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25+ Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas for a Cozy Season

Christmas bedroom decor

Get into the Christmas spirit by transforming your sleeping space into a winter wonderland with some Christmas bedroom decor. Holiday decor is such a great way to get into the festive feel of the holiday season. Not only that but the wonderful colors of the Christmas design scheme are a great way to spread cheer throughout your home.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some great ways to design your sleeping space with this warm and cozy aesthetic.

We’ll take a look at different Christmas decor pieces that you can incorporate into your bedroom as well as different ways you can style the furniture pieces that are already in your bedroom to fit with the Christmas vibe. Love the holiday but don’t enjoy going overboard with decorations?

No problem, we’ve got some great ideas for you as well. Stick around to find out what great decor styles will work in your bedroom as far as bringing the Christmas spirit into your bedroom.

1.Decorate A Fairy Corner with Candles and Tiny Bulbs

Christmas Bedroom Decoration in Scandinavian Style
(Source: seventeen)

The Christmas spirit is all about magic, love, inspiration, and hope. Pull together these themes of the holiday by creating a lovely fairy corner in your bedroom.

You can create this really magical atmosphere by using popular decor elements laced with Scandinavian inspiration.

If you have a window sill with a ledge for you to display items on, this can be a great place to set down some black wired lanterns, artsy pillows to cozy up with, and several Christmas stars to help make the area feel festive.

Add in that touch of magic by displaying fairy lights that will help illuminate the space. During the evening hours, turn on the lights to create a really enchanting environment as the fairy lights will help illuminate the space. 

2.Christmas Bedroom Decor by Dressing Up Your Headboard With Garland

Dress Up Your Headboard With Garland
(Source: newyearlights)

One of the best ways to decorate your bedroom during Christmas is by decorating your headboard with a Xmas garland.

A beautiful lush garland is one of the best aesthetic Christmas bedroom decor elements. Garlands really help to set the tone of the bedroom and they can work great if you use them as stand-alone decor pieces.

Of course, they always work even better if you pair them with additional decor pieces like string lights, personalized photos, and other Christmas decor items.

You can hang the garland around your headboard, over top your bed, and even on your nightstand as well. 

3.Red and Green Christmas Interior Design

Red and Green Christmas Interior Design
(Source: goldenboysandme)

If you want to transform your bedroom into a Christmas wonderland, then get with the holiday vibe by using classic Christmas colors like red and green.

Red and green plaid patterns can be incorporated easily through the bedding, a throw blanket, and matching pillows.

These festive pops of color will really help set the tone in the room and can do a great job in transforming your sleeping space without having to exert much effort.

If you want to hang up some matching canvas prints with green and yellow decor on them, this can be a great way to add to the theme of the room as well.

4.Garland Hanged Over Exposed Beams

Garland Hanged Over Exposed Beams
(Source: housebeautiful) 

If you have a master bedroom that plays around with the farmhouse theme, then a great way to decorate the space is by using exposed beams as platforms to hang garlands on. You can have fun with this decor idea and hang garland throughout the room.

You can also keep the garlands contained in a certain area of the room like over your bed. Add in some fairy lights to help accentuate the garlands or leave them as is to create a more simplified theme in the room.

If you have a white bedroom, lush green garlands can really stand out and create a really beautiful holiday vibe. Get even more festive by decorating your bed with Christmas checkered bedding as well.

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5.Vintage Christmas Bedroom Decor

Vintage Christmas Bedroom Decor
(Source: wellwoven)

One of the best decor themes to go with during the holidays season is a vintage Christmas look.

Vintage Christmas decor can help you create a really cozy Christmas atmosphere that is reminiscent of comfort, home, and everything that the holiday season is about. Decorate your room with old stuff that has been reclaimed for aesthetic purposes.

Using old barn doors, distressed shutters, vintage Christmas teddy bears, and ornaments that have been passed down through your family can all be great ways to create this themed bedroom.

Help accentuate the cozy atmosphere by using off-white hues such as beige and tan. Of course, also use plenty of red to create a charming Christmas atmosphere. 

