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30+ Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas With Rustic Styles In 2022

30+ Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas With Rustic Styles In 2022
(Source: Crafters and Weavers)

A farmhouse bedroom can be such a fantastic bedroom decorating style to pull together if you really love the rustic elements of the outdoors. The vibe that comes with the farmhouse look is light and airy and full of charm

Today, we’ll look at some of the different ways you may incorporate a farmhouse-style bedroom into your home utilizing items you already have. You may also create something new and attractive by repurposing existing components like barn doors and shiplap.

We will take a look at some great bedroom designs that use this idea as well. Stick around to see which of these ideas will be your favorite in helping you design your own farmhouse-inspired bedroom.

Cozy Farmhouse Bedroom Design Ideas

1.Modern Farmhouse Style for Bedroom

Modern Farmhouse Style for Bedroom
(Source: Thisstlewood Farm)

A really beautiful modern style for your bedroom is one of the classiest looks that have yet to go out of style. This popular contemporary style has been made famous by so many TV personalities and for good reason. 

This classic old and new mix of design elements can create such a relaxing environment for you to sleep in. Stick with a base of neutral and light color schemes to create a contemporary farmhouse bedroom. 

Usps plenty of chic elements like a rustic mirror and a beautiful metal chandelier to help tie together this beautiful room. Lots of reclaimed wood, distressed wood, and white linens will also help you pull off this beautiful design theme.

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2.Cozy Corner with Fireplace

Cozy Corner with Fireplace
(Source: Decorpad)

If you have a fireplace in your bedroom, you can create a really cozy farmhouse-inspired look that is centered around your fireplace. 

To create this French country style, you’ll want to start by redecorating so that you have a black granite fireplace with a black seating area for you to sit and enjoy the flames. This wonderful style can create a really cozy atmosphere in your bedroom. 

The rest of your sleeping space should follow the theme of your fireplace. Do this by using an all-black platform or canopy bed and matching black furniture. 

3.Shiplap Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Shiplap Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas
(Source: EasyHomeTips.org)

One of the most trending materials to use in any bedroom is shiplap. Shiplap lends itself really well to a farmhouse bedroom. Because it’s such a warm touch and a simple pattern that goes a really long way when done tastefully. 

Start by selecting one or two walls that will serve as the accent shiplap walls. A great color to select is a pale gray shade or a really light beige. Then, display a large canvas over the top of the shiplap wall, right above your bed, to really unify the look. 

Decorate the rest of the room with light-colored linens and other gray accents and you’ll have a beautiful contemporary farmhouse style.

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4.Repurpose Old Objects

Repurpose Old Objects
(Source: Pinterest)

A beautiful design technique to use in a farmhouse theme bedroom is recycling old objects and repainting them or remodeling them so that they can be design elements in your bedroom. 

A really neat way to do this is by using old window shutters and repainting them so that they can blend into your room’s current color scheme. You can use these repainted shutters as a way to create some unique walls in your room. 

If you only have a couple of shutters, then you can use them as an eye-catching headboard that goes behind your bed too. 

Either way, when you recycle old objects and incorporate them into your room, you can create a really rough textured farmhouse design theme that is absolutely gorgeous. 

5.Reclaimed Wood Headboard

Reclaimed Wood Headboard
(Source: Dot & Bo)

If you want to create a really minimalistic style farmhouse designs theme, then a great way to do this is by using reclaimed wood to create a gorgeous headboard. 

Swap out your traditional headboard for a DIY headboard made out of rustic wood. If you want to add some decor pieces throughout the room, then use repurposed items that match the rustic theme for your bedroom.  

Be sure to stick with a minimalist theme and use your decor objects appearing sparingly, that way, you do not overwhelm the bedroom.

6.Traditional Quilts for Farmhouse Style

Traditional Quilts for Farmhouse Style
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the most telling objects in a farmhouse-inspired bedroom is classic quilts. Quilts and bedspreads that have vintage designs on them like aged floral patterns. And geometric shapes can be really beautiful in a rustic-styled farmhouse-inspired bedroom. 

Feel free to mix and match different styled linens together. For example, you want to use light linens with darker toned quilts and blankets and darker color linens with light-colored quilts. This will allow the beautiful bedspread to stand out and be the focus of the room. 

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7.Pretty Farmhouse Girl’s Bedroom 

Pretty Farmhouse Girl’s Bedroom 
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the most adorable design themes for a little girl’s bedroom or a teen’s bedroom is a charming modern farmhouse design theme full of pink, white, and floral decor items. 

To really create that rural look in your teen’s bedroom, consider using a light pink and white checkered bedspread. 

This bedspread will pair really nicely with other pink tones in the room. You can use pink in the curtains, in the area rug, and even in the furniture. Remember to stay on the lighter shade of pink in order to maintain that rustic theme so commonly seen in farmhouse decor. 

