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21+ DIY Bed Frame Ideas You Can Make Yourself (2022)

DIY bed frame ideas

One of the best forms of bedroom ideas is a DIY bed frame, which you make yourself. Maybe that’s why it’s been gaining traction over the last several seasons.

Today, we are going to take a look at some of the most popular and most trending bed frames that you can put together on your own. 

Our extensive list will look at all the different ways you can customize your bed frame so that it matches your personality and needs perfectly. 

Read on to explore some fun, functional, and inspirational DIY instructions to put together the bedroom of your dreams.

DIY Ideas for Different Types of Bed Frame

1. DIY Bed Frame Ideas with Wood Bed Head

DIY Bed Frame Ideas with Wood Headboard
(Source: Jen Wood House)

Create a West Elm bed-inspired bed frame with this simple design idea that uses a wood headboard, a wooden bed frame, and wooden planks. This project is incredibly sturdy and durable because of the different support points on the beams. 

This bed frame is a perfect look for someone who wants a farmhouse design theme or a rustic design theme in their bedroom. The overall look is simple, sturdy, and stunning. 

Get the tutorial on jenwoodhouse.com

2. Reclaimed Wood Bed Frame 

Reclaimed Wood Bed Frame 
(Source: East Coast Rustic)

Using a reclaimed wood bed head alongside a queen platform bed can be a nice way to completely transform your bedroom. This easy makeover will create a nice rustic feel in the overall theme of your bedroom. 

You can paint over the reclaimed wood with a lighter color if you want, but allowing the wood to stay in its natural form is typically best. Finish off this look with some light-colored bedding that is nice and elegant for a stunning finished look. 

3. DIY Solid Walnut Bed Frame

Solid Walnut Bed Frame
(Source: Pinterest)

This walnut plywood wooden bed frame is a unique look to consider because of its unusual construction. The headboard and the footboard offer a very similar look free of any distractions or unnecessary designs. 

The finished product is a really simple look that blends well in a variety of bedroom design themes. While the bed frame is all wooden, its unique construction does work well for a modern bedroom.

4. DIY Farmhouse King Bed Frame

DIY Farmhouse King Bed Frame
(Source: Pottery Barn)

If you are looking for a bigger bed frame to fit a master bedroom, then a custom-built master bed frame made out of sturdy and durable wood is the way to go. 

A simple look like this lends itself well to a modern design theme. Because the wood is stained a very light color, it will pair well with light design elements including white bedding, wall paint, and monochromatic canvas art. The overall look offers a very rustic feel and a very traditional farmhouse bed set aesthetic. 

5. Hairpin Legs for DIY Bed Frame

DIY bed frame with Hairpin Legs
(Source: Urban Outfitters)

Hairpin legs are a really neat look to incorporate in a DIY bed frame. The overall look of this bed pulls off a very simple yet calm and modern vibe. 

If you want to put together a full-size or queen-size bed that sits on top of hairpin legs, there are lots of methods available online.

One of the best tutorials incorporates a shelving area in the bed frame so that you can store away items like books and journals in a way that is easy to access before and after you get out of bed. 

Get a similar tutorial on modernbuilds.com

6. DIY a Metal Bed Frame

Metal Bed Frame
(Source: Pinterest)

If you like the look of wood but also want to incorporate elements of metal, then a metal-constructed bed frame can be a great way to go. A bed frame like this is framed entirely out of solid metal and incorporates wood throughout the headboard and footboard. 

This metal frame bed project will give your bedroom a new unique look and one of a kind. If you do not like the look of the wood, you can swap it out for a more upholstered look, however, going the upholstered round will be a project that might be a little bit more tedious because you’ll need to cover the wood up with a fabric of your choosing. 

7. Bed Frame Ideas for Box Spring

Bed Frame Ideas for Box Spring
(Source: The Sleep Judge)

If you are putting together a box spring bed, then there are plenty of ideas you can use for putting together a great bed frame. A great way to redesign is by upholstering the frame in a new fabric so that you have a puffy bed frame. 

While this cheap method is a great way to save money if you are on a budget, working on a bed frame like this, especially a king-size can be a tedious task.  The result however can be a stunning look that is well worth the effort.

8. Vintage Bed Frame

Vintage Bed Frame Ideas
(Source: Countryside Amish Furniture)

Give your bedroom a makeover by putting together this rustic and sturdy bed frame. A highlighting feature of this bed is the unique legs that go down to the base of the bed. 

This piece of furniture works well in a country home, a small cottage, or a bedroom that utilizes a stark countryside design theme. 

While the overall look can be overbearing if you don’t use the right colors, your safest bet is to stain the wood with a dark hue and pair it with similar colored bedding and bedroom accessories.

You can also buy this bed frame on countrysideamishfurniture.com

9. DIY Elevated Wood Bed Frame

Elevated Wood
(Source: Beast Seller Review)

This DIY elevated bed frame is very simple in its construction and very easy to put together. The only standout features of it are the wooden legs and the fact that there is no footboard or headboard. 

Because it is so simple, you can use it in a variety of bedrooms, not just a minimalistic design theme. It lends itself well to a variety of bedding sets and depending on how you set it up, you can create a marvelous bedroom with this beautiful elevated bed frame. 

10. DIY Wooden Pallets Bed Frame

Wooden Pallets
(Source: Pinterest)

A trendy DIY bed frame making the rounds this season is this unique platform bed made out of wooden pallets. A look like this lends itself well to a boho chic bedroom design theme. The wood pallets are simple to assemble, paint, and surprisingly sturdy enough to support a queen-size mattress.

Pair your bed with white bedding for a nice simplistic look and be sure to complement it with other design elements like potted plants, stools as nightstands, and a unique accent wall. 

