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20+ DIY Bedside Table Ideas and Tutorials for Your Bedroom

DIY bedsides tables

If you’re finding DIY bedside table ideas for your bedroom, you came to the right place!

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, there are a ton of options out there. You can choose from beautiful furniture pieces that will make you feel royalty or simpler items that won’t cost an arm and a leg. One thing many people don’t think about when they’re trying to design their space is the bedside table. Do you know those days when the idea of doing anything productive seems like a huge challenge? When you just want to stay in bed and watch Netflix all day long. Well, today, we’re going to help you out with some DIY projects for your bedroom. 

In this post, we have 20+ DIY Bedside Table Ideas and Tutorials for Your Bedroom so you can get creative with your space without breaking the bank.

1. DIY Copper Wood Bedside Table

DIY project: Copper Wood Bedside Table

You can make a homemade bedside table out of anything you want, but sometimes it’s nice to have something a little more unique. If you’re looking for that perfect touch in your home, then try making this DIY copper wood bedside table.

GET THE TUTORIAL: DIY Copper Wood Bedside Table

2. Repurpose Musical Instruments

DIY project: Repurpose Musical Instruments to Bedside Tables
(Source: Extra Space Storage)

If you’ve got an old guitar, drum, or violin lying around the house and are looking for a fun DIY project to bring your bedroom decor up-to-date, then this is the perfect one for you. You can easily repurpose these instruments into cool bedside tables that will add the wow factor to any room in your home.

All you need to do is take the instrument and sand it until you get a smooth finish. After this, seal your table with some polyurethane to protect the wood from stains and scratches.

3. Combine Wood with Countertop Stone

DIY project: Bedside Table with Countertop Stone
(Source: domino)

There’s no better way to make your bedroom decor stand out than using natural elements like stone. When you’re looking for something that’s cute on how to build a bedside table but still has a unique touch, then this design with a countertop is perfect.

For this DIY, you will need to find a stone slab that you like. You can either buy this from your local hardware store or check out Craigslist for items people sell in the area. After finding what you want, take it home and sand down both sides until they’re completely smooth. Then cut them into smaller pieces, so they fit better on your bedside table.

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4. Display Books Beside Bed

DIY project: Display Books Beside Bed
(Source: Alvhem Makleri)

If your favorite pastime involves reading before bed or if you just need some extra storage space for your nightstand, then this DIY bedside table alternative project is going to become one of your favorite go-to decorations. You can easily make a bedside table that doubles as book storage, and it will fit in seamlessly with any decor style you’re going for.

This DIY is simple as you just need to find a table that you like and one with legs and a stack of books. Then paint it whatever color your heart desires. After this, take some old books or new ones (it doesn’t matter) and stack them on the tabletop until they’re even across the whole surface.

5. DIY Floating Bedside Table with A Phone Slot

DIY Floating Shelf with A Phone Slot
(Source: The Merrythought)

This DIY wall-mounted bedside table is easy to make and has a unique touch that will spruce up your bedroom decor in no time. It’s perfect for any space where you need to free up some nightstand drawer space but still want the storage.

For this DIY, you will need a floating shelf, brackets, and screws. First, attach the brackets to your wall where you want them located (make sure they’re level). Then take the shelf and screw it into the brackets so that it’s secure against your wall. To finish off this project, just place any items inside of your simple bedside table.

GET THE TUTORIAL: DIY Floating Bedside Table With A Phone Slot

6. IKEA Bedside Table Hack

IKEA Hack: Cane Webbing Beside Table
(Source: Hunker)

If you’re looking for an easy way to revamp your bedside table without spending a lot of money, then this IKEA hack bedside table hack is the perfect project. You can easily make an original piece out of some wood, and it will be just as functional as any other nightstand you have had in your bedroom.

You will need to get a set of IKEA legs to start this project. Then, take some old wood (you can find this at any hardware store) and cut it down to size so that you’re able to fit the four pieces together.


7. Transform A Natural Stump into A Bedside Table

Transform A Natural Stump into A Stool
(Source: Shelterness)

If you’re looking for something inexpensive that has a rustic touch and is environmentally friendly, then you’ll love this DIY bedside table made from a natural stump. You can find one in your backyard or ask someone where they got the wood if it’s an old table that has been thrown away.

Otherwise, you will need to find a stump you like and cut it down so there’s no damage in your woodworking plans. After this, you can either send the top and bottom or use them exactly how they are for your table. 

GET THE TUTORIAL: Transform A Natural Stump Into A Bedside Table

8. DIY Parsons-Style Bedside Table

DIY project: Parsons-Style Bedside Table
(Source: A Beautiful Mess)

A parson-style nightstand can easily add a touch of glamour to your bedroom decor, but it can also be hard on the wallet. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune when you make this DIY parson-style bedside table yourself because it’s easy and customizable.

All you need is a wood board that is long enough to fit your bedside table, then paint or stain it how you want. Then attach two pipe legs on either side and place the parson-style handles in between them for decoration.

GET THE TUTORIAL: DIY Parsons-Style Bedside Table

9. DIY Turntable Bedside Table

DIY project: wooden bedside table
(Source: Southern Revivals)

This DIY turntable bedside table will be perfect if you’re looking to add a touch of modern style to your bedroom. It’s also unique and allows you to make one on the cheap without too much hassle easily.

GET THE TUTORIAL: DIY Turnable Bedside Table

10. DIY Stepladder Bedside Table

A Stepladder Beside Bed
(Source: Funky Junk Interiors)

If you don’t want something too modern or unique, then this DIY stepladder bedside table is just what you’re looking for. It’s easy to make and is perfect for any bedroom that has a rustic or farmhouse touch in it already.

