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29+ Best DIY Wall Decor Ideas To Brighten Up Your Home

DIY Wall Decor Ideas

Do you have a blank space in your home that you want to spruce up? Want to dabble a bit in your creative side? If you answered “yes”, then you need to check out our favorite DIY wall decor ideas that you can pull off, no matter your skill level. Spruce up your home with fabulous wall decor art the way the pros do. 
Let’s take a look at some of our favorite, affordable designs that will allow you to customize any blank space in your home’s walls.  

12 EASY Wall Art Ideas


1. Hang DIY Flower Wall Decor

Hang DIY Flower Wall Decor
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the cutest wall decoration ideas for a teenage girl’s room is a hanging floral garland. It’s easy to hang this DIY floral wall design because all you will need is a long floral garland that you can purchase or make at home using some faux flowers and pins for hanging. 

You can use fishing wire or any other thin string to create a long, leafy garland. Attached colorful flowers through the garland for a nice pop of color. You can hang these lightweight garlands using small pins and they create a beautiful natural aesthetic to any bedroom, office room, or even living room

2. Geometric Hexagon Wall Art

Geometric Hexagon Wall Art
(Source: Pinterest) 

Geometric hexagon wall art is a really neat way to add personality to any space in your home. This easy DIY wall art design can be made with empty boxes or even leftover paper box lids. 

Whatever you choose, you can cut up different sizes and spray paint them with colors that will compliment your room. You can use metallic and light colors to brighten up a room that is low on lighting, or you can use darker colors to make your hexagon wall art stand out.

3. DIY Big Paper Blooms On Your Wall

DIY Big Paper Blooms On Your Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

Big paper florals are easily one of the cutest wall decoration ideas perfect for any space in your home. Creating this design requires very little effort for very spectacular results. 

Flower lovers can use stenciled flower cutouts to create beautiful realistic 3D flowers. As you create this affordable DIY flower bloom wall art, play with large flowers as well as smaller size flowers to create the perfect design. 

If you are using felt or other fabric, the flowers can be sewed together. If you are using tissue paper, a little bit of glue or tape is all you need. 

4. Creating A DIY Colorful Wall 

Creating A DIY Colorful Wall
(Source: Wee Birdy)

Create a DIY colorful wall design that will brighten up any playroom, children’s room, or nursery. This DIY colorful wall design is super easy to put together because all you need is some heavy cardstock or even heavy poster paper in a variety of different colors. The brighter the color the better. 

Use scissors to cut out small-sized circles. You can play with different sized circles if you would like, but using similar sized circles creates a really nice confetti appeal that will add a festive spirit to any room. 

To adhere the circles to the wall, you can use blue tacky adhesive or wall safe tape. Your end result will be a vibrant room fit for a party. 

5. Handmade 3D Paper Hearts For DIY Wall Decor

Handmade 3D Paper Hearts DIY
(Source: Pinterest)

Get in the holiday spirit with a beautiful handmade 3D paper hearts wall design. These handmade paper hearts are the perfect addition to wall decorations during Valentine’s Day. Depending on how you style them, you can create a romantic appeal or a fun wall decoration idea that everyone in the family can join in on. 

If you are wondering how to DIY creative paper hearts wall decor, then you don’t really need to look far. All you need is some red, pink, and even white thick construction paper, some scissors, and some wall tape. Cut out heart shapes of varying sizes and arrange them in a style fit for your wall space. 

If you want to go after a 3D effect, you can bring in the top tip of the heart to make it pop out of a bit in the center. 

6. DIY Your Wall With Honeycomb Decals 

DIY Your Wall With Honeycomb Decals
(Source: Idle Hands Awake)

DIY your wall with honeycomb decals for an interesting pop of color that brings out a neat texture to your walls. You can purchase pre-made honeycomb wall decals but the arrangement options are totally up to you. 

The hexagonal shapes allow you to create an easy design that fits the space you are working on. As you play around with your awesome stickers, pay attention to the color scheme. If you have got gold accent furniture or room decor, then gold-colored honeycombs are a chic way to bring those parts of your living space out. 

For more modern spaces, you can go with black and white honeycomb decor. This unique design is super trendy and because they are stickers, you can peel the decals off when you are ready to change your wall decorations up again.

7. DIY Black and White Pattern Designed By Yourselves

DIY Black and White Pattern Designed By Yourselves
(Source: Amazon)

It’s easier than you think to create a DIY black and white pattern designed by yourself. There are so many different avenues you can go with a DIY black and white pattern design.