11. DIY Upholstered & Slipcovered Bed

DIY Upholstered & Slipcovered Bed
(Source: Create/Enjoy)

An upholstered bed frame like this can be a simple design construction to put together because there aren’t that many pieces required. 

The main element of it is the bed head. Putting together upholstery can be difficult, especially if you are dealing with unique shapes, but a simple piece like this can be a nice design especially if this is your first upholstery project. 

Cover the headboard with the fabric of your choice that blends well with the room and you’ll have a unique bed frame that was put together all on your own.

Get the tutorial on create-enjoy.com

12. Salvaged Door As A Headboard

Salvaged Door As A Headboard
(Source: Pinterest)

If you know you want to create a unique bed frame but are unsure how to start, then a great design idea to consider is salvaging your old doors. 

The salvaged doors will serve as the headboard and can be anything from vintage mid-century doors to reclaimed wooden barn doors. 

There is no optimal height for the doors, and the height of the doors does not matter much because the intended look is that the headboard is a door. This is a great design idea for individuals who love to be creative. 


13. Floating Bed Frame

Floating Bed Frame
(Source: DigsDigs)

Another great design theme that utilizes wooden pallets is a floating bed. While this amazing design is not easy to pull off, it is incredibly beautiful if you can pull it together. 

Using strong cordage, secure the base of the platform bed to the ceiling of your bedroom wall. This will give your bed frame a floating appeal which is neat in a modern or contemporary style bedroom. 

This amazing design is perfect for young adults, and teens who want a little bit of personality in their bedroom. 

14. DIY Mid-Century Bed Frame

DIY Mid-Century Bed Frame
(Source: Southern Revivals)

This DIY mid-century-inspired bed frame offers a distinct luxurious appeal all while being modern at the same time. 

There are different sets of instructions to follow if you want to put a bed frame like this together, but the simplest is the instructions that call for a simple base frame and a simple bed head.

Get the tutorial on southernrevivals.com

15. Wooden Canopy Bed Frame

DIY canopy bed frame
(Source: Crafted By The Hunts)

If you want to put together a spacious bedroom but want to have it give off a cozy appeal as well, then this DIY canopy bed frame can be a great project for you. 

If you want to put this look together, start with a DIY queen bed or a full-size canopy bed. These will give you a nice and cozy appeal that works well in a big bedroom. To put this bed together, you want to focus on making the base sturdy so that not a lot of support is needed for the canopy frame. 

Get the tutorial on craftedbythehunts.com

16. DIY Metal Traditional Bed Frame Ideas

DIY Metal Traditional Bed Frame
(Source: Modsy Blog)

If you enjoy metalworking, you can make a basic bed frame that looks similar to this conventional metal bed frame.This uses very simple symmetry to put together nice support for your bed.

The creation of the footboard and headboard are very similar because they both use metal in the same manner. A bed like this works well in a child’s bedroom or a minimalistic-designed bedroom. 

17. DIY Bed Frame with Drawers

DIY Bed Frame with Drawers
(Source: Ana White)

Perhaps one of the easiest bed frames to put together through a DIY project is a bed frame with drawers. Rolling drawers or rather easy to set up, especially if you have a platform bed that will not be using legs the help it left off the floor. 

This type of bed is a fantastic way to create more space throughout the room. Using the floor space will allow you to keep the rest of the room clutter-free and can even help you eliminate a chest of drawers. 

Get the tutorial on ana-white.com

18. DIY 3-Tool Bed Frame

DIY 3-Tool Bed Frame
(Source: Pinterest)

If you are looking for a super simple bed frame to put together, then this three-tool bed frame is the way to go. Using simple pieces of plywood, and three common household tools, you can put together a modern-looking bed that is simple, straightforward, and perfect for a minimalistic design room. 

While this may seem inconspicuous, if you dress it up using decorative bedding, you can make this piece of furniture look a lot more upscale than it is. 

Get the tutorial on homemade-modern.com

19. Full-Size Pallet Bed Frame

Full-Size Pallet Bed Frame
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a full-size pallet bed frame that is luxurious, creative, and downright beautiful. Put this look together by using recycled pallets and your favorite design setup. Also, you can create a pallet headboard to give the bed a more upscale look.

Incorporate elements of inspiration by stringing fairy lights across the bed head for a beautiful and dreamy look. If you have children who share a bedroom, then this can be a great setup for twin beds in a shared space. 

20. DIY Bed Frame Ideas for Kids

DIY house bed frame for kids
(Source: The Decor Mama)

You can also put together a DIY bed frame for a young child using this fun blueprint. This design also happens to be this season’s most popular look for a child’s bedroom. Use natural wood to put together a kid’s house that can also serve as a sleeping area and a playground for your children. 

This interesting design theme has been one of the most trendings this season because of its interesting look and appeal for children of all ages. Decorate the frame of the bed with stringing fairy lights or colored pom-poms for an added touch of cuteness.

Get the tutorial in thedecormama.com

21. Concrete Block Bed Frame

Concrete Block Bed Frame
(Source: Homedit)

If you want to go a step ahead of a modern design theme for your bed frame, then consider using concrete blocks as the base of your bed. This DIY bed frame is easy to put together because all you need to do is line up concrete cinder blocks and then place your mattress over top of them. 

If you lay the concrete blocks with the holes facing out, you can use the holes as a storage space to store away small books and journals as well. This unique idea works well in a modern or contemporary bedroom that uses lots of gray, white, and black color schemes. 


While putting together a DIY bed frame will certainly be something that you will need to put your time and effort into, the result can be super rewarding because you will know that you have put the bed together all on your own. 

Have you tried any of these DIY bedroom ideas on your own? Let us know in the comments section which of these designs worked best for you and why. Don’t forget to share this article with someone you think will enjoy a DIY project for their bed frame. 

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