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23 Cabin Bedroom Ideas To Elevate The Cozy Ambience

log cabin bedroom

If you really enjoy warm, cozy, and calm atmospheres, then transforming your bedroom with a cabin style may be for you. Cabin-inspired sleeping spaces can create such a warm and inviting atmosphere that is simply too welcoming to ignore. This can be an especially great design theme to go with if you have a lakeside home or if you live on a mountainside. 

If this sounds like something you would enjoy, then today we’ve got a treat for you. Our extensive list of the most wonderful cabin bedroom designs will help inspire you as you transform your room into a cozy oasis. Our detailed list will look at some of the best ways to incorporate wood into your home. We’ll also explore neat decor elements and furniture pieces that can help you pull together a cozy atmosphere. Ready to transform your bedroom? Read on to find some fantastic inspiration. 

1. Tropical Reveal

wood bedroom with large doors and windows
(Source: Luxury Bedrooms Ideas)

Bring the outdoors into your cozy cabin sleeping space by decorating with the outside elements in mind. If you have a master bedroom with a large glass door that gives you a glimpse of the outdoors, use it to your advantage.

Beautiful views of the mountains, the forest, and even the beach can really give you a nice tropical or natural feel in your room. The atmosphere will create will be further enhanced by the wooden accents of your cabin.

2. Use A Variety of Wood

use a variety of wood in bedroom
(Source: Paint Rock Farm)

The interior design of a cabin home uses a lot of wood to complement the outside world. One great way to dress up your bedroom is by using different types of wood.

Try to incorporate different slabs of wood including mahogany, oak, pine, and even bamboo. These different textures will add a range of colors into your bedroom helping you to create a really beautiful atmosphere too. 

3. Romantic Cabin Bedroom Design

a lotus-shaped cabin bedroom
(Source: Copeland + Co. Interiors)

A lotus-shaped cabin can create a really unique look in your sleeping space. The delicate arcs in a cabin like this make it a perfect space to dress up if you want a romantic setting. A large window can help reflect off these light tones, brightening up the room that much more too.

4. Vaulted Ceiling for Small Cabin Bedrooms

cabin bedroom design: vaulted ceiling
(Source: Dezeen)

Vaulted ceilings are a really simple design that can add so much to a bedroom. This Japanese-inspired look plays off of the simple decor of a minimalistic bedroom.

Use bright tones throughout the bedroom to help create a light and airy feel. If you have large glass windows or a sliding glass door, the natural light from the outdoors can help brighten up the space as well.

5. Bring In Festive Vibe

rustic cabin bedroom with red plaid comforter and candles on the windowsill
(Source: Living4Media)

Get into the holiday season by dressing up your cabin with Christmas decor. Some popular elements to include are red plaid bedding mixed with solid white or green bed linens.

Add in some festive pillow and blanket options to the bedding too. When you decorate with Christmas decor, err on the side of rustic color schemes. These earthy tones can really help you play up the rustic cabin vibe throughout the room.

6. Exposed Beams

log canopy bed frame in an exposed-beam bedroom
(Source: Trendland)

Exposed beams are such a trending decor element, especially in cabin space. If you don’t like the look of your exposed beams, you can paint over them.

For example, paint the exposed beams a distressed white to help play up the rustic vibe. You can even add in a rustic bed like a wire-framed bed to complement this theme. To stick with more rustic, incorporate lots of wooden elements instead.

7. Wooden Themed Bedroom

wooden themed bedroom: using wood logs throughout the room
(Source: Log Home Living)

If you love decorating with wood, then this next look is for you. Create the mountain bedroom of your dreams by using wood logs throughout the room. Wooden logs on the wall can really help create that vibrant, homie, nature-inspired atmosphere.

If you don’t have wood logs on the wall, you can dress up one accent while using a wood log mural or wallpaper. Dress up the rest of the room using wooden furniture that is loud and commanding.

8. Colorful Cabin Bedroom for Kids

colorful cabin bedroom for kids: using rich colors on wooden furniture and bedding
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a cute kid’s bedroom by using lots of wooden furniture alongside a modern decor accent. Incorporating cabin bed frames and nightstands made of solid wood are the way to start with this room.

Help modernize it by adding in a pop of color through an accent wall. Also, add color through bedding, throw pillows, and throw blankets. A nice mix of modern and cabin decor lends really well to a child’s room. 

9. White Painted Cabin Bedroom

white painted cabin bedroom: black bedding and throw pillow with black and white canvas and table lamp
(Source: delikatissen)

Transform your cabin into a magical and peaceful space by painting it all white. Log cabins like this can totally transform the vibe in your bedroom.

You can create a really sophisticated and calming atmosphere that has undertones synonymous with a cabin room.  Add a little bit of elegance to the room by incorporating a beautiful canvas piece that highlights your personality and interest as well. 

10. Mid-Century Interior 

mid-century interiors in cabin bedroom:  a pair of mirrored bedside tables, mid-century style on decorative baskets, rug and bedding
(Source: Zillow)

It’s easy to pull together a mid-century look in a cabin sleeping space. To pull off this look, incorporate mid-century decor through a vintage comforter.

Furniture pieces like your nightstand can also be great items to accentuate the mid-century theme. At the foot of your bed, incorporate a small dark area rug that accents any other dark decor like pendant lights and other metal fixtures.

11. Scandinavian-Inspired Cabin Bedroom

Scandinavian-inspired cabin bedroom
(Source: eugenipons)

Scandinavian-inspired cabin space will include lots of light tones that trigger calm and relaxation. Include some light wood tones so that you can still incorporate elements of a cabin room.

Incorporate light colors on the bedding and pillows too. Light-colored wooden furniture like a nightstand, or desk can also be great ways to incorporate cabin vibes.