The simplicity of this project is great because it’s so easy and effortless yet it creates a design that is surprisingly beautiful and incredibly modern. 

To create this look, pull out some tape and some black paint. Tape off sections of your wall so that the gaps create the design. The tape will leave you with an easy-to-paint area.

Once you have painted the different sections of your wall, let the paint dry completely before you peel off the tape. Some easy designs to use include a chevron style, a striped style, and a diagonal style. 

8. DIY Floral Letter Wall Art

DIY Floral Letter Wall Art
(Source: AliExpress)

Florals as wall decor ideas are great, but DIY floral letter wall art is even better because you can customize your space exactly how you want it. For this sweet wall decor design idea, you will need to settle on a name, word, or even a phrase that you want to use.

Once you have that in place, snatch up some thick cardboard, some faux flowers, and some hot glue. Arrange the faux flowers so that you create a letter on each cardboard sheet and hot glue the flowers down.

Once glued down, cut out the cardboard so that you have an outline of the flowered letter. Make sure that the cardboard is not visible. You can add individual green leaves to cover any imperfections. 

Lastly, hot glue the cardboard onto a small canvas that is painted the color of your choice. You can also leave the canvas white for a really modern look. Arrange the canvas and you’ve got an adorably chic wall decor design on your hands that looks as expensive as it does beautifully. 

9. Farmhouse Mason Jar DIY Wall Decor

Farmhouse Mason Jar DIY Wall Decor
(Source: Etsy)

One of the best ways to compliment any farmhouse design is by using a farmhouse mason jar DIY wall decor. All you need for this decor idea is a mason jar, some twine, and a thin wooden slab to attach the mason jar too. 

Attach the mason jar to the wooden slab using some heavy-duty Gorilla Glue (you can also use a sconce). Next, add some florals and greenery into the mason jar and tie everything together by attaching a piece of twine around the mason jar’s edge. 

This beautiful decor idea works fabulously in a dining room or on an outdoor wall. For an added touch of wonder, you can throw in battery-powered fairy lights inside the mason jar too. 

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10. Collage Photo Wall Art 

Collage Photo Wall Art
(Source: 365canvas.com)

Collage photo wall art is one of the best ways to decorate your wall and add a custom touch to your wall space decor. If you have ever wondered how to do DIY canvas wall design for apartment and dorm rooms, this is the way to do it. 

This wall art will require you to use several images or photographs to create a collage. You can use different programs like Canva to create the collage. Once you have your image, you can set it on a canvas for a cool look or even have it framed for a more modern, cleaner look. 

Either way, you do it, this wall design idea is a great way to customize your living space so that your guests have a little insight into who you are.

11. Doilies Craft Wall Hanging

Doilies Craft Wall Hanging
(Source: Pinterest)

Don’t underestimate the power of doilies. Framed doilies are one of the neatest ways to create wall art. And while the end result may look refined and expensive, it’s actually incredibly inexpensive to put this project together. 

Start by using a large canvas that is painted with a dark base color. Next, arrange different size doilies around the canvas to create a design that you like. The more abstract, the better.

If you want to add a pop of color, then spray paint a couple of doilies before you place them on the canvas. Seal your creation with a couple of layers of clear Mod Podge and you are good to go.

12. Recycled Pallets Make Excellent DIY Wall Art

Lips wall art from recycled pallets
(Source: Pinterest)

Recycled pallets are one of the neatest DIY wall decor ideas because they are so unique, abstract, and depending on the design you use, they can be incredibly pretty. 

When you are working with recycled pallets, you always want to design and paint the pallets before you put them on the wall. Think of a design idea, stencil it out on the pallet, and then cut the pallet up accordingly. 

You do not always have to reinforce your design with the backing, but if you are creating a unique shape like red-painted lips, then a backing can make sure that your project stays together while it is hanging on the wall. Plus it makes it easier to hang!

13. Spoons Become Works Of Wall Decor

Spoons Become Works Of Wall Decor
(Source: Homedit)

Whether you have a wooden spoon collection or are looking for a new way to decorate your kitchen, wooden spoons can be a great way to enhance the look of your walls. 

The best type of spoon is oversized wooden ones that enhance the look of your farmhouse themes. There does not need to be any rhyme or reason in how you hang them, but you want to hang out in a part of your cook’s room that allows them to stand out. 

If you have a farmhouse-style kitchen, then wooden spoons can be a great way to enhance the look of your farmhouse theme.

