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29 French Country Bedroom Decor Ideas For A Charming Sleeping Space

French country bedroom

A French country bedroom can be such a charming and elegant space. This unique decor theme is a favorite design for so many because it exudes elegance, comfort, and of course, charm. One of the most popular types of French country styles is a French farmhouse bedroom. This type of bedroom helps pull in elements of the countryside in order to create a really charming atmosphere. This look is also what makes French bedroom decor synonymous with coziness and warmth. Today, our list of some of the best French country-inspired bedroom decor ideas will take a look at some popular styles

We’ll look at all the popular ways to create this charming aesthetic bedroom. We’ll dive into different furniture pieces you can use as well as different patterns to consider. At the end of our list, we are sure you will find French country design ideas that you will simply fall in love with. Stick around to see which ideas will be your favorite for this charming bedroom style.

1. Antique Iron Bed Frame

Antique Iron Bed Frame

An iron bed is a beautiful addition to a shabby chic French country bedroom theme. A simple iron bed like this can offer a really nice charm and elegance to the room. Use white in the bedding and linens, and pillows. Add a touch of cuteness by using frills in your linens as well.

2. Rustic French Country Master Bedroom

Rustic French Country Master Bedroom
(Source: Houzz)

Rustic design elements can be a really romantic way to dress up a French bedroom. You can incorporate rustic elements by using wooden furniture pieces. Even using wooden wall art can help you pull this look together.

If you have wooden exposed beams in the ceiling, this can be a great way to naturally incorporate rustic vibes too. Kick your decor style up a step by incorporating a stone wall as an accent wall as well.

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3. Antique Chandelier

Headboard Decorated with Christmas Cotton Garlands
(Source: Wayfair)

The type of lighting you using your bedroom can really help you put together a specific theme. Using a vintage iron chandelier can be a great way to exude French decor. If you have a wrought iron bed frame already in the room, this lighting fixture will blend in easily.

4. Faded Blue Interiors

 Faded Blue Bedding and Table Lamp
(Source: Pinterest)

Blue is quintessential to French decor. Add a little bit of brightness to this color by using a light shade of blue to decorate with. You can incorporate a soft blue in your comforter and on other bed linens.

You can also use a French country table lamp that has a similar shade of blue to help tie the room together. Have fun with this look as you create a really beautiful and elegant vibe. 

5. Neutral Tones with Wood Furniture   

Off White Bedroom 
(Source: Pinterest)

Neutral tones with wooden furniture lend themselves really well to French country decor.

A French country bedroom with dark wood furniture is very mature, yet inviting and relaxing. Use wooden elements on nightstands, end of the bed benches, and even picture frames around the room.

6. Natural Sunlight

Floor-to-Ceiling Window Beside the Bed
(Source: HGTV)

If you have a floor-to-ceiling window, then using the natural light from the outdoors is a must. French decor is all about natural elements and elegance. A large window will help you pull together these two design ideas.

If your floor-to-ceiling windows have dark frames to them, be sure to use similar colors throughout the room as well. This will help you to keep cohesion in your sleeping space. 

7. French Country-Style Slipcovered Bench

French Country-Style Slipcovered Bench
(Source: One Kindesign)

Elegant lounge chairs are a staple of French decor. A great way to incorporate this look is by using a bench with arms at the end of your bed.

This type of end of the bed bench should match the color scheme of your bedroom. If it doesn’t, you can always use a French-style slipcover to help dress up the room.

8. Porcelain Bedding Set

Blue Toile Bedding
(Source: Decor Art) 

Blue and white are such calming colors that lend well to French country decor. Use a blue and white floral print on your bed’s blanket.

Pair it with some white throw pillows the help create an elegant appeal. Have fun with this look but use lots of light colors alongside it to help keep the area nice and bright.

9. Mix and Match Patterns

Green Gingham Canopy Bed
(Source: Scene Therapy)

Mix and match different patterns to create an eclectic French design. Use a gingham pattern, and a floral pattern to decorate the room.

