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23+ Eclectic Bedroom Ideas and Tips for a Fantastic Bedroom (2022)

eclectic bedroom

An eclectic bedroom design is a really unique style to decorate your sleeping space with. It gives you the opportunity to capture all the different elements that are unique to your personality. Today, we are going to take a look at some of this year’s most trending eclectic bedroom style and decor ideas that highlight what this theme is all about.

The beauty of eclecticism is the reality that you can incorporate different design elements that would naturally conflict with one another and pair them in a way that creates a really harmonious environment. There is a tricky part to eclectic decor, however.

If you don’t pair different design elements appropriately, you toe the line of trying to create a relaxing and charming environment instead of pulling off a chaotic and messy space. Luckily though, we’ll help guide you through this design style so that you can avoid any unsightly decor that might hinder the overall look of your bedroom. 

In our extensive list of different eclectic design tips for your sleeping space, we’ll take a look at how you can pair different patterns, textures, furniture pieces, and colors to create an environment that is simply stunning and uniquely you. Let’s get started!

How To Decorate An Eclectic Bedroom

1. Mix Furniture and Interiors

Mix Furniture and Interiors in An Attic Bedroom
(Source: Decoist)

Mix different furniture pieces and interior styles to create a really beautiful eclectic mix throughout your sleeping space.

Start by creating a lovely mid-century modern bedroom by including different dated design elements like vintage lamps that sit upon a mid-century modern nightstand. This very specific design style lends itself really well to a rustic-style bedroom.

So, if you have exposed wood beams in your room, you can really play these up. As you design, avoid mixing too many styles in the space, or else you risk veering off “eclectic” and into “chaotic” decor. 

2. Colorful Eclectic Bedroom

Colorful Eclectic Bedroom
(Source: dimplesandtangles)

Using colors is one of the best ways to create an eclectic sleeping space. Unlike specific types of design themes that play with different time periods, playing around with colors is best for individuals who are just getting started in the world of interior design.

A look like this plays with vibrant colors that complement each other well. There are a variety of eclectic bedding ideas that allow you to mix and match mood-boosting colors like bright yellow and baby blue.

If you really want to create a calm atmosphere in the bedroom, then using colors as a harmonizer is a great way to go about this.

3. Minimalist Eclectic Bedroom

Minimalist Eclectic Bedroom
(Source: Emily Henderson)

Even minimalists can enjoy an eclectic bedroom. The key to this look is using lots of bright colors and bright decor elements that play around with the same color pallet.

For the main aspects of your room, you want to keep the design relatively simple and monotone. For example, by dedicating one part of the room’s wall as a place to display eclectic wall art.

Mix and match large and small black-rimmed photo frames and canvas art to display some of your favorite images, whether they are personal photos or beautiful pieces of artwork. For a look like this, you want to mix together the right balance of simplicity and eclectic design.

4. Maximalist Eclectic Bedroom

Maximalist Eclectic Bedroom
(Source: The Homey Space)

Don’t vibe with a minimalistic look? No problem, this maximalist eclectic bedroom is a work of art as it includes a variety of different vibrant colors, patterns, and furniture pieces.

While a look like this is dramatic, it can be a spectacular look for a teenage girl’s bedroom. Be careful about putting together the personalized design pieces so that you don’t cross the line from sensational to sloppy.

For example, you are going to use an animal patterned throw blanket on top of your bed. It’s best to keep the bedding a solid yet vibrant color. Have fun with a look like this.

Shop personalized decorative pieces on 365canvas.com.

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5. Modern Eclectic Bedroom

Modern Eclectic Bedroom
(Source: Master Bedroom Ideas)

This modern eclectic bedroom takes on lots of dark tones to create a really mysterious and masculine sleeping space.

Even though you’re playing within the same color palette, you can still incorporate elements of eclectic design by using different textures and patterns throughout the room.

