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25+ Brown Bedroom Ideas from Classic to Modern Look

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Many people don’t think much about brown as a primary color when it comes to bedroom decoration. However, a brown bedroom design is one of the best ways you can transform your space to create a comfortable and calm environment. This bedroom color features a unique aesthetic appeal and can work with other color combinations for the perfect decor outcome. All you need is to find the right shade of brown to create a space that mirrors your style preferences. 

Often, this is a warm and popular color used on accent pieces and furniture as it can be challenging to work it into an all-around style of a bedroom. If you’re feeling a little creative, you can play around with different shades of color in different parts of your bedroom. To help you, we have compiled a list of tips and ideas you can use to incorporate brown in your bedroom or master bedroom.  

Brown Bedroom Inspiration and Color Combinations

1. Classic Elegance 

bedroom with chocolate shade of brown
(Source: Decorpad)

Chocolate is one of the shades of brown that blends in perfectly if you want to extend the color beyond the furniture. You can use this shade to create a classy bedroom with excellent furniture pieces.

You can adorn your walls in brown grasscloth, which can be lined with an iron canopy. For the bed, you can dress it in a suzani blanket, and to complete the setup, a French nightstand with a white marble top would be ideal. 

2. Floral Theme

brown bedroom with floral theme
(Source: My Scandinavian Home)

Flowers give your room a beautiful and fresh look. Almost everyone loves flowers as these are some of the natural decorations that can breathe life into a bedroom. If you want to implement a brown bedroom décor design, a floral theme on the headboard or through wallpaper on one of the walls will do the job. 

Design by myscandinavianhome

3. Muted Hues

brown bedroom with plaid patterns on fabric interiors
(Source: dezeen)

To create a romantic setup in the bedroom, you don’t need popping colors. Brown allows you to implement this idea with muted hues that result in a calm environment.

For the foundation, you can paint one of the walls brown and also highlight a shade of brown on the bed. White is a good pair when you want to have a romantic setting featuring muted shades. 

Design by architect Robert A M Stern

4. Earthy Brown Shades Combination

Earthy shades of brown in bedroom
(Source: Behance)

Earthy shades help you transform your space into a homely and inviting space. A bedroom designed in earth tone colors offers the boho-chic feel you want in a calm space.

A black and brown bedroom design gives you a soothing environment where you can relax whenever you feel the need to unwind. To complete earthy decor options, you can introduce a few plants in the bedroom 

Design by W van Noije

5. Light Tones

light brown bedding in light gray bedroom
(Source: April and May)

To highlight light tones, you should focus on shades of brown and gray. For the ceiling, you can do light gray, paint a heavier shade of gray on the walls, and include some shades of brown on the bed. Don’t forget to maintain the same theme across items like the carpet. 

Design by Pella Hedeby

6. Royal Velvet Beds

brown bedroom with a blue royal velvet bed
(Source: Decorpad)

Infuse a royal feel in the bedroom with a royal velvet bed. These blue and brown beds are ideal if you want to create an elegant boy’s bedroom.

To add spice to the space, you can include a round lantern to illuminate the upper walls, which can be clad in textured wallpaper. The beds can feature royal blue velvet with silver nailhead trim. White bedding can be used to complete the setup.  

7. Add More Depth to Your Room

Add More Depth to Your Brown Room with Purple
(Source: Apartment Therapy)

Purple and brown create a feeling of warmth and power. This bedroom decor can be ideal if you want to transform the space to feel noble.

Brown symbolizes longevity, so when you combine it with purple, you can blend the design to work with any style in the bedroom. You can use one of these colors as a neutral for the complete bedroom redesign. 

8. Timeless Combination

brown and turquoise bedroom
(Source: Atelier AM)

A combination of brown and turquoise can be a good idea if you want to have an incredibly beautiful and timeless bedroom.

For this idea, you can customize the bedroom with a sumptuous mix of furnishings, textiles, and beautiful drapery. The result is a clean look that offers a peaceful setting that invites you to relax whenever you need to calm down. 

Design by Atelier AM

9. Bring Warmth to the Room

yellow and brown bedroom
(Source: Home Decor Chat)

Yellow is a cheerful color that brings some pop into the bedroom. If this is your favorite, you can explore ideas that include yellow and brown bedroom transformation. There are different ways you can slip in some yellow, including through a bedsheet or some wall art.

10. Luxe Furnishing

pink and brown bedroom
(Source: Home Designing)

For a modern master bedroom, you can use pink and brown bedroom color shades. If the room is predominantly white, you can drop hints of pink and furniture with brown shades for a calming and peaceful visual presentation. The fixtures and furniture should be all clean with no fuss or frills. 

Design by Ruslan Kovalchuk

11. Add Greenery

brown bedroom decoration with plants
(Source: Terry Cralle)

One of the ways to add greenery to your bedroom is through the addition of a plant in a strategic spot. A green and brown bedroom decor option helps you transform the space to make it more lively. This is a good idea if you have a rustic bedroom featuring wood and exposed beams. Some plants in the bedroom will bring you closer to the exteriors. 

12. Dark and Moody

dark and moody bedroom design with red and brown
(Source: These Three Rooms)

Color is one of the ways you can communicate your style preferences. If you want to achieve the right mood, consider colors that help you build a serene space for you.

A dark and moody bedroom design can feature dark brown walls and a bed frame from redwood. For the sheets, you can explore red and brown bedroom decor options to complete the setup.

