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20+ Perfect Dresser Decor Ideas For Styling Your Bedroom In 2022

20+ Perfect Dresser Decor Ideas For Styling Your Bedroom In 2022
(Source: Modsy Blog)

What’s the best way to accessorize a dresser? An organization has the key to the secret. Make a gorgeous focal point and look into other Modern Dresser Decor Ideas to assist you to combine beauty and substance.

Get rid of your empty dresser top with simple decorating ideas that will transform your dresser into a stunning display. The dresser should neither be bare and boring nor should it be used as a dumping ground for useful items.
You may make this a center point in your bedroom furniture collections with a few finishing touches. Here are some simple dresser décor ideas that you can use right away.

Top Dresser Decor Ideas

1.Begin with A Clean Slate

Begin with A Clean Slate
(Source: Time4Sleep)

Before you add a few decorative accessories, clear off the surface and consider your priorities. Some people use their wooden dresser as a vanity, so they’ll want to store jewelry and cosmetics. 

Instead of piling things on top of the dresser, you can use the chest of drawers to put everything away. This gives you a surface you can use for decorative features. Remove clutter that could steal the attention from your beautiful dresser. 

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2.Dresser Decor Ideas with A Large Canvas

Dresser Decor Ideas with A Large Canvas
(Source: Lonny)

One of the ways to create a focal point is to personalize the space above the dresser. A large canvas can give off a modern vibe and also help you achieve a special effect if you love to have some art in your bedroom. 

On one side of the canvas, you can add some flowers in a vase to complete the setup. Even low-maintenance fake stems will create the matching effect you want. 

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3.Mirror on A Dresser

Mirror on A Dresser
(Source: Pinterest)

A large mirror placed at the center of the dresser as an anchor can create the feeling of a larger space. When light bounces off the mirror, it can create an effect that will make the room feel spacious. 

To highlight this effect, you can use white tones on different parts of the bedroom. Besides, a mirror on your dresser will help you whenever you need to get ready. It’s the perfect option if you want a win-win situation. 

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4.Dresser Decor Ideas with String Lights

Dresser Decor Ideas with String Lights
(Source: HGTV)

If you have an accent wall and want to enhance the pretty space, you can use string lights. Household décor can serve different purposes, and lighting does the trick. Create scenes from fairy tales with creative lighting options. 

Using string lights, the opportunities for decoration are endless. It’s one of the best ways to express yourself. These lights allow you to play with different colors to complement the theme in your bedroom. 

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5.Best Green Desser Ideas

Best Green Desser Ideas
(Source: A Ray of Sunlight)

Add some greenery or flowers in a vase and place it on the opposite side of your mirror to create a natural texture. This can also work with a custom picture highlighting the center of the dresser. 

A monochrome color scheme on the dresser is ideal if you want to maintain a single theme. You can also go for pops of color to express yourself in different ways. 

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6. Chic Dresser with A Flower Vase Ideas

Chic Dresser with A Flower Vase Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Flowers in a vase offer different ways to add natural color to your bedroom. You can use a glass flower vase placed on one side of your dresser. This does not mean you must get live flowers as artificial flowers can also do the job effectively. 

These are low-maintenance stems you can use for different arrangements. In your bedroom, you can use flowers to create a focal point with a pop of color like yellow. 

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7.Display Your Book Collection

Display Your Book Collection
(Source: Pinterest)

Build a reading nook by stacking your favorite books and magazines on the dresses. This could be old novels you love or new titles you want to read. If your dresser is lower, books can add some height. 

You can find books at flea markets or thrift shops. While searching for books, consider those that coordinate with the bedroom’s color scheme. Getting a pretty design is not difficult if you’re not afraid to experiment. 

8.Showcase Your Jewelry Box

Showcase Your Jewelry Box
(Source: Pinterest)

The dresser is a perfect location for decorative jewelry. This is where you can place the jewelry box, especially on a white dresser in a girl’s bedroom. It’s one of the easiest options if you want to create a luxurious bedroom. 

A clear glass box is a creative way to showcase your jewelry. This means you don’t need to dig around to find your favorite pieces. Also, it’s a great option for bedroom décor. 

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9.Dresser Decor Ideas with Personalized Accessories

Dresser Decor Ideas with Personalized Accessories
(Source: By Olivia Lee)

Fill those gaps on the dresser in your master bedroom with personalized accessories. These are items that can create a romantic setting for couples who have a sense of style. You could use a desktop plaque on this space to display cherished memories. 

It’s a great way to preserve snapshots that highlight an important event in your life. Personalized touches give you a deeper connection whenever you enter the bedroom. 

