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21+ Dark Bedroom Ideas To Try Out This Season

(Source: Pinterest)

One of the most trending design styles is a dark and moody space. This season, it’s all about playing with dark tones. Don’t let these dark tones scare you off. Dark spaces are undeniably cozy and totally worth your time. Today, we’ll take a look at how you can transform your space into a dramatic and inviting bedroom. Explore how you can use a dark backdrop to create a calming and soothing bedroom. You can play with furniture, linens, and wall textures for a fantastic outcome. Read on to explore this season’s most trending dark bedroom ideas. From early therapeutic tones to bold pops of color, we’ve got it all. 

1. Dark Moody Green Bedroom Ideas

(Source: Pinterest)

A moody green on your bedroom walls is a really great way to create a cozy atmosphere. This calming tone works really great when applied as a darker shade. It can set the tone in a large space, making it feel welcoming. Especially if it’s a room that has lots of big, open windows.  You can make the room look elegant and upscale by filling it with eclectic decor. This is easily one of the best ways to create a sophisticated and timeless look. 

2. Bold Blue

(Source: Pinterest)

A bold blue is a really great way to create a calming bedroom space. This is one of the best dark blue bedroom ideas to use if you want a contemporary look. Pair this bold blue with light bedroom paint colors like a white, plain accent wall. This will help soften up the space, making it feel a little brighter. Clean geometric shapes, white accent furniture, and light linens are all great elements to incorporate too. 

3. Smoky Gray

(Source: Pinterest)

Smoky dark gray is a really enchanting way to pull together a great bedroom design. This look is seemingly effortless, looks wonderful, and is a great way to create a monotone bedroom. If you want to incorporate pops of color, this can be a great design style to do it. Incorporate bright shades of yellow that helps bolster the personality of the room. You’ll have an array of decor options so that you can personalize the room as well. 

4. Dark Onyx Black Bedroom Ideas

(Source: Pinterest)

Onyx black is the color of the season. When incorporated into a bedroom, this is one of the best modern dark bedroom ideas. This style works really well in a large space, and pairs really well with white. Use white accent furniture to help bolster the Onyx black. White linens, curtains, and area rugs are another way to accentuate the space. This is a really great look if you want to put together a contemporary and modern bedroom. 

5. Feminine White

(Source: Benjamin Johnston Design)

Creating a feminine black and white bedroom is one of the best style designs to use this season. This look is very clean, sleek, and timeless. Skip the dark accent and use bold white paint on your walls instead. Compliment the space in the room by using black through-wall art and decor pieces. Together, these contrasting colors look great and offer a really feminine appeal. This aesthetic is beautiful, classy, and timeless. 

6. Glamour Gold

(Source: Pinterest)

Get over a boring and mundane bedroom by creating a glamorous gold look. This bedroom decor style exudes luxury, all while incorporating beautiful bedroom colors. Use dark shades on the wall, linens, and decor elements. The key to this room is using pieces that have elements of gold on them. For example, black and gold throw pillows and gold accent decor pieces are great elements to incorporate. 

7. Spicy Red

(Source: Bella Freud & Maria Speake)

A vibrant red is one of the best paint colors for dark bedroom ideas because of its warm appeal. This tone is really dark yet lively. It sets off a tone that is inviting yet undeniably beautiful. With a look as stunning as this, you’ll always be looking for ways to further personalize the room. Because this color can be loud, remember that simple and less is always more.

8. Boho Orange

(Source: Pinterest)

Boho orange can be a really beautiful color to incorporate into your bedroom. When you use it by itself it can be loud and overbearing. That’s why it’s nice to use it alongside other natural tones. A dark forest green can be a good tone to compliment the orange. Paint this dark hue on all your walls. Then, incorporate orange and white to help create a distinct look in your bedroom. With this bedroom inspiration, your sleeping space will be warm, inviting, and welcoming. 

9. Dark Rustic Charm Bedroom Ideas

(Source: Pinterest)

Add some rustic charm to your bedroom with this neat idea. Incorporate elements like wrought iron furniture, gray, black, and white. Give the bedroom a nice modern farmhouse appeal by using rustic accents too. Tones like light blue can complement the white really well. You can create a really clean and inspired bedroom that’s also warm and invite. Farmhouse design is still a popular trend, and this look exudes farmhouse and modern style. 

10. Light It Up

(Source: Pinterest)

Just because you use dark tones, does not mean your bedroom can’t come alive. If you’re wondering how to brighten a dark room, the answer is easy; bold colors. Use a pop of bold yellow or pink to help draw in the attention. Easy ways to incorporate bold colors are through bedroom linens, curtains, and decor accents. Pink bedding and throw pillows will quickly draw attention. You can also match the wall art by using frames that offer bold colors too. Using bold colors in a room that has lots of windows will help. The natural light will brighten up the space further. Add more brightness by using an LED pendant light too.

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11. Curtain Night

(Source: Pinterest)

Create a dark moody bedroom by using black furniture and accenting linens. A black tufted headboard and matching black seats are a great start. This will set the tone for a moody yet elegant room. If you have a seating area, use black furniture here as well. With a room like this, you must absolutely accent the windows using black curtains too. The curtains create a dramatic effect in the room. Here’s a pro tip, hang the curtains high. This will give you the illusion of high ceilings.