13. Vivid Statement  

 teal and brown bedroom design
(Source: Pinterest)

If you want to communicate your style and preferences with clarity, a teal and brown bedroom design is one of the easiest ways to infuse the right mood. For some pop of color in the predominantly brown theme, you can add a chest of drawers painted light blue.

14. Wooden Furniture

beige and brown bedroom design
(Source: Megan Alexandra Home)

For a bedroom transformation theme, you can find furniture that matches your decor options. A beige and brown bedroom design allows you to build a warm space that invites you for relaxation and fun experiences. This setup can be included if you have white walls and ceiling and wooden flowing. 

15. Playful Space with Pops of Orange

pops of orange in brown bedroom
(Source: elledecor)

You can also explore your creativity with pops of orange in your bedroom. Orange and brown bedroom decor is easy to implement if you can paint colors in a matching pattern.

Explore your creativity with unique color pallets that can work perfectly with brown shades. You can highlight the unique color on an accent wall or the ceiling if you feel bold. 

Design by Steven Gambrel

16. Natural Materials

bedroom interior design with natural materials
(Source: Frenchyfancy)

If you love an eco-friendly design profile, natural materials would be a perfect option to work within a brown bedroom style. You can mimic a natural scene with cane furniture, which blends in with other furniture pieces in your bedroom.

This idea makes the bedroom a cozy space as you get a connection between contemporary style and nature. You can also use bricks for this transformation. 

Design by Frenchyfancy

17. Japanese Meets Scandinavian Style

A blend of Japanese and Scandinavian style in master bedroom
(Source: abiinteriors)

A blend of Japanese and Scandinavian styles in your master bedroom can be considered a masterstroke as it brings both calmness and creative expression.

This is an interior design language that allows you to experiment with patterns while maintaining the minimalism you want in a cozy bedroom. Explore your imagination and transform your space into a lovely cocoon that embraces you every time you walk in. 

18. Rustic Masculine

Rustic features with exposed beams can highlight masculine elements
(Source: Terry Cralle)

When it comes to a bachelor pad, you don’t always have to deal with mismatched furniture, TV mounted on the wall, and leather sofas.

If your bedroom has a high ceiling, you can embrace a style that favors the men’s bedroom theme. Rustic features with exposed beams can highlight masculine elements and offer opportunities to play around with brown shades.

19. Lazy Spot

A brown reading nook near a bedroom window
(Source: Cartelledesign)

Personalize your bedroom with a lazy spot where you can enjoy reading. Customize a reading nook at a corner or near a window, depending on your preferences. Find a chair made of dark brown leather to go with the style. You can build this space with natural materials like wood and add a potted plant to freshen the style. 

Design by Cartelledesign

20. Interior Doors

An arch-top interior door with natural colors in bedroom
(Source: Emilie Bonaventure)

The door is one of the elements in your bedroom that offers an opportunity for styling. When customizing the bedroom to feature a brown theme, this is one of the places you should transform. An arch-top closet door or interior door with natural colors can decorate any modern bedroom. This is an elegant introduction to your room.  

21. Add Some Wild Touches

Add Some Wild Touches: faux animal skin rug in brown bedroom
(Source: Chron)

A few creative touches can be the only thing you need to give your bedroom a makeover. This includes ideas like a comfortable rug that adds some warmth to the space.

You can also maintain a style with a lot of contrast. It could include neutrals, from white to chocolate, charcoal, ivory, etc. Some gold thrown in can complement the design. 

22. Vintage Pendant Lights

brown bedroom lighting ideas: vintage concept featuring pendant lights.
(Source: Emily Henderson)

Painting and getting the right furniture for your bedroom might not be enough to transform the space. You also want to consider lighting options that can also offer styling benefits. For your bedroom lighting, you can explore a vintage concept featuring pendant lights. 

Shop this IE Francis Loop Pendant Light at barnabylane.com

23. Cool with Leather Pieces

Cool with Leather Pieces
(Source: Papertrophy)

Leather is a material that not only offers longevity but also elegance if applied creatively. You can incorporate leather pieces in different items, including the pillow. Some bedding ideas include a brown and white profile with a bedside table and a leather headboard. 

Shop throw pillows at 365canvas.com

24. Gold Accessories

gold mushroom table lamp with a dorm shade beside bed
(Source: RoyalDesign)

Another way to improve your bedroom is to add special accessory pieces. One color that blends perfectly with a brown design profile is gold. Using gold accessories is easy as you can find a mushroom table lamp with a dorm shade that can include gold touches. Infuse a royal touch into your bedroom with this simple addition.  

Design by RoyalDesign

Shop mushroom table lamps at wayfair.com

25. Add Brown Elements

Add Brown Furniture at the End of the bed
(Source: Pottery Barn)

You don’t need to bathe your bedroom with everything brown to achieve a transformation. Even a bench at the base of the bed made of reclaimed wood can offer excellent results. Focus on getting items with brown and cream accents that can fit well into your bedroom. 

Shop wooden benches at potterybarn.com

26. Abstract Canvas on Brown Walls

Abstract Canvas on Brown Wall
(Source: Linnea Salmen)

You should design the bedroom with comfort and relaxation as a priority. However, this does not mean you can skimp on style. On your walls, you can add some canvas pictures to break the monotony and add some dramatic twists to the style. 

Style by Linnea Salmen

Shop picture canvases at 365canvas.com


If you want to explore brown bedroom ideas to transform your space, there are many ways to get started. These are among the ideas you can explore to get started on your project. Some of these tips are DIY, so you can engage your creativity. 


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