Adding lots of frills and rustic furniture like a metal frame bed or canopy bed can help you pull off this look too. 

8.A Farmhouse Bedroom in the Autumn

A Farmhouse Bedroom in the Autumn
(Source: Pinterest)

A beautiful color to consider incorporating in your classic farmhouse sleeping space is a buttery yellow that goes after an autumn-inspired bedroom. 

This bright look can be especially beautiful if your bedroom receives lots of natural light from the windows. Use bright yellow on the walls, artwork, and other yellow decor items. 

As the sunshine pours it into your sleeping space, the bright color on the walls will help illuminate your sleeping size for even more appeal. 

Add touches of flower decor like light wallpaper flowers or bedding with light flower prints for a touch of cuteness as well. 

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9.Four Poster Bed

Four Poster for farmhouse bedroom
(Source: The Inspired Room)

A four-poster bed can be such a great look for creating an authentic farmhouse bedroom. When you think about a farmhouse design theme, a traditional bed like this often comes to mind. 

Put a twist on your four-poster bed by painting it all white in order to really achieve a beautiful bright farmhouse design theme. Decorate the rest of the room using lots of white elements including white furniture, white linens, and even white wooden walls. 

If you have exposed wood peeking out through the ceiling or other parts of the bedroom, let the natural wood stand out. That way you have a nice balance of new farmhouse and old farmhouse design elements. 

10.Rocking Chair 

Rocking Chair  farmhouse bedroom
(Source: HGTV Photo Library)

A rocking chair can be such a great design piece to include in your bedroom. Not only does a rocking chair look fantastic in a farmhouse design scene, but it also plays a functional role too. Relax and enjoy your sleeping space by creating a seating area that uses a rocking chair or two. If you have a bedroom situated in a cottage or tucked away on the mountain, then a rocking chair can be such a fantastic element to add to your room. 

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11.Large Pictures of Country Life

Large Pictures of Country Life
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the best ways to create a farmhouse-inspired bedroom is by using large canvas paintings and artwork that pay homage to the farmhouse theme. 

This means using canvases with popular farm animals like black and white goats, sheep, and even farm landscapes. Together, this farmhouse artwork can create a really adorable bedroom that is perfect for individuals of all ages. 

Pair your artwork with light-colored linens and light-colored artwork to really brighten up the space. Keep colors at a minimum and instead focus on neutral hues like white, gray, and black. 

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12.Alana Farmhouse Nightstand

Alana Farmhouse Nightstand
(Source: Pinterest)

If you want to stick with a traditional classic farmhouse theme bedroom, then you’ll want to use the traditional colors associated with a farmhouse sleeping space. 

This means using a lot of natural wood elements, lots of white distressed decor items, and touches of black metal fixtures here and there. A great way to put this look together is by using a barn door nightstand that mixes all three materials together to create a really light and airy bedroom fixture. 

This traditional nightstand blends really well with a black wire-framed bed that is dressed with an all-white wedding. When it comes to the wall, white shiplap can go a long way and sandy wooden floors can help tie everything together too.

13.Barn Door Installation for Master Farmhouse Bedroom

Barn Door Installation for Master Farmhouse Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

A really great design element of any farmhouse-inspired sleeping space is a functional sliding barn door that is used to replace your traditional bedroom door. 

A door like this is a great solution if you want to dress up your room in a farmhouse decor theme but don’t want to entirely commit to the look. This is because you can always remove the door if you decide you don’t like it. 

This door can be a great way to close off the main entryway into your bedroom or you can use it to replace the door that leads to your walk-in closet or your bathroom. 

You don’t have to go all out with the wood, instead, you can allow this barn door to be the only wooden fixture in the room. For the rest of the room, focus on using lots of white colors, gray hues, and hints of black here and there.

14.Soft Cream is Classic for Farmhouse Style

Soft Cream is Classic for Farmhouse Style
(Source: Barefoot)

Light and airy colors like a soft cream color are a fantastic way to dress up your bedroom in a chic farmhouse design theme. To pull this together, you want to use a tufted headboard made out of a really nice cream or beige color. 

Power up the cuteness in your room by pairing your headboard with a matching end of the bed upholstered bench. In pure farmhouse fashion, it’s a must that you use some sort of letter artwork that hangs on top of your headboard. 

When it comes to the rug, you will want to use another cream color that pairs really well with your bedding. Use lots of chic throw blankets, and decorative pillows to help pull the look together.

15.Brilliant Farmhouse Loft Bedroom Ideas

Brilliant Farmhouse Loft Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Country Living Magazine)

If you have a loft bedroom, then you can transform this relaxed space into a beautiful all-white tone bedroom that has hints of the farmhouse design theme here and there. 

