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24+ Closet Organizer Ideas: DIYs and Must Have Storage Hacks For Your Closet In 2022

24+ Closet Organizer Ideas: DIYs and Must Have Storage Hacks For Your Closet In 2022

If you’ve ever wondered how can I organize my closet cheaply? Today, we’ve got the solution for you, as well as a lot more advice about clever closet organizer ideas

There are loads of DIY hacks, tips and tricks, and other space-saving techniques to use in your closet. The best part about these ideas is that you can use them in a master closet or in a small bedroom that is limited to storage space. 

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the best closet organizers ideas for you to try out. Ourwardrobe shelving ideas are sure to inspire you and encourage you to create a functional and beautiful wardrobe space. 

Read on to check out some of these awesome hacks that you are sure to love!

DIY Closet Organizer Ideas

1.Closet Organizer with Hidden Hamper Design Ideas

Closet Organizer with Hidden Hamper Design Ideas
(Source: Decorpad)

A built-in hamper can be a great addition to a smallwardrobe or a walk-in closet that is limited to space. This organizational idea utilizes vertical storage space to create an inconspicuous place for you to put dirty clothes. 

Pull-out or rollout hampers are the best options to go with because you can easily take the clothes out and place them in the laundry when you’re ready.

2.DIY Kid closet dividers

DIY Kid closet dividers
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the best nursery closet organizing ideas is havingwardrobe dividers marked by age. These dividers are an easy way for you to keep track of your baby’s clothing. 

Babies grow at such a quick rate and this idea will help you figure out when it’s time to move up a size in clothes. It’s also an easy way to know where to store your child’s clothes after laundry day. Check out these neat DIY dividers for some more inspiration!

How To DIY closet dividers

3.S-type hanger closet ideas

S-type hanger closet ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Using S style hangers is one of the best closet organizer products on the market right now. 

These types of hangers are functional because they will allow you to stack items like pants on top of another. This will save you an incredible amount of space. These hangers are also very cheap considering how sturdy they are. 

Shop Hangers on Amazon

4.Take full advantage of vertical space

Take full advantage of vertical space
(Source: Good Housekeeping)

If you have a small closet, then one of the best organization ideas is using the vertical space available to you. You can use the back of the door to hang up storage compartments. 

This can be a great place to store away scarves, belts, and small accessories. Using the top shelf of your closet is another way to make extra space as well.

5.Install clothing racks

Install clothing racks
(Source: Pinterest)

This next closet shelving idea goes beyond thewardrobe and instead utilizes the corner of your room. Hang up corner clothing racks as a way to build extra space for your everyday items. 

This can be a great place to hang up jackets, pants, and other items that you use on a regular basis.

How to install wall clothing rail

6.DIY  Closet organizer ideas with custom labels

DIY  Closet organizer ideas with custom labels
(Source: Cotton Stem)

Create a really cute aesthetic by using tie chalkboard labels on the baskets in your closet. This is a really easy way to keep track of the items that are stored away in our paid baskets. 

Plus, these cute labels give your closet a really nice aesthetic as well. For a great look pair these labels with wicker baskets. 

7.Install some hooks

Install some hooks
(Source: dmcc.com)

Another one of the best cheap closet organizer ideas is installing hooks along your wall. These hooks serve the purpose of storing away your favorite accessories. 

Instead of constantly hanging up commonly used jackets and scarves, these hooks will give you easy access.

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8.Functional Closet Organizer Ideas with Drawers

Functional Closet Organizer Ideas with Drawers
(Source: thediyplan)

DIY shelving can give you more storage space because you’ll design the storage exactly to your closet’s needs. 

A setup like this will incorporate closet shelf dividers, extra racks, and cabinets and drawers. Custom tailor the style to meet the needs of yourwardrobe space.

How to Build a closet organizer with drawers

9.Some Storage baskets

Some Storage baskets
(Source: MyDoamin)

Storage baskets are a really great way to create a functional space. These are also great to use if you need some narrow closet organizer inspiration. 

Baskets can be especially great if you’re putting together a linens closet. Separate the linens out by use and type in baskets up their own.

10.Hideaway seasonal items 

Hideaway seasonal items 
(Source: Pinterest)

Having decorative storage totes to hide away seasonal items can really boost your closet’s aesthetic. 

Items like snow clothes and warm weather items can fit snugly into oversize baskets and even clear storage totes. Store these totes away in an area of your closet that is easy to access yet out of the way.

11.Learn folding clothes properly

Learn folding clothes properly
(Source: Better Homes and Gardens)

One of the best narrow closet organization ideas depends solely on your folding techniques. There are a variety of ways to fold clothes that will allow you to save space. For example, you can fold pants and store them in storage bins so as to allow them to stand upright.

How to Fold Clothes Properly to Save Space in Your Closet

12.Keep your shoes in the bins underneath

Keep your shoes in the bins underneath
(Source: Extra Space Storage)

One of the best shoe organizing ideas for small closet spaces is using pull-out drawers. Incorporate pull-out drawers on the bottom part of your closet. 

