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22+ Cozy Bedroom Ideas That Will Warm Up Your Sleeping Space (2022)

cozy bedroom

Perhaps there’s nothing more welcoming than a warm bedroom. A cozy bedroom can be especially comfortable if you live in an area that is rather cold throughout the year. Snuggling up in a little room while the snow or rain patters outside are one of the most relaxing feelings. It’s no wonder a whole bedroom decor theme has been inspired by this feeling. 

Today, we’re going to look at some of the easiest ways to transform your sleeping space into your own master bedroom. We’ll look at cozy bedroom ideas including different types of furniture to use and different colors to play around with. 

We will get into the nitty-gritty of different decor elements as well. Are you ready to transform your sleeping space into a full-blown cozy atmosphere? Read on to find some inspiring ideas that we are sure you will love.

How To Make A Bedroom Cozy

1. Warm Windows

Warm Windows
(Source: Pinterest)

Windows can be such a beautiful way to create a cozy atmosphere. Pull your bed close to a window in order to pull off this aesthetic. 

On a sunny day, the natural light entering can help brighten up your space. And on wintery and rainy days, you can cuddle up by the window to enjoy the beautiful view outside too. 

2. Cozy Treehouse Bedroom Ideas

Cozy Treehouse Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Transform your wooden cottage house into a makeshift treehouse. Use a bunk bed or a loft space to help set the tone. Help accentuate the wood by using lots of string lighting throughout.

You can create a really warm and cozy atmosphere without much effort. Small lanterns, lots of comfy throw pillows and blankets, and even a coco or coffee station can be great elements to include too.

3. Make Your Bedroom Into A Cocoon

Make Your Bedroom Into A Cocoon
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have a small bedroom, transform it into a warm and homey location by creating a little nook. This little nook can be where your bed is. 

Outside of the bed, the nook is where you can set up the rest of your bedroom furniture. If you have a lot of wood throughout the room, use white linens to help you create a really rustic vibe throughout the bedroom.

4. Cozy Gray Bedroom Design Ideas

Cozy Gray Bedroom Design Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Dark gray can be such a cozy hue to decorate with. This comfy cozy yet modern design aesthetic works really well in bedrooms with lots of windows. This will allow the light from the outside to streamline and brighten up the space. 

Help personalize the bedroom by hanging up a large canvas of your most favorite photo. Pictures that have a cozy feel to them like a warm landscape can help with the overall bedroom design theme.

Shop photo canvases on 365canvas.com

5. Custom Pillow Bring You A Warm Sleeping

Custom Pillow Bring You A Warm Sleeping
(Source: House Beautiful )

Having a personalized pillow with monograms of your name can be ideal for creating a cozy environment. When you decorate the room, use common colors like blue pattern wallpaper to help set the tone. 

Make sure that the colors you decorate with also match your personalized pillows. This will help you create a really harmonious aesthetic.

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6. Shades of Red

Shades of Red
(Source: The Spruce)

A rich red tone decor can be a fabulous way to create warmth in your bedroom. Red is such a charming color and works really well alongside other warm colors like brown and yellow. 

If you want to give the room a little bit of modern elegance, a fur blanket can work too. Matching throw pillows can also help tie the room together as well.

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7. Autumn Bedroom Decor Ideas

Cozy Autumn Bedroom Decor Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Autumn is such a cozy season, it’s no wonder why it has helped inspire all sorts of bedroom decor.

Pair the blanket with throw pillows that have a warm orange hue. Use lots of white and yellow to help brighten up the space too. You can create a really cozy environment by including your most favorite seasonal pieces.

Designed by Kerrie-Ann Jones Stylist

8. Aesthetic Warm Bedroom Design

Aesthetic Warm Bedroom Design
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a really nice warm aesthetic by mixing and matching different objects along with the same color palette A really great DIY project for a dorm room is a collage of personalized pictures. Your pictures can help set the tone for the space. 

Add to the photos by including vintage images from an old magazine and other pieces of artwork you like.

9. Make An Open Space

Make An Open Space
(Source: Action Glass)

Having an open space in your bedroom can create a really nice feeling of calm and relaxation. If you have glass sliding doors with a beautiful view outside, then this is a great design theme. Play around with the cozy natural light that enters your room.

10. Warm Tiny Attic Sleeping Nook Ideas

Cozy Tiny Attic Sleeping Nook Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have a cozy little attic bedroom, then dress it up in all white. It will help brighten up the space making it feel larger than it actually is. To create a shabby chic style, incorporate cute little design elements such as a silver bedside lamp or shabby chic table and chairs.

11. Mix and Max Colorful Cozy Bedroom

Mix and Max Colorful Cozy Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a really fun bedroom that is charming and inviting by mixing together colors and patterns. A great style to consider is floral wallpaper. This wallpaper can be paired with a floral accent like throw pillows, and cute tabletop decor. You can even add an air of elegance by adding a fur rug to your space.