Incorporate these patterns and items like throw blankets and extra pillows. You can even personalize an accent wall with this unique look to really help set the tone as well. 

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10. Vibrant French Country Bedroom

Vibrant-Colored French Country Bedroom
(Source: Better Homes and Gardens)

A blue and yellow French country bedroom is such a vibrant look and worth a double-take. This type of bedroom lends itself well to a teenage girl’s room or a young adult’s room.

Use bold bursts of yellow on the comforter and on the bed. Compliment the right color with blue pillows and other accessories. If you want to create a statement piece, you can even include a bold yellow dresser too. 

11. Modern French Country Bedroom

Cream Modern Bed Frame
(Source: Houzz)

French country style does not have to be all vibrance and delicacy. In fact, one of the best French decor styles is a modern look.

You can create this look by using an upholstered bed in a nice beige color. Incorporate accents of French country by using wooden accents throughout the room.

12. French Country Bedroom Decor with An Iron Canopy Bed

Black Iron Canopy Bed
(Source: Decorpad)

An iron canopy bed can be a great statement piece to use for a French country bedroom. If you’re going to create a look like this, then you want the bed to be the center of attention.

13. Luxury French Country Bedroom

White Bedroom with Gold Touched Furniture
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a really beautiful luxurious space by adding a gold touch to your room. There are several different ways you can do this. One of the best is by using a gold bedframe like a gold canopy bed.

Another great way is by using a framed gold mirror that has the elegance required of upscale French country decor. Do not go overboard with the gold touches or else you could have a loud bedroom. A room like this can easily cross the line to exude chaos and not calm.

14. Red Painted Armoire

Red Painted Armoire
(Source: savvysouthernstyle)

Pops of color are another great design element of French country decor. A great color to consider is bold red.

Paint an armoire in your guest bedroom a vibrant red and complement it with a red checkered curtain. This bright color will dominate the room and will stand out against the rest of the room.

15. Shabby Chic Backdrop

Shabby Chic Accent Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

Shabby chic is one of the most common French country design elements. There are all sorts of ways you can incorporate this look into your bedroom. One of the best is by using the shabby chic accent wall that dominates the room.

16. French Country Bedroom with Barn Door

White Barn Door
(Source: brocantemajolie)

You can create a really beautiful French farmhouse bedroom by incorporating a barn door in it. Use a repurposed barn door in place of a door that is already in your room. For example, a distressed wooden sliding barn door can be a great way to conceal a balcony entryway.

17. Set Up A Comfortable Reading Nook

A Wooden Table and A Cane Chaise Lounge
(Source: HGTV Photo Library)

Create the look of a French provincial bedroom by setting up a comfortable reading nook. The reading nook should have enough space for you to set up a chair or a daybed to lounge in.

You can even incorporate a small table with a nice lamp on it. This will help you create a really elegant and calming corner for you to enjoy in your bedroom. 

18. Antique Portrait Above Bed

Antique Portrait Above Bed
(Source: HGTV Photo Library)

If you love floral decor but don’t want to put it on the wall, put it on your bed instead. Use a floral upholstered headboard to help set the stage for your bedroom’s style.

Light yellow is such a great color to go with because it’s calming and relaxing. Don’t forget to liven up the space with some artsy portraits or personalized wall decor.

19. Floral Wallpaper

Pink Toile Wallpaper, Curtain and Chair in Bedroom
(Source: ladolcevitablog)

Create a stunning girl’s French country bedroom by using cute floral wallpaper. A classics color to go with is pink. Pink floral wallpaper can really create a nice girly theme throughout the room.

Because this look can be a bit loud, use solid colors throughout the rest of the room. A solid bedding set, area rug, and furniture can help calm down the space.

20. Mix Different Pillow Styles

Mix Different Pillow Styles, Textures and Colors
(Source: savvysouthernstyle)

If you have a tufted bed, then a really fun design idea to use is a mix of different custom pillow styles. Play around with colors like coral, blue, white, and goldenrod.

These are the colors most favored by French decor. If you can match it with a comforter that plays around with similar colors this can be a plus.