14. DIY Tree Branches Wall Decor 

DIY Tree Branches Wall Decor
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the neatest wall decoration ideas is a DIY tree branches wall decoration theme. This DIY looks super expensive but it is incredibly easy and surprisingly cheap to put together.

For this dried twigs project, you can go out into your own backyard to find some unique shaped tigs. You want to look for twins that are thin enough that they don’t snap, but thick enough that you can hold them onto the wall. Create a natural, and almost crude look by spray painting the sticks with a light grey color. It’s okay if some of the natural wood shows through.

Once your sticks have dried up, arrange them on your wall and attach them using wall adhesive. This natural stick idea works well in any wall pieces.

15. DIY Nursery Wall Decor Ideas

DIY Nursery Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the best DIY nursery wall decor ideas involves tons of butterflies and lots of creativity.

Using an accent wall in your kid’s nursery, arrange small little butterfly cutouts from colorful paper or butterfly decals in a way that complements the room. Some of the best arrangements include having large butterflies starting at the bottom of the wall with smaller size butterflies fanning out towards the top of the wall. 

If you are not a craft-driven person, then you can purchase premade 3D butterflies that will compliment your kid’s room perfectly.

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16. Sleeping Below Skyline DIY Idea For Wall

Sleeping Below Skyline DIY Idea For Wall
(Source: Puj)

Do you want the city appeal without actually living in the city? Well then, this easy-to-put-together DIY city skyline wall design idea is perfect for any teenager’s bed headboard or playroom. 

All you need is A pencil and some black tape. Start by drawing light lines on the wall that you want to create your skyline on. Once you have your lines drawn, use black electric tape or washi tape to tape over the lines. This will create a defined skyline. 

This unique wall design idea works great for a small bedroom because it can serve as a unique-looking headboard if you don’t already have one.  

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17. DIY Wall Decor With Reclaimed Wood

DIY Wall Decor With Reclaimed Wood
(Source: Etsy)

Reclaimed wood will never get old partly because it’s super modern, super affordable, and there is so much you can do with it. When it comes to decorating with reclaimed wood, you don’t have to follow any pattern.

In fact, abstract designs will typically create some amazing styles. Head over to your local lumber yard and ask for some scrap reclaimed wood. You can even use lumber from an old piece of furniture you have laying around.

Once you have a design in mind, you’ll find that reclaimed wood wall design ideas work best in your rooms and other collective living spaces. 

18. DIY Stick & Yarn Wall Art Decoration

(Source: Simple Home. Simple Life.)

A DIY stick and yarn wall art decoration idea is a neat way to display a unique piece of work.

To create this neat wall-hanging artwork, all you need is some yarn and a strong enough stick to hold your yarn up. You can use different yarn patterns to create an aesthetic that matches your living space. 

Because of the materials used, this cheap hanging wall decoration idea offers limitless possibilities that you can use all throughout your home. 

19. Painted Wall You Can DIY

Painted Wall You Can DIY
(Source: Storenvy)

If you have a crafty side to you, then creating a painted wall in your home is a great way to design your space. Your painted wall design can be elaborate and creative with a funky abstract appeal or it can be simple and sleek the way a herringbone design is. 

The best way to use this wall decoration design is by picking one wall and allowing it to serve as an accent wall. This DIY-painted wall design idea works great in any room in your house. 

20. DIY Wall Christmas Tree

DIY Wall Christmas Tree
(Source: The Whimsical Wife)

Who says minimalists can’t design their spaces too? With this neat DIY wall decoration idea, you can create a beautiful Christmas-themed atmosphere without having to deal with frustrating trees and loads of ornaments. 

Using a couple of holiday garlands, arrange them in a way that they create a Christmas tree. Use small nails or tacks to hold up the different garland pieces. 

Lastly, arrange ornaments along the wall to create the Christmas theme. 

21. DIY Rustic Shark Pallet Wall Art

DIY Rustic Shark Pallet Wall Art
(Source: Pinterest)

A DIY rustic shark pallet is a neat way to design any beach cottage or house that is aiming for a relaxing aquatic theme. This design is easy to put together and all you need is a long enough pallet that you can cut out a stenciled shark from and some spray paint. 

If you don’t have a pallet, a thin sheet of distressed or reclaimed wood can work just fine. Once it’s cut out, use a light color spray paint to get a beachy color theme going. 

This unique wall art idea works great in bathrooms and other small spaces in your home. 