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12. Astonishing Warm Garden Bedroom Ideas

Astonishing Warm Garden Bedroom Ideas
(Source: You Had Me At Gardening)

If you love nature, then this design idea is for you. You can create a really relaxing, airy environment by decorating your room with fresh plants. Set up your potted plants on the windowsill, on the foot of your bed, and even on your headboard. 

If you don’t have much space, you can hang up plants on the ceiling instead. Plants that have vines are a really great way to string the greenery around too. 

13. Warm Wooden Bedroom Ideas

Warm and Cozy Wooden Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Homemydesign.com)

You can create a really masculine bedroom that is cozy and inviting by using a rustic theme as your base. Incorporate a wooden pallet bed, and other wooden decor pieces to create a vintage look. 

Dark tones like navy blue, dark gray, and brown are great hues used to incorporate too. If you want to brighten up the space a bit you can also use white in the linens and throw pillows as well. 

14. Cozy Scandinavian Ideas

Cozy Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Decoist)

Scandinavian decor is known for its modern and relaxing aesthetic. You can create a really chic Scandinavian bedroom that also serves as your small office.

Use white tones throughout the room including on the furniture pieces that you will use in your office corner. When it comes to incorporating design elements like picture frames, and artwork, stick to light shades.

15. Warm Industrial Vibe

Cozy Industrial Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

An industrial-style bedroom is really cozy aesthetic if you dress it up the right way. To create a really warm environment use lots of earthy tones. This includes navy green, beige, and of course brown. 

You can pull in elements of dark tones too by using iron pendant lights that hang from your ceiling. Hang up canvas artwork framed in black or dark gray as well.

16. Cozy Christmas Spirit

Cozy Christmas Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Country Living Magazine)

The holiday season is perhaps the best reason to create a cozy sleeping space. You can pull together a really beautiful Christmas-themed bedroom by using red and green plaid patterns. 

Incorporate the plaid on your bed, throw pillows, and any blankets that you set at the end of the bed. Add a small Christmas tree in the corner of your bedroom for that added touch of the Christmas spirit.

17. Cozy Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Cozy Romantic Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Continental Window Fashions)

Want to know how to make your bedroom cozy and romantic? Easy, simply use a fair amount of sheer curtains and black-framed furniture. A curtain canopy bed that has a black metal frame is a great place to start. Pair the bed with a leather end of the bed bench. 

Playing off of these two tones will help you create a cozy bedroom for couples. If you have windows in the room, this will help to illuminate the space as well.

18. Warm Sleeping Space with Fairy Lights

Warm Sleeping Space with Fairy Lights
(Source: DigsDigs)

String lights and copper fairy lights can create a really dreamy atmosphere. Use warming sparkling lights to help create a cozy space. If you want a little more brightness, you can use LED twinkle lights that give off the bright white light effect. 

Either way, mixing your string lights with sheer curtains can help you put together a really comfortable, cozy sleeping space

19. Cozy Separated Bedroom with Curtains

Cozy Separated Bedroom with Curtains
(Source: Pinterest)

A hidden closet can be a really functional and fun way to set up your bedroom. This is especially useful if your room does not have a built-in closet. You can create this DIY design by hanging up a solid curtain as a room divider. 

20. Cozy Fireplaces

Cozy Bedroom Fireplaces
(Source: Pinterest)

If you’re looking for some cozy farmhouse bedroom ideas for the master bedroom,  then start with a fireplace. A fireplace, whether it is built into the room or incorporated by you can help create a really cozy environment. 

This design element lends especially well during the wintertime when your decor should be warm and inviting. The mantle of your fireplace can also serve as a great way to display your favorite picture plaques too. 

21. Cozy Boho Chic Bedroom Ideas 

Cozy Boho Chic Bedroom Ideas 
(Source: Daily Dream Decor)

Create a cozy boho chic bedroom by using lots of neutral tones. Some classic bohemian bedroom colors include beige, white, and coral. You can also play off of navy shades too. 

To create a welcoming ambiance, keep the color palette light and soothing. You may also add a dreamlike touch to your headboard by putting some huge dramatic string lights around it.

22. Warm Cabin Bedroom Decor Ideas

Warm Cabin Bedroom Decor Ideas
(Source: Architecture Art Designs)

This amazing design works really well in a wooden house or log-cabin-style bedroom. To pull this look together, you will want to use lots of hues that complement wood accents. This means shades like crimson, beige, and mahogany. You can also incorporate patterns that play with these different hues as well.


It’s easy to see why a cozy bedroom is one of the most popular design aesthetics to use. Having a cozy space to call your own is the perfect way to unwind after a long day. 

Not only that, but it’s a great place to cuddle up during cold weather and snowy winter days. Let us know which of these ideas have been your favorite. 

Make sure to share them with us in the comments section below. Know someone who loves a cozy atmosphere? Be sure to share this article with them as well! 

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