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6.Very Simple Christmas Bedroom Decor

Very Simple Christmas Bedroom Decor
(Source: nadinestay)

To create a Christmas-inspired bedroom, you don’t have to go all out. This can be especially helpful for individuals who love the holiday but don’t necessarily love decorating for it.

A look like this is great for a minimalist and will not take up much effort or space in your bedroom. Start by using or incorporating subtle hints of the Christmas spirit.

You can do this by including a solid red throw blanket and hanging up a canvas piece of artwork that has Christmas imagery on it.

You don’t have to use heavy Christmas colors like red and green, however, incorporating subtle hints of the holiday can help create the Christmas vibe just as well.

7.Christmas Bedroom Decor for Girls 

(Source: apartmenttherapy)

A pink palette can work just as well for creating a cheery Christmas bedroom. A look like this is really modern and full of glam and works really well for a teenage girl who wants to pull the Christmas spirit into her room.

A great way to do this is by setting up a white faux Christmas tree in the corner of the room and dressing it with modern ornaments, fairy lights, and faux snow.

You can keep the remainder of the room intact and do not need to change up the decor in order to create a Christmas vibe. A simple touch like this should do the trick.

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8.Bring In The Outdoors

Tree Branches with Fairy Lights for Christmas Bedroom Decor
(Source: One Kindesign)

One of the best ways to create a really beautiful Christmas-inspired bedroom is by bringing outdoor elements into your sleeping space. A great way to do this is by using a light-up tree as a centerpiece in your bedroom.

Dress up the tree branches with ornaments and fairy lights to help really create the vibe of the Christmas spirit. If you don’t want to bring in a real tree, you can use a faux tree instead.

For a touch of elegance, a glass flower faux tree can be a really nice touch of beauty that can easily be dressed up for the Christmas spirit by incorporating personalized Christmas ornaments.

9.Christmas Bedroom Decor with Unadorned Wreath and Garland

Christmas Bedroom Decor with Unadorned Wreath and Garland
(Source: bhg)

A really nice and simple touch of Christmas decor is a garland laid across the headboard with a matching unadorned wreath hanging over top of your bed.

At the end of the bed, if you have space to add in a bench, you can dress up the bench area with all types of Christmas decor pieces including Christmas-themed throw blankets, Christmas pillows, and stuffed Santa teddy bears.

You can even include a basket to keep all your items in. A look like this is really calming, relaxing, and enjoyable.

10.Add String Lights To Your Four Poster Bed

Add String Lights To Your Four Poster Bed
(Source: reddit)

String lighting is a quintessential decor element for Christmas decorations. If you have a rustic bedroom that has lots of wooden elements to it, then you can use string lighting to help accentuate the Christmas theme in your bedroom.

Swap out your bedding for red and green linens and decorate your bed frame with string lights. If you have a four-poster bed, you can hang the string lights over the bed frame for a really nice touch of sparkle.

The end result is a really cozy, warm, inviting, and romantic atmosphere for you to enjoy.

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11.Cute Christmas Bedroom Decor with A Colorful Wreath

Cute Christmas Bedroom Decor with A Colorful Wreath
(Source: thelilypadcottage)

Even children’s rooms can be transformed with some lovely Christmas decor. Create a cute Christmas atmosphere for your child by creating a felt wreath that you can hang up over the bed.

This can be a fun DIY project for you to work with them on. A matching felt garland can also be added overtop the headboard of the bed frame.

Add in some nice finishing touches including holiday pillows, patterned Christmas blankets, and other holiday items that will bring a smile to your child’s face.

12.Add Ornaments To Your Chandelier

Add Ornaments To Your Chandelier
(Source: tidbits-cami)

If your bedroom has a crystal chandelier in it, then a really easy Christmas decor idea is to add cute little ornaments to the chandelier. Use a bold color that stands out like red or green ornaments that easily catch your eye when you walk into the room.

A look like this looks really well in a cottage bedroom that does not have a lot of distractions going on in the bedroom’s decor pieces itself. Keep this theme nice and subtle in order for it to have the maximum effect.

