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31+ Child and Adult Bunk Bed Ideas That Will Transform Your Sleeping Space

bunk bed ideas

Bunk bed ideas can be great choices to maximize your or your child’s sleeping space, especially if you have several children who share a room. When it comes to designing a room that utilizes bunk beds, however, things can get a bit tricky.

Bunk beds are not always the easiest bedroom types to design around because of the limited space and cumbersome appeal of a bunk bed.

That’s why today, we are going to take a look at some of the best bunk bed ideas to use when it comes to putting together different types of bunk beds.

We’ll take a look at how to put together a bed for two kids, three kids, and even adults. Stick around to get some inspiration for your next bunk bed bedroom remodels. 

1.Combine with A Display Spot

Bunk Bed Combines with A Display Spot
(Source: ebay)

This first bedroom idea is perfect for children because the bunk bed is not too high off the ground and it utilizes steps in the staircase that have a wide platform to step on. This is helpful to little kids so that they can climb up without losing their footing.

One of the best parts of this bedroom theme is that you can install shelves for a storage area that will house all your children’s books. This shelving will also allow you to showcase your child’s book as art pieces as well.

2.Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed
(Source: nextluxury)

For older kids and even grown-up adults, utilizing a twin over a full bunk bed design theme can be a great look because of the sophisticated bunk bed layout.

What makes this sleep set up great for older kids is that you can transition from a twin bed to a full bed easily with this setup.

For tween children, the twin-size bed is still big enough that they should be comfortable at night, while older kids will be comfortable on the full.

The overall look of a bunk bed like this can create a really nice appeal to the bedroom because of the different size beds used.

3.Decorate The Top Bunk

Decorate The Top Bunk with Canvas Prints
(Source: infokids)

If you decorate the top bunk with some of your favorite canvas artwork or personalized photos, you can create a really neat bedroom full of inspiration.

This cute look can work really well for a pair of teenage girls who are sharing a bedroom and want to personalize it.

If you decorate the top bunk with a safety guard rail, then this bed setup can be used for a toddler’s room as well.

4.Built-Into-Wall Bunk Bed Ideas

Built-Into-Wall Bunk Bed
(Source: archzine)

This space-saving bunk bed idea is perfect for bedrooms that are low on space, are super narrow, or bedrooms that are occasionally used for guests.

What’s neat about this bed frame is that it will disappear right into the walls once you fold it up and push it into the walls of the bedroom.

Maximize your space by including some small cabinet shelving underneath the bed that you can use when the bunk beds are upright. The shelving‘s are perfect for storing extra pillows, linens, and blankets.

5.Rustic Bunk Bed Ideas for Adults

Dorm Rustic Bedroom for Adults
(Source: adultbunkbeds)

This next bunk bed design theme is perfect for bunk beds that are set up side to side and utilize a country or rustic decor theme. Usually, bedroom setups like this can be found in dorm rooms so this is the perfect design theme to use if you are a college student.

A rustic-designed theme like this might use plenty of reclaimed wood and natural warm colors. Complement the rustic wood by using plenty of and bright bedding and light fixtures as well. The overall look is one of sophistication and comfort. 

6.French Country Style Bunk Bed Ideas

Bedroom in French Country Style
(Source: onekindesign)

This next bedroom design idea creates a really beautiful French country-style aesthetic because of the light colors used and the delicate railings on the bed. This bed is very gender friendly and can be perfect for a boy and girl shared bedroom design theme.

Pull off this cabin bunk bed look by using light blues to help tap into that French country theme. Also, use plenty of grays and soft cool tones in order to brighten up the atmosphere as well.

7.Bunk Bed Ideas in Minimalist Style

Minimalist Bedroom Design
(Source: archdaily)

Even minimalists will find bunk bed design ideas that they will love.

This simple bunk bed design uses plenty of neutral tones and recessed lighting to create a minimalist dream sleeping space.

Get rid of any unnecessary clutter like nightstands, and storage chests. Instead, use hidden compartments under the bed to store away your belongings.

The end result is a very muted and simple bedroom design theme that is elegant, relaxed, and simply beautiful. 

8.Nautical Themed Bunk Bed Ideas

Nautical Themed Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the best-themed bedroom ideas for kids is a nautical bedroom theme. This coastal vibe is very fun, relaxing, and enjoyable, especially for younger kids. You can pull this look together by using plenty of nautical decorations and coastal colors.