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12. Depth In Dark Bedroom Ideas

(Source: David Lovatti)

This room incorporates a lot of black decor elements. Still, if you look closely you won’t notice too much of a dark theme. The room is bright and airy, and perfectly modern. This room works really well because there’s plenty of light to balance out the dark. White linens, white curtains, and a light-toned carpet are key. You can also add elements of dark through a black poster bed, with matching dark bedding. Navy or forest green throw pillows are another way to compliment the darkness too. The end result is super cozy dark bedroom ideas. 

13. Welcome An Accent Wall

(Source: Gieves Anderson)

So you’re not ready to commit to dark bedroom color schemes, but you want a bold room. Incorporating a standout accent wall is the perfect way to do this. A dark accent wall is a great way to help frame your bedroom. While the rest of the room might be white, adding in a teal backdrop can brighten the space. This look is very elegant and not overbearing. It offers a bold and mature vibe. Plus, it’s a great way to incorporate Dark colors easily. 

14. Contrast Blending

(Source: Pinterest)

Use contrast blending to create a really dynamic bedroom. It’s easy to do this by avoiding furniture overuse. This will keep the room looking and feeling simple. This simplicity can make a really loud statement when you use luxury decor items. Pick a tone that you want to go with and use varying shades. This will create a really stylish monochromatic theme. It’s upscale, modern, and inviting.

15. Make A Scenery

(Source: Pinterest)

Create a really scenic bedroom by using patterns. This bedroom offers a cozy and stylish vibe because of the bedding set. Automatically, your attention is drawn to the bed. It creates a lovely and warm vibe. Other elements to incorporate should be textures like faux fur. Using a  shag rug is a great way to introduce texture. Throw pillows, and stylized linens are another way too. Have fun with this look. And dream up a Scenic field of flowers or a lush jungle oasis. 

16. Darker For Boys Bedroom Ideas

(Source: Pinterest)

For the boys in your life, create a man cave with a modern flair. This bedroom emphasizes dark tones that are also warm and inviting. Many dark men’s bedroom ideas can be overbearing. This room however offers a more cool and cozy feel to it. Use wooden tones, wrought iron accents, and a dark color palette. This will help you avoid a dreary setting. If you need to brighten the space, don’t be afraid to add in white through linens and accessories either.

17. Dark Ceiling Impact Bedroom Ideas

(Source: Lucinda Loya)

A new trend that’s been gaining popularity is an accent ceiling. Give your ceiling a makeover by painting it with a dark tone. Dark gray, green, or charcoal tones are all great colors to consider. These tones are very dramatic, but not overbearing. To keep the rest of the room light, use plenty of white throughout. Accentuate the decor elements with black trim to help complement the ceiling. You should absolutely have fun with this look and create a room that’s personalized to you.

18. Chic Sanctuary

(Source: Pinterest)

Imagine walking into a sleek and stylish bedroom such as this. This room exudes calm and luxury. It’s inviting and not overly loud. This makes it the perfect space for those who crave simplicity. Put this room together by using white bedding over black furniture. Black walls will create a masculine yet dark cozy bedroom. Add in different shades of gray to create a monotone look. You can also incorporate modern rustic charm through wood and textures. 

19. Tone-on-Tone

(Source: Pinterest)

Two-toned dark bedrooms can create an alluring feel in your sleeping space. This look utilized a dark aqua bed frame. To compliment the bed, dark-toned walls of the same hue are added in. This two-tone look creates a stark yet vibrant design style. It’s a perfect look for those who want something stylish. 

20. Dark Textured Bedroom Ideas

(Source: Peter Schweitzer)

Dark textures on your walls and decor items are a fun design theme. This look is very elegant yet warm and inviting. These textures are dark-colored and the walls exude a masculine vibe. In a room with big windows, you can help soften this vibe too. Sleek architecture, geometric design elements, and earthy tones work great too. It’s easy to pull off a contemporary design style with this 

21. Flower Power

(Source: Sally Worts)

Flower power is the theme behind this beautiful look. Who says you can’t use floral decor in a dark room? Check out this beautiful bedroom that relies heavily on contrasting floral wallpaper. This wallpaper has a black backdrop but bright pops of pink. It’s the perfect way for putting together a feminine room. The room still feels open, airy, and not dreary. But you do get a beautiful moody vibe 

22. Mix And Match

(Source: House of Nomad)

Create a cute sleeping space by mixing and matching contrasting colors. This dark bedroom is eye-catching because of the aqua blue bedding.  When you add in eclectic textures, patterns, and luxe fabrics you can create an even bolder statement. Overall, this bedroom space is very inviting. It uses lots of different fun tones making it the perfect girly bedroom.


There’s so much to explore when it comes to dark bedroom ideas. The beautiful thing about this style is that it is so versatile! There are so many design patterns you can play with to create a dark and moody space. Create a sleeping space that exemplifies exactly who you are. Play around with colors you love, and patterns that reflect your personality. This will help you fall in love with your bedroom every time you step into it.

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