For example, consider using leather upholstered seating chairs that are matched with a gray headboard. Instead of your traditional nightstand, use a wooden nightstand with granite tones to help you play into that sleek look too. Help balance out the room by using hints of white through wall art as well.

6. Layering of Objects

Vintage Eclectic Bedroom
(Source: cocokelley) 

A really underrated design tip for creating an eclectic bedroom that is visually appealing and calming is layering different pieces throughout your bedroom.

For example, if you have a beautiful natural design to your floor like a marbled or checkered floor, then layer two rugs over it to help center your bed.

When it comes to wall art, consider layering pieces of artwork by using frames within the actual picture frames or plaques they are being hung up in.

This will help you keep a consistent theme in your bedroom even if you use different types of artwork from different artists and time periods. If you use lots of dark wooden tones, you can create a really nice vintage eclectic bedroom that is calming and relaxing.

Shop plaques that bring memories to mix in your bedroom on 365canvas.com.

7. Showcase the Individuality

Showcase the Individuality
(Source: Maisons du Monde)

If you love the outdoors, then this can be a great starting point for putting together an individualized room. An outdoor-inspired bedroom relies heavily on natural textures that help set the tone of the room.

You can pull this look together by using different rattan pieces including an end of the bed bench or a bed frame with a headboard that has an intricate rattan design on it.

For more eclectic decor, consider setting up an accent wall with a vibrant color like light green or yellow that helps highlight the outdoors.

Incorporate other elements of the outdoors by using a range of different potted house plants. Flowers and plants of all styles will help you pull together that eclectic look.

8. Animal Inspiration

Bedroom Wall Decoration with An Animal Canvas Artwork
(Source: emeliesundberg)

A really fun design theme to use when putting together a kid’s bedroom is animal print. Get inspired by all the patterns, textures, and possibilities that are available with all things animal decor.

If you want to pull together a fun room, consider having a faux fur area rug that your children can call the play area. If you want to keep it more subtle, then you can use decor items like canvas artwork that has different pictures of your child’s favorite animal.

Animal patterns like cow print and zebra stripes can also be really fun decor items to use in extra pillows, and throw blankets that might go on the bed. 

9. Mix Patterns 

Mix Patterns 
(Source: Architectural Digest)

A really fun way to put together an eclectic style bedroom is by using different patterns and mixing them with one another. When you are playing around with this look, you want to be sure that you are choosing patterns that play well with one another.

For example, if you are creating a really feminine bedroom, then you want to stick around with patterns that complement each other. This might include patterns with lots of curlicues and floral elements.

If you’re having trouble finding matching patterns, then another great tip is by playing around with the same color scheme within different types of patterns.

Consider patterns by using a bold wallpaper on one part of your room that accentuates a striking design element like at an end of the bed bench or other furniture pieces that go in a sitting area.

10. Rustic and Modern Mixing 

Rustic and Modern Mixing
(Source: Architecture Art Designs)

Two of the best types of design styles to mix together are modern decor and rustic decor. These design styles blend well with one another because their elements are very complementing.

A sleeping space with a rustic vibe utilizes lots of wood and natural elements. Eclectic small bedroom ideas that mix these two themes together well typically play around with one or two bold rustic furniture and art pieces like wooden art fixtures.

11. Repurposed Interiors

Place Trunks Beside the Bed As A Nightstand
(Source: Apartment Therapy)

You can get creative by repurposing different items and displaying them along with a bedside nightstand or on an accent wall in the room. The eclectic vibe is created when you mix and match different items that have been repurposed.

For example, mixing and matching old frames with other old objects like a vintage clock can be a great way to start. If you want more functional pieces in the room, you can use a repurposed trunk to set at the end of the bed so that it can serve as a sort of end of the bed bench.

A vintage trunk can also be a great idea for creating a repurposed nightstand as well. A look like this requires you to play around with lots of bold colors like brown, gray, black, and even distressed wood. 