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10.TV on Dresser in Bedroom Ideas

TV on Dresser in Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Blesser House)

Create an entertainment area in your bedroom by repurposing the top of your dresser to accommodate a TV. This is what a modern bedroom offers, as you can have a relaxing atmosphere. 

It’s recommended to go for low-profile décors, like short vases or small stacks of books. This is important to avoid obscuring the view of your TV. When you use these elements, your TV will merge with the layout so it does not appear an eyesore. 

11.White Kids Dresser Design Ideas

White Kids Dresser Design Ideas
(Source: Decorpad)

An off-white kid’s dresser is a perfect idea if you want to feature this in a beautifully designed boy’s bedroom. On the dresser, you can add marvel action figures plus a rope task lamp. Make the bedroom a playground without making the space feel cluttered. 

You can also add a gilt mirror on the dresser accented with beautiful gold knobs. Other ideas include a colorful art piece that you can hang behind the white dresser. 

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12.Bluetooth Speaker for Dresser Decor Ideas

Bluetooth Speaker for Dresser Decor Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Asymmetrical design can lean towards a formal approach when styling your dresser. To add a rustic feel, you can top the dresser with sentimental items, photos of loved ones, and a vase of flowers. 

This means you can create a contemporary design with a long dresser by adding a Bluetooth speaker or other luxury elements. It works perfectly to make your bedroom a space you can use when you need to relax and unwind. 

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13.Create A Family Gallery Wall Art 

Create A Family Gallery Wall Art 
(Source: Artifact Uprising)

Infuse that emotional connection with your loved ones by creating a family gallery wall. This is an idea for wall décor above the dresser that you can use to display a custom family picture. 

If you’re using white and black themes, you can customize the photos to feature this color scheme. This ensures everything blends perfectly.

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14.Hanging A Dried Hydrangea Wreath

Hanging A Dried Hydrangea Wreath
(Source: Hydrangea Treehouse)

If you’re looking for a DIY project for a fun boho-chic style décor for your bedroom dresser, there are many ways you can customize this space. A hydrangea wreath is a fun project that can help you decorate the bedroom. 

For the project, you need naturally dried hydrangea flowers and other dried flowers you can get from your garden. The project is a good idea as it lasts forever and can be done using natural materials.

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15.Dresser Decor Ideas with Holiday Spirit

Dresser Decor Ideas with Holiday Spirit
(Source: Homedit)

Highlight the winter vibe in the bedroom with a small Christmas tree on a white dresser. If your bedroom features an all-white color, items that communicate the holiday spirit can create a focal point. 

This will get you in the mood in the holiday season, so it’s a good way to prepare for happy moments. 

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16.Pick The Right Lamp for Your Dresser

Pick The Right Lamp for Your Dresser
(Source: Emily Henderson)

A lamp for your dresser can take the décor to the next level. If you want small décor ideas, you can consider a traditional approach for a simple look. 

A small bedside lamp that sits on your dresser can be a good highlight for your bedroom. It’s a functional addition that also contributes to the bedroom décor. Find the right color to match your bedroom’s overall theme. 

17.Make a Small Garden on Your Dresser

Make a Small Garden on Your Dresser
(Source: Pinterest)

If you’re passionate about keeping it lively and natural, a small garden on your dresser can add the right greenery. 

Find a plant collection that blends with your style to create a small farmhouse on your dresser. When it comes to plants, there are endless options and ideas to transform your bedroom and make the space more interesting. 

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18.Best Rattan Dresser Decor Ideas

Best Rattan Dresser Decor Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have a rattan dresser and want décor ideas that can make the space attractive, there are many ways you can customize the dresser. 

Many ideas that would work with natural furniture will be ideal for your bedroom. Add some cactus on the dresser beside the bed for a unique touch. This creates the perfect hygge touch in your bedroom.  

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19.Vintage Dresser with Candles

Vintage Dresser with Candles
(Source: Oscarsplace Furniture Ideas)

Candles offer a great way to customize a romantic bedroom. For your dresser inspiration, get some candle holders and find scented candles that can sit on your dresser. 

This can serve the purpose of boosting the appearance around the dresser and can also calm you when you need a good mood in your bedroom. 

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20.Use A Tray

Use A Tray
(Source: Pinterest)

Get aesthetic dresser ideas that are also functional. A handmade tray that sits on your dresser can be a good touch if you want to store small items. It can also serve as the holder for a vase or lights that create the warmth and atmosphere that makes your bedroom feel special. 

An alternative you could consider is a catchall dish, which offers an easy spot to place easy-to-lose accessories like cuff links or earrings. 


The bedroom is a special space in your home that deserves the love you show other areas of the home. 

If you’re looking for ideas to improve the styling in your bedroom, you can begin with updating your dresser. These ideas offer a good place to start if you want some DIY ideas you can implement quickly. 

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