Incorporate an anchor, sailors rope, and plenty of seashells and sea-inspired framed canvas art. Of course, don’t be shy in using different hues of blue, gray, and white to pull together elements of the ocean.

9.Bunk Bed Light Ideas

Bunk Bed Light Installation
(Source: stagg-design)

Create a really beautiful almost vintage design theme by using a trundle bunk bed set up.

This bedroom design is great for children who have guests often over because you can transform a double bunk bed into a triple sleeping space thanks to the hidden trundle bed on the bottom of the lower bunk.

Along with the trundle bed, what makes this bunk bed design theme unique is the personal lighting installed inside of each bunk.

The industrial sconce lighting will give each child their own personal light source so that they can continue reading throughout the night while the other goes to sleep.

10.Bunk Bed Ideas with Staircase Custom

Bunk Bed with Staircase Custom
(Source: design-milk)

Create a really cool bedroom design theme by using muted floating bunk beds and storage shelves that also double up as a stepping stone staircase. If you have a teen boy, this can be a really cool way to put their bedroom together.

What makes this bedroom idea great is that you can also transform the bunk beds into a single bed by removing either top or the bottom bunk and using it for storage instead.

You can go minimalist with design or decorate the space as you see fit. Whatever method you choose, have fun with it!

11.Vehicle Bunk Bed Ideas for Boys

Vehicle Bunk Bed for Boys
(Source: notonthehighstreet)

Have fun with this themed bunk bed that utilizes your child’s favorite vehicle. For many children, a train, tractor, or race car can be such a fun way to wind down at the end of the night.

If you have two kiddos that need to share a room, then this vehicle-themed bedroom can be a great bedroom design route to go.

Although vehicle-themed beds can take up a bit of space, you can always find additional space to store your belongings away within the bed frame itself, especially if you have a bunk bed with stairs and storage shelves.

Because these bunk beds will be the center of attention with this bedroom design theme, don’t be afraid to allow them to consume a good portion of the bedroom.

12.Bunk Bed Ideas for Campers

Bunk Bed Ideas for Campers
(Source: homestolove)

Campers who have a really small space to utilize when it comes to setting up their RV bedroom will love this next bedroom design idea.

Transform your motorhome’s vintage sleeping space by using this camper bunk setup that is comfortable and surreptitiously sleek too.

The thin railings on this bed make it so that the bunk bed is not taking up too much space, allowing it to be a great choice for RV’s that are rather limited on space, to begin with.

Pairing your bunk with light colors is also a good way to help brighten up the space of your room as well. 

13.Bring In Craft Look On A Budget

DIY Bunk Bed
(Source: shakemyblog)

If you are on a budget, you can create a really neat DIY fort bunk using items that you probably already have around your home.

By putting together different pieces of the reclaimed wood or spray-painted wood, you can create a really neat DIY children’s bed.

This bunk bed can be customized to your child’s needs but one of the best ways to put it together is by using a theme similar to that of a playhouse.

Create a window opening on the top bunk so that the bed doubles up as a fun play area during the daytime. 

14.Bunk Bed Ideas for Triplets

Bunk Bed Arrangement for Triplets
(Source: beddys)

This cottage-inspired bedroom is perfect for three kids who need to share a sleeping space. If you have triplets, then this triple bunk bed bedroom design idea is a great place to start.

This fun arrangement allows all three children to be close together because every bed will be attached to at least one other bed. For little girls, create a really beautiful inspiring bedroom by using light colors including rose and white.

For boys, blue, gray, and white can be the way to go. Either way, the end result is a really beautiful and comfortable sleeping space that your children will love.

15.Floating Bunk Bed Ideas

Floating Bunk Bed
(Source: amazon)

Wall-mounted floating bunk beds are a really good idea to use for older kids. This bunk bed offers a really modern and contemporary style that all the teenagers who share a room are sure to enjoy.

Use mute colors to help feed into the contemporary feel of the room. You can also use different components like a really sleek metal ladder and solid toned bedsheets to help tie in that modern appeal. 

16.House Bunk Bed Ideas for Little Girls

House Bunk Bed Ideas for Little Girls
(Source: cafemom)

An enclosed bunk bed space can be a great idea for children who love spending time in their room. One of the best ways to do this is by transforming their sleeping space into a miniature house.

