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21+ Colorful Bedroom Decorating Ideas In 2022

(Source: Pinterest)

One of the easiest ways to create a really vibrant bedroom is by playing around with different tones that automatically perk the space up. When you use bright colors like teal, coral, yellow, and orange, you can create a really inviting and happy space. 

Today, we’re going to look at how you can transform your boring old bedroom into a charming colorful bedroom. This cheerful type of bedroom decor is the easiest way to create a happy space in your home. 

We’ll look at some lovely room designs as well as some fascinating bedroom color combinations to consider. What we love about this design aesthetic is that it can work for all age groups too. Stick around to find out how you can create an amazing bedroom for yourself, your child, or a guest bedroom. 

Let’s get started!

Colorful Modern Bedroom Designs

1.Boho Colorful Bedroom ideas

Boho Colorful Bed
(Source: Apartment Therapy)

This bedroom design features a really happy palette that consists of bright green, rose, red, and yellow tones. When you mix in beige native-inspired patterns into the mix, you can create a really boho-chic aesthetic. 

A look like this works really well with lots of natural, light-colored elements like pine, rattan, and even cotton crops. You can create a really relaxing and inviting atmosphere with a look like this. 

2.Eclectic Colorful bedroom 

Eclectic Colorful bedroom 
(Source: The Homey Space)

If you’re looking for a great style to use in your kid’s bedroom, consider this aesthetic. This design theme offers a mix of colors. It’s also perfect for teenage rooms, playrooms, and other spaces where children gather. 

Use lots of bright vibrant tones that blend well with one another. Using a bright yellow will help brighten up the space as well. A light teal can help contrast the bright yellow. Other tones to incorporate include coral, blush pink, and even dark use like indigo and navy blue.

3.Mix-and-match colorful patterns

Mix-and-match colorful patterns
(Source: Elle Decor)

Using patterns of small dimensions can be a great way to make a small space appear larger. This design plays around with wall paint ideas for bedrooms that are on the smaller side. 

By decorating one aesthetic wall with unique patterns, you can create a very vibrant atmosphere. If you have a window in the room, the natural light will automatically make the room appear larger as well. Have fun as you mix and match colors!

4.Bright Colorful bedding ideas

Bright Colorful bedding ideas
(Source: Ofdesign)

One of the best ways to create a really pretty bedroom is by using a colorful bed cover. A really bright pattern like this can transform the room in a matter of seconds. 

To really compliment this style, you may even want to pick a calm color to paint the walls. Tones like teal, light green, and blush pink are all great base colors to start with. 

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5.Colorful Area rugs for Girls Bedroom

Colorful Area rugs for Girls Bedroom
(Source: Ubuy)

You can create a really cute girl’s bedroom by setting up a colorful area rug. Not only will an area rug give your room color, but it can be a great source of inspiration. 

Children love spending time on the floor of their bedroom, coloring, and doing other activities. Having an inviting area rug will allow them to tap into their imagination that much more easily. 

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6.Colorful Picture frames

Colorful Picture frames
(Source: New and Natural Mom)

Even in your child’s bedroom, you can incorporate some modern designs. One really wonderful design to consider is a gallery wall with colorful picture frames. Use bright colors that pop out and blend well with one another. 

Spring colors like pink, blue, and yellow are all great tones to start with. Stay away from metallic and glitter colors, and instead focus on solid tones. 

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7.Creative Color-Blocked Wall Ideas

Creative Color-Blocked Wall Ideas
(Source: Better Homes and Gardens)

Creating a simplified mural with strips of solid colors can be a really fun way to create a colorful teen bedroom. Because these bright colors pop, you’ll want to use pastel tones for a more muted luck. 

If you don’t want the colors to pop on the wall, consider using bold tones on furniture and decorative pieces instead. This gives you the chance to switch up things if the colors become too loud for your liking.

8.Pretty Shiplap accent wall ideas

Pretty Shiplap accent wall ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the most aesthetically colorful bedroom ideas is repurposing shiplap so that you create a shiplap rainbow. With this look, the colorful shiplap is used to create a really cozy accent wall. 

This wall will help set the tone for the room and is super inviting and undeniably beautiful. A look like this can work in a variety of bedrooms. However, shiplap often lends well to the rustic, farmhouse, and shabby chic bedroom decor.

9.Contemporary Look

Contemporary Look
(Source: Architectural Digest)

If your bedroom overlooks greenery, then you can create a colorful picture wall that complements the outdoors. If you want a quick and easy wall design, you can simply put up a colorful abstract wall art mural. 

When a canvas like this is framed over a monochromatic wall, you can create a really inviting yet upscale look. Continue brightening up the space by using lots of light green throughout the room.

10.Colorful Moroccan bedroom design ideas

Colorful Moroccan bedroom design ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Moroccan decor is one of the most inspiration-filled decor themes because of the bright colors used. This look relies heavily on turquoise, red, orange, and even yellow decor elements. 