21. Add A Small Rustic Cabinet with Drawers

Wooden Nightstand With An Old Chic Window Frame
(Source: Sarah Jane Christy)

A small rustic cabinet with drawers on the side of your bed can be a really great way to create an element of charm in your room. If you have a rustic frame bed, this can help accentuate the rustic nightstand.

Because you want the furniture to be the main decor element, don’t go overboard with decorating. Instead, leave the surface of the nightstand rather bear so that the focus goes on the dresser instead.

22. Mix and Match Window Treatment with Throw Blanket

Gray and Blue Bedroom
(Source: Houzz)

Mix and match using different hues of bold color throughout your room. One great way to do this is by using a dark-colored navy blue on the throw blanket. Find a similar colored window treatment to dress up your windows as well.

Throughout the rest of the room, use different shades of this hue to help set a relaxed tone. The end result will be a very personalized and unique French-inspired bedroom that exudes confidence.

23. Decorate The Fireplace Mantel

Display An Artwork Above the Bedroom Mantel
(Source: Luxe Interiors + Design)

Whether you have a faux fireplace or a real one, the mantle is such a great place to decorate. You can incorporate a variety of picture frames onto the mantle to set the tone in the room.

Incorporate your most favorite photos and pieces of artwork to put on display. Besides, consider setting up a large personalized canvas on top of the mantel place.

24. Artsy Nightstand

Artsy Blue Nightstand
(Source: Curated Interior)

Use a really unique classic French nightstand that is specific to French country decor. A special nightstand like that will really help set the tone of your room.

Don’t clutter the top of the nightstand as this will detract from the beautiful artwork on it. Instead, consider setting a simple table lamp alongside a vase of white flowers.

25. French Country Bedroom Ideas with Vintage Paintings

Vintage Paintings Hanged Around the Bedroom
(Source: Elle Decor)

Paintings are such a quintessential element of French country design. The older the painting, the more it lends itself well to the design scheme. A great way to design your room is by using vintage paintings throughout.

Include these paintings on top of the headboard for a really nice Victorian feel. You can even create a gallery wall full of vintage paintings too.

26. Charming Wooden Bed 

Wooden Carved Bed Frame
(Source: FrenchGardenHouse)

An elegant crown shape bed frame can be such a charming piece to include in the French country decor theme. Also, avoid using other dark furniture pieces like wooden nightstands and dressers. This will allow the dark wooden bed to stand out on its own.

27. Vintage Chic Furniture

Green Table and Chair in Yellow Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Use vintage furniture to help dress up a home office that is set up in your bedroom. Use a vintage table and chair that has a very distressed look to it.

This type of aesthetic lends really well to French country design elements. You can even use vintage colors like goldenrod, and a light navy green hue to help all pull together this lovely look. 

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28. French Country Bedroom Ideas with Plain Furniture

Plain Furniture in French Country Bedroom
(Source: Decor Charm Decor Charm)

Plain furniture is a really nice minimalist style to use in French country decor. If you don’t want your room to have bold tones in it, then use muted furniture made of wood.

Incorporate these calm colors on the floor, on an end of the bed trunk, and on any tables in the room. Help complement the plain furniture by using lots of white linens throughout the room. This will help to brighten the space as well.

29. Decorate The Window Seat in French Country Style

Pastel Blue French Country Bedroom
(Source: Decorpad) 

Decorate the window seat to create a really beautiful seating space in your bedroom. There are all different ways you can decorate a window seat.

One of the best is by using a see cover that has matching accent pillows. You can also cover the window seat with a French country-style curtain too. Use classic French colors like red, light blue, and wood.

It’s easy to see why French bedroom country decor is such a popular style by so many. French country decor demands a warmth and coziness not found in other styles.  With an aesthetic like this, it’s hard to ignore what is becoming one of the most popular design themes to decorate with.

Which of our ideas were your favorite and which have generated your inspiration for this style? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below. Know someone who loves French country decor? Be sure to share this article with them as well!

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