This miniature house looks really great in a large bedroom because your kids will have plenty of space to run around in the room and space will not appear to be cluttered.

Plus, in a large bedroom, your children will really get to enjoy how pretty a house bunk bed like this will actually look. 

17.Suspended Bunk Bed Ideas

Suspended Bunk Bed Ideas
(Source: adultbunkbeds)

Suspended bunk beds can be a really unique look to any bedroom, but especially so for a boy’s bedroom. The wooden base of the bed pairs really nicely with the rope that is used for hanging the bed.

If you cannot hang the bed up, you can still create the illusion of a hanging bed by using the rope on the beams of the bed. By attaching the rope to the ceiling, you can create a really cool look that would make the beds look like they are hanging.

Lastly, if you are using wood as a bedframe, it’s best to pair the rest of the room with similar warm colors as well. 

18.Fancy Treehouse Bunk Bed Ideas

Fancy Treehouse Bunk Bed Ideas
(Source: amazon)

Pairing a wooden set of bunk beds with a green bedroom to create this beautiful treehouse bedroom idea. This room is so spectacular that your children will almost see it as a vacation bedroom where the adventure begins as they get lost in the jungle. By using a mural jungle back job, plenty of indoor potted plants, and lots of green and natural light through the windows, you can create a really spacious and calming environment. 

19.Bunk Bed Ideas with Crib Underneath

Bunk Bed Ideas with Crib Underneath
(Source: casakids)

This next bedroom idea can be great for parents who want to start co-sleeping with their child in the same room. This bedroom is also great for children who are several years apart too. For parents, set your baby up at the bottom crib of a short bunk bed. Your baby or infant can get used to this sleeping space as a way for them to become independent sleepers. If you want to keep an eye on them, you can sleep on the top bunk and if you have older siblings that want to help, the top bunk can be there for them to use as well. Because this room will almost double up as a nursery as well, be sure to use plenty of light colors to create a really beautiful atmosphere. 

20.Add A Rail on The Top Bunk for Safeness

Add A Rail on The Top Bunk for Safeness
(Source: houzz)

If you have younger children that you want to help transition into a sleeping space of their own, one of the best ways to do this is by creating a bedroom that uses bunk beds with safety railings.

In addition to the railings, one of the best ways to design a bunk bedroom is by using contrasting colors as well.

Not only do contrasting colors lend well to a child’s room, but they can create a really contemporary style as well. When it comes to a small room, the colors can really help brighten the space up as well. 

21.Add A Small Wardrobe Under The Top Bunk

Add A Small Wardrobe Under The Top Bunk
(Source: mildicasdemae)

If your room is cut on storage space because it is a small room, then one of the best ways to remedy this is by using a small wardrobe on the bottom of the top bunk and alongside the bottom bunk.

What makes the bottom of the bunk perfect for storage is the fact that it will be out of the way all while being easy to access.

Also, you may find that designing a bed like this will allow you to have lots of drawers and shelves to take advantage of. Pair the room with colors like coral and green for a really nice contemporary look. 

22.Add A Touch of Red

Wood Bunk Bed with Red Pillow and Bedspread
(Source: smallfryblog)

There is no shortage of color schemes to use when designing a bunk bedroom for your kid’s room. One of the best color schemes to incorporate is touches of red, especially if you have a bedroom that uses plenty of white.

One of the best ways to pair white stripes with red stripes can be through bedroom accessories like pillows and throw blankets.

Also, what makes a bedroom like this unique is that the bottom bed can be used as a lounge area or a sofa while the top can be used as a sleeping area. Your child is sure to find themselves spending hours in a room like this. 

23.Hanging Curtains on Bunk Bed

Hanging Curtains on Bunk Bed
(Source: Pinterest)

Sharing the space with someone, even if it’s a sibling, is understandably a huge invasion of privacy, even if that invasion is not intentional.

One of the best ways to help gain some privacy back is by using bunk bed curtains to close off a portion of the room.

Curtains not only provide a beautiful cover, but they can really give you some private space in your shared bedroom. To keep things light and airy, use light-colored curtains that help accentuate the theme of the bedroom. 

24.Climbing Bunk Bed Ideas

Climbing Bunk Bed Ideas
(Source: unsplash)

You can create a really playful environment with this climbing bunk bed theme. This custom design bedroom uses a climbing wall as well as a ladder to help your little one get to the top bunk.

