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27+ Pretty Girl Bedroom Ideas To Upgrade Your Room

If you are in need of some gorgeous girl bedroom ideas, then you have come to the right place. Our extensive list will take a look at the latest trending designs and some of the best-kept secret design ideas, all of which we know you will simply fall in love with.

Create a warm open atmosphere using darker hues or brighten up the space using pastels and light colors. Whatever design theme you are looking for, we have got some inspiration that is too stunning to pass up. Transform your daughter’s space into a perfect oasis that she will be enjoying for years to come! 

1.Vintage Style for Girl Bedroom Ideas

Vintage Style for Girl Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Huntershillart)

You can create a vintage aesthetic using simple items like an accent table with a dated design on it.

Artwork including framed photos, and personalized canvases that utilize vintage colors like soft pink and tan is another way to accentuate a room.

Other accessories or items of interest that work as functional pieces can include things like an old lamp or even a small-sized crystal chandelier.

2.Purple Color Theme to Style Your Bedroom

Purple Color Theme to Style Your Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a room filled with elegance and appeal using an amazing color like chartreuse or lavender.

A light purple can seem like a soft color, but it can be a great way to make any space feel welcoming and warm.

Plus it’s a nice way to make any area stand out with a pop, just be sure that you use a soft color scheme that complements the light purple decor. Decorating with this method will allow you to give any room a girly feel

3.Pretty In Pink 

Pretty In Pink
(Source: Pinterest )

The color pink is one of the best fashion trends for decorating and bringing out the feminine appeal of a space.

If you are looking for modern room ideas, use different hues of pink and colors that compliment it.

It’s best to create a base color of light pink and then accessorize using different shades of darker pink around the room. Items to consider include pink bed sheets and pink lighting fixtures.

4.An Elegant Costume Closet Girl Bedroom Ideas

An Elegant Costume Closet girl bedroom ideas
(Source: HGTV )

If you have a theatre lover on your hands, then with a little DIY, you can create a spectacular little girl’s dream area complete with a costume closet.

To create a play stage right in your home, simply remove the closet doors and allow your closet design to be the focal point of the space. Color code your closet and arrange shoes and other storage items in an appealing way for a fun take on dress-up time.

5.A Colorful Little Workstation

A Colorful Little Workstation
(Source: Italianbark)

If you need a place for your inspiration and creation to simmer, then a colorful little workstation can be a great way to draw attention to any space.

Create this attractive-looking design using a simple desk and mixing together different colors. Loud bright colors can be overbearing so focus on soft pastel colors instead.

When it comes to smaller accessories in the room like lamps and picture frames, you can use louder, bolder colors. 

6.Mermaid-Themed Girl Bedroom Ideas

Mermaid-Themed Girl Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Amazon)

Because mermaids are here to stay, this aesthetic is such a fun idea to utilize for little kids. Create a cool atmosphere by using base blue wall paint.

You can achieve an underwater effect by using different decals of animals that live in the sea world. Don’t forget to use a mermaid-themed bed set or a dark blue bed set to highlight this underwater adventure.

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7.A Cozy Bed Canopy

A Cozy Bed Canopy
(Source: My Sleep Monkey)

A bed canopy is such a great functional item to decorate with because you can create a royal feeling fit for any princess or a modern trendy bed suitable for all types of inspiration.

Depending on the theme you want to go with, you want the bed canopy to match in color. For older girls, modern colors including tans and pastels are great and for younger girls, bold colors like pink and purple are the way to go.

8.Pastel Colors and Accent Wall

Pastel Colors and Accent Wall
(Source: Kids Interiors )

Pastel colors are a perfect way to create a girlish space that is light, airy, and relaxing. You can mix together any pastel color and it won’t clash making it a sweet theme to design with.

Include lots of framed pictures and personalized canvases, and highlight the pastels by only using white or silver picture frames. Darker colors will take away from the pastels, so be sure to avoid those. 