13.Back to Retro Style

Back to Retro Style
(Source: weheartit)

One of the best wall decor ideas to use for creating a Christmas environment is by tapping into some retroelements. Retro elements essentially mean using anything old, from the past, or is reminiscent of vintage appeal.

This could mean using song lyrics from the seventies, eighties, or nineties and displaying them on the wall through canvas print.

Use classic Christmas song lyrics on a canvas from this time period to really help set the tone in your bedroom. Using other vintage  Christmas imagery and Christmas artwork can be another great way to dress up your walls.

14.Blue Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas

Blue Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas
(Source: sandandsisal)

While it seems unlikely, blue can be such an elegant one to use when creating a relaxing Christmas environment. This is one of the best colors to use in a bedroom that has a coastal feel to it.

Whether you live by the beach, or naturally have a nautical-inspired bedroom, you can really play up the navy blue in the room to create a very nice Christmas vibe.

Add into your room a dominating Christmas tree that is decorated with Christmas tree ornaments to really create the Christmas spirit as well.

Keep blue on the bedding, but incorporate throw pillows that have Christmas decorations on them as well. This looks stand out all while maintaining the Christmas spirit

15.Add Snow-Dusted Decorations

Add Snow-Dusted Decorations to Your Bedroom
(Source: hikendip)

You can easily create a winter wonderland bedroom by incorporating decorations that have snow-dusted elements to them.

Start by dressing your bedroom in garlands that have white and silver snow dusting on them. If you really want the room to sparkle, you can even use garlands that have glitter snow on them too.

An all-white bedroom like this works really well as a guest bedroom. But if you love the look yourself, you can use it in your primary bedroom as well.

16.Disney Christmas Village On Your Dresser

Disney Christmas Village On Your Dresser
(Source: vandifair)

Disney is one of the most iconic companies when it comes to Christmas decor and the Christmas spirit. You can pull the magic of Disney into your bedroom by creating a Disney village that encapsulates the holiday.

To pull this look off, choose a piece of furniture like a dresser, or a large nightstand where you can organize all the small items that create your Christmas village.

Place your Christmas village accordingly and then dress up the area in which your Christmas village is set with canvas artwork of a winter wonderland landscape. This corner of your bedroom can be very inviting as a conversation piece.

17.Christmas Tree Base Cover

Christmas Tree Base Cover
(Source: bhg)

A really trendy look this season is using a cute yet obvious Christmas tree base cover to hide the unsightly bottom of a Christmas tree stand.

This is a great solution to use in a bedroom if you want to create a cozier appeal. Using a large thick fabric like knotted wool can easily hide away the stand of the Christmas tree.

To add a little more glam to this Christmas tree base, you can sprinkle in some fake snow and silver glitter to help make it sparkle too.

18.Inexpensive Christmas Hacks With Unique Banners  

Inexpensive Christmas Hacks With Unique Banners  
(Source: sweetsouthernblue)

If you have a children’s room that you want to dress up with the Christmas spirit, you can easily do that by creating DIY Christmas banners that you can hang up.

The Christmas banners can be a collection of whatever you would like, but a really cute idea to go with is Christmas gloves. This can be a great design to create if you have a lot of mismatched Christmas gloves.

Your children can even detach the Christmas gloves if they want to go out and play in the snow. A look like this is incredibly unique, charming, and fun for children to put together.

19.Decorate Your Fireplace

Decorate Your Fireplace
(Source: hikendip)

One of the most quintessential Christmas decor ideas is having mantel decorations that you dress up over the fireplace. If you have a fireplace in your bedroom, then incorporate stockings for all the members of your family.

It’s up to you if you want these stockings to be functional or purely decorative, either way, they will add a fabulous look to your bedroom’s overall decor.

Dress up the rest of the mantle with lots of garlands, Christmas decor, and other festive items to really bring in the holiday spirit.

20.Christmas Bedding With Plaid

Christmas Bedding With Plaid
(Source: mymountainretreat)

A must-have decor piece for anyone who loves Christmas is a bedding set that reflects the festive season. There are all different types of Christmas bedding sets you can use but one of the most popular is a blanket that has a plaid pattern on it.