12. A Variety of Textures

A Variety of Textures
(Source: elledecor)

A really fun way to create an eclectic design throughout your sleeping space is by using a variety of textures. You can create this unique vibe by including elements such as a velvet pillow, a fluffy bench made of faux fur, and a headboard with intricate wooden detail.

If you have a fireplace in your room that you don’t use, the mantle itself can also serve as a headboard too. It’s not just the furniture pieces that should rely on a variety of textures. The artwork that you display can help you pull this look off too.

Incorporate a mixture of artwork from different time periods in order to pull together this unique vibe. Besides, add to the theme of eclectic texture by designating one matte wall with some impressive artworks

13. Mix and Match Items

Mix and Match Items
(Source: casadecolorir)

A really fun eclectic design theme that lends itself really well to a young girl’s bedroom is a sleeping space that mixes and matches different floral items together.

The bedroom theme is the floral motif, so using different design elements with floral aspects to them can work really well. Consider using floral decorative pillows that compliment floral paintings hung over the wall.

Keep with the seam of eclectic design by hanging your floral images in frames of all shapes and sizes.

Shop other decorative pillows on 365canvas.com.

14. Display Art and Books Not on the Bookshelf

Display Art and Books Not on the Bookshelf
(Source: Pinterest)

Organize your eclectic bedroom by taking all your books off of any bookshelves and setting them in an artful arrangement. You can display books on a bedside table, a nightstand, and even on a windowsill.

Organize your artwork in a similar manner. Instead of hanging up your artwork, consider laying your artwork down so that it rests against the wall.

You can display artworks like this along with your nightstand or windowsill as well. Arrange the artworks the same way you would the book so that you can create a really consistent harmony throughout your room.

15. Masculine Vibe

Bring Masculine Vibe to Bedroom
(Source: elledecoration)

Mix together different odd elements to create a really elegant and relaxing masculine sleeping space. A bedroom like this should focus on darker colors like gray, black, and even dark wood.

You can incorporate this dark color scheme through parts of the bedding, the walls, and different furniture pieces. User different high-quality design elements as well to create a very elegant feel throughout the room.

You can use a high-quality comforter set and elegant light fixtures that highlight the vibe throughout the room. The eclectic theme will play in when you mix and match different high-quality furniture pieces and fabric pieces throughout the room. The end result is a stunning masculine bedroom. 

16. Eclectic Bohemian Bedroom

Bring Masculine Vibe to Bedroom
(Source: Wayfair)

A boho eclectic bedroom can be a really great backdrop for putting together an eclectic-inspired sleeping space. A boho theme lends itself really well when you are decorating with funky design pieces.

These design pieces can vary in shape, style, texture, and color. For example, a funky furniture piece to consider including in a boho-themed bedroom is a retro end of the bed bench in a vibrant shade of aquamarine blue.

You can also incorporate other funky colors like a goldenrod yellow or a sunburn orange through the bedding and canvas wall art to create a really warm and inviting feel throughout the space.

Individuals who have eclectic taste will appreciate these funky design elements as they work together in a boho-inspired space. 

17. Industrial Eclectic Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Industrial Eclectic Bedroom Interior Design
(Source: Trendir)

Blend an industrial-themed bedroom with eclectic decor style to create a really unique and edgy sleeping space. Bedroom designs that play with opposing themes can sometimes be the best styles to design with.

Pull this look together by utilizing any exposed metal in the ceiling, window frames, or other parts of the room and highlighting them with eclectic lighting fixtures like pendant lighting, ceiling lighting.

Add softness to the edge of the industrial decor by using dainty decor elements like a faux fur rug, lavender velvet pillows, and a matching faux fur throw blanket.

18. Eclectic Mix with Shabby Chic Style

Eclectic Bedroom with Shabby Chic Style
(Source: hearthomemag)

The shabby chic decor is another great design theme for creating a really beautiful eclectic aesthetic. You can pull this look together by using lots of shabby chic elements including white, pastels, and distressed wooden furniture.