9.Combine Candy Theme and Stripe Ceiling Girl Bedroom Ideas

Combine Candy Theme and Stripe Ceiling Girl Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Mixed together with a candy theme and the striped theme by using different colors that are bright and bold.

Stripes go great on a wall and black and white stripes are usually the best because they are versatile. Spruce up your bed, the carpet, and any furniture using vibrant bold colors that create a vibrant, lovely, new vibe. 

10. Little Loft Bed for Your Sweet Girl

Little Loft Bed for Your Sweet Girl
(Source: Jai Maharashtra Cargo Movers)

A little loft bed is a great way to design a space aesthetically and functionally. Baby blue is a fantastic color to go with because it’s lovely and adorable yet not overbearingly girlish.

This calming color works perfect on comfy cushions, pillows, and even area rugs. Light colors like white and even beige can do a really good job opening the space too. 

11. Dramatic Statement Pieces

Dramatic Statement Pieces
(Source: DigsDigs)

Trying to figure out how to decorate a girl’s room can be frustrating, but taking a bold approach using a dramatic statement piece is one of the coolest ways to spruce an area up.

Your dramatic statement piece can be a bold accent wall, gorgeous flowers, or other items that make the space pop. Wall fixtures like moldings or 3D hanging art are another element to consider. 

  12.A Truly Dreamy Space with Boho Girl Bedroom Decor

A Truly Dreamy Space with Boho Girl Bedroom Decor
(Source: Decorinspira.com)

A bohemian aesthetic is a unique way to create a fresh and relaxing space for any teen girl. Mix together vintage items with a light color palette for a beautiful design.

Decorate using items like area rugs, pillows, and even curtains that have lace edges.  Other decor items you should try include vintage fairy lights and rug artwork.

13.A Girl Bedroom with A View

A Girl Bedroom with A View
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have a bedroom with a view, then you can create a wonderful sitting area by the window that is cozy and relaxing.

Large windows that bring in the sunshine can help brighten up the room so utilize light colors including tan and white. Use heavy curtains on the outside of the window with a lighter, sheer curtain on the inside to help control how much sunlight comes in. 

 14.A Rainbow- bright Bedroom

A Rainbow- bright Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

A rainbow design can make for an adorable room if you have small kids who love colorful accessories.

This budget-friendly DIY design can easily be put together using rainbow color paper and other rainbow-colored crafts. For a permanent look, you can use mod podge and rainbow fabric to adhere to furniture for a beautiful look.

 15.Add A Fun Collection with Budget Touches

Add A Fun Collection with Budget Touches
(Source: Pinterest)

A crafty and colorful decoration of budget-friendly decor items for the little princess in your life is one of the most trending ways to decorate a space.

You can use colorful paper to create fun wall details. What makes this budget-friendly DIY craft idea the best is that it can easily be done with kids. Better yet, they will surely love the experience of putting their room together.

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16.Modern Black and White Design

Modern Black and White Design
(Source: Pinterest )

A black and white design idea is one of the best to use in a mature girl’s room because it creates such an elegant appeal.

The only thing you need to be aware of when decorating with this idea is using the right balance so that you don’t make the room too dark or too light.

With this modern look, you can also play around with different artwork such as black and white photos, inspirational quotes, or abstract art

17. The Fashionista to Express Your Personal Style

The Fashionista to Express Your Personal Style
(Source: Houzz)

If you are a fashionista, then this luxurious design approach is fitting for any fashion lover.

Display your purse or jewelry collection on a black mannequin as part of the design aesthetic in your room. Mature colors like black, white, and earthy tones work best in this aesthetic.

18.Organize Bin and Baskets to Storage

Organize Bin and Baskets to Storage
(Source: Pinterest)

If you need storage solutions to organize your space, then bins and baskets are a great way to decorate all while being functional in a small bedroom.

Big bins are nice for containing large, bulky items, while smaller bins are perfect for organizing miscellaneous items that do not have a place in your room.