The top shelfwardrobe organizer set up will be mainly used for bags, baskets, and other bulky items.

13.Closet organizer ideas with sunglasses display

Closet organizer ideas with sunglasses display
(Source: The Stripe)

Don’t skimp out on utility closet organizer ideas. On the back of your door, or in a portion of your closet, install transparent narrow shelves. These shelves will serve as your sunglass storage area. 

The shelves will allow you to display all your sunglasses so that you can grab one on the go. You can even customize these shelves in order to store some of your favorite hair accessories and jewelry as well. 

14.Reusing soda tab hangers

Reusing soda tab hangers
(Source: Bob Vila)

One of the most brilliant solutions to double up on your hanger space is by using soda caps. Slide the soda cap over your clothes hanger, and you’ll have a space on the soda cap to hang another hanger. 

When you double up your hanger, you’ll find that you will have plenty of additional space in the closet to store away your other belongings.

15.Closet shelf organizer ideas

Closet shelf organizer ideas
(Source: Arrow furniture)

A built-in shelf is a perfect solution for a large open closet that has a really wide space. 

A wide shelf like this will allow you to maximize your wall space because there will be an array of built-in shelves for you to use. You can play around with different styles, shelves, and racks. 

16.Hidden Jewelry Cabinet Ideas

Hidden Jewelry Cabinet Ideas
(Source: Decorpad)

Hidden jewelry in your walk-in closet is a great way to create a functional space within your space. 

This jewelry cabinet features a really contemporary style because it allows you to neatly display all your favorite items. 

17.Take advantage of the space at the top of the closet

Take advantage of the space at the top of the closet
(Source: Apartment Therapy)

Acrylic file dividers are what you will need for one of the best closet purse organization ideas. These acrylic file dividers are inconspicuous because they are transparent. 

Plus they give you the needed space to separate one purse from another.

Shop Acrylic dividers on Amazon

18.Best closet organizer ideas with slide mirror door

Best closet organizer ideas with slide mirror door
(Source: Pinterest)

Swap out your door for a sliding mirror door instead. This is one of the best ideas for a girl’s master bedroom because it will save a lot of space. 

You get a built-in mirror that will slide to close and you have a lot easier access to your clothing, shelves, and other belongings in the closet

19.Wire Closet organization systems

Wire Closet organization systems
(Source: Pinterest)

A wire shelving storage can be just as practical and functional as a wooden shelving closet. 

With wire racks, you have a little bit more flexibility as far as where you want to install the racks and any adjustments you want to make to the closet in the future. While cheaper, this type of shelving works just as well as any other type.

20.Dorm closet organizer ideas

Dorm closet organizer ideas
(Source: Martha Stewart)

For a small space like a kid’s bedroom or a dorm room, a door-hanging organizer can serve a great benefit. 

This is a great way to store small items like jewelry, accessories, scarves, and even small purses. Opt for an organizer that has different storage compartments of varying sizes. 

Shop Door hanging organizer on Amazon

21.Filter your clothes by color

Filter your clothes by color
(Source: Pinterest)

Color coordinate yourwardrobe for a really appealing aesthetic. Color combination is also really great because it allows you to navigate your closet a lot better. 

The coordinations you use can vary, but it’s best to color coordinate based on the type of clothes you are storing away. For example, separate blouses, dresses, and pants. 

22.Closet built-in ironing board design ideas

Closet built-in ironing board design ideas
(Source: The Organized Home)

If you have a closet island, one of the bestwardrobe organization ideas is installing an ironing board. 

A pull-out or drop-down ironing board can be a lifesaver during moments you need to buff out a wrinkle quickly. You can also use a small basket to store your clothing iron away as well.

Explore more amazing closet built-in ironing board on Decorpad

23.Closet hacks with no-slip hanger ideas

Closet hacks with no-slip hanger ideas
(Source: pinkpeppermintdesign)

One of the best cheap closet organizer ideas and life hacks is this no-slip DIY technique. Wrap some yarn around the top of your hanger. This will keep your clothing from slipping down once you hang it. 

This technique works really great for a kid’s closet where clothes all too often slip off the hangers. 

How to DIY non-slip hangers for your closet

24.Small closet organizer ideas with vacuum space bags

Small closet organizer ideas with vacuum space bags
(Source: The Container Store)

You can save more space in your bedroom by using vacuum-sealed storage bags. These storage bags will pull out all the air and compress your clothes to a smaller size. This is a perfect technique to use when you’re storing away seasonal clothing. 

Shop Vacuum space bags on containerstore


We hope these closet organizer ideas have helped inspire you. Better yet, we hope you are able to see that even with a small closet, there are always ways you can create more space. What are some of your favorite closet-saving hacks? 

Be sure to share with us in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this article with someone who needs to give their closet a little bit of TLC as well! 

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