Bedrooms like this can also be great for parents sharing a bedroom with children because the top bunk can overlook the bottom. There’s enough space in the bedroom design that you can fit a queen bed on the bottom bunk.

A setup like this is perfect for young children transitioning from their parents’ bedroom to their own bedroom or for parents who enjoy co-sleeping with their children. 

25.Funny Playstation Theme

Bunk Bed with Slide
(Source: dicasdemulher)

You can create a really fun bedroom design area that also doubles up as a play area with this fun bedroom design theme. This setup uses a bunk bed slide that your children can use to slide down and crash land into a ball pit at the base of the bed.

You can create the ball pit as big as you would like, but for larger rooms, your child will have lots of fun bouncing around in a bigger ball pit. For young children, this theme is sure to be an amazing bedroom design idea that they will love.

26.Staggered Bunk Bed Ideas

Staggered Bunk Bed Ideas
Source: thesun)

Staggered bunk beds are a really stylish and smart design theme to use if you want to create a really stylish sleeping space.

This setup is especially nice for older kids who are looking to have a modern sleeping space. As with any modern sleeping space, using colors like black, white, and even gold is the way to go.

Incorporate these stylish colors through decorative pillows and extra throw blankets. You can also use the lighting to help you pull off a great look that your kiddos will love.

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27.Upholstered Bed Ends Covered

Upholstered Bed Ends Covered
(Source: monitor)

You can still have a mark of luxury even if you use a twin over twin bedroom design theme. Do this by putting together an upholstered bunk bed that conveys an air of elegance.

This beautiful tufting goes really well with a wooden bed frame, so a built-in ladder made of wood will look really nice alongside the tufted headboard.

Because this look can be rather bulky, it is best used in larger bedrooms that can complement the beauty of the bed frame.

28.Add A Pop of Color for Low Ceilings

Add A Pop of Color in Bedroom
(Source: katieconsiders)

If you have a bedroom with a low ceiling, then adding a pop of color to your bunk beds can be a really great way to make the room stand out. When you use a pop of color, consider using one or two colors that your child really enjoys.

For little boys, checkered bedding and blue or red color themes are the way to go. If your bed can manage it, having a built-in staircase is also a great place to highlight the color.

If you have older children, this theme can also work, but incorporate more mature elements like an elegant light fixture in the vaulted ceiling or even contemporary canvas artwork. 

29.Cool Bunk Bed Ladder Ideas

Cool Bunk Bed Ladder Ideas
(Source: amazon)

Get creative with a really neat bed bunk design like this one. What makes this bunk bed so neat is the creative ladder design that will allow your kiddos to climb around the room as they clamber into bed.

This unique construction works really well on compact beds. If you have a small room, consider using a creative bunk bed frame like this one.

If your child has a creative side to them, loves art, or just enjoys abstract constructions, then this bed might be a great fit for them. 

30.Bunk Bed Ideas with A Slide and Desk

Bunk Bed with A Slide and Desk
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a sleeping space that has multiple functions by using a design theme similar to this one. What makes this design unique is the fact that your kiddo can sleep in this room, study, and even entertain themselves.

A table placed at the center of the room can be great for allowing your children to use the room as a multipurpose area. Pull this look together by settling on one or two colors that will serve as the leading design element of this room.

Allow the design of the room to revolve around those two colors and you will have a stylish yet functional sleeping space that your children will love. 

31.Bunk Bed Decor Ideas with Eye-Catching Bedding 

Bed Decor Ideas with Eye-Catching Bedding
(Source: amazon)

Having a bunk bed sleeping space that uses colorful patterns can be a great way to brighten up space. One of the best ways to do this is by using eye-catching bedding.

For a girl’s room, using soft colors like light pink, coral and goldenrod can be great ways to allow the space to pop.

When you pair this design element with potted indoor plants, you can create a really spacious and relaxing sleeping space. Ways to incorporate these colorful patterns can be through extra throw pillows, blankets, and linens. 

Bedrooms that utilize bunk beds can be really cluttered, difficult to design, and simply overwhelming. We hope that our list of different bunk bed ideas to decorate you or your child’s sleeping space has helped inspire you.

Let us know in the comments section which of these bedroom ideas have been your favorite and why. 


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