Painting over exposed wood in your bedroom to create a distressed effect can be a really great way to go. Throughout the rest of the room, use a variety of different colors to help pull together the shabby chic aesthetic.

If you want to maintain the shabby chic aesthetic, then use white furniture including a white bed frame. You don’t have to have a matching dresser or nightstand. Using furniture pieces with the same color scheme in different styles can help you pull together the eclectic look.

19. Romantic and Elegant Look

Romantic Eclectic Bedroom
(Source: HGTV)

An eclectic design theme can work really well to help you pull together a romantic master bedroom as well. A look like this is perfect for couples who want to cozy up in a canopy bed.

You can easily pull together an eclectic romantic bedroom by using different pieces that have quaint elements of romance to them. This means using different furniture pieces that have accents of gold, and other elegant details.

Mix and match wooden furniture pieces with dark metal pieces to help play up that eclectic look as well. Tie the room together by using flower vases throughout the room as well. The flowers do not have to be the same but focus on incorporating flowers you love that complement one another.

20. Mid-Century Eclectic Bedroom

Mid-Century Eclectic Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a really modern mid-century bedroom by using an eclectic mix of different furniture pieces, patterns, and canvas prints throughout the room. Start by creating a really bold look in the room by highlighting a nice statement piece.

This piece can be a large abstract canvas or a mid-century oversized mirror that rests against the wall. Next, tie in elements of eclectic decor by adding mismatched patterned lamps on either side of the bed.

When it comes to the bed, keep things nice and simple by using a solid tone bedding. However, play up the feel of the room by using eclectic accent pillows that complement the mid-century decor.

21. Moroccan-Inspired Eclectic Bedroom

Moroccan-Inspired Eclectic Bedroom
(Source: DigsDigs)

Moroccan-inspired eclectic sleeping space will play up a lot of natural elements. Because Moroccan decor traditionally uses lots of vibrant colors.

For this look, you’ll want to maintain the shapes and styles of Moroccan decor. However, you’ll also want to use calmer-toned hues like white and gray.

This look is great because it uses a canopy bed frame made out of a wire metal bed. Instead of a traditional matching nightstand, use a rattan end table instead. Pull in some greenery through potted house plants to help give the room a refreshing feel as well. 

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22. Monochromatic Eclectic Style

Monochromatic Artwork for Bedroom
(Source: Apppie) 

One of the most fashionable types of design themes this season is monochromatic decor. Pull together a look like this by using a variety of different monochromatic design elements that complement one another.

Or using a specific type of animal print and including that pattern in different parts of the room. For example, if you have animal-printed ottomans, then you want to pair that print with a matching piece of canvas artwork that you can hang over the bed.

Pair this look throughout the room with complimenting furniture including mirrored dressers that help reflect the tones.

For the rest of the room, if you are going to hang up artwork, stay consistent with the monochromatic look but play around with the different types of artwork and frames that you use in order to achieve that eclectic effect. 

Shop animal-printed ottomans on etsy.com and mix them with mirrored dressers on wayfair.com.

23. French-Inspired

French-Inspired Eclectic Bedroom
(Source: Houzz)

A French-inspired eclectic themed bedroom design is a great style to go with. Also, it’s a great choice if you are looking to put together a beautiful girls’ bedroom. A great way to do this is by creating a floral backdrop that has all these vibrant colors mixed in.

This backdrop can serve as an accent wall. It allows the rest of the room to stand on ​its own ​through a design scheme of different decor elements like a leather yellow end of the bed bench and a wire bed frame.

Overall, pull this look together by contrasting the dark hues in the room with vibrant but aged colors.


It’s easy to see why an eclectic bedroom is a really appealing design scheme to use no matter your age, design preference, or type of bedroom you have. We hope our extensive list has helped inspire you to create a bedroom that reflects who you are as an individual.

Which of these design ideas was your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below. Know someone who might love an eclectic design theme? be sure to share this article with them as well! 

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