A great way to pull this look together is by using plenty of white throughout the room. If you have a window, then any natural light that enters will help eliminate the brightness that is already there. 

Speaking of windows, adding a really nice decorative touch like a classic telescope can be a really beautiful way to help tie this loft bedroom together.

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16.Beautiful Farmhouse Reading Nook

Beautiful Farmhouse Reading Nook
(Source: Pinterest)

If your bedroom has the space, then a great design idea to incorporate is a small reading nook in the corner of your bedroom. A nice spot like this can be a comfortable way to start your morning. 

In your reading nook, you can incorporate a small chair that has a nice footrest for you to kick back and relax in. Use lots of pillows and throw blankets to help decorate the space too. It’s nice to keep a cream-colored basket by the armchair so that you can store away any belongings when you are not using them. 

If you have a small nightstand or table nearby, be sure to incorporate lots of beautiful houseplants to help freshen up the spaces as well.

17.Peaceful Vibe with Floral Farmhouse Bedroom

Peaceful Vibe with Floral Farmhouse Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

A really peaceful design element to incorporate in your farmhouse-inspired bedroom is one that uses lots of floral patterns and floral decor. 

You can pull a beautiful look like this off by using some darling flowers on your walls. You don’t have to decorate all your walls, picking one accent wall to use will work just fine. When it comes to your windows, use nice sheer white curtains to allow the natural sunshine to flow into your bedroom throughout the day. This will help you create a restful bedroom that is absolutely wonderful and relaxing. 

If you have a mantle on your window, then incorporating house plants and some of your most favorite flowers in a crystal vase can be a great way to help freshen up the room as well.

18.Wooden Farmhouse Bedroom

Wooden Farmhouse Bedroom
(Source: Apppie.org)

You can create a really awesome look using an all-wood contemporary style that pays homage to a rustic farmhouse design theme. Pull off this unique design by using wood in all aspects of your bedroom. 

This means using reclaimed wood on the walls, the windows, the ceiling, and even on the different furniture pieces throughout your bedroom. A room like this can create a really nice atmosphere reminiscent of farm life. 

If you have the wall space, be sure to incorporate natural elements like bull horns, a bull’s head, and other big wildlife games that you can display on your walls. 

19.Colorful Farmhouse Style

(Source: DigsDigs)

A farmhouse-inspired bedroom does not have to be all neutral colors and wooden tones. A great way to pull together a colorful farmhouse design theme is by using plenty of bright colors in all aspects of your room. 

One great way you can do this is by using colorful pictures of beautiful floral arrangements and hanging them up on your wall. This lively color will help brighten up your room. It help you feel comfortable, cozy, and relaxed every time you enter. 

To help the bright colors pop, be sure to use plenty of white as well. This means using white on your walls, on your bedding, and even on your flooring through area rugs. 

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20.Romantic Farmhouse Bedroom

Romantic Farmhouse Bedroom
(Source: Houzz)

One of the most romantic design themes that you can use in any bedroom is a farmhouse design theme. When you put in a romantic farmhouse-inspired look together you can create such an intimate atmosphere that is absolutely stunning. 

A great way to put this look together is in a bedroom that has an open view of rolling hills, countryside views, and beautiful greenery from the surrounding mountains. 

Pair your beautiful views with equally romantic bedding for a romantic sleeping space. When you incorporate the outdoors and allow them to play a part in your room decor, you can create a really beautiful bedroom that is simply a dream. 

Incorporate hints of romance by using beautiful flowers like orchids and daisies to help decorate the room as well. 

21.Farmhouse Wall Sconce

Farmhouse Wall Sconce
(Source: Farmhouse Light)

The devil is in the details, especially when it comes to a farmhouse-style bedroom. A great way to put this look together is by using charming metal farmhouse wall sconces.

Delicate metal light sconces pair really well with other metal wall art. And when you use them against a white backdrop, you can create a really nice farmhouse design theme. Because you want these lovely light sconces to stand out,  make sure you use metal sparingly throughout your room. 

Besides the sconces and the bed frame, you really want to keep black metal wiring at a minimum in your room. This will help keep the attraction on these unique fixtures and on the overall feeling that you are trying to attain.

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22.Use the Baskets at the Foot of the Bed

Use the Baskets at the Foot of the Bed
(Source: Pinterest)

You’re putting up a charming farmhouse bedroom for two siblings sharing a room. Then you’ll want to make sure that your bedroom is both functional and relaxing.

A great way to do this is by using baskets at the foot of the bed for your kiddos to put their belongings away at the end of the day. 

By having baskets for them to put dirty clothes and other belongings in, you can help minimize the household chores all while creating beautiful accents in their bedroom.

