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15+ DIY Nightstand Ideas – Creative and Easy Projects for Your Bedroom Nightstand

DIY nightstands

While talking about bedroom furniture and decor, many people forget to mention the nightstand. A DIY nightstand can transform your storage space beside the bed and also offer style elements that can contribute to your overall design theme.

If you’re looking for DIY nightstand plans, you have a selection of brilliant, cheap ideas curated to help give your bedroom a makeover with this simple integration. There are different designs you can choose from for your bedroom, including mid-century nightstand themes and wooden pallet nightstand ideas featuring contemporary touches.

Here are the top DIY nightstand ideas you can feature in your bedroom design.  

1. DIY Floating Nightstand

DIY project: wooden floating nightstand
(Source: DIY Huntress)

If you’re considering a DIY nightstand with a drawer, why not get a wall-mounted nightstand. To complete the project, you need a few tools and the required materials, including a live edge slab, walnut board, poplar board, wood glue, and wood filler.

There are tutorials you can follow to design, make, and install the small nightstand. The simple project can transform your space as it wanders from the usual options, so it can also serve as a focal point. 

Tutorial from DIY Huntress

2. DIY Mid Century Modern Nightstand

DIY project: geometric pattern on a mid-century modern nightstand
(Source: Crafted Workshop)

How about your experiment with a geometric pattern on a mid-century modern nightstand? Following the right tutorial, you can create a nightstand made of ebonized White Oak.

For a unique display, you can use metal feet and add a laser engraved pattern on the DIY nightstand legs. If you have leftover wood, this can be a good project to explore. When completed, the nightstand is a unique item that can blend seamlessly with other elements in your bedroom.

Tutorial from Crafted Workshop

3. DIY Concrete Nightstand

DIY concrete nightstand
(Source: Instructables)

While wood is the most preferred material for a DIY modern nightstand, you can get creative with other materials, especially if you want a certain theme to stand out.

Concrete is one of the materials that can be the perfect fit for a unique nightstand. It’s sturdy and you can also include pieces of other materials like wood for partitioning and decoration if you want the nightstand to have functional drawers.  

Tutorial from Instructables

4. DIY French Country Nightstand

DIY French country-style nightstand
(Source: Jen Woodhouse)

A 2-drawer nightstand is an idea you can also explore if you want to nail both storage and style. This DIY wood nightstand is possible to create at home as you can find mapped-out recommendations for the plywood cut layout.

White oak offers dense and coarse-grained fibers, which makes this a perfect and strong material. It’s the perfect material as it’s impervious to water, but you do need a bit of skill as gluing up can be a bit challenging. 

Tutorial from Jen Woodhouse

5. DIY Pallet Nightstand

Woodworking project: DIY crate nightstand
(Source: Wooden Pallet Furniture)

If you’re looking for ideas for a DIY rustic nightstand, there are many options to make your own palette nightstands. For this, you don’t need special materials as you can recycle drawers.

Set up two drawers side-by-side and fix them on the wall. You can use one crate or pallet nightstand upside down to create a tabletop. The second drawer can sit up-right to have a recessed spot you can add a flashlight, keys when you sleep or a wallet.

Tutorial from Wooden Pallet Furniture

6. Simple DIY Nightstand

Woodworking project: simple DIY nightstand
(Source: The Merrythought)

You can also feature a simple design by working on an easy woodworking project. For the drawer, you can use ambrosia maple, as this is one of the best woods if you love natural patterns.

Instead of using a pull handle or drawer, you can cut out a half-circle. This gives you a modern look that is also minimal. Just ensure you have customized the nightstand so it’s the right size and height in comparison to your bed. 

Tutorial from The Merrythought

7. DIY Industrial Nightstand

DIY nightstand from wood and metal pipe
(Source: 101 Pallets)

This is one of the cost-effective ways of building a nightstand you can to yourself. For the nightstand, you can use pipe legs.