The key to pulling together anything Scandinavian-themed is using less not more. Be sure not to clutter your room with too many accessories and furniture pieces.

12. Add A Natural Touch

add a natural touch in a cabin bedroom with a stone accent wall
(Source: Shelterness)

Add a nice natural touch to your cabin room by incorporating an element like a stone in your accent wall. Natural elements like this will help play up the outdoorsy feel cabins spaces are known for.

If you are going to use a dark-colored natural tone, complemented it by using plenty of white throughout the room. This will help you create a nice calming aesthetic throughout your space.

13. Hunting Cabin Bedroom

(Source: Pinterest)

If you love hunting, then be sure to have your interior design reflect this. Swap out all wood accents for a neutral tone like gray. When it comes to your decor elements, you can hang up some of your most prized hunts like a bear head or a pair of antlers.

Depending on how big the pieces are, you can hang them over top of your headboard or in a different area of your room. Incorporate other elements like a faux fur rug to help you create a really fun fluffy interior too.

14. Cabin Bedroom with Log Style Bed and Stone Fireplace

cabin bedroom with log style bed and stone fireplace
(Source: Bear Camp Cabin Rentals)

A log cabin bedroom is such a cozy atmosphere to enjoy. If you have a stone fireplace in your bedroom, the coziness meter jumps up several notches.

You can create this wonderful environment in your bedroom by using lots of wooden accents that compliment your fireplace. If you want to add some neutral tones, you can do this too.

Consider incorporating neutral tones like gray or beige on any upholstered furniture. Also Incorporated it into your bed linens too. 

15. Mix Country Style

country-style cabin bedroom with canopy, metal bed and tufted bed bench
(Source: Houzz)

Have a little fun in the cabin by adding elements reminiscent of country style. Some key components to include are a metal bed or a canopy bed.

The iron frame of the bed will lend really well to a farmhouse aesthetic. If you have the space, you could even include a tufted bed bench at the end of your iron bed too. 

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16. Cabin Loft Bedroom

Cabin Loft Bedroom
(Source: blessthisstuff)

If you have a small cabin space, then a loft bedroom can be a great way to decorate it. Cabin loft decorating ideas rely on using your space wisely. Consider creating a bed and desk combo so that you can eliminate the need for furniture like a nightstand or dresser.

The desk can serve as the place for you to store away all your belongings. You can even include a small bookshelf in your sleeping space where you can tuck away smaller items that you routinely use.

17. Cabin Bedroom with A Boho Vibe 

cabin bedroom with boho canvas and bedding
(Source: Brides)

A boho chic bedroom can work really well in a log cabin sleeping space. Some of the best places to incorporate boho design are on the bedding and on the walls.

Use a calm yet natural patterned comforter that lends well to boho design. On the walls, incorporate boho canvas artwork that shows off your personal sense of style.

18. Vintage Chandelier

cabin bedroom with vintage pendant light
(Source: AD France)

Add an element of vintage charm to your sleeping space by incorporating an elegant vintage chandelier. A unique chandelier like this is a great way to create an old-fashioned cabin bedroom.

If your chandelier is made out of dark metal, then use dark metal accents in other aspects of your room too. You can also keep your room rather simple in order to direct all the attention to your chandelier.

19. Bed with Curtains

cabin style bed: bed with curtains
(Source: Design Chic)

One of the coziest cabin bed ideas is incorporating curtains over top of your bed. This will allow you to close off your bed during the nighttime.

If you don’t want to use it for functional purposes, these curtains serve a really beautiful decorative purpose too. Use a warm tone on the curtains in order to complement the warmth throughout the room.

20. Cabin-Style Bed

cabin-style bed: wooden bunk bed
(Source: Pinterest)

Incorporate a storage bunk bed in your cabin space to create a really classic cabin vibe. Your bunk bed does not have to include a top and bottom bunk. Rather, opt for a bunk bed that has a bottom bunk where you can store all your belongings in drawers.

A bunk bed that also incorporates a bookshelf can be great for storage purposes as well. A fixture like this allows you to eliminate other furniture pieces that can become bulky and space wasters.

21. Hanging Bed in A Cabin-Style Bedroom

hanging bed in a cabin-style bedroom
(Source: This Old House)

Create a modern cabin bedroom by swapping out your traditional bed for a hanging bed.

A bed that is held up with cable wires can create a really unique look in your bedroom. Compliment this unique fixture by using different metal fixtures throughout your bedroom.

For example, incorporate a hairpin lamp, or hairpin nightstand in the room. Maintain the cabin feel by using wooden accents that tie into the bedroom’s design scheme.

22. Add Some Leather Elements

natural wood bedroom with leather bed and sitting chairs
(Source: Houzz)

Adding leather into your cabin space can be a really fun way to up the luxury in your bedroom. You can incorporate leather through the headboard, through a sitting chair, and through the end of the bed bench.

Upholstered leather furniture like this can give your bedroom a really nice air of elegance and maturity. To really make this look stand out, stick with darker tones of leathers like dark brown and even black.

23. Hanging Fireplace at Exposed-Brick Corner

(Source: Triple Creek Ranch)

A really cute way to dress up a cabin bedroom corner is by incorporating an old-style fireplace. This fireplace works best if it serves a practical function during the colder months.

However, you can use it for purely aesthetic purposes too. You can help this corner stand out by decorating a small portion of it with exposed brick. This will help you really give off that warm fireplace vibe.

With all the different ways you can transform a cabin bedroom, it’s easy to see why this aesthetic is favored by so many. Perhaps the best part of this aesthetic is that you can blend it in with other decor themes too.

Which of these beautiful cabin decor ideas were your favorite and why? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below. Know someone who loves a rustic cabin style? Don’t forget to share this article with them as well! 

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