You’ll need your stepladder, wood board, screws, and paint/stain if desired, so everything matches perfectly with the rest of your decor around it too! First, attach the brackets to the steps of your stepladder and then screw in your board to these brackets. Then you can place any objects inside that need a little extra storage or decoration.

GET THE TUTORIAL: DIY Stepladder Bedside Table

11. Change The Outer

DIY project: repainted bedside table
(Source: Maison de Pax)

Instead of settling for the conventional bedside table, why not chance its outer section with color. This could be white paint, wallpaper, or a piece of fabric. If you opt for paint, make sure you paint the exterior and not just the inside.

GET THE TUTORIAL: Change The Outer

12. Use A Wooden Crate and A Throw Pillow

DIY bedside table: Use A Wooden Crate and A Throw Pillow
(Source: Mobili Rebecca)

A great way to revamp the look of your bedside table is by using a wooden crate and some throw pillows. Not only will this give you enough storage space for all those extra blankets, but it also gives off an adorable rustic vibe that’s perfect for any bedroom setting.

13. Stack Trunks or Suitcases

Stack Trunks or Suitcases Beside Bed
(Source: DigsDigs)

Trunks or Suitcases are great for storage and also add a rustic look to your bedroom. They’re easy to find at second-hand stores or even out in the wild (if you want an adventure). If you need extra seating or just more room, then this is going to be one of the best DIY projects for revamping your home decor!

14. DIY Hanging Bedside Table

DIY Hanging Tray Beside Bed
(Source: The Merrythought)

If you want something modern but don’t have much space for it, this DIY hanging bedside table will work perfectly. It’s also easy to make and looks great with or without a lamp on it.

You’ll need some wood for this project that is long enough to fit your bedside table, two S hooks (so you can hang it), and screws if desired. 

GET THE TUTORIAL: DIY Hanging Bedside Table

15. Unique Shape

DIY egg bedside table
(Source: Modern Builds)

This DIY egg bedside table will give off a vintage vibe thanks to its unique shape and style. It’s also easy to make if you want something with character in your bedroom and introduces the mid-century modern style.


16. DIY Modern Farmhouse Dipped Bedside Table

DIY Modern Farmhouse Dipped Bedside Table
(Source: Tatertots and Jello)

This DIY farmhouse bedside table is modern but also rustic, thanks to its unique shape. It’s perfect if your bedroom has a more romantic or vintage vibe in it because of the decor already inside too.

You’ll need some wood boards that are long enough to fit your bedside table, brackets, and screws. You can stain or paint these boards if you want something custom, but we’d recommend leaving them as-is because it gives the piece more character! Then attach each of these pieces with their respective brackets, so they’re standing straight up on either side of the legs.

GET THE TUTORIAL: DIY Modern Farmhouse Dipped Bedside Table

17. Use Cinder Blocks

Storage Cinder Blocks Beside Bed
(Source: LittleThings)

This DIY bedside table with cinder blocks is perfect if you want something rustic and industrial to go inside your bedroom. It’s also easy to make, cheap, and looks amazing as well!

You’ll need some cinder blocks (or bricks) for this project that are large enough to fit the size of your bedside table. Then you need some wood boards (we’d recommend using pallets if you can find them), screws, brackets, and paint/stain to customize the color however you like. 

18. DIY Plywood Bedside Table

DIY Plywood Bedside Table
(Source: Instructables)

This DIY plywood bedside table is perfect for your modern bedroom because it’s simple, sleek, and stylish. It also doesn’t take up much room, which makes it great if you don’t have the space to spare!

GET THE TUTORIAL: DIY Plywood Bedside Table

19. Tree Slice

DIY tree slice bedside table

This DIY tree slice bedside table is perfect if you want something rustic, thanks to its wood and design. It’s also easy to make, which makes it a great project if you’re not experienced with building furniture already.

You’ll need a good wood or log slice and some strong material like steel or wood for the stands. Take your slice of wood/log and attach the steel strips with screws to it. Then it would be best if you had some brackets for your stands that are long enough, so they’re still sturdy once everything has been put together.

GET THE TUTORIAL: DIY Tree Slice Bedside Table

20. Upcycled Bedside Table Ideas with Dividers

Mobile round bedside table
(Source: Homedit)

This upcycled bedside table is perfect if you want something already been used but can still be turned into a unique piece for your bedroom. It’s also easy to make, which makes it great for beginners!

You’ll need some wood boards (we recommend pallets), brackets, screws, and either paint/stain or another color of choice to match with your decor.

GET THE TUTORIAL: Upcycled Bedside Table Ideas with Dividers

21. Go Creative with Tiles

DIY Tiled Bedside Table
(Source: Smorkitchen)

Tiles are a great way to decorate your home, and this DIY tiled bedside table is perfect for any room in the house. It’s also easy to make, which makes it a good project for beginners too.

You’ll need tiles that you want to use, a string circular pillar and something to attach them with like glue or strong adhesive tape and some small boxes as well if you want the dividers too. 

GET THE TUTORIAL: DIY Tiled Bedside Table

A DIY Bedside table is a great way to save money and decorate your bedroom. You can make one from scratch or use materials you already have around the house, which is always good if you want something unique yet simple.

From the above ideas, you can find an idea that’s perfect for your bedroom and gives it the character you’ve been looking for. Get inspired by these projects and come up with your own unique bedside table ideas. Feel free to tweak these ideas to fit your own style too.

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