For the legs, you simply need recycled pipes, which is a good idea if you’re building a nightstand that features a rustic theme. This can perform well in a bedroom designed with a rustic theme as it adds a special industrial touch. 

Tutorial from 101 Pallets

8. DIY Rustic Nightstand

DIY rustic bedroom furniture: primitive nightstand design
(Source: Jaime Costiglio)

If you’re imagining a primitive nightstand design that you cannot find in the retail space, you could create a chic rustic nightstand with a cupboard.

Using a simple door, you can add plenty of storage inside, and the nightstand can also include a movable shelf. The finish on these nightstands is excellent when done right, so you can check out a tutorial if you need the inspiration to get started. 

Tutorial from Jaime Costiglio

9. DIY Boho Nightstand

rattan wooden nightstand
(Source: Lynn Lewis Photography)

When reviewing options for nightstands, you will love the look of rattan, cane, wicker, but you might not find this design at a good price point.

In this case, a DIY project would be ideal as you can find inexpensive side tables and upcycle them into a creative boho nightstand. This version works perfectly with muted colors, and it gives you storage options for your books or any other small items you love. 

Tutorial from Lynn Lewis Photography

10. DIY Farmhouse Nightstand

DIY nightstand ideas: small dresser as a nightstand
(Source: Prodigal Pieces)

One of the alternative nightstand ideas you can explore includes a furniture makeover with a vintage farmhouse chest nightstand, which you can find in a thrift store.

This DIY chest nightstand looks like it has nine drawers, but it only comes with three storage spaces. You can use different materials, including pine, and you will still achieve the charm to complement other design elements in the bedroom. 

Tutorial from Prodigal Pieces

11. Repurposed Nightstand

A repurposed nightstand: create a small dog bed in the nightstand
(Source: DIY Network)

When working on a DIY project, it’s important to try out ideas that allow you to recycle materials and multi-purpose spaces.

A repurposed nightstand is one way to use your nightstand for different purposes. You create a small dog bed in the nightstand by adding a comfy cushion, so your furry friend always stays by your side whenever you go to bed. 

Tutorial from DIY Network

12. Nightstand Makeover Ideas

redo an IKEA nightstand to make your own-style nightstand
(Source: Reality Daydream)

A DIY 3-drawer nightstand is a makeover idea you can feature in your bedroom if you want something that adds symmetry and also gives you plenty of storage spaces. For this project, you can transform an IKEA Rast dresser into the perfect size side table. 

Tutorial from Reality Daydream

13. Replace The Bottom Shelf

DIY nightstand ideas: replace the bottom shelf with a weaved piece
(Source: domino)

If your nightstand includes several shelves, you can replace the bottom shelf with a weaved piece. This one is easy to make as all you need is weaving skills.

It’s something you could do over a weekend. For the project, you can use hemp string, which you can use to create a beautiful pattern. 

Tutorial from domino

14. Make Your Own Nightstand With Hidden Compartment

DIY nightstand with hidden compartment
(Source: Pinterest)

To make your own nightstand with a little bit of creativity, you should consider ideas like a hidden compartment.

For this effect, you need overhang cabinet hinges, which will help you create a secret compartment door. With this style, no hardware is exposed, so it’s not easy to give away the hidden compartment. 

Tutorial from DIY Easy Crafts

15. DIY Nightstand With Charging Station

DIY nightstand organizer: installing charging ports on the nightstand
(Source: Anika’s DIY Life)

A project that focuses on both functionality and aesthetics is a good deal. One of the ideas for a DIY nightstand organizer is to install charging ports on the nightstand.

These can go to the side or back of the stand, so you can plug in your device whenever you want to charge. You can also explore installing a wireless charging pad.  

Tutorial from Anika’s DIY Life

If you’re looking for bedroom transformation ideas, one of the options is to update your nightstand with one that highlights your preferences and contributes to the overall theme of your bedroom. These ideas are a good point to start if you want inspiration.

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