stick with a matte, dark color to really give off the gothic vibe. Decorate the rest of the room using furniture pieces that accentuate this unique carved look. 

23.Put A Gothic Storage Sculpture on Your Dressing Table

Put A Gothic Storage Sculpture on Your Dressing Table
(Source: poisonnightmares)

Create hidden compartments of space in your bedroom by setting up a storage sculpture on your nightstand table.

Storage sculptures come in a variety of designs like skull makeup holders, so you will certainly find one that matches the specific Gothic theme of your bedroom.

In addition to this gorgeous design element, you can also incorporate mugs or jars on your dresser as well. Mugs and jars can serve as makeup holders or other compartments for some of your smaller items too. 

24.Add A Coffin Furniture to Your Gothic Bedroom

Add A Coffin Furniture to Your Gothic Bedroom
(Source: xbunnyclawsx)

You can really commit to the gothic bedroom theme by displaying a custom-made wooden coffin shelf in the corner of your bedroom.

This creepy and unique decor piece can also serve a functional purpose as a wardrobe or a cabinet or shelf for you to display some of your favorite possessions too.

A popular way to utilize a custom-made coffin is by having it serve as a place for you to display all your prized jewelry and accessories.

If you have a vanity in your room, displaying your custom-made coffin next to your wooden gothic-style vanity can be a great way to dress up the corner of your bedroom. Add a touch of natural elements by including some hanging house plants as well. 

It’s easy to see why so many people really gravitate to a Gothic bedroom. The design elements that are used in this type of decor are very specific, intentional, and dramatic.

The finishing look is often hard to look away from but at the same time, it can create a really inviting and intriguing atmosphere. Which of these Gothic design elements did you enjoy the most?

Be sure to let us know in the comments section below. Know someone who absolutely loves gothic design? Be sure to share this article with them as well.

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