You can put this look together to create a really elegant fashioned bedroom. Or, you can take a more cultural approach to create a Moroccan-themed oasis.

11.Traditional styles

Traditional styles
(Source: Ideal Home)

You can create an elegant master bedroom that has a variety of wonderful tones in it as well. An easy way to do this is by incorporating floral wallpaper. 

Use a bright and airy wallpaper design. Bright colors will give the room a really warm and inviting feel. Match the tones in the wallpaper to other Decor accessories within the room. 

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12.Colorful lights for bedroom

Colorful lights for bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

A really simple way to create a unique bedroom design is by playing around with different lighting fixtures. LED lights that use a variety of different colors can help you create a really vibrant bedroom. 

You can use a standing LED floor lamp, for a mature look. If you want to be a little bit more playful, you can use multi-tone string lighting as well. 

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13.Colorful Christmas lights in Bedroom

Colorful Christmas lights in Bedroom
(Source: Pictures HD Download)

Who says string lights are for the holiday season only? You can get into the holiday spirit all year round by using this colorful light fixture design idea. Use string lighting around your headboard and on your ceiling. 

When you use warm tones you can create a really cozy atmosphere. This is definitely a design element to consider if you have an attic or basement bedroom. 

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14.Coastal Vibes

Coastal Vibes
(Source: Completely Coastal)

Give your room a fresh coastal vibe by using bright see toned colors. Lime green and bright teal are great colors to start with. You can even add colorful coastal luxury bedding to give the room a clear coastal feel. 

Decorate the rest of the space using ornaments like seashells, sea stars, and decorative sea coral. 

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15.Tropical bedroom with Colorful theme

Tropical bedroom with Colorful theme
(Source: Pinterest)

Another cheerful design theme to consider is a tropical-themed bedroom. Tropical-inspired sleeping space is full of bright green in all different shades. This theme is also great for pulling in cool colors like teal, bright blue, and even navy. 

One of the best ways to bring this theme to life Is by using a large tropical mural. Complement the mural by incorporating light pink throughout the bedding, or even window curtains. 

16.Unicorn Nursery Bedroom Ideas

Unicorn Nursery Bedroom Ideas
(Source: AliExpress)

Wall stickers are an easy and fun way to decorate a child’s bedroom without committing to the wall decor. If you’re putting together a girl’s bedroom, a really cute idea is using colorful unicorn wall stickers. These wall decals are perfect for creating an accent wall.  

You can use stickers that have green, yellow, blue, and pink. These different shades will help you create really cheerful and happy vibes throughout the room. 

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17.Colorful Horizontal Stripe Curtain 

Colorful Horizontal Stripe Curtain 
(Source: Pinterest)

You can still play around with different colors and keep it classy at the same time. A really fun way to do this is by using a playful color palette that incorporates lots of pastel tones. If you really want to keep it elegant, limit these horizontal striped pastel tones to a certain part of the room. 

For example, you can use it on the bedding alone, or on window curtains. When you minimize this design, you give it so much more room to stand out. 

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18.Rainbow Headboard for Kids Room

Rainbow Headboard for Kids Room
(Source: Apartment Therapy)

Transform your child’s bedroom into a playground by using a lot of rainbow decor throughout the room. A really fun and easy way to pull off this look is by using a rainbow arch headboard. Match the headboard to a similar styled rainbow-themed dresser. 

You can even turn this decor theme into a fun DIY project. You and your little one can create a rainbow-inspired tassel drapery together that can be hung up above your bed.

19.Earthy tones

Earthy tones
(Source: Rue Magazine)

Earthy tones are a really fun way to create a natural and calm environment. Earthy tones like the one in this design style use lots of warm hues to create a really calm and vibrant space. 

You can pull this look together by creating a gallery wall that uses your most favorite custom photos. Stick with photos that have warm tones in them.

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20.Colorful Smoke Wall mural

Colorful Smoke Wall mural
(Source: Pinterest)

Use a really cool aesthetic wallpaper to create a statement piece in your room. This colorful smoke wall mural can be a really neat addition to a master bedroom. Although it plays around with a lot of different shades, it sticks to a more monochromatic style. 

This style lends really well if you are someone who likes modern or contemporary bedroom decor. Accentuate the room by using a lot of dark metal through light fixtures to pull off a mature look as well. 

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21.Colorful boys bedroom

Colorful boys bedroom
(Source: Big Brothers on CBS)

Use all different shades of colors to put together an awesome boy’s bedroom. A room like this has the perfect balance of color and maturity. 

Use eclectic tiles to decorate the floor and even the walls. Then, add in sophisticated furniture like minimally style bed frames. These two different styles will complement one another and help you create a really unique bedroom. 


When you create a colorful bedroom, you are automatically transforming your sleeping space into a happy and cheerful environment. 

We hope our list of different bedroom ideas has helped inspire you to transform your home. Which design style did you fall in love with? 

Be sure to share with us in the comments section below. Don’t forget to let us know what your favorite color is when it comes to decorating your most favorite room in the house.

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