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22. DIY Clay Wall Hanging

DIY Clay Wall Hanging
(Source: Delineate Your Dwelling)

A DIY Sculpey clay wall hanging design is a neat way to bring out your creative side. While this unique DIY clay wall art looks intimidating, it’s actually not that difficult to put together. You can approach this easy-to-do DIY one of two ways, you can use premade clay ornaments, or you can make your own. 

Whichever you choose, make sure the pieces are small and lightweight so that they don’t weigh too much. A piece that is too heavy can be difficult to hang. 

Install the pieces on a strong wooden stick or hanger, and install the work in your living space, foyer, or any other area where your guests will congregate. 

23. Handmade Wall Key Holder 

Handmade Wall Key Holder
(Source: Etsy)

Some of the best wall decoration styles are the ones that are beautiful yet practical. A handmade wall key holder will do just that. 

You can use any type of material to create your key holder. Metal or wooden blocks work great and they are perfect for pairing with metal hooks. For a more chic look, you can use reclaimed wood as the base and attach decorative hooks. 

If your room needs a splash of color, this is a great way to do just that as well. Paint the base with a color that is loud yet not distracting from the ambiance of your room. 

24. DIY Fresh Wall Art

DIY Air Plants Wall Art
(Source: Amazon)

Fresh wall art is a great way to bring greenery into your home without needing to deal with the effort of taking care of that greenery. This wall design idea is very basic and easy to put together, yet it creates a really beautiful atmosphere. 

All you need is a framed wooden hanging square and some faux plants. Attach the faux plants to the square, you can even use some wire mesh if you need additional support.

Hang the plant square artwork in hallways, traffic areas, and other walls in your home. 

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25. Create Your Own Star Wall

Create Your Own Star Wall
(Source: Etsy)

A star wall is a fun way to celebrate a festive event or to spruce up your walls for any parties you might host. Star walls create a fun appeal that livens up any wall. 

When you decorate with star walls, use a mixture of large, medium, and small wall stars for that astronomical effect. For even more twinkle, consider using golden stars, whether it is a gold craft paper you use or gold sprayed wooden stars. 

DIY Mirrors Gallery Wall
(Source: Life By Leanna)

You can make smaller-sized rooms appear bigger by using a DIY mirror gallery to brighten up space. To pull this look off, collect eclectic pieces of framed mirrors

You can find affordable mirrors at thrift stores and yard sales. Once you have your mirrors, spray paint their frames using colors that align with your room’s color scheme. Gold and black frames create beautiful antique looks while silver and white frames help brighten up the room. 

This fabulous yet affordable wall art idea is a fantastic set up for a family room or other common space in your home. 

27. Coffee Bag DIY Wall Decor

Coffee Bag DIY Wall Decor
(Source: Etsy)

Coffee lovers are sure to enjoy this rustic wall decor idea. This simple coffee burlap-styled wall art is the perfect makeover for any room that is looking to get a modern facelift. 

By using wooden pallets that have a stretched-over burlap canvas, you can create customized wall art that is perfect to hang over the sofa. With your new burlap canvas, you can customize the art so that it reflects what you and your home are all about. 

Use Mod Podge to adhere photos, paint, and stencils for customized lettering, and even press on decals for inspirational phrases. The fun with this idea is endless! 

28. DIY Fabric Wall Decor

DIY Fabric Wall Decor
(Source: Present Company)

If you love abstract art and are looking for a cheap way to decorate your wall space or even a neat way to cover up something permanent on your wall, then DIY fabric decor is the way to go. 

This neat setup allows you to play with all types of fabric styles. If you are using cut fabric, then be sure to hem the sides for a neat style. If you like the frilled edges, that’s another way to go as well.  

29. DIY Tumblr Wall Decor

DIY Tumblr Wall Decor
(Source: Pinterest)

Tumbler wall decoration styles are a really neat way to put together all your ideas in one place all while allowing those ideas to serve as your wall’s decor. This wall design idea works great in a teen dorm or home office. 

It’s a cool way to display your favorite photos, posters, and print articles that give insight into who you are and what you enjoy doing. Pair your collage with some small fairy lights and you have got a neat design on your hands.  

You don’t have to dish out big bucks to pull together some beautiful DIY wall decoration designs. With our list of the best DIY designs to try out on your home, we are sure you will find a beautiful idea that will brighten up your space and while offering a personalized element for all who enjoy that space. 

Let us know what your favorite wall decoration design idea is!

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