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23.Farmhouse Metal Bed Ideas

Farmhouse Metal Bed Ideas
(Source: Walmart)

A staple in any farmhouse-inspired bedroom is a bed frame made out of metal. This simple look goes a long way as far as putting together a beautiful sleeping space. 

This look also lends itself really well to someone who wants to create a really minimalist farmhouse design theme. Pair your metal bed with a large rug in order to help center out your room. 

Using a large rug, you can help center any size bed whether it’s a king-size bed or a full-size bed. A simple look like this can go such a long way when it comes to creating a relaxing farmhouse theme look. 

24.Earthy Tone for Farmhouse Style

Earthy Tone
(Source: Pinterest)

Earthy tones look really great in a farmhouse-inspired bedroom because of hues like navy blue, navy gray, beige, white. And brown lend themselves really well to the authentic style that is so synonymous with the farmhouse look. 

You can pull this traditional look together by using wooden furniture including a wooden bed frame and wooden nightstand and dresser. 

If you want to add an interesting element to the room, you can use a unique patterned rug or antique decor to complement the room. This will give you a really traditional look that is relaxing, wholesome, and cozy.

25.Black and White Farmhouse Bedroom

Black and White Farmhouse Bedroom
(Source: Home on Mount Forest)

 A black and white pattern bedroom will lend itself really well to an overall small farmhouse-inspired bedroom design. Start by using shiplap on an accent wall to help all the attention get drawn to that part of the room. 

Then create a casual vibe that works really well for putting together a masculine theme in your boy’s bedroom by using black and white checkered bedding. 

A black bed can help make this bedding stand out lending itself really well to that casual farmhouse look.

26.Farmhouse Attic Bedroom Ideas

Farmhouse Attic Ideas
(Source: We Heart It)

Attics can be really neat places to create a calming sleeping space, especially a farmhouse sleeping space. To create this really rustic look, you want to rely heavily on the wood that is already in the room. 

If there is exposed wood on the low roof, then you want to incorporate that wood as part of your bedroom’s design. When it comes to the lighting, you can swap out your old window. And replace it with a unique pattern window that overlooks the beautiful countryside. 

Not only will this window allow sunshine to pour in throughout the day, but it will create a really nice rustic vibe to the overall bedroom.

27.An Amazing Swing Nightstand

An Amazing Swing Nightstand
(Source: DIY Projects)

A swing nightstand can be a really great project if you are into DIY bedroom design elements. For a unique nightstand like this, you’ll want to display only your important elements. 

If you have an antique or farmhouse clock and some beautifully framed photos, you can set them on this swinging nightstand to create.

Use a slab of reclaimed wood and some dark rope to create your DIY swinging nightstand.

28.Create An Interesting Bed with Custom Farmhouse Pillow

Create An Interesting Bed with Custom Farmhouse Pillow
(Source: Extra Space Storage)

Let your bed be the center of attention by personalizing it so that it embodies everything that your home is all about. 

A bed like this is a really great design element for newlyweds who want to show off their fun personalities. It’s also a great way to design a bedroom if you have a family full of love and joy. Use personalized pillows, throw blankets, and artwork to help show off that love. 

Stay consistent with the farmhouse bedroom theme by using lots of wood, white, and greenery throughout the room as well.

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29.Farmhouse Bedroom with Spring Wreath

Spring Wreath
(Source: Cotton Stem)

A beautiful spring wreath is decorated behind your headboard. It can be a really beautiful addition for all couples who are looking to dress up their master bedroom. 

When you are putting together this wreath, you can incorporate hints of flowers throughout the wreath as well. 

This will help you create a really serene farmhouse bedroom that is simply gorgeous. Keep the attention on the headboard by using simple white linens on your bedding and lots of white pillows that help accentuate the overall look.

Furthermore, the tropical theme might provide you with a different experience.

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30.Modern Scandinavian Farmhouse Bedroom

Modern Scandinavian Farmhouse Bedroom
(Source: Curated Interior)

If you want to pull together elements of a farmhouse look but really want to maintain a simple bedroom design theme. 

This room uses lots of white and subtle hints of light grey and black to put together a really simple and minimalistic design room. 

Frame your bed by using an abstract canvas above the headboard. It plays around with the different shades of black and white. 

When it comes to your nightstand, use a subtle white nightstand that has enough room for you to put your most precious belongings on.

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It’s easy to see why a farmhouse bedroom is one of this year’s most popular design themes to use. 

The Farmhouse design scheme is ever-evolving so there are always different ideas and options for you to take advantage of. 

Let us know in the comments section below which of these themes were your favorite and why. Be sure to share this article with someone who loves a farmhouse-inspired bedroom as well.

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