Match the color of your storage bins to the color scheme that already exists in your room for the best approach. 

 19.Fresh Flowers and Plants Bring A New Vibe

Fresh Flowers and Plants Bring A New Vibe
(Source: Proline Range Hoods)

Princess Aurora does not have to be the only damsel who succumbs to deep sleep. With the forest-inspired room that takes on a subtle green pop of color, your daughter can also be swept away into a whimsical world of comfort and relaxation.

For younger girls, you can have fun with themes related to the princess. For older girls, it’s always better to focus on colors and shapes rather than Disney characters themselves.

 20.Cute Lighting Fixtures and A Swinging Chair

Cute Lighting Fixtures and A Swinging Chair
(Source: Pinterest)

How can a girl make her room beautiful? Luckily, there are many ideas out there and one of the most overlooked designs is a swinging chair.

A swinging chair is perfect for reading and relaxing in and when you decorate this chair with unique light fixtures or fairy lights, you can get a sprinkle of magic that is absolutely mesmerizing.

 21.Animal Lover for Girl Bedroom Ideas

Animal Lover for Girl Bedroom Ideas
(Source: The Sleep Judge)

Animal lovers will love an animal-themed space to sleep in at night. If your child has a pet like a dog or a cat, they can take a picture of their best buddy that can serve as the artwork of the room.

You can print out this custom photo or use other artwork that pertains to a mixture of animals and your kid’s hobbies for additional wall decor. 

 22.Playful Bed Frame for Your Girl Toddler

Playful Bed Frame for Your Girl Toddler
(Source: Pinterest )

A cool bed frame idea is a bed house that uses an exposed wood design that creates a cool layout in your child’s sleeping area.

A playful bed frame can serve as a unique way for children to build and explore in a unique play area.

 23.Create Bunks for Shared Girl Bedroom

Create Bunks for Shared Girl Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

If you need twin beds for a shared space, then you can create a bunk bed layout that gives you enough space to create a play area that your child will absolutely love.

Because bunk beds can be crowded, white painted bed frames will allow your room to be more open and spacious.

The darker colors will make the room seem gloomy here so try and avoid them. In the open space that is left over, use a spacious rug that utilizes their favorite colors. 

 24.Make A Royal Place

Make A Royal Place
(Source: Pinterest )

For a life of luxury, you can transform any room into a royal palace complete with crowns, tiaras, and other royal elements that your little girl will love.

If you are going to be hanging up art, then frame images using gold or silver frames for an added royal appeal. A bed canopy can work great in this room too!

 25.Sweet Barbie Girl Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Sweet Barbie Girl Bedroom Decoration Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A Barbie doll-themed room can offer an amazing look that any little girl will love. Use a customized bedside or a standard pink Barbie doll comforter to highlight the theme.

Because Barbie comes with so much pink as is, you can decorate the rest of the space using complementary colors like green, purple, and even blue.

 26.Baby Girl Bedroom with Butterfly

Baby Girl Bedroom with Butterfly
(Source: Lambs & Ivy) 

You can make any nursery as cute as can be with an accent wall that focuses on butterflies.

Any room can undergo this magical transformation because nurseries tend to be smaller and don’t require a lot of space. Decorate using cute furniture and utilize colors like pink and purple for a maximum girly effect.

 27.Add A Simple Chair with Custom Pillow

Add A Simple Chair with Custom Pillow
(Source: Lonny )

Adding a simple chair with a custom pillow is an effortless way to spruce up an area. Find a small corner of the room to set up your simple chair.

For added functionality, make sure to choose a chair that is beautiful yet cozy. Throw on a small custom blanket over the handle for an added element of comfort.

We hope our beautiful girl bedroom ideas will help you transform your daughter’s bedroom. Better yet, we hope they have helped inspire you to transform your daughter’s space into a beautiful room that is as perfect as she is.

Find the perfect design idea for her and we’re sure she’ll be enjoying it for the years to come. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below what your favorite decor theme from our list is!

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