Depending on the color of your room, you’ll want to use a plaid color scheme that matches your existing decor. If you have an all-white bedroom, then a black and white plaid pattern works well.

If you have a bedroom that already incorporates Christmas decor, then you may want to consider more bold colors like green and red plaid. Have fun with the color scheme and find a look that works well in your bedroom.

21.Decorate Your Bedside Tables

Decorate Your Bedside Tables
(Source: idealhome)

A bedside table can be a great way to add to the Christmas atmosphere in your bedroom. There are several ways you can go about decorating your nightstand.

You can decorate your current nightstand with Christmas items like a mini Christmas tree, small present accessories, artificial snow, and even a reindeer tree lamp.

Another great option is to decorate the nightstand with personal photos and sentimental items of the holiday. Either way, you’ll have a really beautiful area of your room that highlights your own personal love of the holiday.

22.Hang A Wreath From Your Mirror

Hang A Wreath From Your Mirror
(Source: hauteofftherack) 

A really cute and Charming way to decorate your bedroom and to ring in the Christmas holiday is by using a mirror in your bedroom and adding in a hanging wreath over or directly on top of it.

If you have a Moroccan mirror with gold frames, this can be a really great way to highlight the Christmas spirit because gold lends itself really well to a Christmas-decorated bedroom. 

To add a little bit more festivity to the bedroom, you can even add in a matching skinny Christmas tree beside your mirror as well.

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23.Decorate A Christmas Chair

Decorate A Christmas Chair
(Source: Shades of Blue Interiors)

If you have a chair in your bedroom, this can be a great way to pull in Christmas bedroom decorations. Decorate your chair with a cute Christmas pillow that brings in the holiday cheer.

If you’re looking for an affordable option to decorate your bedroom, this can be a great way because you can limit the decorations to this chair alone and keep the rest of the bedroom intact for the most part.

A look like this works really well in an upholstered chair. Don’t have a chair? No problem, this look will work just as well on an end of the bed bench as well. 

24.Decorate Your Shelves With Christmas Items

Decorate Your Shelves With Christmas Items
(Source: bhg)

Shelves are a great way to decorate a bedroom in order to create holiday cheer throughout the room. Use shelving as a way to display holiday signs that have phrases on them like “Noel” or “Holiday Cheer”. 

You can get creative with how you decorate and you can mix and match personal photos, garlands, artificial snow, silver glitter, and any other elements that you want to use in order to dress up your small spaces with holiday cheer. 

25.Garland Your Bedroom Window

Garland Your Bedroom Window
(Source: ironandtwine) 

A really cute bedroom Christmas decor idea is decorating your windows with lots of greenery by using a variety of garlands.

To create a really magical Christmas effect, pair your windows with bright curtains and add a long garland wrapped in copper fairy lights.

Drape the garlands over your window in order to create a really cute decoration. If you want to add to the greenery in the room, you can even include a wreath pillow on the bed.

If you have a lounge chair next to your window, you can dress it up with a wreath pillow as well. Drape on a cute throw blanket for an added touch of comfort as well. 

26.DIY Christmas Bedroom Decor

DIY Christmas Bedroom Decor
(Source: warrengrovegarden)

A really nice touch of holiday Decor is this next idea. This homemade Christmas decor element is easy to make because it uses items you likely already have on hand or can get for super cheap.

All you need are some ice skates that you can tie to the corner of your bed. Put some small pine branches in the old ice skates to give them that Christmas feel.

They can properly pop out amid the decoration of your bedroom. This is one of the best ideas on how to decorate your room for Christmas without buying anything.

It’s easy to see why Christmas bedroom decor is such a popular design theme to go with, especially during that time of the year. We hope our array of ideas have helped inspire you to create a lovely bedroom that you are sure to find the holiday spirit in.

Which of these amazing decor ideas was your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below. Know someone who absolutely loves the Christmas spirit? Be sure to share this article with them as well!

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